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My children’s books are inspired by my children, grandchildren and friend’s children. I have always loved children, which came in handy being the oldest girl in a family with 9 kids. I have 4 grown children, 8 grandchildren with one on the way that I adore. I hope you cuddle up with the little ones in your life, enjoy them and share them with your loved ones. They make great shower, baby, birthday, or holiday gifts too! May they all touch you and your loved ones. Enjoy!

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“Easter Time is Here” is a delightful introduction to the meaning of Easter. Children will enjoy the silly parts of Easter; bunnies, Easter eggs, baby chicks, butterflies, flowers and more, as they learn the deeper meaning of the glorious celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. A fun, inspirational and educational book for children 3-7 years old. Share the beautiful meaning of Easter with the little ones in your life.

“Springtime Is Here” is a delightful, colorful, rhyming children’s picture book celebrating the glorious season of spring. “After a long winter’s nap, the world awakes with a snap” “Spring is in the air over here and over there”. Share all the magic of the world as it welcomes new growth and new life with the precious little ones in your life.

The Tiny Acorn A beautiful picture book to entertain, teach and encourage children to grow into who they are meant to be. Watch The Tiny Acorn as it grows from something tiny into more of what it’s meant to be; a magnificent oak tree.

The Tiny Seashell A fun picture book to help children learn not only about the sea but also learn about being part of something greater than themselves. Explore with The Tiny Seashell as it discovers it is part of something very special.

Good Morning World is a colorful picture book that is perfect to start each day with the little ones in your life. “There’s magic in the morning as the sun kisses the earth. Shining ever so brightly to a new day it gives birth. Sun beams stretch and reach through the air, waking up everything everywhere.” A magical book for your toddler, preschool child or kindergarten child.

Goodnight World is a beautiful children’s bedtime story for the precious little ones in your world. Read it so “…their dreams will be sweet and their morning will be bright.”

Welcome To The World Little One. The very first words I whispered to my first born child were “Welcome to the world little one”. She was crying but as soon I spoke those words she stopped and stared at me. It was a magical moment that I will cherish forever. I now work with infants in the special care nursery in a hospital and I say the same thing to every newborn there. Welcome the precious little ones in your life with this beautiful picture book.

Who Are You? is a delightful children’s book devoted to letting the precious little ones in your life know how special they truly are. “You are Peace, you are Love. You’re a Miracle from Above” Perfect bedtime or anytime story!

Kisses is a colorful picture book for babies to kindergarten children. Inspired by my grandson who I just can’t stop kissing! Babies and children will delight in the adorable pictures as you shower them with kisses.

Hugs is a beautiful picture for babies to kindergarten children. Dedicated to my dad who gave the best hugs. Your child will love the illustrations and the love your hugs will bring them each day! Perfect for bedtime or anytime!

The Song in You Every child brings something special to the world. something unique that only they can bring. The Song in You is a beautiful picture book that encourages children to sing their own song and share it with the world. A perfect bedtime or any time story to share with the little ones in your life.

Mommy Loves Me More is an adorable, colorful, multi cultural, picture book dedicated to the special bond that mothers share with their children. Perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Baby Shower, Birthday or any time.

Gigi Loves Me More is an adorable, colorful, multi cultural, picture book dedicated to the special bond that grandmothers share with their grandchildren. The heart of a grandmother is full of love and the love grandmother’s have for their grandchildren is unconditional, filled with joy and everlasting. “Nana Loves Me More”, “Grammy Loves Me More” and “Nannie Loves Me More” versions are also available. Perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Baby Shower, Birthday or any time

I Am Always With You Let the children in your life know that your love is always with them. Whether they sail the 7 seas or climb the tallest mountain. “I am always with you, no matter where you are.”

I Love My Body is a colorful book for baby and preschool children to learn body parts and develop a positive and healthy body image! Brighten your child’s life with this delightful book!

“I Am… Affirmations for Kids” is an inspirational book of affirmations for kids ages 6-9 to help them increase their self esteem and self worth. It is filled with reminders of the glorious gifts that each child holds. Read it in it’s entirety then children can open it up to a random page each day to focus on one of the attributes and solidify that belief into their mind. Affirmations repeated often help children (and adults) reinforce the positive aspects of themselves. Read it, repeat it daily and embrace it with the children in your life.

There is magic in you and magic in me. “The Magic is in You… Meditation for kids” will help you teach your children to Meditate so they can find the magic within. Meditation will help you find: Answers to your questions, Guidance to lead you, Wisdom to help you grow, Creativity to express your imagination, Joy that makes your heart happy, Peace to calm your fears, Light so you can see in the darkness, strength to give you courage & Pure Love that is unconditional and everlasting! Sit down with the children in your life and give them and you the gift of meditation.

Laughter A delightful, silly and colorful picture book for preschool and kindergarten children. Share the joy of this fun book about what makes you laugh with the children in your life.

