Thought For The Day

Thought For The Day

July 15

Always remember the child within. Get a picture of you when you were a carefree, joyful child and look at it every day. Let that light, joy, innocence and love shine through you!

July 14

Sometimes the small stuff can throw you off balance but remember what is important. Keep your focus on what matters most!

July 13

Life has some wonderful adventures in store for you. Have faith and keep moving forward!

July 12

Place as many thoughts of the things that  make your heart sing in your mind as often as you can.

July 11

With all the darkness that can be seen in the world today let your light lead you out, let your light lead the way for you and for others.

July 10

Love is who you are at the very core of your being. Love is who we all are. Unfortunately some people have forgotten that. Today remind yourself and everyone you meet that Love is who you are and Love is who they are!

July 9

People often get stuck in the past; they focus on it, dwell on it and keep reliving it. The past isn’t a life sentence. It does not dictate your future unless you stay there. Learn the lessons from all the trials and tribulations, grow from all the twists and turns, harness the power of the strength and insight life is offering you. Let any pain go. Let any negativity go. Give thanks for all it brought you and let it go.
Everything, no matter what it seemed like going through it, is meant to help you grow and uncover the wonder and magic of you. Everything can be a lesson, everything can have value. Everything can be an opportunity for growth. Chances are you don’t even know how magnificent you really are. Everything is happening to help you remember that you are a glorious manifestation of the Most High!

July 8

Life is full of opportunities and possibilities! Pay attention to the 2nd chances and even the 3rd chances you are presented with. Your past does not dictate your future but today does matter so take advantage of the opportunities that come your way today!

July 7

Your emotions are a map that lead you to your thoughts. Pay attention to them so you can see the thought behind them. Change the thought if you want to change what you are experiencing.

July 6

Take time this weekend to celebrate life in all it’s forms! The splendor of the sunrise and sunset, the beauty of the flowers, the warmth of the sun, the smile of a friend, the joy in a child’s eyes, or the love of family. Find joy in the wonder of life!

July 5

The light within can provide you with direction and a clear path to follow. Let it be your guide.

July 4

Free yourself from the limiting beliefs you have about yourself and the world.

July 3

We all have something special to bring to the world. Let the light within brighten each day!

July 2

I spent time in Disney last week with family and it was magical. Some of the most magical moments were in the smiles and looks on the faces of the children. Pay attention to the little magical moments that make your heart smile.

July 1

Gratitude is the key to allowing more into your life. Begin and end each day giving thanks for all the gifts the day brings.

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