Thought For The Day

Thought For The Day

March 18

Light is where you came from and light is where you will return. Light can guide you and let you know which way to go. Light is within you, light is all around you and Light is who you are at your core. 
There is much darkness in the world but don’t let it dim your light. Let your light shine brightly in everything you do, everything you say and everywhere you go. Your brilliant Light is needed now more than ever. Connect with the Source of All That Is, Connect with the Light within and come into the Light!

March 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May a little bit of the luck of the Irish be with you always!

March 16

My younger brother passed away this week, the first sibling in my family of 9 children to pass. It broke his heart to leave but there was too much damage to his body to stay. He was much too young. It made everyone in my large family grieve and it made us all stop and think about our own lives about our own mortality.

It made me think about how I spend my days, how I love the people in my life, how I forgive, what I give energy to, where I focus, why I  have the beliefs I do, what is most important to me. We don’t know how many days we have but we do have today. What will you do with the gift of this day?

Make Today Count!!

March 15

Try to see the gift and the beauty of everything!

March 14

Keep flowing with all the ups and downs and all the twits and turns.

March 13

Every day is a gift! Give thanks!

March 12

Let the Creative Intelligence that rules the Universe guide you!

March 11

I used to think surrender was a bad word, that it was a sign of weakness. Maybe it was from being raised a girl in the middle of 5 boys. Maybe it was from trying to be in control all the time. Maybe it was from trying to protect myself. Whatever it was I have learned that surrender is not a bad word at all and it is certainly not a sign of weakness. Surrender is one of the bravest things I have ever done.
The Universe has magic and miracles in store for you. No matter what is going on in your life right now have faith that the best is yet to be. Trust that all is in Divine Order. Look for signs of synchronicity, watch for doors opening, allow all the good the Universe has in store for you to flow through you. Connect with the Light within, let it be your guide and watch your life unfold in magical ways.

March 10

You can’t control all your thoughts but you can add empowering thoughts all day long. Read, affirm, believe!

March 9

It really all is in Divine order!!

March 8

Invest in you!!!

March 7

It may be difficult to forgive someone but it is more difficult for your soul to hold on to the pain and not forgive them. Forgive to let your mind, body, heart and soul be free!

March 6

Don’t get bogged down in the minor things, remember the big picture. The Universe has wonderful surprises in store for you!

March 5

Never give up on your dreams, they are your soul trying to speak to you!

March 4

There are times in your life that challenge you and leaving can be one of them. No matter what you are leaving breaking away from something takes courage, strength and faith. Leaving can make you expand your comfort zone. It can make you reach, stretch and grow. Whether you are the one leaving or someone you love is leaving the exit can push you to be more loving, more compassionate, more open, more trusting, more understanding. Leaving can make you tougher, braver, stronger, and it can make you move into more.

Leaving can be difficult but know we all have been there. Know you are not alone. There are family, friends, guides, teachers and even strangers that send you love and hold the highest and best for you. May you find the faith, the inner knowing and the inner strength to surrender, let go and leave whatever is holding you back from the next great adventure.

March 3

Let love lead the way. Let love lead your day, today and every day!

March 2

It’s not easy but when you are patient you relax and silence the mind chatter making trust easier. When you trust you can hear the wisdom from within easier, when you listen to that voice within you can increase your faith. As you increase your faith you can see that everything really is in Divine Order!

March 1

The day my mother died she taught me just how powerful we all are. She was in the hospital in a different state but she mentally contacted my sister and me. We called each other and said let’s go see mom today then we called our other sisters and that afternoon we were all on a flight to see her. When my father left the hospital to pick us up at the airport my mom made her way home to the Light. While she passed we were on the plane watching the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen. My father picked us up at the airport and we went straight to the hospital. My father found out he had lost the love of his life surrounded by his four daughters. My mother choreographed that day. She mentally told us to come so my father would not be alone and she sent us that sunset to comfort us and let us know she was going home. She sent the same gorgeous sunset the day I got married. She was there watching over us, rejoicing with us!
You have the power of the Universe on your side.
Use it to be all that you are meant to be!


February 28

Some days are bright and sunny and some days are just blue. It’s all okay. Sometimes we need the contrast. Let it be and know tomorrow the sun will shine!

February 27

Don’t take love for granted. Cherish the people in your life that support and love you for you!

February 26

Try something new, take a chance, expand your comfort zone, test yourself, reach and grow!

February 25

Connect with the Creative Intelligence that was in the beginning is now and ever shall be. Let the Unconditional, Universal Love from Source fill your heart, let it fill your mind, let it fill your being and let it spill out into everything that you think do and say. 
Let Love heal the wounds that have left you bruised and broken. Let Love mend the fences and bless the relationships in your life. Let Love bring forgiveness to your heart and may you be forgiven by love where forgiveness is needed. 
Let Love fill your home and your world with peace and joy. 

February 24

You matter!! You are a beautiful expression of the Divine, an integral part of the tapestry of Life,  a brilliant child of God, Goddess, All That Is!

February 23

The essence of your being, the truth of who you are is love, joy, peace, and abundance. Let if all flow through out into the world.

February 22

Spend your time this weekend with people that accept you, people that love all of you, and people that inspire you to move into more of who you are meant to be.

February 21

Love is inside you and all around you. Love is everywhere!

February 20

Love is at the core of your being, love is what you are made of and love is who you are!

February 19

Shine on, shine on!!

February 18

No matter what you are going through now or what you have been through in the past love yourself. Love yourself through the pain, the sadness, the joy and the glory. Love yourself through the difficulties, the confusion, the mystery and the magic. Love yourself through the unexpected twists and turns. Love yourself through the peace and abundance. Love the wounded child, love the strong independent adult, and love everything in between. Love all of you all the time!

February 17

Love is the answer always!

February 16

You are never alone. The Love of your ancestors and those who have gone before you is always watching over you!

February 15

How do you want to be remembered? What do you want people to feel when they hear your name? This weekend ask people who know you what words come to their mind when they think of you. Are they words that show love? Are they words that inspire? Are they words that make you feel good about your life? If not think about ways you can change to leave a legacy of LOVE!

February 14

May your heart be filled with peace. May your day be filled with joy! May your life be filled with LOVE!!

February 13

Touch someone with your love…  be it a smile, a look, a touch, a word, or a random act of kindness. Let love move you today!

February 12

Love you, all of you, as you are, right here, right now!!

February 11

I love that we have a holiday to celebrate Love. I celebrate Love and live Love always but in February I devote most of the month to messages about Love for Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. Love is the answer to all your questions. Love is the light that casts out the darkness. Love is what you’re made of. Love is where you came from, Love is who you are and Love is where you will return!

February 10

See love, feel love, be love, share love today and every day!!!

February 9

Let the energy of a new day with new possibilities inspire you today!

February 8

As you make your way through the weekend remember Love. Choose love to guide you, choose love to answer your questions, choose love to communicate. Wherever you go, whatever you do choose LOVE!

