Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day

January 29

We don’t know how much time we have so treat each moment with reverence and gratitude.

January 28

There may be a wounded child within that needs your love and acceptance. Hold that child in your arms with tender, love and care. Reassure them and let them know it is okay, that it is all in Divine Order. There is also a glorious child within that needs to be honored and expressed. Cherish that delightful child with all your heart and allow that child to express itself in your life. Let that happy, radiant child that lives within color your world with: laughter and fun, sweet innocence, creative play, unconditional love and pure joy.

January 27

Let your Light shine and

January 26

You have within you a wealth of wisdom that will guide you in all directions

January 25

Your scars add a dimension and a depth to who you are and who you are to become. They add to the beauty that is You!

January 24

We have many differences from each other. Physical; we may look like people in our family or have similar features of another but there is no one that looks exactly like you do. Talents: we each have talents and gifts that are unique to us. Emotional; we have all been through different experiences and we give our own meaning to the events in our lives.  Intellectual; we all learn at different levels and choose to focus on learning different things. Spiritual; we all have our own beliefs about ourselves, about life and the world.

Despite all these differences we are actually more alike than we are different. We were all born into this world and some day we will all pass from this plane. We all have basic human needs. We all need love & connection, certainty, variety and significance; when we have those we need growth and contribution. Let us love one another, learn from one another, respect one another, appreciate each other and live peacefully on this glorious planet together.

January 23

Life has a way of helping us gain clarity about what we are here to experience this lifetime. When you learn from a situation it is not a failure; it becomes a lesson giving us new information and moves us in a new direction.

January 22

We all have an opportunity each day to do something extraordinary; something that will benefit yourself, another or the world at large.

January 21

I have a dream; a dream of a world that respects each person and honors the gifts that each of us bring to the world. A dream where we each know our own value and value others. A dream of a world that teaches children to love themselves & others; to develop critical thinking skills, to create, explore and expand their comfort zone.  A dream of a world that cherishes life and the planet we live on. What is your dream?

January 20

Love, pure unconditional Love, can change the trajectory of your life forever. It can change the life of another and it can change our society and our world. It starts with you; loving you helps you love others. Inject pure Love into your own veins by loving all of who you are right now, that love will create a snowball effect. It will reach out and touch all those you come into contact with. It will raise your vibration and lift the vibration and the consciousness of our world.

January 19

Winter can be cold and harsh but the picture of new fallen snow creates a winter wonderland. It graces us with its glorious and serene beauty. It brings quiet moments to slow down, rest, read, reflect and rejuvenate. It gives us time to prepare for the busy months ahead. As you retreat into your warm cozy home surrender to the stillness that precedes change, the darkness that precedes light and the peace that precedes action. Give thanks for the gifts of winter and let them grace you with peace.

January 18

Sometimes being patient, trusting the Universe, listening to your inner wisdom and having faith can be difficult but the more you do all those things the easier they become and the better your life will be. Be patient, trust, listen, have faith; it all really is in Divine Order!

January 17

Over the last 2 years each one of us and the world have been forced to rethink how we do things. I joke that we have all been sent to our room to think about how we have been behaving; how we think, what we do, how we treat each other, what our priorities are etc. I hope these last 2 years have taught us all at least this one important lesson: Life is PRECIOUS! It is often fleeting and it can be so fragile, sometimes ending when you least expect it.

My cousin and a friend both recently passed away unexpectedly. The deaths were shocking really and I thought about all the lives that have been lost these last 2 years. There is sadness in the losses and sadness in the inability to come together to hold services for them and support the living. I hope through all this sadness our hearts have been opened. I hope we have learned how to really appreciate one another. Hold those you love a little tighter, express your love more often, appreciate those you love more and give thanks for the precious gift of life. I hope we have all learned just how precious Life really is.

January 16

Random thoughts come and go; let the ones that limit you go and fill your mind with the most powerful thought of all. Fill your mind with thoughts of Love; let them soothe you, heal you, inspire you and guide you.

January 15

The sun is always behind the clouds. There is always a silver lining; it may be difficult to see sometimes but it’s there. We each have an opportunity to look on the bright side to see the silver lining and catch a glimpse of the sun.

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