Thought For The Day

Thought For The Day

May 22

Grace flows from the Divine. When you align with Source/God, whatever name you use, you cannot help but be a channel for Divine Grace to flow through!

May 21

Letting go is important to move on in your life. Whether it be letting go of past pain or letting go of something you want to experience in your life. People often hold on to the pain or to the fact that they are not experiencing what they want in their life. Whatever you are holding on to let it go.
Let it all go! Keep the lesson but let the pain go. If you want to experience more love, joy, abundance, success or whatever in your life; see your life as if you have what you want now, declare it to the Universe and then let it go! Trust the Universe will bring whatever you need to make it happen. Listen to the messages the Divine whispers to you. Open the doors the Universe sends you. Have Faith, Be Patient and Learn to Let go!

May 20

Let go of any limiting beliefs you have about yourself and the world. You can be, do and express what is in your soul. The Universe will support you. Be like that tiny bird that bravely takes it’s first flight and spread your wings and fly!!

May 19

It is an abundant Universe, abundance is who you are at your core. Notice the abundance that is all around you, allow it to flow through you.

May 18

There is a strength within you that you don’t even know exists for you are connected to the Power & Presence that created the Universe! Tap into that strength and that power whenever you need them.

May 17

Sometimes the smallest things can turn your day around. Pay attention to the tender moments of sweetness that grace your day.

May 16

Never give up on your dreams. Do one thing every day that takes you in the direction of your dreams. They do come true!!

May 15

What new idea, new desire, new dream within you longs to come to fruition? Nurture it and let the new possibilities spring to life.

May 14

Establish a meditation routine every day; pick a time that will work every day, begin with 10 minutes (20 if you can), take 3 deep breaths and breathe out slowly relaxing more with each out breath, focus on your breath coming in and out, if your mind drifts don’t worry just come back to your breath. The more you do it the easier it becomes. Your mind and body will relax and eventually you will be guided to take the next best steps in your life. Stay with it and you will flow easier with the tides of life!

May 13

Life is full of mystery and full of surprises; they keep us humble. Learn to appreciate them all.

May 12

Your dreams are your soul speaking to you. Take one step at a time but keep walking and never give up on your dreams!

May 11

Today’s Thought For The Day is dedicated to an amazing man and father that just passed away. He said these words to his son always and as a result his son keeps hitting home runs and changing the world. Make sure you keep swinging for the fences and I will keep cheering you on!!

May 10

There can often be so much noise we miss the messages the Universe is trying to send us. Find time to stop, look within and listen every day.

May 9

You Are Worthy of all the Good, all the Love, all the Light, all the Abundance, all the Joy and all the Peace that Life has to offer!

May 8

Take a chance, take a risk, keep expanding your comfort zone. You’ll never know how high you can fly unless you try.

May 7

Through the years storms are bound to roll in and out of your life. The storms may teach you, they may test you, they may take you on a ride. When you can maintain your center through life’s storms you will learn the lessons, pass the tests and you can enjoy the ride more.
Take time each day to go into the silence. Meditation can bring you into the silence. Focusing on your breath can bring you into the silence. Find a way that works for you but begin a practice to help you go into the silence today.
In the silence you can find your center. In the silence you can be guided. In the silence you can find a way to enjoy the waves!

May 6

You have within you a depth of wisdom that can guide you every day.

May 5

There is wonder and beauty all around you. Cherish and celebrate it all today!

May 4

One of my favorite things about the Star Wars movie is the Force. It’s such a great metaphor for the Divine; an energy that flows through everyone, everything all the time. We just have to tap into it and let ourselves be guided. Today tap into the Force, the Source, the Divine, God, whatever name you use, and let yourself be guided by the Good that flows through all things all the time. May the Force be strong with you always!

May 3

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet but if you shine your light today all your tomorrows will be brighter!

May 2

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet but if you shine your light today all your tomorrows will be brighter!

May 1

If you are experiencing chaos right now know change is coming!!