We are all mirrors for each other. Some people will see love, abundance, joy, peace, honesty, compassion or any number of positive traits when they look at you but others may see fear, lack or limitation etc.

If people see good in you, it is the good that is within them you are reflecting. If people see negativity in you it is the reflection of the fear hiding within their own hearts. The same is true for what we see in others. The love or negativity we see in other people can be a reflection for what is going on in our mind and heart. We all have a gift to offer each other and that gift can come in many different forms. Some may not seem like “gifts” but they are. 

My grandmother had a saying she lived by, in Italian it is: “Non sai mai quale forma il
Lord entrerà dalla tua porta”. Translated it means “You never know what form the Lord is going to walk through your door in.” She saw the Good/God in everyone and everything.

My mother lived the same way. She saw the Good in everyone and sometimes that Good was buried pretty deep. I try to do the same. There have been many experiences that people would label as “bad” in my life but everyone and everything has made me who I am today and I love who I am today. I’m still learning, growing and discovering me; still raising my vibration and still loving me…and you!

The Lord/God/Source, whatever name you use, doesn’t always show up in recognizable ways. Sometimes it may be difficult to see the Good in every person or every situation but know it is there. Trust that everything is happening FOR you not to you. Everything is helping you raise your vibration and uncover the greatness that is you.

Affirmation: I see Good in everyone I meet and in everything I experience. 

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