Thought For The Day

Thought For The Day

December 13

We are reflections for each other. What you see in another is in you. If you see the Goodness in others it is a reflection of the Goodness in you. If you see negativity in others it is in you as well. When you find yourself judging others take a look at yourself. Are you being honest with yourself? Is there something you can learn from the experience? We can learn and grow so much from our interactions with others.

December 12

With all the darkness in the world remember this darkness will give way to the Light!

December 11

You may not know what is going on in another’s life but everyone needs love! Love one another!

December 10

December 9

Your mind, your heart, your light; the things within you not outside you are things that matter. The vibration of these things bring you the experiences in your life. These are the things that bring you heaven on earth and opportunities to learn and grow from. These are the things that are worth your time and your money.

Invest on the inside by feeding your mind, your heart and your light. Feed your mind by reading inspirational, creative, educational material; feed your heart by reaching out and touching someone, by listening to someone, by being there for someone; feed your light by meditating. You can make a difference in your life and in the life of others when you invest on the inside.

December 8

Never Give Up! Everything is helping to reveal how strong you are.

December 7

Always look for the bright spot!

December 6

There is a Light within you that is always connected to Source/Divine Love/Creative Intelligence! It is Pure & Perfect. It is infinite & everlasting. Go within to See the Light, Feel the Light and Be the Light!

December 5

There are only angels all around you, loving you, teaching you, helping you learn and grow into more!

December 4

May peace grace your being, your home and your world!

December 3

Be the Brilliant Expression of the Divine only you can be!

December 2

You have within you a Unique Light that will lead the way, a Light that will cast out the darkness, a Light that can bring peace and wholeness to you and to the world. Be still so you can See the Light, Feel the Light and Be the Light always!

During this month that celebrates the return of Light let your Light shine bright for all to see. You need it, your family needs it, you friends need it and during these dark times the world desperately needs it now!

December 1

Follow your own inner voice, it knows the way!

November 30

We are each infinite expressions of the Divine!

November 29

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the U.S. A day to give thanks for all the blessings in one’s life. As I sat around the living room after dinner with my husband, 4 children, 4 daughters and son in law and 7 grandchildren I couldn’t help but feel eternally grateful for the bright beautiful souls that chose to be part of my family. There was nothing fancy about the day, no fancy restaurant or fancy clothes, no gifts or presents just the gift of being present with each other, present to each delicious moment; enjoying the love we share. Simple, honest and pure but still magical.

Be grateful for the wonder and the magic of everything even the little things; sometimes it’s those little things that touch your heart the most!

November 28

Give thanks for all the Good in your life!

November 27

Whatever you focus on you get more of. Focus on the things that you are grateful for and the Universe will send you more!

November 26

Give thanks for all the gifts in your life and watch the miracles appear!

November 25

You are always immersed and surrounded in Divine Love. It is what you are made of; it is who you are; it is what we all are at our core; it is in everything and everyone; it is the Creative Intelligence that swirls throughout the Universe; it is the Force that was in the beginning is now and ever shall be.

Take time to connect with the Love that you are; let it flow through you, fill you up and surround you in a bubble of Unconditional Love & Radiant Light. Let that Love & Light comfort you, heal you, strengthen you and guide you. Give thanks and know you are always held in the arms of Love.

November 24

When you are grateful for what you have the Universe is delighted to bring you more!

November 23

Focus on things to be grateful for and those things will expand.

November 22

You are a magnificent manifestation of the Most High; you are Divine Love, Radiant Light, Eternal Peace, Absolute Abundance, Creative Intelligence, Pure Joy, Perfect, Whole & Complete. This is who you are at your core… so is every other person you meet. Some of us may be wounded, some of us may have forgotten who we are but when you remember who you are you can help others remember who they are.

November 21

It’s all within you just waiting for you to remember and uncover who you really are at your core!

November 20

It is done unto you as you believe so believe with your whole heart!

November 19

It’s gratitude that makes us joyful!

November 18

I love the month of November because in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving. I love that there is a day designated for being grateful. A day where millions of people from all different walks of life, different backgrounds, different religions, different views of the world are all giving thanks for the blessings in their life. It is one of my favorite days.

It’s easy to be grateful for the big things but it’s important to be grateful for the little things as well. We sometimes take the little things for granted but if we were to no longer have them our life could change tremendously. This week give thanks for the little things in your life, the things that you sometimes take for granted. You may discover those little things are actually some of the most important things in your life.

November 17

You are part of and connected to everything in the Universe. There is no separation there is only Oneness!

November 16

Home is at the core of your being…It is Love & Light. Everyone in your life is helping you walk home, helping you walk home to Light & Love!

November 15

What are you grateful for?

November 14

Abundance is who you are…always!!

November 13

Indeed! I give thanks for all the miracles in my life!

November 12

There is always something to be grateful for. Give thanks!!

November 11

Seasons change, tides change. life changes.  It surprises us; sometimes sweetly and sometimes not so much. It can bring us joy or sorrow, and light or darkness. Life is forever changing; we are forever changing, moving into more of who we are meant to be.

Time moves quickly; days become weeks then months and turn into years before we know it. As we age the years fly by. Our children become parents and our grandchildren seem to grow even faster than our children did. Through all the years, through all the trials and tribulations Love remains. Love can expand, Love can enlighten, Love can conquer, Love can comfort. We may loose our parents, our family or friends but Love remains.

November 10

The past can offer so much; sweet memories, valuable lessons, moments that brought you to a higher level. Savor the memories of the past, learn the lessons and give thanks for the growth but don’t stay stuck in the past. Keep moving forward!

November 9

Abundance is all around you…give thanks for it all!

November 8

Spend some time in the silence this weekend; meditate or do whatever you can to hear the guidance from within, surrender to the wisdom from the Divine, and then let the Universe work it’s Magic!

November 7

Abundance is your birth rite as a child of the Divine!

November 6

You are Love; you are Loved!

November 5

You can’t control everything around you but you can control some things and you can always control how you respond to everything.

November 4

Be fierce in your commitment to yourself. Be fierce in your dedication to being the best version of yourself. Be fierce in your devotion to honoring your needs. Be fierce in believing in your dreams. Be fierce in fulfilling your heart’s desires. Be fierce in listening to your soul’s yearning for itself.

This is your life, your story, your song, your dreams… Make the most of each moment in your day. Be still, ask great questions, listen to the wisdom of the Universe, follow the guidance, be fierce and take actions that move you in the direction of your dreams.

November 3

Enjoy the road home to yourself!

November 2

There is only one you!!!!

November 1

“Good and more Good is mine, an ever increasing Good is mine, there is no limit to the amount of Good that is mine. Good flows to me, Good flows through me, Good flows from me and Good multiples all around me. The Universe supports me always!” Repeat every day as often as possible!

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