6 Basic Human Needs & 4 Stages of Spiritual Growth

We all have basic human needs. I love the way Tony Robbins explains them. We all meet our needs in a variety of ways. Some ways are empowering and take us higher  while others are disempowering and hold us back from experiencing more of who we are meant to be.

Here are the first 4 simplified:

1. Certainty/Safety: The basic human need to feel safe and to have certainty that you can avoid pain and gain pleasure.

2. Variety: The need to have a variety of things to experience, the need for change and new stimuli.

3. Significance: The need to feel significant, that our lives are important and that we  matter.

4. Love/Connection: We all need to feel loved and connected to someone or something.

When those needs are met there are 2 more;

5. Growth: The need to learn new things and grow emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.

6. Contribution: The need to give and contribute to something outside of ourselves. To impact the life of another or the world in a positive way.

As I mentioned, we meet these needs in a variety of ways. Some ways are empowering; for instance, meditation can meet the need for certainty, variety, love & connection and growth. Other ways, such as smoking, are disempowering and even detrimental to our health.

When any activity meets 3 of our needs they can become an addiction. If you want to release a disempowering activity that has become an addiction you must find another activity to replace that behavior with something that fulfills the same basic human needs the addiction has.

Look at your own life to see how you can meet your basic needs in an empowering way so you can move into the higher needs of Contribution and Growth and move through the 4 stages of spiritual growth.

4 Stages of Spiritual Growth:

1. To Me: Victim Consciousness. When one believes things happen to them.

2. For Me: Manifestor Consciousness. When one works with the Universe to bring things into their lives.

3. Through Me: Channel Consciousness. When one allows the Life Force of the Universe to flow through them.

4. As Me: Being Consciousness. When one has no sense of separation only Oneness with Source.

There are many Tools than can help you on life’s journey. Learning more through reading and Meditation will help you move through your basic human needs and the 4 stages of spiritual growth so you can move into more and reach your full potential.

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