Be Here Now

The best kind of life is the one where you are living, experiencing and feeling each moment completely. Being present to each delicious moment lets you experience these moments fully and remember them in the future, with all their texture and feeling still in your mind.

With all life’s distractions it can be difficult, to be present. We often dwell on the past or worry about the future despite the fact that it is impossible to be anywhere but right here, right now in this present moment.

We can’t go back in time or see into the future and if we put our energy there we miss out on today. We miss out on the future we hope for if we forget to be present.

To stay in the present moment be open, receptive and be mindful of what is going on in your life. To fully experience everything you have to be wide awake, use all your senses and pay attention to the details.

Our minds can get lost between the past and the future unless we stay focused on what is happening now. We live more completely, remember the past with more clarity and secure a brighter future when we stay present.

Being present can be a very different experience; the mind chatter or monkey mind is silenced, there is peace of mind and you experience a stillness that may seem foreign or even uncomfortable at first. You won’t find yourself caught up in past experiences or worrying about the future instead you can have faith and relax into the moment.

Being present requires you to be creative, flexible and spontaneous. You are able to embrace each new moment, and every new day with an appreciation that they are brand new and they will never happen again.

If you want to create a life that will leave you with precious memories and a bright future live in the moment of “Now”. Honor the present moment, “be here now” and life will reward you Day by Day.

Affirmation: I appreciate the moments in my life and live” in the moment” each and every day!

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