Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day

October 18

After a recent trip to admire the gorgeous foliage in New England for a few days I came down with covid. I’m fine now and had a mild case but the games my mind played on me at the news were interesting. My mind went from a wave of shock and  disbelief to worry and fear then total ease knowing I would be fine. Fortunately I had been vaccinated, was already on quarantine and on the mend by the time the test results arrived.

The thoughts that swirled through my mind at hearing the new surprised me though. I am the eternal optimist; I believe everything happens for a reason and I trust the Universe will support me but my mind still had it’s share of Oh No!; What if…?; Will I…? Sometimes life throws us curveballs and it may take us a minute to adjust but when we consciously take control of our thoughts we remember that the Universe does indeed have us. We are always held in the Loving Arms of the Divine/God/Source.

October 17

You have everything you need within. Your wings know how to fly you just have to take that leap of faith. You’ve got this so FLY FREE!

October 16

The magnificence of the Universe is within you. You are made of Stardust!

October 15

There is a depth and a beauty to your Light and your Color that is unique to you and positively brilliant. They may be hidden under layers of uncertainty, pain, fear or doubt but know they are there and they are meant to be  shared. You are like no other and you can light up the world with the fire inside. Embrace all of you and set the world ablaze with your spectacular Light and Color!

October 14

The road you’re on now and everything you experience on it is designed just for you. Designed to help you uncover the greatness that is you.

October 13

Breaking limiting familial beliefs is so important. We all have thoughts and beliefs that came from generations before. We don’t even know where some of our beliefs came from. Take a look at your beliefs and replace any limiting ones with more empowering beliefs. Beliefs like: The Universe is FOR me! Life supports me! I am worthy! It is an abundant Universe! I am enough! I have all I need and more! Dreams do come true! As I heal myself I help my family heal! You can make a difference in what you experience and in the experiences of future generations.

October 12

You have to consciously rise above the noise by feeding your mind through meditation, books and affirmations.

October 11

When you open yourself up to the unlimited possibilities life offers and trust that the Universe supports you magic begins. Doors open, synchronicity appears, magic happens and the way is made clear. New opportunities present themselves that you may have missed or were no there before. Every step you take brings you new information, a clearer vision appears and you reach greater heights.

Begin each day connecting to Source/God and say “My path is clear, the Universe supports me and doors magically open always.” Know with every fiber of your being that the Universe does indeed support you, listen for the guidance it sends you, pay attention to the messages you receive, watch for the doors to open, give thanks for all the gifts you receive and let the magic of the Universe fill your world.

October 10

Life is full of surprises; full of twists and turns, some expected some not, but they all lead you to where you are meant to be.

October 9

Your thoughts dictate your beliefs and your feelings which dictate your vibration and the Universe brings to you the things that match your vibration. Change your thoughts and you will change your vibration which changes what the Universe brings to you.

October 8

Talk about what you want, visualize it and feel it as already done then make a plan to see it come into fruition. Schedule things, events and experiences that will take you in the direction of what you want. Dreams are whispers from your soul; anything is possible but you have to schedule things and take action to make them real.

October 7

Life creates an illusion that can seem so real we sometimes forget that we are Glorious Manifestations of the Most High. No matter how things appear remember who you really are.

October 6

You must take action to change the trajectory of your life. Make a plan and take one step at a time. Every new step will give you new information, a new vantage point and take you higher. You’ve got this!

October 5

Today is National Be Nice Day! Take a little extra time to be kind to one another!

October 4

The only constant in life is change. The moon, the tides, the seasons, the weather and even the sun all flow and change. The same is true for you, your children, your family everything is growing and changing. The Universe and our world are continually moving and change is happening all the time.
Change can be beautiful. The glorious colors of fall, the pure white of the new fallen snow, the fresh flowers in spring, the waves kissing the shore in summer, the full moon rising over the water, the magnificent sunrise and sunset each day grace us with their beauty and wonder always. The birth of a child, a new found friend, a lesson learned, a miracle bestowed, love given and love received are all beautiful expressions of life affirming change. Embrace the beauty and wonder of change in your life!

October 3

Look for the good in each and every day, it’s there quietly waiting for your acceptance. Find it and give thanks for it!

October 2

I am Guided; I know who I am and what to do. Repeat every day!

October 1

There is nothing you are not worthy of! You are made in the image and likeness of the Divine; worthy of all the Good that flows through the Universe. You came from Love and are made of Love; it’s the very essence of your being. Love is always worthy! The Good of the Universe is in you and all around you. You are worthy right here, right now; claim it and allow it to flow through you.

September 30

Like a flower you are unfolding into the perfect expression of Life that is You!

September 29

Nothing in life has meaning except the meaning you give it. What meaning do you give to the events and experiences in your life? Do those meanings empower you and help you grow or do they disempower you and hold you back? Take a look at your stories and change the meanings into ones that will empower you, help you grow and expand into more of who you are meant to be.

September 28

Sometimes we just need to stop, relax and just be present to the precious moment of now.

September 27

Whether it’s a quantum leap or a single step keep moving and flowing down the river of Life. Movement brings momentum and momentum will move you closer to your dreams.  You won’t get anywhere if you stand still. We are meant to take action and move. Movement leads to progress and progress leads to success. Take action and keep moving toward your dreams.

Fill your mind with empowering thoughts and quality questions and you will shift your energy. As you shift your energy you will change the trajectory of your life. Every decision you make, every step you take will give you new information. Keep learning and growing and you will reach new heights. Every leap and every step will bring you closer to where you are meant to be. Move & Trust the best is yet to be!

September 26

You are always held in the Loving Arms of the Divine!

September 25

Let your dreams, the still small voice within guide you and lead the way.

September 24

Here in New England the changes in each season are quite remarkable. There is beauty and wonder in every season. Spring has it’s steady growth and new birth; Summer  brings warmth and sunshine; Fall brings glorious foliage and mild temperatures; Winter brings clean fresh air and often a magical winter wonderland. Life is always moving, seasons come and go. Flow with the beauty and wonder in every season of your life.

September 23

Find the joy today and every day and you will create a happy life.

September 22

Pine trees have shallow roots; they grow near each other because they need each other to grow tall and strong. We need each other to grow stronger too. Alone we can reach for the stars and we can reach great heights but together we can climb the mountain and soar above the stars.

September 21

You came from Light and you are made of Light. Let it flow through you and multiply all around you.

September 20

There is an Energy, a Force, something unseen yet something you can feel that flows through everything, everyone, everywhere all the time. This Energy was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end. I call this Energy, this Source of All That Is God but you can call it whatever name you want.
This Energy is within you and all around you always. You are never separated from it and there is no spot where it is not. Go into the silence of your soul and feel that Force. The more you do that the more you will strengthen it. Let it flow through you and let it be your guide in everything you think, do and say each and every day.

September 19

Today I am grateful for my health, for all the abundance in my life, for my family and friends and for you! What are you grateful for?

September 18

There is a well of strength within you that has yet to be discovered so just know: You’ve got this!

September 17

There is no one like you; you are one of a kind. There is something special, something unique, something that only you can bring to the world. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else; their journey is not yours. They have different lessons and gifts to experience and share. Focus on being the best version of you. Keep moving in the direction of your heart’s desires. Keep doing the things that make you come alive. The world needs you to come alive. The world needs your gifts and your Light!

September 16

Time is precious; every year, every day and each moment are a gift. They hold magic, miracles and infinite possibilities in them. Be present to the gifts the day brings and enjoy each precious moment of time.

September 15

A rose by any other name would still smell sweet. No matter what people say to you, about you or what they call you; you are still a magnificent expression of the Most High.

September 14

Be open to receive all the surprises and gifts the Universe has in store for you.

September 13

Today’s Thought for the Day is from my children’s book “The Song in You”. “Everyone has a song to sing. A special song that only you can bring…It’s part of the dream inside of you, So rejoice and to yourself be true. For you are truly one of a kind and the world needs your creative mind.”

Everyone really does have a song to sing; that includes you! There is something deep inside you that only you can bring. Something unique, something special, something etched on your soul, and something that whispers to you from your heart. Share it with the world!

September 12

When you really love yourself it’s easier to love others so work on loving you, all of you, then spread it around your world.

September 11

Our world is made up of different people from different countries with different looks, different languages, different talents, different customs and different beliefs. That’s what makes it so amazing but we must respect each other even though we are different. Let us love and accept each other now!

September 10

Feed your mind thoughts that inspire and uplift you throughout the day! Thoughts like: I am strong. I am enough. I am radiant health. I am creative.  Avalanches of abundance grace my life in expected and unexpected ways. I am worthy of all the Good the Universe has to offer. I am guided and I know just what to do. I am always connected to Source. Good and more good is mine, an ever increasing good is mine, there is no limit to the amount of good that is mine, good flows to me, good flows through me, good flows from me and good multiples all around me!

September 9

There is always something to rejoice and be grateful for!

September 8

Your voice sends out a signal, a vibration to the Universe and it responds accordingly. Today would have been my father’s 101st birthday. I miss him dearly but I can still feel the energy that his voice sent out into the Universe. It was the energy of Pure Love and it still vibrates to me and through me out into the world. What does your voice create in the Universe?

September 7

You are Light, you are Love, you’re a miracle from above! You are nature’s very own creation, a pure and magical celebration!

September 6

When you look at anyone today try to see who they really are at their core. Try to see the light in their eyes, the joy in their smile, the love in their heart, the wisdom in their mind, the creativity of their imagination, the abundance that flows through them, and the perfection of their soul.

Try to see who they really are and you just might help them see it in themselves. You might increase those same things in yourself. You might even make the day a little brighter for someone and for yourself. You just might even make the world a little more beautiful!

September 5

You are experiencing and learning more every day so be patient with yourself and enjoy the view!

September 4

We all have a precious, innocent, radiant child within.. embrace that child and let their wonder remind you of the miracle of life.

September 3

Your healing heals you and at the same time it helps heal your significant other, your family, your pets, your past generations and your future generations. Imagine you are in a beautiful waterfall and let the healing waters wash over you. Release any past wounds. Let any feelings of pain, lack and loss drain from your body. Let them be washed away and then let the waters fill your entire being with Divine Love & Radiant Light. As you heal the broken parts of you you also help heal our world.

September 2

Morning is a magnificent time to feel the wonder of a new day and the power of Source. Connect to Source and let Love be your guide.

September 1

Today is new day in a new month, let a new dream come true.

August 31

You are always surrounded by Divine Love and that Love will guide you always.

August 30

The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of your questions. We are always asking questions, often we are not even aware of it. Become aware of the conversation in your own mind. What questions do you ask yourself daily. Do they empower you or do they diminish you? Do you ask “How can I create even more love, abundance and joy in my life” or do you ask “What’s wrong with me?’ or “How come nothing goes right for me?” Your brain is like a computer, if you ask it a question it will search for the answer. Make sure the questions you ask will bring you answers that will empower you not diminish you.

August 29

Miracles happen every day. Believe, Have Faith, Trust, Give Thanks, Let Go and your miracle will appear!

August 28

The magic is in YOU!