February 7

Breathe in love, let it fill your being and spill out into everything you say and do!

February 6

Love is what you’re made of, love is who you are, love is why you’re here!

February 5

Let love rule your day and rule your life!

February 4

The ABCs of living life to the fullest. Let them remind you of who you are and where you want to go. Let them inspire and motivate you into becoming more of who you are meant to be!

February 3

Any time you get knocked down learn something, get up and create something spectacular.

February 2

Some roads may have many twists and turns but they lead to some beautiful destinations!

February 1

Unfortunately there is too much darkness in the world, too much confusion, negativity and fear. No matter where you go this weekend or what you do let your inner light shine. Let it shine so brightly it lights the way for you and for others. Let it cast out the darkness, let it bring clarity, positivity and love to the world today and every day!


January 31

Break free from any limiting beliefs you have about you and what you can accomplish. Embrace the greatness within; your dream life is waiting!

January 30

Emotions are just energy, nothing to be afraid of or try and stop. Feel them and let them move through you.

January 29

The quality of your questions are directly related to the quality of your life. What questions do you ask yourself consistently?

January 28

Gratitude for what you have leads you into more but your gratitude must be real, it must be felt with your whole being. You can’t fool the Universe; you can’t just say thank you and expect more, you must feel deep appreciation and genuine gratitude with every fiber of your being for something you have now to raise your vibration then the Universe will send you more.

What are you truly grateful for now? Let the energy of deep appreciation and gratitude fill your heart and wash over your entire being. Let if fill you up, let it surround you and let it lead you into more.

January 27

The world needs you to fan the flames of the spark within. The passion in your soul is your gift to the world, share it!

January 26

The choices you make today will determine your tomorrow so choose wisely!

January 25

We all win at times and other times we lose. It’s part of the game of life. No one has ever gone through their life without a loss. Our losses and our victories can teach us something, they can point us in a new direction or they can teach others something. It may not always seem like it but it’s all good. Everything is helping us move into more. Win or lose remember to learn, to get up and no matter what keep on playing!

January 24

Change one negative belief you have about you or the world and you will change your vibration which will change your life!

January 23

Whatever you do, wherever you go express all of you!

January 22

Some things take time. Be patient, trust, listen, have faith and keep following the directions of your internal guidance system.

January 21

60,000 thoughts a day would be impossible to monitor but you don’t have to. What you can do is place empowering thoughts into your mind consistently. Read inspirational or motivational things every day. Repeat incantations and affirmations twice a day. Start a gratitude journal and begin and end each day giving thanks for all the blessings of the day. Let the feeling of gratitude grow in your heart and in your mind. The more you do these things, the more you shift your energy.
 Embrace empowering words and actions each and every day. Let them become part of your daily rituals. Let them become part of who you are. It takes commitment, discipline and consistency but it is worth it! Gratitude brings more things to be grateful for. Empowering thoughts, affirmations and incantations bring more personal power. Inspiration and motivation feed your mind and shift your vibration which will shift your life experience.

January 20

You have the power of the Universe with you. Let it flow through you.

January 19

Life is full of surprises. Let it take you on a fantastic ride!

January 18

Your journey is like no other. Your inner most desires are trying to guide you to your destiny. You may not know where they will take you at first but trust your inner guidance, The Universe has magic and miracles in store for you. Have faith that your soul knows which way to go and blaze your own trail!

January 17

Let yourself be inspired!!

January 16

I am a channel for God’s Love to flow through!

January 15

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it;
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”  Begin it today!

January 14

Take a moment to really think about your beliefs about the world, about life, about love, about you. Some beliefs you have may not even be yours. They may be beliefs passed down from generations or they may be societal beliefs. They may be beliefs from past pain or traumas you have experienced.

Think about your beliefs and if they do not take you higher, if they do not serve your highest and best, if they block the flow of good, the flow of love, joy or peace then let them go. Release any limiting beliefs and remind yourself that you are a child of the Universe. remind yourself that the Universe is always on your side. Adopt beliefs that take you higher; beliefs that allow love, joy and peace to flow through you. Embrace the beliefs that encourage the flow of good in your life and help you to reach your full potential.

January 13

The Universe wants you to make it happen, I want you to make it happen, everyone that loves you wants you to make it happen…whatever your “it” is keep swinging and make it happen. I’ll keep cheering you on!

January 12

Your internal guidance system comes from Source. Deepen your connection to Source and you open the channel. When the channel is clear the reception is clear and you can see which way to go. Your soul is trying to guide you into more of who you are meant to be.

January 11

Let your passion burst into creation!

January 10

 When you know who you really are, when you are full of unconditional love for yourself and others nothing can throw you off center!

January 9

When your heart and head do not agree conflict and confusion arise. Align your head and your thoughts with your heart, your inner knowing, and peace & clarity will follow.

January 8

Grace flows through the air, whispers through the breeze and yearns to be expressed through you. Be a conduit for Grace to flow through.

January 7

It may not always be easy to use your voice but stand tall and be bold enough to use it anyway. It may be difficult to hear the whispers of your heart so be brave enough to go into the silence of your soul often so it is easier to hear. It may seem impossible to live the life you have imagined but be strong enough to fight off the disbelief and do whatever it takes to live the life your soul desires.

January 6

Let today be the day you decide to be free from any negativity, any fear, any pain, any stress, any worry, any guilt, any limiting beliefs.. anything at all that holds you back from expressing who you are meant to be!

January 5

Pay attention to those small moments and savor the beautiful gifts they bring!

January 4

It’s never too late to start something new. Is there something inside whispering to you? Is there something you are yearning to express? Is there something that you have always wanted to do? Begin something that speaks to your heart this year.

January 3

Get very clear about what it is you want to experience, see it in your mind and heart as already done and the Universe will align with your energy to bring it to you!

January 2

The possibilities are endless. Begin to explore them today!

January 1

A new year, a new beginning, a new chance to write a new story. It’s your life, your story, it’s all up to you. What story will you begin to write today?

December 31

Spend time in the silence of your own heart. Ask yourself these questions. Where do you want to go and what do you want to accomplish in the new year? Write down the answers that come to you. Go into the silence again and ask yourself how you can make those things happen. Listen to the whispers of your soul and write them down. Come up with a few things you can do that will take you in the direction of your heart’s yearning. Adjusting your direction by even one degree and can alter the trajectory of your life forever. Adjust accordingly!

December 30

It’s your time to shine. Right Here, Right Now!!

December 29

You have a blank page in front of you, write a new story!

December 28

As 2018 comes to a close and the new year approaches take time to reflect. Reflect on this past year. What have you accomplished? What did you want to accomplish but didn’t get a chance to? What have you learned? How have you grown? What worked for you and what didn’t work for you? What are your best memories from the year? What do you want to accomplish next year? How can you support yourself in the coming year?  Reflect on the past year and create a plan for the new year.

December 27

There may be mountains to climb but you’ve got this… Keep climbing!

December 26

You have to BELIEVE you can be, do, have, what your heart desires to SEE it manifest in your life.

