Monday Morning Motivations

Monday Morning Motivation

January 15

The way out of any struggle or any problem you have is to go within. You have all the answers and all the guidance you need to find your way out of any issue within you right now. To be able to get those answers and the guidance within you have to silence the mind chatter.

You have to silence the mind chatter that says you are not enough, that you can’t do, be or have what you want. You have to release the limiting beliefs you have about you and the world. Meditation can help you do that.

Develop a meditation practice today. Begin with just focusing on your breath. If your mind wanders, that’s okay just go back to your breath. You can start with just 5 or 10 minutes a day then increase as you can. You will have more peace, less stress and you will be guided to move in certain directions. Synchronicity will appear and doors will magically open.

Go within and you will find your way out of the difficulties in your life!

January 8

Letting go may be difficult for you, especially if you like to control things, but there are so many things to let go of. Let go of your beliefs about you that do not serve your highest good . Let go of your beliefs about the world that do not take you to a higher place. Let go of thinking your life should be different from what it is right now. Let go of thinking you have to control everything.

Decide what you want to experience in your life then let it go and let the Universe bring it to you. Have faith that Life is unfolding as it should. Trust in the glory and the power of the Divine.

December 25

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this magical day celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. May the teachings of Jesus flow through your heart. If you don’t celebrate Christmas then I wish you the spirit of Christmas which is Love & Peace! May your day be warm and wonderful. May it be filled with magic and miracles. May you feel love and share love all day long!

December 18

There are moments in life that teach us valuable lessons. There are moments in life that change the way we look at ourselves and there are moments that change the way we look at the world around us. Let the wisdom from those moments show you the way. Let the wisdom from those moments be your guide. Let the wisdom that is deep within you answer any questions you may have. Let the wisdom within help you uncover the greatness that is you!

December 11

Your dreams, your deepest desires, those secrets you hold onto in the silence of your own mind; they are there for a reason. They are your inner wisdom talking to you. They are your soul reaching out to you. They are the love in your heart singing to you. They are trying to give you a reason to push yourself higher, they are trying to help you reach your full potential!.

Never give up on your dreams. Let them speak to you. Let them reach out to you. Let them sing to you.and let them push you higher. Believe in the magic of your dreams for they hold the dedication, the drive, and the devotion you need to uncover the glorious manifestation of the Most High that is you!

December 4

If you want to make changes in your life, if you want to create the life of your dreams you must know your why. Why do you want to do what you want to do? Why do you want to be the person you long to be? Why do you want to have the things you want? Why do you want to change your life? Without a compelling why people tend to stay stuck in their old ways. What will move you to take massive action? What will keep you moving in the direction of your dreams no matter what happens to you or no matter what happens all around you? Find your why and you will find your dreams coming true!

November 27

We all have history, we all have stories, we all have wounds and we all have beliefs that we got from those things or perhaps beliefs that came from our family, some maybe even passed down through the generations. Examine your beliefs and ask yourself if those beliefs serve your highest good. Do they take you to a higher place? Are they going to help you reach your full potential? If the answer is no, if they do not serve your highest good, then let them go. Thank them for the lessons you have learned, turn them into pure love and release them into the Creative Consciousness.
Keep only the beliefs that take you to a higher place!

November 20

We often are so busy taking care of our family, our home, our jobs, our things, etc that we forget about taking care of ourselves. Sometimes we feel guilty or selfish about taking care of ourselves but we must take care of ourselves if we want reach our full potential. We must take care of our needs and fill ourselves up spiritually and emotionally. When we are full emotionally and spiritually we can grow into the all that we are meant to be. When we take care of ourselves we have more to give to the people and things we take care of. Make sure you take the time to take care of yourself today!

November 13

Within you are all the answers, all the guidance and all the wisdom you need to live an inspired life. Be still and listen to the whispers of your soul. Let them speak to you through all the noise that tries to distract you. Let them be your guiding light when you are surrounded by darkness. Let them give you hope when you are in doubt. Let them inspire you when you are feeling down. Let them motivate you to be all that you are meant to be.