August 27

Some people lift you up, some people drag you down, some people teach you, some people learn from you and some people inspire you. We all have our own journeys in life and we come and go in many different directions. Some people join us on our journey for a moment and some for a lifetime. Fill your world with people that inspire you and help you grow.

August 26

Life is full of delightful opportunities and endless possibilities. You’ve got this!

August 25

Take a look at things from a different perspective; you may be surprised at what you see.

August 24

Sometimes a little rain must fall before you get to see the rainbow.

August 23

Life is always expanding, always becoming more of itself. It’s the way the Universe works and it’s the way you work. You are meant to grow into more of who you are at your core which is; Love, Light, Creativity, Abundance, Intelligence and Joy. You are here to be and experience more of those qualities.

Read, write, meditate, explore and challenge yourself. Try new things, go to new places and bring new information into your life. Do things that expand your awareness, your consciousness and your unique gifts. Reach for the stars; stretch beyond your comfort zone and grow into the full expression of Life that is you.

August 22

Loving you is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others. You are the only person you will spend your entire life with. Learn to really love you and your life will be blessed indeed.

August 21

After having to cancel 2 weddings my son will finally marry the woman of his dreams today. He and my future daughter-in-law have had to be flexible and rearrange their special day with open hearts and open minds. They have done so with grace, patience and understanding. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and we have to adjust and shift or expectations but remember that through it all dreams really do come true!

August 20

 You are made of stardust; born with the stuff that dreams are made of. Magic and miracles have been imprinted on our soul and the seeds of love and joy have been planted in your heart. There is a light inside you that is destined to shine; it was there before you came here and it is always within you. Let that Light be your guide; let it heal and sustain you and let it shine brightly for all the world to see!

August 19

Not sure what the weather is like where you are but it is pouring here today! I have lots of emotions today so I am letting them flow through me like water running over me, cleansing me, renewing me and filling me with wonder. It is going to be okay!

August 18

Meditation is good for the body, mind and soul. Meditation comes in many different forms. You can sit in quiet contemplation or get lost in an activity like writing, dancing, singing, painting, photography, running, walking etc. Meditation in any form helps you flow easier with the tides of life.

August 17

How do you use your mind and your body? Exercise your mind as well as your body.

August 16

Look around; there is beauty and wonder everywhere. Nature will bathe you in it’s splendor if you let it. Go for a walk along the beach, in the mountains or just down your street. Notice the little things; the stillness of the morning, the quiet before dawn, the gentle rising and setting of the sun. There is so much to appreciate. The sweet smell of the flowers, the business of the bees, the birds exploring the air, the leaves swaying with the breeze; it’s all so beautiful.  There is peace and perfection  all around you. Find those places and those moments that remind you of the magnificence of Life. Let the beauty and the wonder of the world encourage you and inspire you.

August 15

Sometimes the road gets bumpy with lots of twist and turns. Sometimes the way gets dark and gray. Be a Light in the darkness to help brighten the way.

August 14

The possibility for more love, more joy, more abundance, and more adventures are ever present. Open up to more!

August 13

Your world and the world at large are changing, growing, expanding into a new level of being, a new consciousness, a new world. Labor can be difficult and it can be exhausting. Giving birth can have its pains and its uncertainties but the end result is glorious and so worth it. Breathe and love yourself through the transformation. This new world, your new world is waiting for your embrace!

August 12

Every day is a new opportunity to begin anew. Begin with Light, Faith, Purpose, Power & Grace!

August 11

The Universe loves you, supports you, is for you and is on your side Always!!!

August 10

You are a glorious manifestation of the Power and the Presence that was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. Wake up to You!

August 9

Two people can have the same experience but give it very different meanings. One can see an event as an opportunity to grow while another can see the same experience as a reason there life isn’t the way they would like it or as an excuse to remain stagnant. Nothing in life has meaning except the meaning we give it. We are making it all up. What meaning do you give the events in your life?  Does the meaning empower you or dis-empower you? Do you see everything as an opportunity to grow or do you see things as an excuse your life isn’t the way you want it to be?

It’s your choice, choose wisely.

August 8

Angels show up in all shapes and sizes and sometimes they look like you! You never know the impact you may have on another. You could be someone’s angel today so keep shining your Light!

August 7

It’s important to be kind to others but sometimes we forget to be kind to ourselves. Treat yourself with a little TLC, Tender Loving Care!

August 6

There is a fire, a passion, a story, a song, a dance, a picture, a painting, a child, a career, a deep desire, (in whatever form it takes); that was implanted in your heart before you even came here. Listen carefully and let it speak to you. It is part of the magic of you. It is part of the reason you came here and your soul’s purpose. Fan the flames and feed that Sacred Fire. Let it Burn Brightly so you can reach your full potential, light the way to help others see and share it with the world.

August 5

Take time to go into the Silence of your own Being! There is infinite wisdom and guidance whispering your name. Be still & Listen.

August 4

Money is just energy, it’s not bad or the root of all evil; it’s the energy of abundance and it can do wonderful things. Be thoughtful about your money and your beliefs about money. Take care of your money; let it flow freely to you; tithe, save and share it wisely and it will take care of you.

August 3

From the fire and the ashes the phoenix rises. A symbol of hope, transformation, renewal and rebirth. Rise up from the wounds, the pain, the fire and the ashes in your life. Feel hope, renewal and transform your life so you can fly.

August 2

To find yourself sometimes you have to lose yourself. Sometimes you have to strip everything away and take off all your masks. Sometimes you have to expose your deepest, darkest fears and be completely vulnerable. Sometimes you have to be brave enough to give up control and surrender.

Let yourself get lost in Pure Unconditional Love. Let it surround you, embrace you and wash over you. Let it cleanse your soul and heal your heart. Let it remind you of where you came from and who you are. Let Pure Love reset you, renew you and guide you back to yourself.

August 1

What does your dream life look like? What does your heart desire? What does your soul crave? Are you living your best life? Be still and Listen to your soul’s whispers. Take one step at a time following your internal guidance system….it knows the way to help you live the dream.

July 31

Just be you…all of you…all the time.

July 30

Pure Unconditional Love is where you came from; what you are made of; who you are at your core and where you will return. It is the vibration and the frequency of the Creative intelligence that flows through all things, all time and all space. It is the frequency and vibration of your soul. It is your purpose, your mission and your guide. It knows the answers and will lead the way so you can reach your soul’s full expression of itself. Immerse yourself in Pure Unconditional Love. Bathe yourself in this Love, shower others with this Love and color your world with this Love.

July 29

Sometimes we build walls to protect us from pain but they can also close us off from experiencing the fullness of Life. Knock down those walls that block you from experiencing all the Good the Universe has to offer.

July 28

Our wounds often open us up to see and reveal the Light.

July 27

Trust that no matter where you are on your journey that everything is as it should be, everything is unfolding in Divine Order!

July 26

We have approximately 60,000 thoughts every day so we can’t control them all. We can however, pay attention and become aware of our thoughts. We can give energy and emotion to whatever we want to. We can give lots of emotion to the things we want to experience. We can consciously place any thoughts we want into your mind anytime. We can repeat thoughts of the things we want more of throughout the day. We can feed our mind information that inspires us. We can read things that life our spirit and our mood. We can do things that increase our positive thoughts and take us higher. When we master our mind we can master our life.

July 25

I love this quote from Albert Einstein — ‘There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.’ Pay attention and you will see miracles all around you.

July 24

It begins with you; with your energy and the signals you send out to the Universe. Control what you radiate and the Universe will match your frequency by bringing things to you with the same vibration.

July 23

We can’t monitor all our thoughts but we can give energy to some more than others. What thoughts do you repeat over and over? What thoughts do you give your energy and emotion to?  What are the thoughts that you want to experience more of in your life? What thoughts empower you and take you higher? Give your energy and your emotions to those thoughts and the Universe will bring things that match their vibration.

July 22

What lifts your mood, your mind, your heart and your soul? What inspires you to be more today than you were yesterday?

July 21

Love the glorious manifestation of the Most High that is You!

July 2o

I believe in you; in all that you are and in all that you are becoming!

July 19

There are no two people on this planet that are exactly alike; we are all different. Each one of us is a unique expression of the Divine; each one a glorious manifestation of the Most High. Everyone is special in their own right; bringing an individualized agenda to experience and a distinctive purpose to fulfil.

The world is full of variety, full of an infinite number of things to discover and enjoy. Discover the magic, beauty and wonder of you! Your job this lifetime is to be yourself; to love and embrace all of you. You have a unique gift to uncover and share with the world. You are worthy of all the magic and miracles the Universe has in store for you.

July 18

Have faith, Let go and Let it Be! The Universe has wonderful surprises in store for you!

July 17

Throughout the day say “Good flows to me, good flows through me, good flows from me and good multiplies all around me!”

July 16

This mental law is the law of vibration working with the law of attraction to bring into our experience the things that match our vibration. Our thoughts and our emotions show us where we are vibrationally. Match your thoughts and your emotions with what you wish to experience and it must come to be. It is the law. Don’t question when just have FAITH, see it as ALREADY done, KNOW with every fiber of your being it is done and it will be!

July 15

Open your heart, open your mind and live with arms wide open. It makes it easier to give and to receive!

July 14

Be the hero of your own story!

July 13

A rose by any other name is still a rose. No name can change who you are at your core; you are a glorious expression of the Divine!

July 12

Being creative is good for the mind, body and soul. Creativity helps us learn,  grow and thrive. It is part of our soul’s desire to express itself and part of our purpose for being on this journey we call life. Creativity shows up in many forms.  Explore different ways that make your heart sing and your creative juices flow. Here are 8 Types of Creative Intelligence as described by Howard Gardner. Try some of these suggestions or create your own.

1. Social or Interpersonal: Engage in discussions and conversations with people you know and people that you don’t know where you exchange ideas and build relationships.  2. Musical: learn to play an instrument, attend concerts, sing/hum alone or with others. · 3. Spatial: Draw, paint, design rooms or websites, make cards, cerate logos, or try mind mapping. 4. Bodily-Kinesthetic: dance, play sports, walk or exercise in any form. 5. Logical-Mathematical: solve problems, balance checkbooks, create schedules or a budget. 6. Intrapersonal: keep a journal, meditate, read alone or study to answer personal questions. 7. Naturalistic: nature nurtures the mind; create a vegetable or flower garden, walk barefoot, go for a walk in the woods, on the beach or photograph nature.

July 11

Pay attention to the Grace that flows throughout the Universe.

July 10

Today is my birthday; it reminds me to celebrate Love, celebrate Light, and to celebrate all that Life has to offer each of us always. Each day is a gift so celebrate Life today & every day!

July 9

When I was a child we had the best water fights when it rained. My siblings and friends would collect water from the rain in buckets and run around the yard laughing and splashing each other. It was so much fun! My children did the same thing when they were young and joy and laughter filled our rainy days. I still love the smell, the warmth, the gentleness and the joyful memory of summer rain! I may not run around having water fights in the rain anymore but sometimes I just hold out my arms and let the rain shower me with its gentle touch. The feeling on my skin brings me joy, lifts my spirit and reminds me of the child within. Try it next time there is a gentle summer rain

July 8

You Are Light…let it flow through you in everything you think, do and say!

