5 Things to Avoid to Attract More Money

You probably know you have to do certain things to attract money into your life but you also have to avoid certain things if you want to experience more wealth and more abundance.

Without even realizing it you may have some bad habits and beliefs that block the flow of money to you.

Below are 5 habits that you have to change if you want to allow more abundance to flow to you.

1. Negative Money Talk

What words do you use when you talk about money? Are they positive or negative? What sayings do you use often?

Unfortunately some people associate negative words with the word “money” or the word “abundance”.

You can’t use negative words about money and manifest more money in your life. Your brain and your subconscious does not want more negativity so it will block those things that have a negative vibration to them.

Take a look at the words you use about money and change them to more positive words whenever needed.

2. Negative Money Thoughts & Beliefs

What are your thoughts and beliefs about money? Many of your beliefs have been passed down from generation to generation. You many not even know where they came from.

Think about your beliefs and thoughts about money; are the negative or are they positive?

Do you believe money is the root of all evil or do believe money is something that can help change your life and the world for the better?

Do you think rich people are wonderful people that use and share their wealth with purpose or do you think rich people are bad?

Do you believe you have to have money to get more money or do you believe you can increase money in your life even if you have very little now?

Examine your beliefs and your thoughts about money. Avoid the negative thoughts, change your beliefs and embrace more empowering affirmations, thoughts and beliefs about money.

3. No Respect for Money

If you take care of your money it will take care of you! You have to respect money, and treat it with your love and caring.

You must have good feelings about money as more and more of it comes to you. Use it in ways that enhance your life and make you and others feel better.

If you don’t respect money you will lower your vibration around it and keep it from manifesting in your life.

Think about the way you treat the money you currently have. Care for it, respect it and more will come to you.

4. Complaining & Gossip

If you have ever been around people that complain or gossip all the time you know how awful that can be. Their energy is negative, just their presence can bring you down or drain you.

If you have a tendency to complain or gossip you are lowering your vibration and blocking money and all the Good the Universe has in store for you from coming to you. If you spend your time and energy on gossiping about others or complaining about your life you are wasting your time and you can get stuck in a negative pattern.

Avoid complaining and gossiping, instead spend your time and energy on the positive things happening in your life, see the good in others and more positive things including money will find their way into your life.

5. Self-Sabotage

Too often people have a desire to manifest more money in their life but they self-sabotage. For instance they begin a plan to generate more income but halfway through they lose momentum and quit. Joe Vitale says “Money Loves Speed” so you have to follow through and never give up!

Unfortunately people get comfortable with what they earn in their life and subconsciously believe they aren’t worthy of more.

If you don’t believe you are worthy you self-sabotage. Push through those negative thoughts and know you are worthy of all the Good in the Universe and all the money your heart desires.

Final Thoughts

Take a look at your habits and your patterns. Avoid these negative habits as they keep you from experiencing more. Replace them more empowering habits, beliefs and patterns so you can reach your full potential and welcome more good, more abundance and more money into your life.

Affirmation: I take care of my money and it takes care of me!


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