November 6

Through all the gains and losses, through all the ups and downs, through all the joys and sorrows remember to flow with Life. There will always be unexpected surprises, some miraculous and some difficult to bear but when we learn to flow with all of life’s moments Life is easier. When you plant yourself firmly in Divine Love the unexpected experiences will still happen but they won’t throw you off center. You learn to trust in Life and Life becomes a dance.
Let yourself flow with the rhythm of Life!

October 30

Life gives us second chances, third, fourth, etc, whatever it takes. Every day you have a chance to; be better than you were before, do the right thing, to make a difference, to expand your comfort zone, to heal, to share, to apologize, to learn, to grow, to be a channel for Divine Love to flow through. Every day you have a chance to experience something wonderful. What will you do with yours?

October 23

Overcoming obstacles and situations that we once thought we never could get through can take us to a higher place. They can teach us many things. Overcoming obstacles makes us stronger than we thought we were. No matter what you are going through right now dig down deep into the strength that exists within. That strength will continue to grow and get you through whatever you encounter on this journey we call life. You have gone through hard times before and you can do it again. You can make it through anything!

October 16

The road may be long and winding. The road may have twists and turns. The road may bring bumps and bruises. The road may also bring beauty and bliss. The road may also shower you with love and joy. The road may do all these things. Know the road will always take you home. Wherever you are on the road of life hang in there, the final destination will be so worth it!

October 9

Change can be easy, change can be difficult, change can be challenging, change can flow naturally, change can be beautiful, change can be many things. The tide changes, the seasons change, the phases of the moon change, we change with all of life’s experiences. The only constant in life is change so embrace the changes in your life. Flow gracefully with total faith and appreciation for all the changes you experience. They are all helping you uncover the beauty and wonder of you!

October 2

Some days it is hard to get up, get up anyway.
Some days it’s hard to move your body, move anyway.
Some days it’s hard to breathe, breathe deeply anyway.
Some days it’s hard to push yourself, push anyway.
Some days you just have to force yourself to go through the motions.
It’s okay, tomorrow is a new day and things will get easier.
Keep getting up, keep moving, keep breathing deeply, keep pushing, keep going through the motions and it will get better.
The way to get through whatever difficulty
you are experiencing right now is to go through it
one step at a time, one day at a time.
Keep moving and you will come into the light!

September 25

Whatever you focus on you bring to you. Unfortunately many people focus on what they don’t want. Some people don’t have the loving relationships they want and they focus on what they don’t have bringing more of that to them. Others don’t have the abundance they want and they focus on not having enough which brings more of not having enough to them. Today focus on what you want to experience in life. Focus on the love, the abundance, the health, the spiritual connection, focus on whatever you want to experience.See and feel your life exactly as you want to experience it. Use all your senses to embrace what you desire, see it as already done in your mind’s eye and you will shift your vibration which will bring more of those things to you.

September 18

There is a strength of character to you that you haven’t fully realized yet. There is a depth of love within you that you haven’t tapped into yet. There is a precious gift that only you can give that you haven’t even unwrapped yet. There is something that you are to share with the world that you haven’t touched upon yet. There is a greatness to you that you haven’t discovered yet. Discover your greatness!

September 11

Let all the glory of the Universe flow to you. Let all the grace of the Divine flow through you. Let all the wonder of Source flow from you. Let all the magic of Creation multiply all around you.
Be the one to channel Divine Love, Absolute Abundance, Pure Joy,
Creative Intelligence, and Eternal Peace.
Let it be You, Right Here, Right Now!

September 4

You are an infinite expression of Life itself! You are connected to the Source of All that Is. You are as brilliant as the sun. You are as magical as the stars. You are filled with splendid wonder. You are as powerful as lightening and thunder. You are an irreplaceable manifestation of the Most High!
Cherish you, all that you are, and all that you will ever be!