December 25

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! To those who don’t celebrate may the spirit of Christmas which is love fill your heart and your home.

May your day be filled with wonder, grace and love!

December 24

For some it is a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus. For some it is a day to remember the teachings of unconditional love, to remember that we are all connected to each other and to the Divine/Source/God/Creative Intelligence (whatever name you use). For some it is a time to celebrate with family and friends. For some it is the most magical day of the year. For some it is just an ordinary day. We can make it mean whatever we want. What does Christmas mean to you?
Whatever it means to you have a bright and beautiful day filled with Peace, Love & Light! Have a glorious week!

December 23

The Magic is in you! Believe it, Feel it, Know it! You are part of the Magic!

December 22

We’re all on this journey together. Let us love one another without expectations, without conditions, without judgement…just love!

December 21

Tis the season of Light & Love. Come into the Light. Let if fill your being with Love. Let your Light shine brightly for all the world to see! Let Universal Love flow to you, through you, from you and multiple out into the world. Let your Light shine brightly in everything you think, do and say!

December 20

You are alive to experience the gift of another glorious day. Rejoice!!!

December 19

Let  the pure expression of the Divine that is you fly free!!

December 18

Embrace the Light, Rejoice in the Light, Surrender to the Light, Share your Light and Spread Light wherever you go!

December 17

The storms in your life often hold precious gifts. It may not feel that way as you are going through them but know that each storm has a lesson to be learned, knowledge to be gained and in the end beauty will be revealed.
Next time you find yourself in the middle of a storm stop for a moment and look for the gift. Look for the lesson, the wisdom and the beauty. No matter how difficult it is to see, no matter how long it takes keep searching for the gifts of wisdom and beauty that is hidden in the storm.

December 16

Take a leap of faith and let the Universe teach you how to fly!!!

December 15

Let the Love within bring you magic and miracles!!

December 14

The people that you surround yourself with have an influence on how far you go in life. Surround yourself with people that support your well being and your successes. Bring people into your life that inspire your vision of your life and motivate you into reaching your goals. Spend more time with people that help you grow into the person you are meant to be.

December 13

You are a glorious manifestation of the Most High. You are Light, you are Love. Let the point of Light that is you illuminate your corner of the world.


December 12

Open each door, walk proudly down each path knowing everything is leading you toward the person you are meant to be!

December 11

Everything you need is within. Go deep into your soul and let the light, the wisdom, the guidance and the love GROW!

December 10

Miracles don’t have to be larger than life, they don’t have to be earth shattering, and they don’t have to be life altering. They can come in all shapes and sizes, they can come in all forms and experiences. They often are sweet, simple surprises that can let you know the Universe is on your side. Pay attention to those little miracles, those small moments of synchronicity that grace your life. Appreciate them for the gifts that they are and you’ll find more coming your way!

December 9

Everything….Even you!! Keep moving!

December 8

Let your light shine bright for all to see. We need it now more than ever!

December 7

It is done to you as you Believe so believe with all your heart and soul. Believe with every fiber of your being. Believe that the Universe supports you. Believe the Universe has magic and miracles in store for you. Believe that good and more good is yours, that an ever increasing good is yours. Believe that good flows to you, good flows through you, good flows from you and that good multiples all around you. Believe with all that you are and it will be done! Believe!!

December 6

There are precious moments and hidden jewels awaiting your discovery and your appreciation.  Hold on to them, they really are the big things.

December 5

Where there’s a will there’s a way. Never give up!

December 4

Begin your day grounding yourself in the vibration of unconditional love and from that place move through your day.

December 3

The trees need the sun; plants need water; animals need oxygen; the earth needs the sky. We need the sun, plants, water, oxygen, animals, the earth, and we also need each other. No person is an island.

It’s okay to reach out to another. It’s okay to ask for help. You gain the benefit of another’s knowledge, you give someone an opportunity to help and you continue the beautiful cycle of reciprocity. We are all connected and we all have something to share with one another. We can take each other and the collective consciousness higher by sharing our abilities and our needs.

December 2

Surrender to the guidance from within for your soul knows the way!

December 1

With so much darkness in the world be a beacon of Light! Too many have lost their way and need direction. Shine your Light so brightly that the path becomes easier to see.

November 30

You are more powerful than you know. You are more gifted than you know. You are more creative, more intelligent, more glorious and more loved than you know. Believe it in your heart. Know it in your mind. Declare it with your words. You have the power to create the life you dream of right now.

November 29

You got this!

November 28

Face your fears then conquer them and keep expanding your comfort zone. A brilliant future awaits you!

November 27

Honesty is the best policy!!

November 26

The beauty and wonder of you is your authentic self. The real you. The you that sometimes you may hide from the world. The you that may even scare you at times. The you that knows you are connected to Source/God always. The you that knows that God’s love is your love; that God’s peace is your peace, that God’s joy is your joy; that God’s abundance is your abundance. The you that knows there is only One, that we are all connected. The you that surrenders to what the Universe has in store for you. That is your authentic self.
Be true to the total expression of your authentic self for it is the reason you are here.

November 25

Become aware of your connection to the Divine, strengthen that connection and watch miracles fill your world.

November 24

Gratitude is food/drink for the soul, you can’t over eat or over indulge so eat up and drink up. It feels good and it’s good for you!

November 23

Try it! It really does change Everything! What are you grateful for today? Focus on those things that fill your heart with gratitude and watch more love, more joy, more of whatever you are grateful for and more sweet surprises come into your life!

November 22

Keep counting your blessings and there will be more to count.

November 21

Find gratitude for what you have and you will find happiness!

November 20

What you focus on expands so focus on the things that you are grateful for!

November 19

When you fill your being with gratitude miracles find their way to you!

November 18

Being jealous of other’s triumphs only holds you back from your own triumphs. Rejoice in the goodness other’s experience and that energy is sure to bring more good to you!

November 17

Allow the Energy that flows through you move you into more!

November 16

As you are right now!

November 15

Today I begin a brand new journey in my own life. I begin it with an open heart full of gratitude! What are you grateful for today? Shout it out loud!

November 14

Follow those secret yearnings deep inside your soul!

November 13

The color, the different shades, the subtle nuances, the degree of contrast, all the various aspects of you bring color to what makes you YOU! Be grateful for all of you!

November 12

Two people can have the exact same experience but give that experience very different meanings. Two people brought up in the same house can use how they were brought up as an excuse for a life of misery or as momentum to live the life of their dreams.

How we interpret the events in our life depends on our beliefs or on our model of the world. Is the cup half full or half empty to you? Do you focus on what you have or on what you don’t have? We are the ones that give meaning to the events in our life. We are making everything up as we go. How do you interpret what you experience in life? Does your interpretation serve your growth or limit you? Examine your beliefs, your model of the world and consider seeing things as an opportunity to grow and live the life of your dreams.

November 11

11-11-2018 (11). Numerology wise today is  magical day. May the magic in the air fill your life with sweet surprises!