July 7

The sun is shining, the air is warm and the new day brings new possibilities. Delight in the precious gift of this glorious day!

July 6

Today is the anniversary of my father’s passing; his physical body is not here but his love is watching over me always. Love is watching over you too!

July 5

Every time you celebrate something you raise your vibration. When you raise your vibration you send a signal to the Universe that you are ready to receive higher vibrational things and experiences. There is something to celebrate every day; it can be as simple as checking off something on your to do list, completing a workout, making a call, reaching out to someone, eating a healthy meal, finding a good parking spot, making it through a green light, or just the fact that you are alive. Take time to stop and celebrate everything throughout the day; even the little things and the Universe will be delighted to bring you more things to celebrate.

July 4

Today in the United States we celebrate our independence, our freedom. What chains hold you back from expressing your own freedom? Break those chains and set yourself free!

July 3

You have within you a reservoir of strength that you haven’t even tapped into. Trust that power and let it take you higher!

July 2

One of my favorite quotes is “Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Be bold in your commitment to yourself; bold in your thoughts and bold in your actions. Keep moving toward the Light; toward the things that inspire you and bring you higher. Boldness does indeed have genius, power and magic in it!

July 1

Read something or do something that inspires you and then share it with others today!

June 30

Let your Spirit fly free to express the glory that is you!

June 29

Be open to receive! The Universe has sweet surprises in store for you!

June 28

I love this quote; Life really is like a camera. Whatever you focus on you get more of so focus on what’s most important. Capture the good times and hold on to those memories, they will bring you joy that will last a lifetime.  Develop from the negatives; they can teach you so much about how strong and spectacular you are. If things don’t work out take another shot. Life always gives you second chances, even third. Make the most of this glorious journey we call Life.

June 27

The Universe has magic and miracles in store for you!

June 26

The truth of who you are is: You are Love, Light, Energy, Joy, Abundance, Creative, Intelligence & Peace! Let that Truth come into fruition!

June 25

One of the steps for manifesting what you want that people often forget is letting go. Connect with Source; declare what you want; see it as done so your vibration matches what you want; give thanks for it’s manifestation and let go! Know it will come to be at exactly the right moment. If you question it you delay it’s arrival. Learn to let go with total faith and it will come to be!

June 24

Your Love is meant to be given freely; it is meant to light up the whole world!

June 23

Gratitude lifts your spirits, raises your vibration and lets the Universe know you are ready to receive more.

June 22

There is only one you, one of a kind priceless you! Love & appreciate you!

June 21

Today is the first day of summer where I live and it’s going to be a hot one. I am not crazy about too much heat but I love summer! I love how everything has come to life after a long winter’s nap. I love the long days, how bright the sun is and the warmth of the summer nights. I love the sunrises and the sunsets. I love the colors of the flowers in my gardens and the organic vegetables we are growing. I love seeing the bunnies hopping around the yard and the hummingbirds and bees busily making their way through the day. I love how alive I feel and how much energy I get from the summer sun. Let the joy, wonder, light, beauty and glory of summer inspire you and move you into more of who you are meant to be.

June 20

There is a common thread of Life, a common desire for Acceptance, a common yearning for Love that runs through us all connecting our souls to one another. We are more alike as human beings than we are different.

June 19

Let us learn that we are all brothers and sisters; all connected to each other through the Creative Intelligence that flows through all things. Let us learn to see the Light in each other, the Love in each other and Respect each other. On that day we will rise above the darkness, set all our souls free and the dream will come true.

June 18

Sometimes there will be dark days; sometimes it may be difficult to see; sometimes things don’t make sense; sometimes your heart aches and your mind races. When this happens and the days are dark let the darkness pass through you, remember it is only temporary and focus on the Light. The Light will help you move through the darkness easier and faster.

June 17

You can do it!!!!

June 16

Control your thoughts and trust the Universe to surprise and delight you.

June 15

Life is an incredible journey! Keep taking one step at a time and you may find yourself in some amazing places!

June 14

Your emotions are like a road map showing you where you are vibrating. When you feel bad you deny the truth of who you really are at your core and you block the good of the Universe from coming into your life. When you feel good you allow the truth of who you are to shine and you allow the good of the Universe to flow through you easily and effortlessly.

Emotions are just energy in motion so pay attention to what you are feeling. Whatever your emotions are remind yourself they are important to let you know where you are vibrating but they are also only temporary. Feel them and let any negative emotions move through you so you can get to other side to let the magic and miracles of the Universe grace your life.

June 13

Sometimes it rains but then you get to bask in the glow of the rainbow.

June 12

Miracles happen and dreams do come true so hold on to those dreams that make your soul sing!

June 11

If you are only focused on your physical being you miss out on the extraordinary presence of your spiritual being. Tap into that part of you that is beyond the physical and you will tap into the Energy of Life Itself. That brilliant part of you that knows all the answers,  that guides you along your path, that leads you to where you are meant to be and helps you uncover the greatness that is you.

June 10

You have so many layers; many you haven’t discovered yet. That’s okay but begin to recognize the beauty and the depth that is you. If you need a little help just try to see yourself the way those that love you do.

June 9

Laughter is the best medicine; it’s good for the body and the soul. Laugh out loud today; a full belly laugh that makes your eyes water and belly hurt! Your mind, body and spirit will thank you!

June 8

You are made of Stardust! The Pure, Radiant, Unconditional essence of the Universe flows through you always.

June 7

Plant seeds/thoughts of what you wish to experience into your mind and send those thoughts out into the Creative Intelligence that flows through all things. Nurture those seeds/thoughts by pouring positive energy into them, visualizing them as complete, and following any guidance you receive from the Divine knowing within.  Keep doing that until they come to be.

Don’t put any restrictions on them; know they will come to be. If you restrict them by thinking they should have already come to be or that they are impossible it’s like stepping on a tiny sapling as it’s head tries to emerge from the soil to reach for the sun and you kill them. Your job is to do the work of nurturing them with positivity and then let go. Let the Creative Intelligence, which is the soil from which all things come into fruition, do it’s work. Nurture them, let go and allow them to grow!

June 6

You are always worthy of Love!!! Love is where you came from; Love is who you are and Love is where you will return.

June 5

Stop whatever you are doing and take a deep breath; breath into your belly then fill your lungs; hold it for a moment and let it out slowly. As you breathe out let your whole body relax. Repeat 3 times then smile and be present to the delicious moment of now!

June 4

There are days when you are on top of the world and everything is going perfect and then there are days when things don’t seem to go as you had hoped. It’s okay. Some days are filled with sunshine and some days are blue. The dark clouds always clear and the sun is always there shining ever so brightly so hold on. The important thing is to love yourself through the storms and the sunshine. Love yourself through it all!

June 3

Imagine your life without limitations!

June 2

With Pure Love all things are possible!

June 1

Don’t get stressed by the little things…focus on the big things, the things that really matter!

May 31

The internet is a wonderful tool; it’s full of information but there are some questions the internet can’t answer. Some answers are just for you; they may be hidden deep within but they are there. Be still and go into the silence of your mind through meditation; ask the question and know the answer will come.

Meditation will bring the answers to you. They may come immediately or they may take time. Be patient, be receptive, be consistent and pay attention to the guidance within. You have all those answers, all the secrets, all the guidance, all the wisdom hidden in the depths of your soul.  Begin a daily meditation practice. Start with even 5 or 10 minutes a day and increase as you can. Google doesn’t have all the answers for you so Meditate!

May 30

Healing is a natural part of Life and your body can preform miracles. You can heal your mind, your body and your life.

May 29

No one can dim your Light unless you let them. Don’t let them! The world needs your Light now! Keep sharing your Light with the world!!

May 28

Your scars are from the wounds in your past. Those wounds cracked the mask you wore to let the light in so you could learn and grow and shine ever so brightly in the future! Shine on you beautiful, brilliant expression of Life Itself! Shine on!

May 27

Gratitude!! Let it heal, nourish and sustain you. Let it unlock the fullness of Life; bring you clarity, bring you peace and help you thrive!

May 26

You hold within you the stuff that dreams are made of! Be still, listen to the wisdom that lies within, the whispers of your soul, and let them be your  guide.

May 25

It’s okay to visit the past but don’t get stuck there. Let it go and move on!

May 24

There is only 1 You. There is no-one in the world like you. No one has your gifts, your magic, your unique style. No one has that special song that only you can sing. No one can write your story. No one can dance to the beat of your own drum; only you can do that.

You are a magnificent manifestation of the Most High, a child of Life Itself. You are a pure expression of the Divine. You have something special to share with the world; something that only you can bring. Embrace the distinctive gift that is you and let it make all the difference in your life.

May 23

Launch random acts of Love today and every day!!

May 22

The Universe has magic and miracles in store for you…be open to receive them!

May 21

There are things you do that wake up your soul and make you feel alive; things that stir the passion and fire within. What touches your heart and brings you joy? What moves you every time you do it?  What do you get lost in and lose all sense of time when you do it? What excites you and makes you come alive? Do more of those things every day because the world needs more people to wake up and come alive.

May 20

Let your light color the world in it’s own distinctive way!

May 19

There is strength within that can carry you through anything!

May 18

Whatever the question…love is the answer!

May 17

Ground yourself into Mother Earth by Imagining energy flowing from the center of the earth up through the bottom of your feet, up your legs then filling your root chakra at the base of your spine, when your root chakra is full let the energy overflow and go back into the earth. Keep the energy flowing freely.

After that imagine Cosmic energy flowing from the Universe into the top of your head through your crown chakra. Imagine the energy flowing down the back of your body to your root chakra then flowing up the front of your body to the top of head, coming out the top and cascading down all around you. Do this grounding and connecting to Source exercise every day. This will keep your energy flowing and help you grow in miraculous ways.

May 16

Spring…a time for growth, a time of rebirth, a time for action. Take action today and give birth to even more of the greatness that is you.

May 15

The Italians have a saying I don’t always do but I love: “Dolce far niente”. It means “the sweetness of doing nothing”. Take time to savor the sweetness of doing nothing but breathing in the air and the moment.

May 14

It starts with belief. Believe in yourself and that the Universe supports you, Believe what you desire is possible. Believe that you are worthy of all the Good the Universe has to offer. Believe then listen to the guidance from deep within which is connected to Source of all that is then take action on that guidance. You can Do it…Have it…Be it!!

May 13

No matter what you call the Creative Intelligence that was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, know that It is in you, It flows through you, It is all around you, It supports you and It is Always FOR you!

May 12

Believe you are a magnificent manifestation of the Most High! Believe you are Radiant Light, Unconditional Love, Absolute Abundance, Eternal Peace, Creative intelligence, Pure Joy… believe you are Perfect Whole & Complete! You just may have forgotten that. It’s time to remember!

May 11

Do one thing today that will make your tomorrow better.

May 10

There are many seasons in life, each has its own precious gifts. The innocence and wonder of youth, the discipline and knowledge you gain from being a student, the love and devotion of partnering, the rewards and satisfaction of work, perhaps the unconditional love of parenting, the joy of being a grandparent or the wisdom and peace that comes with aging.