August 28

Today is a new day filled with possibility! Yesterday’s thinking brought you to today but yesterday is over, today is a new day to begin a new life. Fill your day with new thoughts, new beliefs and new actions and today and every day will be brighter!

August 21

Everybody has a story and often we know nothing or very little about their story. Some people have health challenges, some have career challenges, some have relationship challenges and others may be experiencing life exactly has they had hoped. No matter what the story is we all have one thing in common and that is the fact that we all need love. Keep an open mind when dealing with people and remind yourself that we don’t always know what their story is but we do know that we all need love.

August 14

You cannot control what anyone else does, says or thinks. You can only control how you respond to them. What they do is their power, what you do is your power. You choose how you interpret everything and you choose how to respond to everything you experience. Choose wisely!

August 7

Everything comes from Source, God, Creative Intelligence, whatever you call the Divine Presence that flows through all things. As you strengthen your connection to Source, to the Divine you will be guided to move in the direction of your dreams. All doors will be opened, all paths will cleared and all that you need will be provided. Be in the flow of Source Energy and watch your world unfold in miraculous ways!

July 31

Two people can have the same experience but give it very different meanings. One can see an event as an opportunity to grow while another can see the same experience as an excuse to remain stagnant. Nothing in life has meaning except the meaning we give it. We are making it all up. What meaning do you give the events in your life?  Does the meaning empower you or dis-empower you? Do you see everything as an opportunity to grow or do you use things as a reason to stay in the same place? It’s your choice, choose wisely.

July 24

Take a look around you each day. Become aware of the perfection that exists in life. Notice the trees, the flowers, the sky, the clouds, the sunsets, each glorious sunrise, notice the birds, the bees, the butterflies, etc. Notice the peace and harmony that are evident in nature. Learn to appreciate the wonder and beauty of life. What a wonderful world we live in!

July 17

Sometimes the most difficult times in our life lead us to the most beautiful destinations. Have faith, keep going, keep moving in the direction of your dreams knowing the best is yet to be.

July 10

Everything in your life is happening for a reason. Everything is designed to help you uncover the truth of who you are. You are Divine Love, Eternal Peace, Absolute Abundance, Radiant Light, Pure Joy and Infinite Intelligence. You are a magnificent manifestation of the Most High. Have faith that everything is bringing you home to yourself. If you have doubt, pray for more faith. Faith will help you uncover the truth for who you are! Faith will set you free!

July 3

The Universe is listening to you. If you do not know what you want the Universe sends things your way that you may not want to help you gain clarity. Get clear about what you want and the Universe is delighted to bring it to you.


June 26

Take a moment today to notice the beauty and the perfection of life that exist all around you. There is wonder, joy and love expressed every day. When you look for those things throughout your day you will find them. When you focus on them you bring even more into your life. As you bring more into your life you will automatically let more be expressed through you. Let beauty, love, joy and peace be expressed through you today and every day.

June 19

It may not seem like it all the time but your life really is unfolding perfectly. Every victory, every magical moment, every bump, and every bend in the road you have encountered is designed to help you uncover the greatness that is you. There have been lessons learned and truths revealed along the way. There have been memories made and goals accomplished. There have been triumphs and tribulations throughout your life, all of them are leading you home to yourself

June 12

You are a glorious expression of the Divine, a magnificent manifestation of the Most High. You are made in the image and likeness of God which means you are Divine Love, Radiant Light, Absolute Abundance, Pure Joy, Creative Intelligence, and Eternal Peace. You are a wondrous and unique expression of Life itself. Love you, all of you! There are over 7 billion people on the planet and there is no one exactly like you in the world. Cherish you and share your light with everyone you meet!

