Thought For The Day

Thought For The Day

May 22

Whenever you have a question repeat this throughout the day then let it go and listen for the guidance from the Universe.

May 21

Begin to deepen your relationship with Source. Begin to listen to your inner guidance. Begin to take one step in the direction of your dreams. Begin today!

May 20

We all came into the world with a Light within, we all came into the world with joy, grace, innocence and beauty! We are all glorious manifestations of the Most High. We all were given the potential to fulfill our dreams, to make a difference, to live a joyful, graceful and love filled life. We are all miracles that come from the Source of All That Is. 

Remember the love and wonder of being a child. Remember the simple things that brought you joy. Remember the twinkle in your eyes that light up the room. Remember the beauty that filled your life. Remember the innocence of each new day. Remember the grace of you just being you. Remember, You Are Born of Stardust and You Are A Miracle!

May 19

Begin each day connecting to Source so Love can guide you!

May 18

Take time to really appreciate the wonder and beauty of the simple moments.

May 17

Let go of any stories, any pain, any blocks, anything at all that holds you back from expressing Life to the fullest. The one in a million expression of Life that is YOU needs to be seen, needs to be expressed. Let Life in, let it flow to you, through you, and let it flow from you always!

May 16

The world needs your light today! Let it shine!

May 15

Love is where you came from, love is where you will return. Love is who you are at your core! Come to love the LOVE that you are!!

May 14

Spring is a time for new birth, new growth. Let the light within help you give birth to something new and help you grow into more of who you are meant to be.

May 13

The windshield in every car is much larger than the rear view mirror for a reason. You must keep your eye on the road to see where you are going. Focus on the road in front of you, on where you are going not where you have been. If you keep looking backwards you get lost.

The same is true in life. If you focus on your past you can’t see where you are going. You can get lost in the past, lost in the pain, lost in the mistakes you think you made, lost in the memories. Take the lessons from everything on your journey but keep your focus on where you want to go. The best is yet to be!

May 12

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmothers, godmothers, aunts, and fur moms out there! Hope your day is filled with pure love and deep appreciation for all you do!

May 11

Surrender to the Light within that is connected to Source/God/Spirit and watch the Universe guide you in magical ways!

May 10


The Creative Intelligence that was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be has only one thought about you and that thought is LOVE!

May 9

Today’s Thought for the Day is dedicated to an amazing woman, one of my dearest, closest friends, a Goddess and soul mate for sure. Today is her birthday so I celebrate the gift she is to the world. Take time to connect with someone special today and just BE!

May 8

You being you is not only enough, it is PLENTY! 

May 7

Delight in the glorious gift of the day!

May 6

I saw my first hummingbird of the season today. It was so tiny and so beautiful! It filled me with wonder to think about the journey it had just taken. It flew all the way from Central America or Mexico to my home just outside Boston.  During migration a hummingbird, the smallest bird, flies thousands of miles, their heart beats up to 1,260 times a minute, and its wings flap 15 to 80 times a second. They are truly miraculous!
Sometimes it’s the smallest things that fill us with wonder. Take some time this week to notice the little things. Whether it be a tiny bird, a flower, a lady bug, a spider or an ant just take a look at them and really notice them. Think about how they came to be, what their existence is like. Think about the story behind them and let them fill you with wonder.

May 5

Stay grounded in Mother Earth, build a strong foundation but keep reaching for the stars!

May 4

I always loved the Star Wars movies. The Force is such a great way to explain the Source of All That Is or God or whatever name you use for the Creative Intelligence that was in the beginning is now and ever shall be. May you feel the energy of the Force flow through you always!

May 3

It doesn’t take much to make a difference. A friendly smile, a reassuring touch, a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen or a special moment shared. They all have the power to heal, to transform a life, to make a difference. See how many souls you can touch this weekend.

May 2

Life is full of surprises, some exciting and wonderful, others not so much! When those unexpected and perhaps unwanted things occur always ask yourself “How can I learn and grow from this?” There is often a gift or a lesson hidden in them.

May 1

Spring brings with it rebirth, new growth and the hope of a brighter day. Let it bring you hope for better days, growth in your love for self and all humanity, and rebirth of the greatness within.

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