November 10

Begin and end each day by giving thanks for the hands that hold yours and for all the things that carry through life’s twists and turns! Give thanks for all the things in your life that make worth living!

November 9

Your internal guidance system comes from Source. When the channel is clear the reception is clear and you can see which way to go. Keep the channel open, keep your heart open, keep your reception clear so your soul can speak to you. Your soul is trying to guide you into more of who you are meant to be.

November 8

Life sometimes surprises us and sends us in different directions than we thought but trust that some day it will all make sense.

November 7

Remember who you are, love who you are. Through the good and the bad, through the ups and downs; Love all of you!

November 6

The Universe has magic and miracles in store for you. Be still, listen to your internal guidance and let the Universe work it’s Magic!!

November 5

Don’t worry about being like everyone else. Don’t worry about what other people may think. Don’t worry about doing what you think you are supposed to do. Let all that go. Just be you!

Your path is yours alone. Walk it tall, walk it proud, walk it the way that only you can. Be the unique expression of the Divine that is you. Be the glorious individual manifestation of the Most High that you are meant to be today and every day!

November 4

You matter! You add a new dimension, a new color and a new perspective to life. You are an intricate part of the whole picture, an intricate part of this glorious tapestry of life!

November 3

Keep growing!!

November 2

A wonderful way to connect with Source is to be in nature. Go for a walk and breathe in the fresh air and the wonder of this glorious planet we live on. Stop for a few moments; connect with the Creative Intelligence that was in the beginning is now and ever shall be; go into the stillness and the silence of your own being and allow the Light and Love of the Universe to flow through you.
Have a peaceful and blessed weekend!

November 1

What are you grateful for today?

October 31

Have a fun filled fabulous day!

October 30

So many lessons to learn in this lifetime. Pay attention to the opportunities for growth all around you!

October 29

Your Light, your color, all your layers add to the depth of who you are. They all make you who you are. They add to the beauty of you and they add to the unique expression of Life that is you. The world would not be the same without you. There is only one you! You bring your own special blend of Light and Color to everyone that you meet and to everything that you do. You really are quite spectacular!

October 28

Bring your brilliance to everything you do!

October 27

Be present to this moment, trust it is exactly as it should be. Listen to your internal guidance and know it is all in Divine Order!

October 26

The Universe is a marvelous and magical thing. It provides beauty and wonder all around you. From the smallest detail to the grandest vision, it is there for you to enjoy. Take time to stop and appreciate it all!

October 25

Gratitude for what you have opens the door for more to enter!

October 24

Everything is designed to uncover the greatness that is you!

October 23

Learn and grow from everything!

October 22

It is a reciprocal Universe; what you put out you get back. The Creative Intelligence that rules the Universe can only bring to you what you are broadcasting to it. Your thoughts dictate your beliefs, your behavior and your vibration. Changing your thinking changes your beliefs, your behavior and your energy or vibration which changes what the Universe brings to you, which changes your life. Place positive empowering thoughts into your mind as often as you can and you will change your beliefs, your actions or behaviors and ultimately your life!

October 21

Change is the only constant there is so welcome it, embrace it, and let it create something beautiful in your life!

October 20

Imagine the possibilities! If you can imagine it you can see it and you can experience it!

October 19

Don’t let the illusions all around you distort the truth. Remember who you are; you are a glorious child of the Divine. Remember how the Universe works, it reflects back to you at the level of your energy or your vibration.
There are certain beliefs that many people accept as truth that are just not true. You have to make a conscious decision to rise above the collective consciousness or you get sucked into it. Place empowering thoughts into your mind. Spend time in meditation. Let the Creative Consciousness that rules the Universe be your guide and remind you of the truth!

October 18

Some of the best things come in small packages. Take time to notice those little things that make life worth living!

October 17

The fog rolls in and rolls out, storms come and storms go but beneath it all the beauty remains and shines on. Let your beauty rise from the fog and the storm to shine on!

October 16

Those dreams that flow from your heart are trying to tell you something. Listen closely!

October 15

What will you do with this precious gift we call life? What legacy will you leave? What messages do you want to share with the world? What lessons do you want the world to know? How do you want people to remember you? Think of the answers to these questions and let your life be a reflection of those answers. Let you life be a precious gift to Source, to your loved ones, to your friends and to the world.

October 14

Miracles happen all the time, be open to experiencing them!

October 13

Some days are blue but that’s okay, the sun will be out tomorrow.

October 12

Take time this weekend to get in touch with your breath. Something we do all the time but something we don’t really think about. Stop and think about how you are breathing. Do you take nice long slow deep breaths or are the breaths you take quick and shallow.

Focus on breathing slowly and deeply filling your lungs completely then breathe out slowly pushing the air out by drawing your stomach in. Repeat this for a few minutes and with every inhale breathe in Peace, let it fill your being then breathe out Love letting it flow from you out into the world.

October 11

Appreciate the unique expression of the Divine that is you!

October 10

Life can lead us down some roads that have unexpected twists and turns, just hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

October 9

Embrace your life and make the most of it!

October 8

In this glorious Universe with all the abundant stars and planets in the sky, with all the incredible forms of life that grace this beautiful place we call Earth there is only one you. Only one magnificent manifestation of the Most High expressed as you.
Since the Creative Intelligence that was in the beginning is now and ever shall be thought the world would be better with you in it come to appreciate the expression that is you. Cherish the wisdom of the Divine and cherish the gift that is you!

October 7

Your heart knows the way, trust in it’s wisdom and  follow it’s guidance! They will lead you to something beautiful!

October 6

What kind of message do you send into the world with your words and your actions? Make sure they are true to your soul’s vision!

October 5

We often have a lot going on in our life. Obligations to family, work, friends, community, may sometimes consume us. Dividing our attention among all the responsibilities and focusing our attention in different directions may make us feel overwhelmed. What strategies do you use to help you keep things in balance? What strategies do you use to make sure you don’t start stacking things or focusing on the negative?
What you focus on you get more of. Focus your attention on the things that are most important to you. Focus on ways to support you and your needs mentally, physically and spiritually. Focus on all of the things you have to be grateful for. Focus on the Big Picture. Find ways to keep things in balance so you can enjoy a life full of love, peace and joy.

October 4

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Sometimes you find yourself in unexpected places or situations. When that happens remind yourself that everything is as it should be. As hard as it can be Trust in the Universe. Magic will appear!

October 3

Seasons  continually change; each one bringing beauty, each one bringing sweetness and harshness. Flow with the beauty, sweetness and harshness in your life.

October 2

It may be difficult to see sometimes but there is always a bright side!

October 1

You, as you are, right here right now, are exactly as you should be. Everything is in Divine Order. You are in Divine Order! With all your beauty and wonder, with all your flaws and wounds, you are perfectly you for this moment.

Your scars, your pain, and your brilliant imperfections are all leading you into more of who you are meant to be. Becoming You is a journey and an ever evolving process of discovery. Embrace you, all of you! Love you, all of you!