June 5

The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your questions. We are always asking questions, often we are not even aware of it. Become aware of the conversation in your own mind. What questions do you ask yourself daily. Do they empower you or do they diminish you? Do you ask “How can I create even more love, abundance and joy in my life” or do you ask “What’s wrong with me?’ or “How come nothing goes right for me?” Your brain is like a computer, if you ask it a question it will search for the answer. Make sure the questions you ask will bring you answers that will empower you not diminish you.

May 29

Take time to fill your heart and replenish your spirit. Meditate, pray, give, share, do whatever it is that opens your heart and nourishes your soul. When you are full it automatically spills over into everything that you think, do and say.

May 22

You are made in the image and likeness of the Divine which means at your very core you are Unconditional Love, Eternal Peace, Pure Joy, Absolute Abundance, and Infinite Intelligence. You are a glorious expression of the Most High! You really are Amazing!!

May 15

The desires, yearnings, and whispers in the depths of your soul are trying to reach you. They are showing you a part of you that needs to be expressed. Go into the silence and listen carefully so they can speak to you. Let those innermost desires blossom and grow into the magnificent expression of life that you are here to share with the world!

May 8

Every journey takes many steps to make it a successful trip. It begins with the desire, then the research, planning, details, etc. Approach your dreams this way and do one thing today that will take you in the direction of your dreams.

May 1

Flowers reach for the light for a reason; they instinctively know they need light to grow. They don’t worry or stress about it they naturally just reach for it and open up to it as they bloom into an exquisite manifestation of Life. Let nature be your guide. There is a light within you that is connected directly to God/Divine//Source. Follow the flowers example and reach for that light, open up to the light and let yourself grow and blossom into the beautiful expression of the Divine that is you!


April 24

Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal, and rejuvenation! A time for new growth to come forth. What is lying dormant within you that needs to be born? What needs to blossom and grow from this precious gift called life that you have been given? Give birth to the new ideas, stories, songs, and the new life that yearns to be expressed through you. Nurture it, feed it and watch it unfold in magical ways.

April 17

What do you love to do so much that your spirit comes alive? What makes your heart sing, your energy and vibration rise, and what makes every day worth living? Whatever it is do more of it every day!!

April 10

Everything you need is within you. You have the ability to be, to feel, to do, to love, to speak, to know and to understand. All of these things align with energy centers in your being. Open those centers and let the energy flow freely. Get to know you even more, all of you, and express the totality of your being!

April 3

Is there something that you have going on in your world that is a mess? There is much to learn from each mess in our lives. There are lessons to be learned, wisdom to be gained, new ways of thinking to try, new information that will help you grow into the person you are meant to be. Your mess is your message! Make sure you are paying attention. Learn, grow and embrace every message in your life and the messes will disappear.

March 27

Wake up to the truth of who you are. You are a child of God made in the image and likeness of God, God’s love is your love, God’s Power is your power, God’s Peace is your peace, God’s Abundance is your abundance, and God’s Creativity is your creativity. You are connected to God always, in all ways. Wake up today to the Power & Presence that is at the core of your very being. Let that Power flow  to you, through you, let it guide you, and let it flow from you into everything you do today!

March 20

Today is the first day of spring, a day of new beginnings, new life. Let the magic of the day fill your heart with grace and breathe new life into your world.

March 13

Each one of us is here to share something unique, something sacred. Get in touch with the song within your heart and let your sacred calling sing to you. Let it become the melody of your life!

March 6

March is a month of endings and new beginnings. Winter ends. Spring begins. Trees begin to bud, flowers begin to blossom, and we begin to see the days growing longer and longer. It is a perfect time to begin! What dreams do you want to come true? What is something you have always wanted to do? What do you long to express in your life? What story has yet to be told? Whatever it is begin it today!

February 27

Love is your true power. There is no other force as great. Love is the Energy of God/Source/Divine, whatever name you prefer. Love comes from the Divine, it is unlimited and never ending. It will never run out so let it flow through you in everything you think do and say.