All of the seasons in your life have their own unique beauty. Wherever you are now, whatever season you are in know that each one holds magic just for you. Whether you are experiencing wonder, discipline, devotion, satisfaction, love, joy or wisdom… be present to the gifts each season brings. Flow with the seasons of life and embrace the beauty and the miracle of the season you are in right now!

May 9

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmothers, godmothers, fur moms, aunts, dads playing both roles and to all that nurture and love young souls unconditionally! May the love you shower on those in your care come back to you tenfold! Being a mom to 4 grown children that I love, admire and respect and now a Gigi to 7 grandchildren I simply adore has been the greatest honor of my life! Thank you for choosing me!

May 8

Let Grace, Joy & Love flow from you in all you do! What you project out into the world will come back to you tenfold!

May 7

You control your energy; the amount and what kind of energy you vibrate out into the world. At any time you can take a deep breath and shift your energy to a higher frequency. There is a limitless amount of strength and good that you can draw from when you tap into the Creative Energy that surrounds and engulfs us all. Shifting your energy sends a signal to the Universe and the Universe responds by bringing things with a higher vibration to you.

May 6

You are continually expanding into a magnificent expression of Life itself. Let the treasures you hold deep within you blossom and grow.

May 5

You did not come into this world to stay in your cocoon…. You were meant to fly and soar into the great unknown. Trust your wings and let yourself FLY free!

May 4

The Force that is in everything, everyone, everywhere always and forever is right where you are, right here right now! Feel it, Know it, Embrace it!

May 3

Flowers reach for the light for a reason; they instinctively know they need light to grow. They don’t worry or stress about it they naturally just reach for it and open up to it as they bloom into an exquisite manifestation of Life.

Let nature be your guide. There is a light within you that is connected directly to God/Divine//Source. Follow the flowers example and reach for that light, open up to the light and let yourself grow and blossom into the beautiful expression of the Divine that is you!

May 2

Have faith that everything is working out for your benefit.

May 1

Look around you … there is beauty everywhere!

April 30

Life often sends us experiences to show us just how strong we are and how powerful we are. No matter what you going through know that there is reservoir of strength you haven’t even tapped into yet. You are stronger and more powerful than you think. You’ve got this!

April 29

Sometimes it’s the little things that make such a big difference in our life!

April 28

The dreams you hold deep in your soul are meant to come true. Pay attention to the whispers of your soul. Be open to receive the guidance that will lead you to their fulfillment. Walk in the direction of your dreams and they will come to be.

April 27

Let go of the things that keep you small and hold you back from expressing your brilliance!

April 26

We often build up walls to protect us from pain or harm; sometimes the pain or harm is real and sometimes they are imagined. Some walls are needed temporarily but some need to be knocked down. Some walls limit our potential. Some walls keep us from expanding our comfort zone so we can grow. Some walls block us from experiencing all the Good the Universe has in store for us. Knock down the walls that hold you back.

Examine your beliefs about you and the world. Some of your beliefs built those walls but ask yourself “Do those beliefs empower me or limit me?”. If your beliefs don’t empower you change them to ones that do. Change them to beliefs that strengthen you and move you into more. Beliefs like “Life always supports me” or “I am worthy to receive all the Good the Universe has in store for me” will help knock down the walls that block you.

April 25

You may not be able to control all of the people that are in your life but you can always add people that inspire you and nourish your soul.

April 24

Whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation ask yourself “How can I learn and grow from this?” then listen for the answer and let it take you higher.

April 23

Be willing to embrace your gifts, willing to have faith in the Good of the Universe, willing to expand your comfort zone, willing to be still and listen to the guidance from within, willing to flow with everything this glorious life has in store for you, willing to express more of who you are meant to be, willing to surrender to your soul’s purpose on this journey.

April 22

Love can make all the difference in the world. Use your love to lift, inspire, encourage, understand, empower… to touch someone’s heart and mind. You may not ever know the impact you have; you just might be taking someone higher or even saving someone’s life.

April 21

Have faith that better and brighter days are coming. The best is yet to be!

April 20

You never know what someone is going through so be kind, share a smile or encouraging word as often as you can.

April 19

We all have basic human needs; the first 4 are: 1. Certainty/Safety. 2. Variety. 3. Love/Connection. 4. Significance. When those needs are met there are 2 more; Growth & Contribution. We meet these needs in a variety of ways; some ways are empowering and some are disempowering. Look at your own life to see how you can meet your basic needs in an empowering way so you can move into the higher needs of Contribution and Growth.

Spiritual Growth has 4 stages: 1. To Me: Victim Consciousness. When one believes things happen to them. 2. For Me: Manifestor Consciousness. When one works with the Universe to bring things into their lives. 3. Through Me: Channel Consciousness. When one allows the Life Force of the Universe to flow through them. 4. As Me: Being Consciousness. When one has no sense of separation only Oneness with Source. Meditation will help you move through these stages to experience the limitless awareness of Stage 4.

April 18

What is your vision for your life when you have reached your full potential? Focus on that; be willing to let it be and the way will be shown.

April 17

There is something within you that is waiting to blossom and grow. All you have to do is give it your attention, nurture it and let it grow!

April 16

It’s all there, deep inside your soul…all the wisdom, all the ideas, all the answers, all the guidance, all the creativity, all the peace, all the light…everything. You just have to stop, pay attention to the messages that are meant for you and let them guide you. Be still, go within, listen to the magic of your soul and let your Spirit Soar!

April 15

Wherever you find yourself right now keep growing.

April 14

You are stronger than you know!

April 13

Let the spirit of spring with it’s renewal of life inspire you to give birth to new possibilities and new life.

April 12

You are like a farmer planting seeds into the Creative Force of the Universe. When a farmer plants pumpkin seeds he will grow pumpkins, he will never grow watermelons from pumpkin seeds. The same is true for you; you will not experience love and abundance if your consistent thoughts are of fear or limitation. Be aware of the the thoughts you give energy to.

Your life is a reflection of the seeds you sow and your thoughts are the seeds. Your thoughts dictate your vibration and your vibration dictates what you experience in your life. When your vibration is in harmony with all the Good of the Universe that good will flow into your life like magic. Plant seeds of love, abundance and peace into the Universal Consciousness, nurture them and  let them grow in the garden of your Life!

April 11

There’s a kind of magic in the air when the days grow longer, the sun gets warmer, the flowers begin to bloom and the trees burst into color. Breathe into the magic and the grace.

April 10

Flow with the seasons of your life!

April 9

We are all traveling on a journey to uncover our sacred gifts. Sometimes the path is clear and straight; sometimes it has speed bumps and detours. Sometimes we fall; sometimes we’re not sure of the way but keep going. It’s all in Divine Order and you will arrive. Wherever you are on the journey be gentle with yourself and love yourself completely along the way.

April 8

Go into the silence of your own being and let your heart and mind align with your soul. Your soul knows the way and will lead you to peace and clarity.

April 7

Every spring the Earth gives birth to new growth, new life. Whatever season you are in, wherever you find yourself let yourself blossom and grow into more of who you are meant to be.

April 6

Closing a door can sometimes be difficult but don’t keep trying to open a door that is not meant for you; move on and open the door that is yours.

April 5

You have everything you need within you; all the wisdom, all the creativity, all the love, the strength and the magic… it’s all within. Your job is to be still and let that wisdom, the strength and the love guide you. You’re here to let all the magic and creativity flow through you.

You are on a journey to uncover the greatness that is you. You came here to express the magic that is within; to sing your own song; write your own story; to share your gift with the world. It’s already within you just waiting for you to discover it and uncover the greatness that you already are.

April 4

May your day be filled with faith, family, friends and Unconditional Love!

April 3

Whatever you focus on you get more of so even in the darkest day remember to focus on the positive and focus on the Light. Know that no matter how dark the day is there is Light on the other side.

April 2

The Universe is always on your side; it has magic and miracles in store for you when you have faith and let go. Believe in all the Good that Source/God (whatever name you use for the Creative Intelligence that was in the beginning is now and ever shall be) has meant for you. Surrender to the Love & the Light that flows through you; that flows through everything, everyone, everywhere all the time and watch your life unfold in miraculous ways!

April 1

In the Christian tradition today is Maundy Thursday; the day that Jesus washed the feet of the Apostles and had the Last Supper. The Washing of the Feet is such a tender humbling way to love another. Let us all remember to love, respect and care for one another always!

March 31

The Universe loves you always and supports you all day every day!

March 30

Savor those times when you get lost in the perfection of the moment! Whether it’s a sunny afternoon in Rome, a warm hug from a loved one, a  hearty laugh with a friend or a peaceful moment of oneness. Savor them all and fall in love with how good it feels to feel good!

March 29

It may not always seem like it but everyone has something special to bring to your life. Everyone is a Gift bringing treasures untold; everyone is an Angel sent from Divine Love; everyone is Light made in the image and likeness of the Divine/Source/God.

Find the lessons and treasures of wisdom every Gift brings. Feel the Love that is within every Angel you encounter. Focus on the illumination that every unique expression of the Light brings into your world. When you find these things you will grow in awareness of your own worth and you will find heaven on earth.

March 28

Keep expanding, keep stretching, keep growing and keep reaching for the stars.

March 27

Pay attention to the whispers of the Universe; they might just change your whole world!

March 26

It’s a new day and a new opportunity is at hand. Let go of the past and begin this glorious new day with an open heart, an open mind and an open spirit. Let the Love within flow through you so you can feel which direction you should go in. Let the wisdom within show you which door is meant for you. Let the Light within shine through you and guide you on your next great adventure.

March 25

Some days are sunny and bright and everything is going great and some days are just blue. It’s okay! Love yourself through the sadness. The sun will shine again and all will be well!

March 24

You are always on a journey of becoming more of the brilliant expression of the Divine you are meant to be. Love yourself along the way!

March 23

Come to know and embrace the Truth of who you are!

March 22

You never know what the Universe has in store for you. Some things that seem to be a disadvantage can actually be just what you need to take you to a higher level. Some things that you didn’t expect or even want can be blessings in disguise. Look for the good in all situations. Look for the hidden blessings in the surprises.

When you look for the good in things you will find it. When you find the blessings in disguise you will take your life to a higher place. Keep an open mind and let the blessings and unexpected good the Universe sends you move you into more of who you are meant to be.

March 21

My dog is my angel sometimes, my grandchildren are my angels sometimes, my kids are my angels and sometimes a stranger can be an angel bringing gifts of love and unexpected moments of God’s Grace!

March 20

Today is the first day of spring here and after a long winter it is a most welcome day! It represents the beginning of new growth, new life and longer days filled with the warmth of the sun. Change can be be beautiful and exactly what we need sometimes. What beautiful change will you make today?

March 19

Instead of a GPS (Global Positioning System) that your car has you have an IGS (Internal Guidance System) and your soul, your inner wisdom, knows the way. You just have to be still and go into the silence so you can hear the directions. Look at where you are and decide where you want to go and your IGS will lead you to your destination.

March 18

Clarity is power! The Universe helps you when you’re not clear about what you want by sometimes sending you things you don’t want to help you gain clarity. Get clear about what you want and the Universe is delighted to bring it to you.

March 17

You are becoming more and more of the Love that you are at your core. Love yourself in every stage of your growth and unfoldment.

