Health is the First Wealth


Being healthy in mind, body and spirit is the first wealth. The dictionary defines health as  the state of being free from illness or injury. I believe health refers also to a state of well-being where the physical body is free from disease and when someone has an overall balance physically, socially, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, environmentally and occupationally.

When you are healthy in all these areas you have the energy to do those things that mean the most to you, the drive to set and accomplish your goals, the wisdom to find the answers to your questions and the belief that you can live the life you dream of.

This website is dedicated to helping you gain well-being in all areas of your life so you can live a life that is fulfilling and worthwhile. Our goal is to help you acquire knowledge so you can answer questions you may have; to give you ideas to enhance your health and well-being; to offer inspiration to help motivate you and provide you with a range of modalities that will uplift your body, mind and spirit. We are grateful you are here and happy to be part of your journey as you create a Radiant Healthy Life Now.

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