Thought For The Day

Thought For The Day

November 13

The color, the different shades, the subtle nuances, the degree of contrast, all the various aspects of you bring color to what makes you YOU! Be grateful for all of you!

November 12

Two people can have the exact same experience but give that experience very different meanings. Two people brought up in the same house can use how they were brought up as an excuse for a life of misery or as momentum to live the life of their dreams.

How we interpret the events in our life depends on our beliefs or on our model of the world. Is the cup half full or half empty to you? Do you focus on what you have or on what you don’t have? We are the ones that give meaning to the events in our life. We are making everything up as we go. How do you interpret what you experience in life? Does your interpretation serve your growth or limit you? Examine your beliefs, your model of the world and consider seeing things as an opportunity to grow and live the life of your dreams.

November 11

11-11-2018 (11). Numerology wise today isĀ  magical day. May the magic in the air fill your life with sweet surprises!

November 10

Begin and end each day by giving thanks for the hands that hold yours and for all the things that carry through life’s twists and turns! Give thanks for all the things in your life that make worth living!

November 9

Your internal guidance system comes from Source. When the channel is clear the reception is clear and you can see which way to go. Keep the channel open, keep your heart open, keep your reception clear so your soul can speak to you. Your soul is trying to guide you into more of who you are meant to be.

November 8

Life sometimes surprises us and sends us in different directions than we thought but trust that some day it will all make sense.

November 7

Remember who you are, love who you are. Through the good and the bad, through the ups and downs; Love all of you!

November 6

The Universe has magic and miracles in store for you. Be still, listen to your internal guidance and let the Universe work it’s Magic!!

November 5

Don’t worry about being like everyone else. Don’t worry about what other people may think. Don’t worry about doing what you think you are supposed to do. Let all that go. Just be you!

Your path is yours alone. Walk it tall, walk it proud, walk it the way that only you can. Be the unique expression of the Divine that is you. Be the glorious individual manifestation of the Most High that you are meant to be today and every day!

November 4

You matter! You add a new dimension, a new color and a new perspective to life. You are an intricate part of the whole picture, an intricate part of this glorious tapestry of life!

November 3

Keep growing!!

November 2

A wonderful way to connect with Source is to be in nature. Go for a walk and breathe in the fresh air and the wonder of this glorious planet we live on. Stop for a few moments; connect with the Creative Intelligence that was in the beginning is now and ever shall be; go into the stillness and the silence of your own being and allow the Light and Love of the Universe to flow through you.
Have a peaceful and blessed weekend!

November 1

What are you grateful for today?

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