March 16

Life often takes us in many different directions; how do you keep everything in balance? Meditation can help keep you in balance so you can handle all the distractions and the different directions life takes you.

March 15

We all have wounds from our past; we all have stories to tell; we all have pain to heal. All of it is designed to help you understand you, to help you learn and move into more; to help you uncover the greatness that is you, and perhaps to help you understand the pain and difficulties of another.
When you heal your wounds you can move into the higher vibration of gratitude and be grateful for the gifts those difficulties taught you. When you feel gratitude for the pain you know you are healed. When you are healed you can help another heal their wounds. We are all connected and we can take each other higher!

March 14

In a world that is filled with uncertainty one thing is certain… being kind and respecting one another can make a big difference.

March 13

The Universe is eavesdropping on you, feeling your vibration then bringing the things that match your vibration to you.

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March 12

What do you love to do? What brings you joy and makes your heart happy? What calls to your spirit and lets your soul sing? What wakes you up and makes you come alive? Do more of those things because that’s what you are made for.

March 11

There is wonder and beauty all around you. Take time today to appreciate the the wonderful world we live in.

March 10

Truth has an energy as does a lie; truth will set you free and lies hold you back in many ways. Live in Truth and Honesty.

March 9

Don’t be afraid to ask…the answer might just be yes!

March 8

It is done unto you as you believe so believe with all your heart and soul. It is done for you; you don’t coerce the Universe you allow it to move through you. You don’t create the Power; you let the Power of the Universe flow through you. You don’t force things to happen you surrender to the magic the Divine has in store for you.

You are always connected to Source; there is no separation, only Oneness. You are always using the laws of the Universe whether you are aware of it or not. You can’t control the Universe; you can only control your vibration and your ability to accept all the gifts that Spirit has for you. Believe, allow,  accept, surrender, and let the Universe surprise and delight you!

March 7

Let Love, Light, Faith, Purpose, Power, and Grace begin each new day!

March 6

Seek the truth and live with Love!!

March 5

No matter what age you are; no matter where you are now; no matter what has gone on before in your life; you can start today. Start something new now; something that inspires you; something that makes your heart happy and something that expresses more of who you are meant to be.

March 4

The Universe supports your dreams. Let those dreams lead the way and let your heart sing out loud!

March 3

Live in the Energy of Love wherever you are. Let Love fill you up , sustain you and radiate from you always.

March 2

You are the gift, you are the magic, you are priceless!!!

March 1

It begins with you… your thoughts, your beliefs, your words,  and your actions are all responsible for what your life looks like. If you want to experience more or if you want to experience something different from what you currently experiencing you have to begin with you. Do your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions take you in the direction of your dreams or do they move you away from them.

Take an honest look at yourself. What are your dominant thoughts….do you think you are worthy of all the Good the Universe has in store for you? What are your beliefs about the Universe…do things happen to you or for you? What words do you use consistently…do they empower you or limit you? What actions do you take regularly…do you take steps that take you in the direction of your dreams? Control your dominant thoughts, beliefs, words and actions and you will control what you experience in life.

February 28

There are magic moments of heaven awaiting your recognition every day. Find love and you will find heaven wrapped up in those precious moments.

February 27

Let Love be the answer and the reason for everything you do today.

February 26

There are angels, light beings and the love of your ancestors watching over you always showering you with Light. You are never alone; you are always surrounded by the Love & Light of the Divine/Source/God, whatever name you use to express the Creative Intelligence that was in the beginning is now and ever shall be. Feel it, know it, and embrace it always.

February 25

Lone one another today and every day!

February 24

You are loved just as you are right here, right now.

February 23

Love adds a beautiful color and dimension to your life.

February 22

Unconditional Love has a power and a frequency like no other. It is the most powerful force in the world. It is unlimited and free to all; the only cost is an open heart. It moves throughout the Universe touching, creating, healing, and strengthening everything, everyone, everywhere, all the time.

When you live in the vibration of Unconditional Love you live in the energy of magic and miracles; doors open and synchronicity happens regularly. It brings good and more good to you. It guides you and lets you know exactly what to do. Open your heart and be in the vibration of Unconditional Love.

February 21

Love, pure love gives of itself. It has no expectations; it gives freely and completely.

February 20

Love will take you higher but you must open your heart, which can take practice. Stop, breathe into your heart throughout the day and let love bring you extraordinary blessings!

February 19

Sometimes Love doesn’t seem to be working but if you increase the dosage of pure unconditional love you just might be surprised. You just might find out how powerful and magical Unconditional Love truly is. Let it heal, strengthen you and guide you in everything you think, do & say.

February 18

You cannot celebrate Love too much so celebrate it in you and in everyone, everything, every day!

February 17

Love is your purpose; love is your plan; love is your action; love is your outcome; and love is your reward.

February 16

You can never go wrong when you answer every question with Love.

February 15

I love that we have a day to celebrate LOVE although I celebrate LOVE every day I devote the month of February to daily inspirations about Love. Not the romantic love even though that is wonderful; this month is devoted to pure Unconditional Love. Love that comes from the Source of all things, the Source that I call God.

What is Pure Unconditional Love anyway? Loving unconditionally is giving and expecting nothing in return. It is accepting someone just as they are, and appreciating their unique gifts. It is loving without limitations or conditions. It is showing compassion and wanting only the best for people. Practice Pure Unconditional Love not just on Valentine’s Day but every day.

February 14

I love that we have a day to celebrate LOVE! I celebrate LOVE every day but in February it’s multiplied! When you see and feel Love you find heaven on earth! May you see and feel Love all around you today; may you find heaven right where you are! Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 13

You are  a precious gift of Love and I love you!!

February 12

Breathe it in and let it out in all you do!

February 11

Go into the stillness of your own being and let Unconditional Love flow freely from your heart out into the world.

February 10

Fall in love with you and love will show up in all your relationships.

February 9

You, me, our country, and our whole world all need Love Sweet Love right here, right NOW!

February 8

Love is the most powerful force there is. Love heals wounds; Love inspires greatness; Love creates magic; Love teaches compassion; Love motivates people to be more of who they are meant to be. Love soothes the weary and Love strengthens your being. Love comforts the broken hearted and Love accepts ALL. Love touches the hearts of others and expresses the gifts from your heart & Soul.

Love is where you came from, Love is who you are, Love is why you’re here  and Love is where you will return. Love is your Soul purpose.  Love flows freely from the Divine through you out into the world. Love is the answer and Love is the way, Love is your true power!

February 7

Love is the reason and Love is the way!

February 6

Let Love, Pure Love flow unconditionally in everything you do.

February 5

Pure Love comes from the deepest part of your being, the part that is connected to the Source of Life Itself. Pure Love is selfless; it expresses itself as compassion, kindness, acceptance and generosity. Make sure that you connect to and express Pure Love every day.

February 4

Sometimes those little things that touch your soul and fill you with wonder disappear quickly; so hold on to those moments that bring you feelings of awe and magic as much as you can. Let them anchor in your being and fill you with the Light of Love. They really are the big things!

February 3

Love…unconditional, pure, sacred love; love that gives of itself and requires nothing…is how we came to be, is who we all are and why we are all here.

February 2

Plant yourself firmly into the Unconditional Love that comes from the everlasting Source of the Divine and let Love grow!

February 1

You are enough just as you are right here, right now!! Love yourself right where you are! Love all of you; the parts that you shine for all the world to see, the parts that you hide in the darkness and everything in between. Love the wounded child within and the glorious soul that is expressing itself through you. Love it all without judgement, love it all unconditionally.

Everything that you have ever said or done in your life was meant to be. Meant to get you through the good times and the more challenging times. Meant to protect you, express you and eventually help you grow into even more of who you are here to be. Give thanks for it all and love it all then you can truly let your brilliance shine. You are Enough and you are worthy of all the Love & Light the Universe has in store for you.

January 31

It’s darkest before the dawn; the dark rain clouds can bring the bright beautiful rainbow; the seed lives in darkness before it bursts through the soil to reach for the light of the sun; every child lives in the darkness of the womb before it comes into the light of day. The darkness in your life will give birth to your Light. Look for those glimpses of that brilliant light, let it lift you up and shine through you!

January 30

The heart speaks only of pure love; it’s the mind that plays games with it. Stop the mind games and love with your pure heart.

January 29

We don’t know what other people have been through but we do know that everyone needs love. You cannot truly love someone if you judge them for love does not judge. Let any judgements go and let love flow through you out into the world.

January 28

Sometimes the little things can bring us delightful, magic moments. Take time today to find those delightful moments of magic in the little things.

January 27

There is a reservoir of strength deep within you; it is unlimited as it comes from the Source of all that is. Know it is there and tap into it when you are being tested. You are stronger than you know!!

January 26

Your Soul, your inner Light, the deepest part of you knows the way; listen carefully an let that wisdom and light within guide you.

January 25

The Law of Attraction is something we can’t control, just like the tides, the sunrise and sunset and gravity. It is another Law of the Universe that works the same way for everyone. Everything is made up of Energy, including you and me. The Law of Attraction is like a magnet bringing things that have the same energy to each other. It is a secondary law to the Law of Vibration, which you can control.

The Law of Attraction responds to where your Energy is Vibrationally. Where your energy is vibrationally radiates out into the Universe and the Universe responds through the Law of Attraction by bringing that to you. You have to become internally that which you wish to receive for it to show up.  Feed your mind positive things, ask empowering questions, give thanks for all you have right now and learn and grow from everything. Meditation, prayer, and visioning are powerful tools that can help you shift your vibration to Be & Radiate what you wish to experience.

January 24

Have complete faith and know with every fiber of your being that the Universe supports your soul’s desires. Let yourself be guided from the Light within and miracles will happen.

January 23

It’s a new day in a new year, could it be time for a new you, a new way of looking at things? Open your eyes to see all the amazing opportunities that surround you.

January 22

We make many decisions every day that effect us now and in our future. What decision can you make today that will take your life higher? What decision can you make that will make your future brighter? What decision can you make that will help you be brave enough to Be the Light!

January 21

Let peace begin within your own heart and expand out into the world!

January 20

Today we welcome a new President, a new Vice President, a new view, a new commitment to compassion, equality and unity, a new country and a new  world for us all! Let it be so!

January 19

Let us treat each other with Understanding and Compassion. Let us shower each other and our world with God’s Unconditional Love!

January 18

Though there is darkness in our world now we can’t focus on the darkness or the negative people or events that exist; we must focus on bringing Light to the darkness. Darkness and negativity will only bring more darkness and more negative experiences. Fill your mind with Light and let it flow from you out into the world.

Hate cannot drive out hate and fear only Love can do that. Even if you don’t agree with what people think, do or say go within your own heart and send them Love. Tap on your heart as you breathe into your heart and find the Love that resides there. Let that Love that comes from Divine and is everlasting flow to you, through you and from you.

January 17

It may not always seem like it but everyone and everything is a gift providing you an opportunity to be more of the glorious expression of the Divine you are meant to be.

January 16

See it in your mind’s eye, knowing your mind is connected to the One Mind and it will come to be!