Right here, right now; You are perfectly imperfect!


September 30

Make the most of the road you are on right now. Learn, grow, and keep uncovering the beauty and wonder of you!

September 29

Allow the possibilities to flow into your life.

September 28

You are an infinite expression of the Divine! A never-ending manifestation of the Most High! A limitless reflection of the Creative Intelligence that was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be world without end! That is the truth of who you are today and every day!

September 27

Listen to the whispers of your soul and share them with everyone you meet. That is your gift to the world. Don’t keep the secrets inside let them shine!

September 26

Closing one door can be difficult, scary, sad, stressful, a number of emotions but try to remember there is another door that is meant for you. Focus on the new door and the wonderful surprises it has to offer!

September 25

Be gentle with your heart and let Grace fill your world.

September 24

My goal is to be a Loving Presence in my life and in the life of those that I come in contact with. To be a channel for God’s Love to flow through. To help others remember that Love is who we all are. I don’t always reach that goal. Sometimes I struggle, sometimes I slip, sometimes I fall short. When I do I stop, connect with the deepest part of me, connect with Source Energy, and let the Creative Intelligence that governs the Universe remind me that Love is who I am, Love is who we all are. That connection strengthens me and gets me back on track.
What’s your goal? Do you reach that goal? Do you struggle, slip and fall short sometimes? If you fall what do you do?  How do you get back on track? Take time today to answer these questions. Create a plan to help steer you in the direction of your goal when you do fall. That way the next time you struggle or slip you will know what to do to get back on track and reach your goal.

September 23

Pay attention to your energy, to your vibration; whatever your vibration is the Universe matches and brings to you.

September 22

Let your light shine with all it’s brilliance today!

September 21

There are multiple layers of you, multiple sides of you and multiple colors of you that make you who you are. There are different shades and nuances to your being. There are different dimensions to your personality. There is a depth to you that you don’t always let people see. Let it all out!
You are a gift to the world. Your being here at this time in history matters. You have something to share with the world. You have something to offer the world. Embrace all the dimensions of you. Let all your beautiful colors glow. Let your Love Light shine and share your Spirit with the world.

September 20

How boring the world would be if we all looked the same, thought the same, felt the same, loved the same and lived the same way. Appreciate the differences and the beauty all around you!

September 19

When you begin with love the foundation is strong. When you begin with love your whole life is blessed!

September 18

Everything is designed to help you uncover the magnificence that is you! Learn from everything, grow from everything, get stronger from the detours and speed bumps and keep discovering you!

September 17

The Creative Intelligence that flows through everything, everyone, everywhere, all the time, is right where you are. This Intelligence, this Presence, this Force connects us to one another. There is no separation, there is only Oneness. One life does indeed affect another. As we raise our own vibration we light the way for others. As we raise our own vibration we can take each other to a higher place. Do something today that will raise your vibration and uplift another.

September 16

Stop for a moment and become aware of the Wonder that is all around you!

September 15

Lies have an energy to them that people can feel. Even if they don’t know for sure if you’re lying they will know something isn’t right. The lies will be discovered eventually. Truth has an energy as well and if you are always truthful you never have to worry about what you told someone. Truth weaves a web of dignity, sincerity, trust and integrity. What web do you weave?

September 14

Sometimes the noise gets so loud all around us that we can’t hear the guidance from within. Appreciate the moments of stillness in your life. Use those moments to listen to the whispers of your soul. Your inner wisdom knows the way but you must find time to go into the silence to be able to rise above the world and the mind chatter to hear everything your heart and your soul are trying to tell you. Be still and let yourself be guided this weekend!

September 13

You don’t have to see the whole staircase; just begin, take one step at a time and each step will give new information and a higher view. Take the first step today!

September 12

Storms roll in and then they roll out. Hold on tight but know it’s going to be alright.

September 11

We never know what surprises await us. Don’t take anything for granted and live life to the fullest today!

September 10

We all have wounds, we all have stories, we all have pain. All of it is designed to help you understand you, to help you uncover the greatness that is you, and perhaps to help you understand the pain and difficulties of another.
When you have healed your wounds you feel grateful for the gifts those difficulties taught you. When you feel gratitude for the pain you know you are healed. When you are healed you can help another heal their wounds. We are all connected and we can take each other higher!

September 9

The guidance from our soul will tell you just what to do! Be still, Listen, Trust it, Follow it!!

September 8

You have everything you need within you right now to move forward in your life. Unlock your heart and set yourself free!

September 7

Whatever is going on right now might not make sense, it might not be what you expected but it is for your highest and best. Don’t fight it, embrace it and let go. Surrender to what is, surrender to the Creative Intelligence that rules the Universe, surrender to what the Divine has in store for you and miracles will abound.

September 6

You are never alone. In the difficult moments, in the moments that sometimes seem hard to bear, in the sweetest moments of joy, in the tender moments of love; no matter what the Divine is always with you!

September 5

We feel, that’s what we do. We feel joy, love, sadness, fear etc. We feel it all and that’s okay. Be with it, acknowledge it and let it move through you.

September 4

Turn your lack into love for others!

September 3

Is there a song that you need to sing, is there a story that you need to write? Is there something that you need to create? is there something inside you that longs to come to life? We all have a gift to share with the world. We are here for joy, for love and we are here to express the greatness that lies within.
It is never too late to express that gift which lies in wait. It is never too late to let your soul whisper to you. It is never too late to let you heart speak to you. It is never too late to start something authentic, something real, something creative, something that shares your gifts with the world. It is never too late to start something brand new!
Begin it today!

September 2

Be patient with yourself, trust that all is as it should be, listen to your internal guidance system, and surrender to all the magic the Universe has in store for you!

September 1

You have the guidance you need within. Trust yourself, listen to the whispers of your soul and walk towards your destiny.

August 31

When making a decision how do you choose what to do in any given situation? Do you have faith that you will be guided toward a greater expression of you? Do you have fear of the unknown, fear of negative things possibly happening? Do you focus on the what could go right or do you focus on what could go wrong?

It is natural to have a certain amount of fear, it protects you from danger. It keeps you safe from things that can harm you. The important thing is to make sure you don’t let fear keep you from things that will benefit you, things that will bring you joy or help you grow. Life can be scary but life is also a great adventure. You don’t want to miss out on the joy, love and glorious experiences this life can bring because of fear. Be wise in your decisions and have faith in your ability to move into your full potential. Do you live in faith or do you live in fear?

August 30

Learn to appreciate the little things and your life will be blessed with wonder, joy and love!

August 29

Allow the Magic of the Universe to bring abundant blessings your way!

August 28

No matter what is going on around you find peace within your own heart and let it spread out into your world.

August 27

You came into this life at this time for a reason. There is darkness, there is confusion, there is love and there is hope. The world needs you to remember who you are and that is a glorious manifestation of the Most High. The world needs you to heal your wounds. The world needs you to share you love in all you do. The world needs you to shine your light to help lead the way. The world needs you to wake up to the magnificence that is you. Right now!!