February 20

When you are grateful for who you are, where you are, what you have, the Universe will send you more. Begin each day with a grateful heart!

February 13

Eyes are the window to the soul. Take a moment to feel the love in your heart then share that love with only your eyes to another. Don’t say a word just take a moment to connect soul to soul.

February 6

My godmother, Auntie Mae, just passed at 98 years young. She was an amazing woman that inspired all who knew her with her love. At the celebration of her life children, grandchildren, family and friends shared how much she had touched their lives. She truly left a magnificent legacy of love. Leave your own legacy of love!

January 30

Stay grounded in Mother Earth but your Spirit needs to soar. Let your spirit fly free and express the song that only you can sing.

January 23

As you grow you bring new ideas, new dreams, new hopes, new experiences and new possibilities into your life. Keep growing and expanding your world. The Universe has wonderful surprises in store for you!

January 16

Whatever you want to experience, whatever you want to create in your life, whatever you want to receive; give thanks for it’s manifestation; release it into the Creative Consciousness/the Mind of God; have faith it will come to be, and watch miracles appear in your life.

January 9

That light that resides within your soul is there for a reason, it is not meant to stay locked inside. Let it open your heart, let it expand your mind, let it be your guide, let it light the darkness that may exist in the world, let it shine brightly in all that you think do and say.

January 2

As 2016 comes to a close and a new year begins remember there are unlimited possibilities at your disposal. Be brave, take chances, ignite the spark within, and let your spirit soar!

December 26

May the peace that lived in the heart of Jesus ease you mind, fill your heart and embrace our world today and every day.

December 19

Peace be with you. May you embrace the Peace in your heart. May you experience Peace in your relationships. May your life and our world be immersed in Peace forever more!

December 12

Whatever makes your heart happy makes you sparkle, shimmer and shine. Do something today that makes your heart happy and your day will sparkle!

December 5


Deep within your heart there is an endless supply of love and light. Let your light shine so brightly that you easily navigate this journey we call life. Let the love within flow unconditionally to you and all you meet today and every day.


Nov 28


No matter what you celebrate love, magic and miracles are always in season. May you be touched by magic, may you witness a miracle and may you be surrounded in love today!

November 21


When you appreciate all the gifts in your life more will come to you. Take a moment today to appreciate your life. Take a moment to appreciate all the little things and the big things and watch them all increase!

November 14


Gratitude opens the door for more. As you begin to appreciate all that you have, all that you are, the Universe will feel that and bring more things into your life for you to be grateful. Take a moment right now to feel gratitude for all the gifts in your life! Start a gratitude journal and add at least 3 things you are grateful for every day. I am grateful for you!

November 7


There are many seasons in life, each has it’s own precious gifts. The innocence and wonder of youth, the discipline and knowledge you gain from being a student, the love and devotion of partnering, the rewards and satisfaction of work, perhaps the unconditional love of parenting, the joy of being a grandparent or the wisdom and peace that comes with aging. All of the seasons in your life have their own unique beauty. Embrace the beauty in the season you are in right now!


October 31


The world can be a scary place sometimes. Often the voices in our own mind create an illusion of who we are and we forget the truth. The truth of who you are at your core is that you are love, you are light, you are peace, you are wisdom, you are creativity and intelligence. Today, remind yourself of the truth of who you are.

October 24


There are many paths you can take, many choices to make every day. Have faith that every path and every choice is leading you home to yourself.

October 17


We are all connected. We are all on this journey together and can take each other to a higher place. Do something today that will uplift another and put a smile on their face.

October 10


When you are aligned with Source, aligned with the truth of your being, aligned with the love and wisdom within your life will be filled with Grace!

October 3


The only thing constant in life is change. The seasons change, the tides change, the caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly, all things in nature change. We change from infants to children to adults.Charles Darwin says “It is not the strongest or most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” Embrace the changes in your life, they remind us that we are alive and growing!