January 15

Clarity is Power! If you aren’t clear you send confusing signals to the Universe and conflicting things come to you. The Universe may send you things you don’t want to help you make up your mind as to what you really do want. Listen to the still small voice within, get clear on what you want and the Universe is delighted to send it to you.

January 14

We are entering a new age; giving birth to a more compassionate world. Sometimes giving birth is painful but the rewards are so worth it. We’re all on this journey together and we can create a more loving planet for everyone. Hold on to the thought of a kinder, more caring world!

January 13

What kind of story will you write?

January 12

It may not always seem like it but hold on everything is going to be alright!

January 12

You are worthy of every good the Universe has in store for you.

January 11

Each one of us is a conscious manifestation of Life itself. Whether you call it God, Source, Creative Intelligence, Divine, Spirit or any other name doesn’t matter. That same Energy that was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be flows through our being and flows through everything, everyone, every where all the time. It is right where you are. There is no separation, only Oneness.

We all live, breath and have our being in God/Source. Being aware of your Oneness to this Creative Intelligence and knowing how the laws of the Universe work will make all the difference in what you experience. Everything comes from the Source. You are always co-creating with Source. Your energy, and your thoughts have a direct effect on your experience. They move from you to the Divine and into manifestation. Be mindful of your thoughts and your energy for what you put out into the Universe will come back to you.

January 10

Let the Light, Love, Creativity & Song of your Soul fly into full expression!

January 9

Take a leap of faith, take that first step and Just Begin!

January 8

Understanding the laws of the Universe will help you understand where you are and what you are experiencing in your life. Your thinking leads to your emotions and actions which lead to what you experience. You have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day and you can’t control them all but you can take control of your thoughts by feeding your mind positive empowering thoughts every day. Start today to shift your thoughts and you will change the trajectory of you life, taking you to new places and bringing you new experiences.

January 7

Forgiveness is the 1st step and Gratitude is the 2nd step in taking your life to the next level. Gratitude changes the energy you have from the events that brought you pain into wisdom and appreciation for the gifts they brought. Gratitude for the good in your life tells the Universe you are ready for more. Anytime you fall into negative thought patterns remember the things you are grateful for and it will shift your energy and take you higher.

January 6

Forgiveness is one of the first steps to experiencing more. Holding onto anger holds you back from more. Think of everything and everyone, including you, that you need to forgive, find the lesson, forgive and let go of any feelings that do not take you to a higher place.

January 5

May your year be filled with smiles, comfort, rainbows, laughter, hugs, sunsets, friendships, beauty, faith, confidence, patience, courage & most of all LOVE!

January 4

2020 was an unprecedented year. For some it was difficult, for some painful, for some it was reflective, for some quiet, for some it was a chance to reprioritize their life, for some it was an opportunity to learn and for some it was a season to grow. Whatever 2020 was for you take to time to reflect on the year, let go of any negativity and get ready to move into more.

To thrive you must let go of anything that holds you back. Take some paper and write down all the things you thought and felt about the year. Use stream of consciousness and write without worrying about spelling or punctuation just write whatever comes to you. Give yourself plenty of time and get it all out. When you are done don’t reread it, just stop, take a deep breath then safely burn it or rip it up and throw it away. Let it go and give thanks for today is a new day in a new year with infinite possibilities. Let’s thrive and make it extraordinary!

January 3

And let it begin with you. Let Peace begin within your own heart then let it spread throughout your home, your family and then let it flow out into the world. Surround the world with the Light of Eternal Peace!

January 2

A new opportunity is at hand to let your Spirit soar. A new beginning awaits your first step. New ideas whisper to your soul. Be still, listen carefully and let your life be guided. The best is yet to be!

January 1

It’s here! Finally! We made it through 2020…together! It’s gone and now we welcome 2021 with open arms! May this New Year keep you safe and healthy and may it bring you new opportunities filled with endless possibilities! May it shower you with Love & Light, may it bring you abundant blessings and may all your dreams come true!

December 31

Happy New Year!! May 2021 bring you more of all the good things that life has to offer: Love, Joy Health, Creativity, Peace & Prosperity!! May your path be clear, may your heart be open, may your mind keep learning, may your creativity be expressed, may your comfort zone keep expanding, may avalanches of abundance grace your life in expected and unexpected ways, and may your dreams come true!
December 30
2020 has been an unprecedented year to say the least. It wasn’t anything we could ever have planned for or imagined while we contemplated our New Year resolutions. We did however have an opportunity to to re-examine our lives and our values. As we close the page on this year what is most important to you? What do you want to experience in 2021?

December 29

The things that wake you up and make you come alive are your soul’s gift to the world. Take time to do those things every day.

December 28

This has been an unbelievable year! It has given us an opportunity to go into the silence and really evaluate our lives, to re-prioritize what is most important. It’s also given us an opportunity to appreciate the simple gifts life brings us. Take time this week to really connect with all you have learned this year and with the magic of your life before we turn the page and greet the New Year.

December 27

May peace fill your heart; may peace ease your mind; and may peace be ever present in our world today and every day.

December 26

Connect with the Light. Surround yourself with the Light. Be the Light. Shine the Light wherever you go!

December 25

No matter where you are in the world may this Christmas bring you abundant blessings of love, joy and peace!

December 24

Take time today to think about the magic of what this night means. Just imagine: Having traveled a long hard journey to a faraway land, a land of unrest; a cold night falls upon the earth and a bright star lights the sky. A young couple alone faces an uncertain future but hold on to their faith. No hospital or room to give birth in so a simple stable must suffice. At last a precious child comes into the world and rests in his mother’s arms, his earthly father lays him in a manger. Shepherds and Kings falling to their knees welcome him with wonder and awe. Despite these humble beginnings this glorious child brings hope for the world. Hope that Love will conquer, Hope that Light will strengthen and Hope that Peace will prevail. May you be filled with the same Love, Light, Peace & Wonder that Jesus brought to us so many years ago.

December 23

In this unprecedented season of giving we have been given the opportunity to really think about the gifts we give. 2020 has given us tremendous pain but it also has given us the gift of stopping, thinking and reevaluating what is most important in our lives.  What is the greatest gift you can give your family, your friends or even strangers?

December 22

The Universe is on your side, it has glorious gifts in store for you. Surrender to the Power of the Universe and let it surprise & delight you!

December 21

December is a month that is full of celebrations. Holidays that celebrate Light, Love, Family & Faith. It is also a month full of Love, full of Hope, full of Magic and full of Miracles for everyone.
No matter what you celebrate this month love, hope, magic and miracles are always in season. May you be touched by magic, may you witness a miracle, may your heart be filled with hope and may you be surrounded in love.

December 20

Be still, close your eyes and let the magic within surprise & delight you!

December 19

It is done unto you as you believe so believe with every atom of your being, every cell in your body and with every beat of your heart!

December 18

Tap into the reservoir of love and joy that reside deep in your heart and let them lead you into a graceful dance with the Universe. Let your heart rejoice, your soul sing and your spirit fly free!

December 17

Today is the anniversary of my mom’s passing. Although I miss her every day I feel her love watching over me. She showers me with love and sends me sweet reminders that we are always connected. Know that love is watching over you too…Always!

December 16

Hope you fee love today and help someone else feel love today. Love is who you are today and every day!

December 15

Where is the love? Let it be with you!

December 14

Some days it is hard to get up, get up anyway.
Some days it’s hard to move your body, move anyway.
Some days it’s hard to breathe, breathe deeply anyway.
Some days it’s hard to push yourself, push anyway.
Some days you just have to force yourself to go through the motions.

It’s okay, tomorrow is a new day and things will get easier.
Keep getting up, keep moving, keep breathing deeply, keep pushing, keep going through the motions and it will get better.
The way to get through whatever difficulty
you are experiencing right now is to go through it
one step at a time, one day at a time.
Keep moving and you will come into the light!

December 13
Take time to go into the silence, you will find the truth of who you are
 patiently awaiting your embrace!

December 12

Life is meant for movement…keep moving, keep taking action in the direction of your soul’s desire!

December 11

Love is where you came from, love is why you’re here, love is who you are at your very core, and love is your soul purpose today and ever day!

December 10

The magic is in YOU! It always has been and it always will be!

December 9

Know it is done, state with certainty, accept completely, announce to the Universe, it is already done. So it is!

December 8

Win or Lose never give up…keep playing, keep  moving , keep growing! You’ve got this!

December 7

If you want to make changes in your life, if you want to create the life of your dreams you must know your why. Why do you want to do what you want to do? Why do you want to be the person you long to be? Why do you want to have the things you want?

Why do you want to change your life? Without a compelling why people tend to stay stuck in their old ways. What will move you to take massive action? What will keep you moving in the direction of your dreams no matter what happens to you or no matter what happens all around you? Find your why and you will find your dreams coming true!

December 6

Become a life long learner and you’ll become a life long earner.

December 5

Be still and listen to the wisdom from within.

December 4

The world needs more love, especially now! May your thoughts, your words and your actions come from a place of Love: the Unconditional Love that comes from the unlimited Source of Love that is the Divine. Fill your being with this Love and let if flow to you, to one another and to our world.

December 3

Every day gives us a new chance to live our life to the fullest. What will you do today?

December 2

Those inner most thoughts and desires that are deep inside your being are whispers from your soul to point you in the direction of your destiny. Be still, listen carefully and let them lead you.

December 1

Let that little flame set your soul on fire!

November 30

We often are so busy taking care of our family, our home, our jobs, our things, etc that we forget about taking care of ourselves. Sometimes we feel guilty or selfish about taking care of ourselves but we must take care of ourselves if we want reach our full potential.

We must take care of our needs and fill ourselves up spiritually and emotionally. When we are full emotionally and spiritually we can grow into the all that we are meant to be. When we take care of ourselves we have more to give to the people and things we take care of. Make sure you take the time to take care of yourself today!

November 29

Let go of the things that weigh you down and hold you back from everything your soul has to express and watch yourself FLY!

November 28

When we doubt we don’t take action, when we fail we are given the opportunity to learn something valuable and try again. Believe and take action.

November 27

Connect to Source and let life flow through you.

November 26

Happy Thanksgiving! As we adjust and reinvent how we celebrate this special day, which seems to be the theme of the year, let us give thanks for all the blessings life can bring. I’m grateful for you!

November 25

We may not know all the answers or all the reasons for everything that happens now but trust and appreciate there are mysteries of life that will all make sense some day. Everything is in Divine Order.

November 24

Take a close look at what already is and give thanks!

November 23

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive.  There are 24 character strengths that Martin Seligman from the University of Pennsylvania along with Christopher Peterson, 2 of the founders of Positive Psychology, identified.

Of all the character strengths Gratitude is the one that will bring about the most happiness and well-being. There are many ways to be grateful so develop a practice of Gratitude that works for you. Begin a gratitude journal; every night think of three things that went well that day; email, text or write people and let them know you appreciate them are just a few. If you want to thrive practice Gratitude!

November 22

What gift can you give that will bring joy to another or enhance their life?

November 21

The Universe is FOR you! Let it surprise and delight you!

November 20

Gratitude is good for your soul, good for your heart and good for your mind. It reminds you of the blessings that already exist in your life warming your heart. It opens your mind to bring in new ideas and new experiences. It allows your soul to express even more of itself. Give thanks today and every day for all that you have and all that you are.