August 26

Think it, speak it, write it, declare it, believe it, know it, release it; your ship is about to come in!

August 25

Change just one belief and you will change the trajectory of your life forever.

August 24

There are over 7 billion people in the world all having a different experience of life at this exact  moment. We all have different stories, different pasts, different interpretations of what we each have experienced in life. As you meet people over the weekend keep that in mind.  You won’t agree with everyone and that’s okay. Often the people we don’t agree with can teach us something. You don’t know what has gone in their world or how they interpreted everything. Keep an open mind, listen to people, see the best in them and hopefully that will help them to see the best in themselves. The world needs more open minds to work best!

August 23

When the darkness clouds your world spend more time focusing on the Light within!

August 22

Let go of those things you can’t control and focus on what you can control.

August 21

Start with self love right her, right now!

August 20

Growth takes patience, nurturing, light, rain and time. Be patient with yourself, sometimes it’s one step forward and two steps back. It’s all good, you’re just becoming more clear about who you are meant to be. Nurture you, self care is important! Nurture the thoughts of what you want to experience, visualize your life as you want it to be with passion and positive energy. Connect with Divine Light and allow that light to inspire you and move you into the direction of your soul’s yearning. Some days are sunny and some days it rains but we need the rain to help us grow. Time heals wounds, time lifts you up, and time teaches you. In time it will all make sense. In time you will grow into the full expression of the Divine you are meant to be!

August 19

There is only one You, one unique expression of the Divine. Don’t look at what others do, just concern yourself with you and be the best version of yourself.

August 18

Breathe, Relax and just Be!!! It’s all good!

August 17

Unconditional Love is so precious. So many people love with conditions. They don’t love, they barter. They love if you do this or that, they want something in return for their love. If you’re lucky enough to find the people that don’t barter, people that love you without conditions, hold on to them. Make sure your love for them is unconditional as well.

Cherish the people that give you this love. Cherish the relationship, cherish the Love; don’t take it for granted. It is a gift that far too many people don’t get to experience. Nurture those relationships, feed them and appreciate them. Spend your time and energy with the people that feed your soul with Unconditional Love.

August 16

The Universe sends you the experiences you need to help you gain clarity on what you want in your life. Learn and grow from everything and get clear about what you want.

August 15

You are Loved!!!

August 14

There are so many things you can do to make a difference. Even a smile can make a difference to someone. Do one thing today that will make the world or the life of another better!

August 13

Your dreams, those ones that come from deep within you, are your soul trying to reach you. They are meant to inspire you and help you move into more of who you are meant to be and move you into more of what you are meant to experience.
Some dreams take time but keep believing in your dreams. Your job is to be patient,  to strengthen your connection to the Divine, to listen to your inner guidance and follow that guidance. Believe in your dreams and surrender to what the Universe has in store for you.

August 12

The sky is the limit! Keep reaching for the stars!

August 11

Some days are bright and sunny and some days are just blue! It’s okay!! Be with the blue knowing the sun will indeed return!

August 10

Who you spend time with matters. Often your happiness or success can be directly related to the people you surround yourself with. Some people help you see the best in yourself. Some people fill you with positive energy, some people can suck the energy out of you. Some people bring you up, some can bring you down.
Make sure the people in your circle lift you up and take you higher. Fill your weekend with the people that inspire you, the people that see your dreams coming true. Spend your time with people that believe in themselves and believe in you. If these are not the people you have in your life today go out and find them.

August 9

Everything is as it should be, enjoy the ride!

August 8

Dreams do come true! Keep believing!!

August 7

The world needs your Love. The world needs your light. Let your bright, beautiful, brilliant Love Light shine!!

August 6

Your failures aren’t really failures at all. They can teach you important lessons. They can give you new information. They can help you grow. They can help you understand the world. The can give you valuable insights into who you are and who you are meant to be.
Look at the those things you thought were failures in your life. Did you learn something from them? Did you understand the world more from them? Did you grow from them? Did you gain insights into who you are or who you are meant to be? If not face those things you thought were failures and take the lesson or insights and leave the pain. If you can turn them into lessons you won’t have to repeat them.

August 5

Release whatever it is you desire into the Universe and know It IS Done! Let it go and allow the Universe to bring it to you! So it is!

August 4

We all have memories of the past; some are wonderful and fill our heart with joy, some are painful and make our heart heavy. Let the joyful memories lift you spirit. Remember the lesson from the painful memories and let them make you stronger!

August 3

Whatever you do this weekend, wherever you go, no matter what happens, learn something from each situation. Every experience you encounter holds a unique opportunity to learn and grow.
New experiences provide new insights, they give you new information so you can make new decisions. They can also help you develop new beliefs about you and the world. New decisions and new beliefs can take your life into a totally different direction.
Learn and grow from Everything!

August 2

We’re here for Joy! Find the joy in every moment that you can!

August 1

The Universe supports you. The Universe is on your side. The universe is for you always! Trust in the Universe and feel the Love that flows through all things flow through you.

July 31

Your beliefs have often been passed down to you from generations past. Examine your beliefs with an open mind and an open heart. Do they limit you or do they set you free? If they limit you change them. You are here to set your soul free!

July 30

The Universe is constantly expanding into more. You are constantly expanding into more. As you strengthen your connection to Source you will be supplied with more for the Universe is unlimited. Everything comes from Source/God/Divine and you are always connected to Source. You can never run out of love, joy, abundance or possibilities.
Know that you are more than your physical body. Know that you are filled with infinite possibilities. Know that you are part of the Power and Presence that was in the beginning is now and ever shall be. Know that there is always more to express, experience, and share!

July 29

May you have enough!!

July 28

Let peace fill your heart and soothe your mind!

July 27

It takes courage to go toward the light. It takes courage to move in a new direction. It takes courage to try something new. It takes courage to expand your comfort zone. It takes courage to follow your internal guidance system. The courage you need is within you right now.
Be bold, be brave and follow your bliss into the light!

July 26

When you let go and let the Divine flow through you your life will begin to flow with the tide not against it. Surrender to the Divine in You!

July 25

Connect with God any way that you can.

July 24

Never give up on your dreams. They are on their way to you!!

July 23

Everyone has a picture of themselves in their own mind. a picture of who they are as a human being. Sometimes that picture is not very flattering. Sometimes we see only our faults. I remember years ago my favorite uncle going through depression after he retired and I thought he has no idea how much he is loved or how wonderful we all think he is. The picture he had of himself was so different from the picture we all had of this amazing man.
What kind of picture do you have of yourself? What kind of person do you think you are? Does your picture focus on your positive traits or does it only focus on the negative? Is your picture similar to the picture of those you know and love have of you? Take an honest look at the picture you have of yourself. If you don’t like it perhaps you can change your focus and start seeing the best in you. Now that’s a picture worth believing in!

July 22

Life often gives us chances to increase our faith and test our resolve. Have faith, believe in the magic of your dreams and they will come true.

