Thought For The Day

Thought For The Day

October 19

Just imagine!!

October 18

Life is in constant flow; it changes, it moves, it ebbs and flows. Keep moving with the current of Life. Don’t fight against the current, flow with it and let it move you into more of who you are meant to be.

October 17

Let the beauty of Love color your world!

October 16

All of them!!!

October 15

Sometimes we get bogged down with the details and forget the big picture. Remember what’s really important, remember the big picture and go from there.

October 14

Love is the way, love is the answer, love is who you are!

October 13

Gratitude is the way to happiness. Give thanks for the gifts in your life.

October 12

Life is a precious gift, cherish this day!

October 11


Close your eyes and just believe in the power and the magic of who you really are at your core. You are a magnificent manifestation of the Most High. You are Divine Love, Radiant Light, Absolute Abundance, Eternal Peace, Pure Joy, Creative Intelligence, Perfect, Whole & Complete Right Here, Right Now! Close your eyes and Believe!

October 10

Your Light, your Luminosity, your Brilliance; these are your gifts to share with the world.

October 9

You have within you a strength you haven’t even tapped into yet. Know you are a warrior, know you have that strength and let it move you into more.

October 8

Dreams do come true…Believe!

October 7

In order to reach your full potential you must keep expanding your comfort zone. To expand your comfort zone you must reach, stretch and grow. Try something you have always wanted to do. Try something you have never done before. Do something that excites you or do something that scares you.

Your body does the same thing physiology wise whether you are excited or afraid; the heart races, the sympathetic nervous system increases activity, and the brain begins to signal the increased production of hormones. When you are excited or afraid your emotions become more powerful. The only difference between the two is in your brain. The next time you try something that scares you tell yourself you are EXCITED and dare to reach for the stars. You are of course, made of stardust!

October 6

Take some time to breathe in the glory of the day!

October 5

The season is spectacular, the changing leaves are spectacular and YOU are spectacular!!

October 4

If you are not experiencing the life you desire stop and take some time to become aware of your consistent thoughts. Your thoughts dictate your beliefs and your actions which dictate your vibration which dictate what you are experiencing. Change your thoughts and you will change your beliefs, actions, and vibration which will ultimately change your life!

October 3

It’s okay to take some time to stop and let your body, mind and spirit rest.

October 2

Embrace the gift of today!

October 1

Yes you are!! Right here, right now!

September 30

The Divine, the Universe, God, Source, (whatever name you use), is only Love. It only knows Love. It only speaks Love. It only shares Love. Love is the core of what it is and the core of who you are. It only says I Love You!

The Universe is for you, always moving you into more of who you are meant to be. It does not judge you, it does not punish you, it does not wish you harm. It does reflect back to you whatever you are vibrating. Raise your vibration to the energy of Love, surrender your life to the energy of Love and watch miracles shower you with Love.

September 29

Beautiful words spoken by my grandson one glorious morning as he sat enjoying the view of the harbor.

September 28

Let Life flow through you!

September 27

Begin to let Love be your guide. Begin to listen to your soul’s desire. Begin to shine your Light. Begin to move in the direction of your highest good. Let it Begin!

September 26

Take notice of the simple pleasures that surround you each day.

September 25

Know, State, Accept, Announce and Believe with every fiber of your being.

September 24

Don’t fight against the current, relax into the rhythm of life and flow with the current.

September 23

Today is the first day of autumn here and change is happening. The days are shorter, the nights are cooler, the air is fresher and the colors of the leaves are beginning to change into vibrant shades of red, orange, yellow, pink and gold. It is my favorite time of year!

With all the  changes happening in nature we often find changes happening in our own life. School is back in session for many. For some it is the first day of school, whether it’s preschool or college it is a major change for a family. For others it is the first day of work or a new job; a major step in life. It’s also a time for many weddings which will bring on significant changes for a couple. Whatever changes are happening in your life remember change symbolizes growth. If you are changing you are growing and that’s a good thing. Keep growing!

September 22

LOVE this beautiful planet we live on!!

September 21

Choose the paths that lead you in the direction of your soul’s yearning!

September 20

We can sometimes complicate our lives. There are so many choices facing us every day, sometimes it can be overstimulating or overwhelming. Try to simplify your life and focus on what is most important this weekend.

September 19

Reach, Stretch, Grow, Expand your comfort zone by doing something that scares you today.