November 19

The Universe loves gratitude. When you are grateful for all you have the Universe aligns with your energy of gratitude and brings more for you to be grateful for.

November 18

Yes you are… just as you are, right here, right now!

November 17

When you appreciate what you have you lift your spirit and raise your vibration which brings more to be grateful for into your life.

November 16

Your beliefs play a very important part in what you experience in life. They dictate your feelings, emotions and your actions which dictate your vibration or energy which dictates what you bring into your life through the law of attraction. Do you know where your beliefs came from? Some probably came from your parents even your grandparents. And some, you may not even know where they came from.

Examine your beliefs, those beliefs that you hold with conviction. Examine where they came from, examine how they resonate within you now. Do they serve your highest good? Do they serve humanity, society, the truth? If they don’t embrace the beliefs that do with conviction and watch your whole world change.

November 15

Whether it’s the big things or the little things give thanks.

November 14

Begin each day with the Light of Love, the Faith of a mustard seed, your soul’s Purpose, the Power from within and with the Grace of God.

November 13

Gratitude is the one thing you can never over do. It is wine for the soul and food for the heart; go on drink up, get drunk, eat up and fill up your being with the sweetness of Gratitude. Give thanks for all the gifts in your life every day!

November 12

Expand your comfort zone and your confidence by doing something that scares you today!

November 11

Let the love, joy, wisdom, creativity, integrity & light rise up from within the debts of you soul.

November 10

Memories hold a special place in our heart. Some may be wonderful, some not so much. Whatever memory you visit remember the joy or lesson then move on.

November 9

Whether you want to experience more love, more abundance, more peace, more understanding, more joy, more of anything, it begins with you. If you want more love be more loving to others. If you want to receive more abundance give more to people. If you want to experience more peace in your world be centered and peaceful yourself. If you want more understanding have an open mind and try to understand others. If you want more joy bring joy to others.

It is a reciprocal Universe; you get out of it what you put into it. You bring to you the things that you put out into the Creative Consciousness, everything you put out into the world. Begin with your relationship with you and your connection to the Source of All That Is. Move from that place of oneness and everything your soul desires, everything you are here to express and experience will come to be!

November 8

Go outside and feel the energy of Nature, let it surround you and bring you to a place of Oneness.

November 7

It may not always seem like it but everything is in Divine Order. Trust the process!

November 6

Sometimes we get caught up in things that we can’t control and we miss the golden opportunities to savor the magic that is all around us. Take time today to savor the simple things that make life worth living!

We are all moving into more of who we are meant to be.

November 4

Hard to do some times but have faith and let go.

November 3

There is so much fear in the world today. For centuries people have used fear to control, manipulate and intimidate others but a new era is upon us. Don’t let fear be your guide anymore. Fear is a powerful force but LOVE is the most powerful force and it can conquer your fear. Put your hand on your heart and breathe, let the Love and the Light within guide you. Let Love win today and every day!

November 2

There may be times when you have been in pain, times when your heart has been hurt, times when you  have been disappointed, wronged or let down, times when things didn’t go the way you expected. It can happen to anyone at any time. It can surprise you and catch you off guard.

You can’t control people or circumstances. You can’t control anything anyone else says or does; you can only control how you respond to those unexpected experiences. Take a deep breath, center in Divine Light, learn the lesson and let go. Let go of any pain, sorrow or disappointment. Let go of anything that keeps you from expressing the greatness that is you.

November 1

A new day, a new month, a new opportunity to create something spectacular!

October 31

There certainly have been some twists and turns in the road this year but we have been given an opportunity to reevaluate our lives and move into something that is absolutely perfect. The best is yet to be!

October 30

The Universe/God/Source whatever name you use is always For you. Always supporting you, always listening to you, always assisting you, and always moving you into more.  The Creative Intelligence that was in the beginning is now and ever shall be is always holding you in the Arms of Love!

October 29

We are all on this journey together, let us respect one another, be kind one another and help each other along the way!

October 28

Often people try to force things to happen but when we relax into what the Universe has in store for us magnificent experiences flow to us, through us and from us.

October 27

Life is full of magic and miracles. Trust the Universe to bring everything that you need to you.

October 26

Some people think things are happening to them. If you’ve ever said or heard someone say “Why does this keep happening to me” it is a misconception. It perpetuates victimhood and you are not a victim. You are a powerful co-creator with the Divine traveling along this magical path of life.

Things don’t happen to you they happen FOR you. Everything is meant to help you experience something, help you learn something, help you share something or help you grow. There is a reason for everything even if you don’t realize it at the time. Everything is happening to bring you into more of who you are at your core which is love, light, abundance, joy, peace, creative, intelligent and powerful!

October 25

You are exactly where you’re supposed to be!

October 24

No matter what gets in the way keep shining your light!

October 23

You are made in the image and likeness of the Divine which means the Truth of who you are is Love, Light, Abundance, Joy, Peace, Creativity. Like the roots of a tree must be deep and strong to produce fruit you must deepen your connection to the truth of who you are and allow it to come through you.

October 22

Take action, keep moving, keep going, take another step in the direction of your heart’s desire.

October 21

Trust your inner knowing!

October 20

It all starts with you!

October 19

The Universe is listening to you all the time. It hears your thoughts, it feels your energy, it responds to your vibration and sends you the things that match where you are. It is like a genie magically saying “your wish is my command”.
Become aware of your thoughts and your emotions as they dictate your beliefs and your actions. When your mind is filled with positive thoughts your emotions trust, your beliefs are life affirming and your actions take you higher. The Universe responds by opening doors, providing synchronicity and bringing you the things that match your vibration.

October 18

Some days can be blue but when it rains look for the rainbow.

October 17

Days turn into weeks, months and years much too fast. Make each one count!

October 16

Sometimes life presents an illusion that we are less than we truly are. Remember the truth of who you are. You are a child of the Divine, made in the image and likeness of Source which means you are Creative Intelligence, Unconditional Love, Pure Joy, Radiant Light, Eternal Peace, Absolute Abundance, Perfect, Whole and Complete, Right here, right now!

October 15

Know you are worth all the Good the Universe has in store right here, right now.

October 14

May the road you travel remind you of the beauty and peace in the world!

October 13

Have the faith of a mustard seed, let go and let the Universe work it’s magic!

October 12

The only constant in life is change. The moon, the tides, the seasons, the weather and even the sun all flow and change. The same is true for you, your children, your family everything is growing and changing. The Universe and our world are continually moving and change is happening all the time.

Change can be beautiful. The glorious colors of fall, the pure white of the new fallen snow, the fresh flowers in spring, the waves kissing the shore in summer, the full moon rising over the water, the magnificent sunrise and sunset each day grace us with their beauty and wonder always. The birth of a child, a new found friend, a lesson learned, a miracle bestowed, love given and love received are all beautiful expressions of life affirming change. Embrace the beauty and wonder of change in your life!

October 11

Surrender to all the Good the Universe has in store for you!!

October 10

We often keep trying to open the same door and it doesn’t work. Find the door that calls to your soul and open that one…it’s yours!

October 9

Strengthen your connection to the Divine and you will know love like never before; you will be healed and made whole; you will be guided to your highest and best, and you will never feel alone again!

October 8

Every experience colors who we are and who we are meant to be. Give thanks for the colors in your life.

October 7

Align your thoughts and your energy with the life you want to experience and it will come to be!

October 6

The ABCs of You! Say “I am” before each word. Repeat daily!

October 5

I spent this past weekend on a virtual workshop with Rob Wergin from the movie Heal. He is truly an amazing man and an incredible healer. I could feel the light beings healing my body and showering me with Light and Unconditional Love. I saw my ancestors and felt their joy for the healing that was taking place. The final morning we were greeted by 2 coyotes walking peacefully through the back yard. Coyotes represent the deep magic of life and creation. It was truly a magical weekend and it reminded me that we are all angels.

We are all made of stardust, we all came from the Divine, we are all Light, we are all Love at our core. We all came here to share our unique gifts with the world. Sometimes the gift may not seem like a gift but trust and know that beyond every experience there is a gift awaiting your embrace. No matter how difficult it may seem look for the gift in every encounter and let that gift move you into more of who you are meant to be.

October 4

The stars will help light the way, look for them to guide you.

October 3

Let the Light embrace you, wash over you, heal you, and let it flow through you out into the world!

October 2

The chaos, the darkness and the challenges are getting stirred up so they can dissipate. They all have a gift hidden in them. They are not meant to make you suffer, they are meant to move you into more. Do not let the chaos bring your energy and your vibration down. It’s time to step into you Light and step into your Power.

October 1

Take a leap of faith and take the first step!

September 30

Everything is helping you become more of the magnificent expression of Life that you are meant to be.

September 29

Step out of your comfort zone and see how far you can go.

September 28

If you want to take your life to the next level and reach your fill potential invest on the inside. Invest in your mind, in your heart, in your energy, and invest in understanding the way the Universe works and in understanding who you are and why you do and think the things you do.

Your mind is like a parachute, it works best when it’s open so read inspirational, uplifting, educational works. Spend time in meditation and prayer. Practice gratitude and give thanks for all the gifts you have. Study psychology to better understand why you think and do the things you do. Study the laws of attraction and vibration and the laws of the Universe to learn how to use these laws to bring out the best version of you!

September 27

What are you grateful for today?

September 26

Stand tall, believe in yourself and savor the sweetness of Life!

September 25

Your job is to find the walls you have built up that block all the love, joy, abundance and wholeness you deserve and knock them down. When you knock them down all the good the Divine has in store for you will flow easily and effortlessly into you life.

September 24

If “Plan A” didn’t work keep going, there are so many possibilities.

September 23

Our wounds give us a deeper capacity to love and understand

September 22

The secret to being creative is to create, create, create and keep creating. The more you create the easier creativity flows.

September 21

Emotion is just energy moving and flowing in and through you. They come and they go. The emotions you feel are like a map to understanding who you are and what you are experiencing. They show you where you are vibrating and your vibration dictates what you attract into your life.

Positive emotions let the law of attraction bring positive things and experiences to you and negative emotions bring negativity. You can’t be positive all the time but if you let negative emotions get stuck in your energy field you block the good the Universe has in store for you from flowing into your life. You have to go through those emotions to get to the other side. Feel your emotions and let them move through you.

September 20

Sometimes it seems as if there is not enough integrity in the world these days. When you live with honesty, respect, responsibility, graciousness, helpfulness, and patience you live with integrity. Are you living with these things? The world needs us all to live with more integrity!

September 19

Change is the only constant there is so embrace it and keep growing.

September 18

Sometimes we block our own good from coming into our lives. Stop, breathe, have faith and be open to all the miracles the Universe has in store.

September 17

Life is precious and fleeting so pay attention, you don’t want to miss the good stuff.

September 16

If it isn’t helping you express the fullness of who you are let it go!

September 15

Let grace fill your sails. Let joy move your body and let love guide each day.