July 21

There is a strength and a power within that you haven’t even discovered yet. Be Courageous in finding it!

July 20

Everything in the Universe is expanding. Everything is always expanding for Good, if not it would destroy itself. Everything in the Universe is always moving into a fuller expression of itself. This includes you! You are always expanding your world. Your experiences expand your knowledge, your awareness and expand who you are as a human being.
Be aware of the wisdom and growth that can happen from everything you experience this weekend. Expand your mind by reading, open your heart by reaching out to touch another and increase your comfort zone by doing something that scares you. Let everything move you into a fuller expression of who you are meant to be!

July 19

Life gets so busy; days easily turn into weeks, into months into years but there are times when you just have to listen to your body and rest!

July 18

Be true to your authentic self and let your Spirit soar!!!

July 17

Many of the greatest people I know have been knocked down, I have been knocked down, perhaps you have been knocked down. It happens. What matters most is that we get back up!

July 16

There is more to you than your physical body, there is more to this Universe than the eye can see. You are an infinite being of light on a journey. You are here to express and experience the Divine which is Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance, Creativity and Wholeness.

There is an Energy around you, an Energy that flows through you, an Energy that flows through everything in Universe. You are part of that Energy that makes the stars shine and the planets spin. Remember; you are a glorious manifestation of the Most High!

July 15

Always remember the child within. Get a picture of you when you were a carefree, joyful child and look at it every day. Let that light, joy, innocence and love shine through you!

July 14

Sometimes the small stuff can throw you off balance but remember what is important. Keep your focus on what matters most!

July 13

Life has some wonderful adventures in store for you. Have faith and keep moving forward!

July 12

Place as many thoughts of the things that  make your heart sing in your mind as often as you can.

July 11

With all the darkness that can be seen in the world today let your light lead you out, let your light lead the way for you and for others.

July 10

Love is who you are at the very core of your being. Love is who we all are. Unfortunately some people have forgotten that. Today remind yourself and everyone you meet that Love is who you are and Love is who they are!

July 9

People often get stuck in the past; they focus on it, dwell on it and keep reliving it. The past isn’t a life sentence. It does not dictate your future unless you stay there. Learn the lessons from all the trials and tribulations, grow from all the twists and turns, harness the power of the strength and insight life is offering you. Let any pain go. Let any negativity go. Give thanks for all it brought you and let it go.
Everything, no matter what it seemed like going through it, is meant to help you grow and uncover the wonder and magic of you. Everything can be a lesson, everything can have value. Everything can be an opportunity for growth. Chances are you don’t even know how magnificent you really are. Everything is happening to help you remember that you are a glorious manifestation of the Most High!

July 8

Life is full of opportunities and possibilities! Pay attention to the 2nd chances and even the 3rd chances you are presented with. Your past does not dictate your future but today does matter so take advantage of the opportunities that come your way today!

July 7

Your emotions are a map that lead you to your thoughts. Pay attention to them so you can see the thought behind them. Change the thought if you want to change what you are experiencing.

July 6

Take time this weekend to celebrate life in all it’s forms! The splendor of the sunrise and sunset, the beauty of the flowers, the warmth of the sun, the smile of a friend, the joy in a child’s eyes, or the love of family. Find joy in the wonder of life!

July 5

The light within can provide you with direction and a clear path to follow. Let it be your guide.

July 4

Free yourself from the limiting beliefs you have about yourself and the world.

July 3

We all have something special to bring to the world. Let the light within brighten each day!

July 2

I spent time in Disney last week with family and it was magical. Some of the most magical moments were in the smiles and looks on the faces of the children. Pay attention to the little magical moments that make your heart smile.

July 1

Gratitude is the key to allowing more into your life. Begin and end each day giving thanks for all the gifts the day brings.

June 30

There’s always some magic behind the rain and the darkness! You just have to look for it!

June 29

There is magic in people, magic in places, magic in nature. Look for it and you will find it! Have a magical day!!

June 28

Don’t play small with the Universe, it is far greater than you know. All things that soul desires are possible!

June 27

My grandmother used to live by this quote. She looked for the goodness in everyone she encountered. Should you encounter someone that may seem difficult try to remember that they may be wounded but there is Divinity within them. YOu just might have to look really hard!

June 26

Many people have overcome unbelievable obstacles to reach great heights. No matter where you come from or what you have gone through change your stars and reach for the stars!

June 25

We don’t know how many breaths we get to take. We don’t know how many days we get to explore this glorious planet, we don’t know how many beautiful sunrises or sunsets we get to witness, we don’t know how many souls we get to touch with our love, we don’t know how much time we get to walk this path. We only know we have today. We have this day, this precious gift to breath, to explore, to take in the splendor of the sunrises and sunsets, to touch someone with our love, to walk this path and discover ourselves. We have today! Make today count!

June 24

Laughter is good for the body, good for the mind and good for the soul. Have you laughed today? If not find a movie, or something that makes you laugh out loud!

June 23

No matter what is going on in your life know you are always being held in the arms of Love. It is often during the most difficult times that we need to surrender even more to feel that Love. Surrender and let Love wash over you!

June 22

When you heart is happy your vibration reaches a higher level. When your vibration is higher you align with all the Universe has in store for you which brings more happiness to you. Find the places around you that make your heart happy and let the joy fill you up!

June 21

Summer; a time of warmth, of sun, of fun, of glorious light. Let joy and light be your guide this season!

June 20

Find several positive thoughts, words, phrases that lift your spirit and repeat them to yourself and out loud as often as you can each day.

June 19

The Universe has glorious adventures in store for you. Have faith, Surrender to the Light within and keep moving!

June 18

We all go through difficult times. We all fall down. We all try and fail. We all have our moments when we feel stuck in the mud. No matter what has gone on before be like the beautiful lotus and rise up out of the mud, They emerge from the murky waters every morning perfectly clean and spectacular. They are not tarnished by the difficult waters. They reach for the light and share their beauty for all the world to see. Begin your day the same way. Don’t let the darkness keep you down. Let your Spirit rise up, reach for the light and let your beautiful soul shine brightly for all the world to see.

June 17

To all the dads, grandfathers, uncles, and men who have impacted the lives of children in their lives out there Happy Father’s Day! May your day be filled with the love and joy!!

June 16

The only way to expand your comfort zone is to do things that make you uncomfortable, things that make you stretch who you are, things that scare you. As you expand your comfort zone you open yourself up to more of what the Universe has in store for you.

June 15

Take time today to notice the little things. The things that we often take for granted. The smile of a friend, the kindness of a stranger, the beauty of a flower, the smell of the rain, the warm breeze on your face, the joy in a child’s face, the devotion of animals or the love of family. All these little things add up to the big things that give life meaning.

June 14

See it, feel it, believe it, know it, release it, allow it, walk towards it…it is yours!!

June 13

We can’t undo what has been done. We can only keep drawing!

June 12

Many things that are worthwhile take time. Be patient and know everything is arriving at exactly the right time!

