L.O.V.E. Can Take You Higher

L.O.V.E. Remember these letters when you want to shift your energy and your vibration to a higher frequency.

L is for Look. Look lovingly at yourself, look at your thoughts and emotions. Pay close attention to your emotions and notice what your consistent thoughts are. Remember the Universe responds to your vibration. Your thoughts fuel your emotions, your emotions dictate your vibration so be aware of the thoughts that dominate your mind. Do your thoughts empower you and take you to a higher place or do they limit you? Do your thoughts bring you up or do they beat you up? If you find your thoughts limit you remember the letter O.

O is for Overturn. Turn your negative thoughts around and place empowering thoughts into your mind. Change any limiting thoughts or beliefs you have about yourself and the Universe into unlimited, empowering thoughts and beliefs. If you think you are unworthy for all the good life has to offer change that thought into “I am worthy of all the good the Universe has to offer”. If you think the world is against you change that to “the Universe supports my highest good always”. Replace any negative thought or limiting belief with a more empowering thought or belief.

V is for Vigilance. You must be vigilant in doing your work. If it were easy everyone would be aligned with the Universe and living the life of their dreams but unfortunately that is not the case. Most people are not aware of their thoughts and do not live the life of their dreams. Be aware of your thoughts and your emotions and be vigilant in placing empowering thoughts into your mind. When you control your thoughts and emotions you control your vibration and when you control where you are vibrating you control your life. Be vigilant in your meditation practice. There are many forms of meditation, many things you can do to quiet the mind so you can hear your inner guidance. It may take time and practice but you must be vigilant if you want to see your life shift. Be vigilant in using all the tools you have at your disposal to bring your vibration to a higher frequency and to bring your life experience to a higher level. You are the reason why you are where you are now and you are the one that will take your life to a higher place.

E is for Expect. Expect the Universe to support you. Expect synchronicity to appear in your life. Expect doors to open before you. Expect your dreams to come true. When you expect good to flow to you the Universe feels your vibration, it senses that you have complete faith in good manifesting in your life and it brings it to you. When you have faith you increase your belief. It is done unto you as you believe so have faith, expect and believe with all that you are that your highest good will manifest at exactly the right time.


LOVE yourself to a higher place. Look, Overturn, Vigilance, Expect

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