“Dreams do come true, your fantasies can become your reality.
The secret yearning deep inside is your soul calling you home to yourself.” Judy Luca

Home to Yourself

The deepest part of you knows all the answers. The little voice inside that whispers to you in the silence is your path home to yourself. Think of what touches that place deep within you. What makes your heart skip a beat, what excites you or evokes joy in you? What could you do all day long and not even realize the day is over? Those are messages from your higher self dropping hints for you to find your way.

Try this exercise. Write on a piece of paper “The purpose of my life is to_____ . Fill in the blank. Keep writing this sentence over and over again without stopping. Write until what you have written moves you so deeply you know it is the truth of who you are. You may start crying or be filled with joy, keep writing until you know you have the answer. This can take 20 minutes or it can take an hour. Stay with it and let the insights flow from the depths of your soul.

There is an internal guidance system within that is trying to reach you. If you go the wrong way it doesn’t get angry at you, it doesn’t judge or condemn you. Just like the GPS in your car which simply readjusts the directions your internal guidance system doesn’t judge you or condemn you either it simply readjusts the directions. Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t where you thought you should be now. Love yourself right where you are and listen carefully for the directions your soul is sending you. It is trying to reach you, trying to tell you which way to go. Follow the directions from your soul and your dreams really will come true.


Today I listen to my internal guidance system and follow the directions home to myself.

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