September 18

Life is precious, you are precious; be gentle with yourself and be gentle with  everything you touch.

September 17

The ABCs of Life!

September 16

The clouds, the storms, the darkness, all of it is meant to help you reach higher, meant to help you grow. All of it designed to help you remember who you really are: a precious child of the Divine! It may not always feel like it but remember the sun shines behind the clouds, there is calm after the storm, and there is light to cast out the darkness.

Remember to look for the sun, the golden nuggets of wisdom hidden in the storms. Remember to remain calm when things are spinning all around you. Remember to let your Light shine as bright as possible to help you (and others) make your way out of the darkness. Remember to rise above the clouds no matter what.

September 15

Forgive yourself, like yourself, love yourself; right here, right now!!

September 14

We don’t always know the answers, things don’t always make sense but learn to appreciate the mysteries of Life. Some day things will make sense.

September 13

The Universe supports you; it supports you experiencing abundance, love, peace, joy, and serenity for that is who you are at your core. Have faith! When you have faith you shift your energy out of fear and away from the blocks that hold you back. When you have faith you raise your vibration and you open the door to endless possibilities. May you have enough faith to allow magic and miracles to fill your life with love, peace, joy, & abundance.

September 12

Your thoughts, words and actions today will define what you experience tomorrow. Make sure they are taking you in the direction you want to go in.

September 11

There are important lessons to learn from the past. Lessons about love, life, compassion, understanding, togetherness. Learn from the past and keep the lessons.

September 10

Today I am celebrating my wedding anniversary. It took a long time to find each other but we finally did. He is my dream husband, we had my dream wedding and my dream honeymoon. Dreams really do come true so never stop believing! May your dreams come true!!

September 9

The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your questions. We ask questions every day; become aware of the conversation you have with yourself. What questions do you ask yourself? Do they empower you or do they diminish you? Your brain is like a computer if you ask it a question it will search for the answer. Great questions will lead to great answers which will lead to a great quality of life.

Ask questions that bring answers to empower you not diminish you. Questions like;  Why doesn’t anyone love me? How come I never have enough money? Why can’t I lose weight? are dis-empowering, they diminish you. You don’t want your brain searching for those answers.  On the other hand questions like: What am I grateful for? How can I let more love flow through me today? How can I make my body stronger and healthier today? What can I do today that will take me to the next level? are all questions that will bring answers to take you higher. Ask yourself questions every day that will make you ponder, expand your vision, help you discover something, take positive action or awaken you and you will have a great quality of life.

September 8

Change can be beautiful, change can be brilliant, change can be bold. Change means you’re growing…Embrace it!

September 7

Repeat every day throughout the day: Abundance is flowing to me, through me, from me and abundance multiplies all around me!

September 6

If one door closes, don’t feel sad it closed, don’t keep trying to open it, don’t worry about what is next. Have faith and just remember there is a door that is meant just for you.

September 5

There is always More!

September 4

Surrender to your inner voice and let it be your guide.

September 3

Take care of the gift this precious day is!

September 2

You have 7 major energy centers called Chakras; the first is your Root Chakra, located at the base of your spine, this represents the feeling of being grounded connected to Mother Earth, it is red; the second is your Sacral Chakra, approximately 2″ below your belly button, it represents abundance, creativity and sexuality, it is orange; the third is your Solar Plexus Chakra approximately 2″ above your belly button, it represents confidence, personal power and sense of self, it is yellow; the fourth is your Heart Chakra; located at your heart, represents your ability to love and be loved, it is green; the fifth is your Throat Chakra, located in your throat it represents your ability to communicate, it is blue; the sixth is your Third Eye Chakra, located on your forehead between your eyes it represents your intuition or inner vision, it is violet; the seventh is your Crown Chakra, located at the top of your head it represents your connection to Divine, it is white.
To open your chakras imagine energy flowing from Mother Earth to your Base chakra then flowing through all the chakras. See the energy spinning in each chakra as a ball of light the corresponding color for each chakra flicked with crystals so it sparkles. Energy flows to each chakra and from each chakra to the next one connecting them. It also flows out the front and back of each chakra. When you get to your crown chakra see the energy coming out the top of your head flowing into the Universe connecting with the Divine. When your Chakras are open and the energy is spinning freely through them you are, you feel, you do, you love, you speak, you know and you understand!

September 1

Growth can take time but the harvest is so worth it!! Keep growing!

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