June 11

You can’t control the Law of Attraction any more than you can control the sun, the moon or the tides but you can control the Law of Vibration. Where is your energy vibrating. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions, they dictate your vibration. Are your thoughts and emotions positive and ready to receive? If not work on changing them so you can receive all the Universe has in store for you!

June 10

Love opens the channel for the Divine to flow through you. Gratitude unlocks the door for more. Ground yourself in Love & Gratitude!

June 9

Let your dreams guide you into more!

June 8

I know it’s a scary thought but just think about it. What would do if you had only 1 year to live? What is most important to you? Where would you spend your time? Who would you want to see? What would you want to do? Look at what you do now and adjust accordingly! Life is too precious to waste.

June 7

There are glimpses of God everywhere. Take time today to notice the simple sweet magic that is all around you.

June 6

Whatever you focus on you get more of. What matters most to you? Focus on those things as much as you can.

June 5

Set your intention each morning before you even get out of bed. Begin with a feeling of joyful anticipation of the glorious gifts and endless possibilities the day has in store for you!

June 4

We live in an abundant Universe. It is filled with magic & miracles. It is filled with sacred wonders that take our breath away. You are just as important as the wonders that take our breath away. You are part of the magic and the miracles that fill this glorious space we call Earth. You are an integral part of the Universe.
The Universe is on your side, it is always for a fuller expression of You. It will always support you and your growth as you remember who you really are. The Universe will send you magic and miracles as you travel this path, it has splendid surprises in store for you. Have Faith, strengthen your connection to the Divine, listen to the whispers of the wind and allow all the glory of the Universe to flow through you.

June 3

We all have something unique, something special, something that makes us different from others. Love those distinct differences that make you You!

June 2

You are a magical manifestation of the Most High!

June 1

Everything comes from Source; Love, Abundance, Joy, Peace, Creativity to name a few. If you want more of these things strengthen your connection to the Divine and more will flow through you!

May 31

Sometimes we focus on the small stuff, the stuff that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things. Look beyond the small stuff and you’ll see a world filled with wonder, abundance, magic and miracles!

May 30

You have all the strength and the wisdom you need within. Have faith, Be fierce and step into your greatness!

May 29

Let the light fill you with wonder and take you higher!

May 28

Let go of any worry or fear. Take a deep breath and relax. When you take a deep breath you let the Good of the Universe flow through you. When you relax you allow doors to open and synchronicity to happen. Breathe, relax and let the Universe guide you into more. It’s all in Divine Order!

May 27

I love Audrey Hepburn! She overcame so much in her lifetime to become one of the most beloved actresses then devoted her life to those less fortunate. Your past does not dictate your future. Keep taking one step at a time.

May 26

Change begins within. Look at your beliefs, do they support your growth and help you move forward in life? If not change your beliefs to more empowering beliefs about you and the world and you will change your world.

May 25

Life is full of surprises, let it take you on a wonderful journey.

May 24

No matter what our differences are let us all respect each other and learn to get along. Life is short, let it be sweet!

May 23

Image result for start by doing

Some things that seem impossible really just take time. Walk in the direction of your dreams, begin with small steps but keep walking!

May 22

Grace flows from the Divine. When you align with Source/God, whatever name you use, you cannot help but be a channel for Divine Grace to flow through!

May 21

Letting go is important to move on in your life. Whether it be letting go of past pain or letting go of something you want to experience in your life. People often hold on to the pain or to the fact that they are not experiencing what they want in their life. Whatever you are holding on to let it go.
Let it all go! Keep the lesson but let the pain go. If you want to experience more love, joy, abundance, success or whatever in your life; see your life as if you have what you want now, declare it to the Universe and then let it go! Trust the Universe will bring whatever you need to make it happen. Listen to the messages the Divine whispers to you. Open the doors the Universe sends you. Have Faith, Be Patient and Learn to Let go!

May 20

Let go of any limiting beliefs you have about yourself and the world. You can be, do and express what is in your soul. The Universe will support you. Be like that tiny bird that bravely takes it’s first flight and spread your wings and fly!!

May 19

It is an abundant Universe, abundance is who you are at your core. Notice the abundance that is all around you, allow it to flow through you.

May 18

There is a strength within you that you don’t even know exists for you are connected to the Power & Presence that created the Universe! Tap into that strength and that power whenever you need them.

May 17

Sometimes the smallest things can turn your day around. Pay attention to the tender moments of sweetness that grace your day.

May 16

Never give up on your dreams. Do one thing every day that takes you in the direction of your dreams. They do come true!!

May 15

What new idea, new desire, new dream within you longs to come to fruition? Nurture it and let the new possibilities spring to life.

May 14

Establish a meditation routine every day; pick a time that will work every day, begin with 10 minutes (20 if you can), take 3 deep breaths and breathe out slowly relaxing more with each out breath, focus on your breath coming in and out, if your mind drifts don’t worry just come back to your breath. The more you do it the easier it becomes. Your mind and body will relax and eventually you will be guided to take the next best steps in your life. Stay with it and you will flow easier with the tides of life!

May 13

Life is full of mystery and full of surprises; they keep us humble. Learn to appreciate them all.

May 12

Your dreams are your soul speaking to you. Take one step at a time but keep walking and never give up on your dreams!

May 11

Today’s Thought For The Day is dedicated to an amazing man and father that just passed away. He said these words to his son always and as a result his son keeps hitting home runs and changing the world. Make sure you keep swinging for the fences and I will keep cheering you on!!

May 10

There can often be so much noise we miss the messages the Universe is trying to send us. Find time to stop, look within and listen every day.

May 9

You Are Worthy of all the Good, all the Love, all the Light, all the Abundance, all the Joy and all the Peace that Life has to offer!

May 8

Take a chance, take a risk, keep expanding your comfort zone. You’ll never know how high you can fly unless you try.

May 7

Through the years storms are bound to roll in and out of your life. The storms may teach you, they may test you, they may take you on a ride. When you can maintain your center through life’s storms you will learn the lessons, pass the tests and you can enjoy the ride more.
Take time each day to go into the silence. Meditation can bring you into the silence. Focusing on your breath can bring you into the silence. Find a way that works for you but begin a practice to help you go into the silence today.
In the silence you can find your center. In the silence you can be guided. In the silence you can find a way to enjoy the waves!

May 6

You have within you a depth of wisdom that can guide you every day.

May 5

There is wonder and beauty all around you. Cherish and celebrate it all today!

May 4

One of my favorite things about the Star Wars movie is the Force. It’s such a great metaphor for the Divine; an energy that flows through everyone, everything all the time. We just have to tap into it and let ourselves be guided. Today tap into the Force, the Source, the Divine, God, whatever name you use, and let yourself be guided by the Good that flows through all things all the time. May the Force be strong with you always!

May 3

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet but if you shine your light today all your tomorrows will be brighter!

May 2

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not here yet but if you shine your light today all your tomorrows will be brighter!

May 1

If you are experiencing chaos right now know change is coming!!