Seeing Isn’t Believing


“Seeing Isn’t Believing, Believing Is Seeing”

I was watching “The Santa Clause” staring Tim Allen the other day and one of Santa’s elves said to Santa (Tim Allen) “Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing” and I thought what a great way to look at things. Many people think “seeing is believing” but actually “believing is seeing”. We must believe what we want to experience is ours to see it appear in our lives. We must have the faith of a mustard seed, we must know without a shadow of a doubt, we must believe with every fiber of our being, and then we will see it. When we believe we can have, do or be whatever we want then it will come to be.

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Law of Attraction & Vibration Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day

February 21

 Always let love be your guide. In everything you think, do and say let love flow through you.

February 20

Face your failures, they help you grow into more and lead you to victory!

February 19

Look for that silver lining and you will find it!

February 18

We all have moments of victory and moments of failure. We can learn and grow from each one. The important thing is to never give up, keep playing!

February 17

Never underestimate the power of a smile, a word, or a look. All of them have the power to change a life.

February 16

Fall in Love with you, all of you, and move from that place of unconditional love out into the world!

February 15

Love comes from the Divine and is unlimited. It is free for you and for me. Give it freely to all you encounter.

February 14

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Hope your day is filled with unconditional LOVE!!

February 13

Love is the oxygen of life! Breathe it into your lungs, into your heart and into everything you do!

February 12

Let love flow to you, flow through you, flow from you and multiple all around you!

February 11

As often as you can throughout the day stop, take a breath, breathe out and relax, let a smile come to your lips and just be in the moment.

February 10

Some doors just aren’t for you. Stop pulling, pushing and trying to open them. Let them go and move on to the next door.

February 9

When children first learn to walk they fall down over and over again but they keep getting up. Imagine if they didn’t keep trying. A good lesson for us all. We all fall down..just keep getting up!!

February 8

Strengthen your connection to Divine and the Universe will lead you in a delightful dance. Keep flowing and dancing with the Universe!

February 7

What thoughts do you consistently think? What thoughts are foremost in your mind? What thoughts do you give your attention and energy to? Make sure they are thoughts of the things that you want to grow!

February 6

Everything is designed to help you reach your full potential and share your gifts with the world. Learn and grow from everything in your past and move on.

February 5

Love is where you came from, love is why you’re here, love is who you are at your very core, and  love is your soul purpose today and ever day!

February 4

Expect good to flow to you, through you and from you. Miracles do happen every day, let them flow to you and fill your day with Good!

February 3

 To help shift your energy and your vibration repeat “Good and more good is mine, en ever increasing good is mine, there is no limit to the amount of good that is mine. Good flows to me, good flows through me and good multiples all around me.” every day as often as you can.

February 2

 We can all use a little more Love. Let it flow to you from the Divine and flow from you out into the world!

February 1

Pay attention, this really is a beautiful planet! Don’t want to miss a thing.

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Monday Morning Motivations

Monday Morning Motivation

February 19

Some people are wounded, some people are lost, some people are confused, some people are afraid. We don’t always know another’s story. We don’t always know the pain people have endured. We don’t always know the demons that torment them or the agony that haunts them.

When you see someone struggling in life, when you see someone hiding behind the pain, when you see someone acting out in anger do your best to be patient, do your best to be understanding, do your best to not let their pain throw you off center, do your best to be a channel for Unconditional Love to flow through. And if love doesn’t seem to be working…
increase the dosage!

February 12

Love is where you came from. Love is what you are made of.
Love is who you are. Love is where you will return to.
The Power and Presence that was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be is Love. The Force that created the Universe is Love. The Creative Intelligence that rules the Universe is Love. The Energy that flows through all things, all time, all space is Love.
Love is the Power that keeps the Universe spinning. Love is the Power that lives in you. Let Love answer your questions. Let Love open the doors. Let Love lead the way. Let Love flow to you, through you and from you always.
Love is your true Power!


February 5

The Universe is for you. The Universe is on your side. The Universe supports you. The Universe will open doors and present opportunities to help you uncover the greatness that is you. Your job is to go pay attention. Go into the silence of meditation so you can hear the messages the Universe is trying to send you. Be open to receive and follow the guidance from the Universe. Open the doors, seize the opportunities and let the magic lift you higher. The Universe has more in store for you than you know so have faith and listen to the Universe while it speaks to you!

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How Does Your Garden Grow


How Does Your Garden Grow

“From a pure heart anything can be accomplished. If you ask what the universe is doing, it is eavesdropping on your every desire”.  Deepak Chopra

What are the thoughts that come into your mind consistently? Are they creative thoughts, thoughts of love, peace, joy and abundance or are they thoughts of limitation, lack and fear? Everything is energy and energy vibrates at a certain level. Your thoughts are energy. Your consistent thoughts make up your beliefs, your beliefs will determine your actions which will dictate where your energy is vibrating.

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Forgiveness can sometimes be a difficult thing but not forgiving can be even more difficult in the long run. Not forgiving creates negative energy in our being which has an impact on one’s life. Society may tell us in many different ways not to forgive. Society tells us to punish the perpetrator, to hold on to the anger we feel and to seek revenge and get back at the person who we feel has wronged us. These societal beliefs are wrong. Some people think of forgiveness as a sign of weakness but the truth is not forgiving weakens us, forgiving strengthens us.

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Home to Myself


“Dreams do come true, your fantasies can become your reality.
The secret yearning deep inside is your soul calling you home to yourself.” Judy Luca

Home to Yourself

The deepest part of you knows all the answers. The little voice inside that whispers to you in the silence is your path home to yourself. Think of what touches that place deep within you. What makes your heart skip a beat, what excites you or evokes joy in you? What could you do all day long and not even realize the day is over? Those are messages from your higher self dropping hints for you to find your way.

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“I am eternally grateful for the love that permeates my life, the grace that flows through me, the light that shines within, the peace that pervades my being, the abundance that flows so freely, my precious connection to Divine, and for the guidance I receive each day!” Judy Luca

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10 Tools for Transformation


10 Tools For Transformation

There are many tools that can assist you on your road to transformation. It’s a good idea to have a large variety of tools to work with. Different tools will work better at different times and in different situations. You may find you prefer some tools over others. It’s important to find out what works best for you. Here are 10 tools for transformation that can help you on your journey.

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