“How the Universe Works” is an introduction to the Laws of Attraction and Vibration for kids from ages 6-9. “How the Universe Works” is an inspirational, motivational book that explains how these laws work and how they can be used to live a full, rich life. Share this insightful book with the children in your life.

Thank You For Choosing Me was inspired by my 4 children. Since they were little I have always thanked them for choosing me to be their mom. I believe our souls chose each other and I will be forever grateful for the precious gift of their presence in my life. Share it with the glorious children in your life.

“Thank You For Choosing Us” is a colorful picture book filled with adorable multicultural pictures. It is a book of gratitude from parents to their children. I have always thanked my children for choosing me; they have enriched my life beyond measure and this book is a thank you to them. It shows appreciation for all the moments shared between parents or grandparents and their children. Share it with all the children you are grateful for.

You Make My Heart Happy is inspired by my first grandson who when he was 2 years old said to his father ” me like when you play with me dada” my son said “you do, why?” then my grandson said “because you make my heart happy.” He has been making the hearts of everyone who knows him happy since he was born. Share this picture book with the children that make your heart happy.

I Love You, You Make My World So Bright is inspired by a song my first grandchild used to sing when he was 3 years old. Every child deserves to know that they are loved “when you’re happy or when you’re sad, even if you get real mad”. Cuddle up with the children in your life and let them know you love them all the time.

The Tiny Pinecone is the first book in the series The Little Things – The Seasons. The tiny pinecone wanted to be like the beautiful fall leaves until it realized there was something more beautiful to be. Through the story of how a pine cone grows into a majestic pine tree the Tiny Pinecone encourages children to work together and be who you are meant to be.

“Autumn Is Here” is the perfect fall book for children and toddlers ages 2-6. A beautiful rhyming, picture book that celebrates the wonders of the season. From apple picking to leaf peeping; from back to school to ghosts and ghouls; from Halloween to Thanksgiving; celebrate the magic of the season with the little ones in your life.

Jake the Jack-O-Lantern Jokes Favorite Spooktacular Halloween Jokes for children 5-9. Kids will have hours of fun reading and sharing these jokes. Young readers will love to read them over and over again. Perfect gift for families that love to have fun and fill their day with laughter.

“Christmastime Is Here” is a colorful, creative rhyming book to introduce children to Jesus. A tender, sweet, spiritual introduction to the glorious gifts of love, light, peace, joy and unity that the teachings of Jesus show us all. Cuddle up with the precious ones in your life and share the magic, love and beauty of Christmas; this most special time of year.

Adorable Merry Christmas Coloring & Activity Book for this very special time of year. Classic and unique pictures to color; Santa, Reindeer, Angels, Snowmen, Gnomes, Christmas trees, presents and so much more. Inspirational and holiday messages to color and even a page to write a letter to Santa. Hours of fun for boys, girls and kids of all ages.

“The Tiny Snowflake” is a fun, colorful adventure book in the series “The Little Things – The Seasons” from the #1 Best Selling Author Judy Luca for children ages 3-6. Follow the Tiny Snowflake on its adventures as it comes back to experience the joy and wonders of the new day.

Toddlers Cars & Trucks & Things That Go… Coloring & Activity Book” . Toddlers, 2-4, will love the cars and trucks and things that go as they learn their ABCs and 123s. They can color and practice their letters and numbers. The activity pages will also help them learn and grow.

Toddlers 2-4 will love Toddler Animal ABC & 123 Coloring & Activity Book this introduction to the alphabet and numbers with this easy coloring and activity book. Kids can practice letters and numbers while they enjoy coloring. Simple mazes and activities will entertain and gently challenge them.

“Dinosaurs Coloring & Activity Book” Fun coloring and activity book for kids 3-6 filled with all kinds of dinosaurs for kids to explore and color. Also letters and numbers to practice.

Baby Animal Coloring Book for Kids 3-6 Adorable coloring and activity book filled with the cutest pictures of baby animals for children to color. Also pages for kids to learn and practice their alphabet and numbers from 1-20. Great fun for preschool or kindergarten.

“Under the Sea Coloring Book for Kids 4-8”. Kids discover the Magic and the Wonder of the Sea with this coloring book filled with dolphins, mermaids, sharks, fish and so much more. Lots of fun for boys and girls ages 4-8.

Unicorns & Fairies, Coloring & Activity Book for kids 5-9. Kids will love coloring the pictures and doing the activities in this delightful book. It’s filled with lots of magical pictures and also has some maze, color by number, spot the differences and inspirational pages to encourage and help build self esteem. Hours of fun for the summer or anytime.

Beautiful and fun My Unicorn Journal & Notebook for ages 5-8. Lots of Unicorns, Affirmations and writing prompts. Plenty of room for drawing and writing. Increase child’s Self Esteem, Confidence, Gratitude, Communication Skills & Well-being.

Empowering My Diary, Journal & Notebook for Girls 8-12. Includes Lined & Blank Pages, Affirmations, Bucket List & Writing Prompts to Encourage Creativity, Gratitude, Self Esteem & over all Well-Being

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