September 14

We all go through difficult times. We all fall down. We all try and fail. We all have our moments when we feel stuck in the mud. No matter what has gone on before be like the beautiful lotus and rise up out of the mud, They emerge from the murky waters every morning perfectly clean and spectacular. They are not tarnished by the difficult waters. They reach for the light and share their beauty for all the world to see. Begin your day the same way. Don’t let the darkness keep you down. Let your Spirit rise up, reach for the light and let your beautiful soul shine brightly for all the world to see.

September 13

Beauty is not one thing, it is many things. It comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. It shines from within and radiates outward. No matter what shape, size or color you are embrace your beauty and shine from within. You are beautiful!!

September 12

The people you surround yourself with can make all the difference in the world so choose to be around people that nourish you as much as possible.

September 11

Chaos often precedes change. There is much chaos going on these days. Remember that with great chaos comes great change. Be part of the change you wish to see by focusing your attention not on the chaos at hand but on the brilliant  change that is coming.

September 10

Give thanks for the miracle of Love!

September 9

We become who we surround ourselves with. Make sure they are people that will go higher with you.

September 8

Practice Patience with others and with yourself.

September 7

It’s a reciprocal Universe. Everything is in balance. What goes up must come down. Everything is energy and everything responds to energy. You get what you give so if you want to receive more you must give more. In order to give more you have to make sure you are full. You have to feed your mind, feed your spirit, and feed your body.

To feed your mind read, take classes, learn more about you and what you can do to increase what you experience in life and do things that expand your comfort zone. To feed your spirit meditate, pray, read spiritual books, and do things that touch your heart and feed your soul. To feed your body eat healthy, exercise and love your body. As you fill and strengthen all that you are you can give more and in turn receive more.

September 6

As you increase your knowledge and you can increase your income.

September 5

Become a life long learner!!!

September 4

Take time to savor the wonder, the beauty and the magic of Life itself. It is all around you calling you to slow you down and  be present to the precious moments life offers you.

September 3

Sometimes we forget but Unconditional Love is who we truly are!

September 2

I’m possible, you’re possible, it’s possible!!!

September 1

We all have a precious, innocent child within.. embrace that child and let their wonder remind you of the miracle of life.

August 31

When you change your thinking even just one degree you change your words, your beliefs and your actions which in turn will change the trajectory of your life. Think about the impact of the One Degree Effect in a plane’s flight path. If a plane flew from New York to San Francisco and was just one degree (1 degree is just 1/360th of a circle) off its course, every 60 miles it would go one mile off course and end up 43 miles away from it’s intended destination. Multiply that by distance and time and the difference is huge.
Changing just one thought, word, belief and action every day will lead you to a totally new destination. We often stop ourselves before we even start by thinking there is too much to do to change our lives but in reality just changing one thought or doing one thing every day will change the trajectory of our life forever. Take it one thought at a time and one step at a time. What is one limiting thought or belief you can change today? What is one action you can take to bring you closer to your heart’s desire?

August 30

Everyone needs a little help now and then. It’s okay! You don’t have to have all the answers and you don’t have to do everything alone. We’re all on this journey together.

August 29

Find the wonder right where you are!

August 28

Sometimes a gentle touch, an encouraging word, a sincere smile, a listening ear or a random act of kindness is all it takes to show someone you care. Reach out and touch someone with your love in whatever way that shows up for you. Together we can make the world brighter!

August 27

Love yourself right where you are now and you will allow your spirit to blossom and grow!

August 26

Let your Light Shine no matter what!

August 25

I love the smell of summer rain! It reminds me of the fabulous water fights I used to have with my siblings when I was a child. So much fun! What memories remind you of the carefree, radiant child within?

August 24

A new day, a new beginning, a new moment in time, a new opportunity to create an even better version of you! Each day you are given a gift and a chance to begin anew or to continue something you’ve already started. A chance to appreciate this moment in time, to embrace the new opportunities life has in store for you, to celebrate something spectacular that you created and a chance to give thanks for the glorious gift of your life.

What will you begin? What will you create? What will you continue or finish? What will you celebrate? What will you embrace? What will you change? What do you appreciate? What thoughts will you feed your mind? What beliefs will you let go of or claim as your own? What actions will you take?  Who will you become with the precious gift of this glorious new day?

August 23

Seek out the things that inspire you, motivate you, move you,  and touch your heart and soul.

August 22

Life has been throwing lots of curve balls lately. Breathe and know this too shall pass. The best is yet to be!

August 21

Take time to savor those delicious moments that life brings to you; a beautiful sunset, a magical sunrise, the brilliant sky, the flowing clouds, the flutter of a hummingbird, the gentleness of a bunny, the tenderness of a kiss, the touch of a friend, the hugs of family, the kindness of a stranger, the wonder of the natural world… there are so many things to savor. Take time to appreciate and savor the splendor of Life.

August 20

Blossom, grow, flourish and add your own special beauty to the world.

August 19

Surrender to what the Universe has in store for you!

August 18

Come to embrace the magnificence that is you!!!

August 17

Your thoughts are seeds planted into the Universal Mind. The Law of the Universe must obey for it is the Creative Soil through which all things come into manifestation or form. You are like a farmer planting seeds, if you plant pumpkin seeds you will grow pumpkins, you will never grow watermelons from pumpkin seeds. The same is true for you; you will not experience love and abundance if your consistent thoughts are of fear, lack or limitation.

Your thoughts are seeds and they dictate your beliefs, actions and your vibration. The Universal Mind is the soil. Your life is the manifestation of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, which all determine your vibration. When your vibration is in harmony with the Abundant Universe doors will open, opportunities will arrive, synchronicity will appear, magic will happen, and you will be guided to move in the direction that serves your highest good. What are you growing?

August 16

Yes it is! Always! The Universe is for you! Life is happening for you not to you!

August 15

There’s something magical about the sun waking up the earth. May you see it, feel it and embrace it today!

August 14

What thoughts come to your mind throughout the day? What thoughts evoke emotion in you? What thoughts do you repeat often? Become aware of your thoughts and the emotions that accompany them. If they don’t empower you or take you higher replace them with thoughts that raise your energy and promote positive emotions.

August 13

Try to see the Light in every situation!

August 12

Be brilliant, be bold, be brave and Begin!

August 11

Listen to the song of your heart and let it sing to you and lead the way!

August 10

Whether it’s a quantum leap or a single step keep moving and flowing down the river of Life. Movement brings momentum and momentum will move you closer to your dreams.  You won’t get anywhere if you stand still. We are meant to take action and move. Movement leads to progress and progress leads to success. Take action and keep moving toward your dreams.

Fill your mind with empowering thoughts and quality questions and you will shift your energy. As you shift your energy you will change the trajectory of your life. Every decision you make, every step you take will give you new information. Keep learning and growing and you will reach new heights. Every leap and every step will bring you closer to where you are meant to be. Move & Trust the best is yet to be!

August 9

Have Faith… Open to Receive… Let your Light guide you!

August 8

Let that flame burst into a fire!

August 7

Take your Love and take your Light and shine it without expectations, without conditions and you’ll light up the whole sky!

August 6

See it…feel it…let it move through you!

August 5

What gift would make your soul sing and your heart happy?

August 4

Miracles happen every day…be open to receive them!

August 3

We all have been sent to our room to think about what we have been doing during this pandemic. What have you been doing? What have you focused on? Where have you been directing your energy? What have you been prioritizing? What have you learned during these unprecedented times? What will your new normal look like? What will you hold on to? What will you let go?

Use this time wisely and make a conscious decision to create a life that honors and prioritizes the most important things in life. Do things that make you come alive. Focus on things that raise your vibration. Direct your energy to things that enhance your life. Prioritize the things that speak to your soul. Spend your time on things that take you higher. Give thanks for the blessings in your life and make the world a better place with your Love.

August 2

Love is unlimited as it comes from Source so love one another freely and generously!

August 1

The world needs your Light now more than ever so Shine brightly and you will help others out of the darkness!

July 31

Have faith in the Universe; know it supports you always moving into more. Have faith in Life; know you are exactly where you are meant to be. Have faith in you; know your soul has all the answers and it will guide you to your highest and best!

July 30

If you are going through a difficult time remember This too shall pass. Hang in there; you’ve been in difficult situations before and you will get through this too. It’s going to be alright!

July 29

It is an abundant Universe, abundance is your true nature. Don’t let the little things block the flow of Good coming to you.

July 28

Dare to dream of the life you want to experience, who you want to become. When you dream it, you can see it and you can feel it and move into it!

July 27

Let it be you to raise your vibration, let it be you to reach a new level, to learn and grow, to move into more, to strengthen your connection, to be still and hear the wisdom within, to follow the guidance from the Universe, to take massive action, to change your life and change the world for the better. Let it be you to reach your full potential and live the life you dream of. Let it be you Right here, right now!

July 26

Listen to the whispers of the Universe. They’re leading you into more!

July 25

When you grasp the lesson in each difficult experience and give thanks for it you don’t have to repeat it. Learn the lesson and let go!

July 24

There is a glorious, joyful, radiant, playful child within, remember to let that child within come out to play and fill your world with radiant joy! Embrace your inner child and go out and play!

July 23

There is abundance all around you, let it flow through you! It is your true nature!

July 22

Be still and listen closely to the whispers of your soul! It knows the way!

July 21

Turn your darkness into light and your mess into your message! Everything is happening to help you grow!

July 20

Where are you now in your life professionally, spiritually, emotionally,  financially, physical body, in your relationships, in what you contribute to the world? You can’t get to where you want to be until you know where you are. Honestly look at where you are in all these areas and give yourself a score of 1-10, 1 being low and 10 being high.

Where do you want to be in each area of your life? What does an ideal life look like to you? You can’t get to where you want to be doing the same thing you’ve been doing. You have to take action and learn to unlock the blocks that hold you back. Get new information and learn about the tools that will give you results and move you in the direction of where you want to be. Get crystal clear on what you want and embrace why you want it.  Follow these things and you will move toward the life of your dreams.

July 19

Close your eyes and believe…believe you are Light…believe you are Love…believe you are connected to the Magic of the Universe for indeed you are!

July 18

Appreciate the little things that make your life worth living!!

July 17

If you could change one thing about you what would it be? What quality would you like to embrace? How would your life change if you made that one adjustment? What would your life look like if you made the change? Imagine it, feel it and make it a must to adoptd that change!

July 16

Keep reaching and growing!!

July 15

The world needs your Light! Shine on!!!

July 14

Heaven is all around you!!

July 13

I love the quote “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” by Howard Thurman. What makes you come alive? What makes your heart sing and makes time stand still while you’re doing it?

Listen to the whispers of your soul and the yearnings of your heart for they are trying to speak to you. There is a story for you to write, a song for you to sing; a dance, a painting, a word, an idea, a touch, a lesson, something special that only you can share with the world. Whatever it is, whatever makes you come alive go do it and share it with the world!

July 12

What did you do today to make someone smile?

July 11

The people in your life that support you are Priceless! Cherish them!

July 10

Today is my birthday and the gratitude and love I feel for all the love my husband, kids, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, siblings, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and friends have bestowed upon me is deeply humbling! Thank You, my heart overflows!

Who has touched your life and showered you with Love?

July 9

Open your heart and let Love lead the way!

July 8

The magic is in You!!

July 7

Let the magic of the Universe move you!!