Thought For The Day

Thought For The Day

January 28

If your beliefs don’t serve your greater good release them and embrace more empowering beliefs.

January 27

When one door closes another one opens. Unfortunately sometimes people spend so much time trying to get back in the same door they miss the opportunity another door can present. Stop knocking on the door that closed, stop struggling to pull it open again, stop looking longingly at it! Let it go!

There are many doors and opportunities just for you. Focus on the possibility a new door will bring you. Focus on what you want to find behind the door. Focus on getting ready for the new experiences the next door will bring. The Universe closed that old door so you could find the door that is meant for you. Have faith and keep moving forward. Your door is waiting for you!

January 26

Let’s love one another despite our differences!

January 25

Hang in there, keep moving forward…you got this!

January 24

You, your life is a gift. No matter is going on in your life appreciate the gift that is you. Give thanks for the love and the lessons; the light and the laughter. Let gratitude fill your heart, your mind and your world.

January 23

Shift your energy to the energy and the power of Love!

January 22

The Universe provides; your job is to make the connection to Divine strong!

January 21

May grace, joy and love be ever present in your life!

January 20

I lost a friend this weekend that took his own life. As I wrote his eulogy it reminded me of my favorite uncle who went into deep depression after he retired years ago and of George Bailey from my favorite movie “It’s A Wonderful Life”. These men were wonderful men, loved by everyone that knew them. It makes me so sad to think that they had no idea how much they were loved. They had no idea of how important they were or the role they played in the lives they touched.

Do you know how much you are loved? Do you know the role you have played in so many lives? Do you know how precious you are to the the Creative Intelligence that I call God/Divine? Let me remind you that you are Loved, that you matter, that you make a difference. We all have been given this precious gift of Life to walk each other home to ourselves. Do something this week to embrace this truth and help another remember the truth about themselves. It really is a wonderful life!

January 19

Let the Power of Love fill your mind and direct your life!

January 18

Tap into the Light within you!

January 17

It is an abundant Universe with unlimited possibilities! Delete any limiting beliefs you have about yourself and about the world we live in! The possibilities are endless! Embrace new empowering beliefs about you and the world and your life will unfold in miraculous ways!

January 16

The sooner you become clear about what it is you want to experience the sooner the Universe can send it to you!

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