Welcome to the Law of Attraction & Vibration! Are you ready to shift your vibration and create the life of your dreams?

This precious gift we call life is such a blessing. It can sometimes be confusing but understanding the way the Universe works will help you bring everything in your life into alignment. To understand the Law of Attraction you must also understand The Law of  Vibration.

The Law of Vibration states that everything in life is Energy and everything has a certain vibration or frequency to it. This includes you; your thoughts and your emotions dictate your vibration. The Law of Vibration along with the Law of Attraction act as a mirror reflecting back to you what you are transmitting into the Universe through your thoughts and emotions or your vibration. If your thoughts are thoughts of love and abundance that is what you will vibrate and that is what you will bring into your life. If your thoughts are thoughts of lack and unworthiness you will bring that into your life as well. Learning how to control your thoughts and emotions will dictate your beliefs and your actions. Understanding this is the secret to reaching your full potential and living the life you dream of. When you begin to reach your full potential you also inspire those around you to reach their full potential. We are all on this journey together. We all can take each other higher and make this glorious planet of ours a better place. May abundant blessings grace your life Day By Day!

I Am… Affirmation Cards for Kids

Some simple tools that will help you shift your energy and move into more are listed below. I have used all these tools to transform my own life and highly recommend them. I do get a small portion of the sale but whether you buy them through these links or other ways I encourage you to feed your mind and expand your knowledge so you can make informed decisions as you reach your full potential and live the life of your dreams.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping is a great tool which is taken from the ancient art of acupuncture to help you transform your life. Working with the energy that flows through your body via the meridians that exist in your body tapping helps to release stress, anxiety, pain etc. and increase wellness. It improves the flow of energy throughout your body which will help you raise your energy and your vibration. It can help you unblock stuck energy so you can move freely and create the life of your dreams. I have been doing tapping and find it incredibly beneficial and very easy to follow. For visual learners this great video with Nick Ortner (The Tapping Solution) and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) will explain more and teach you how to use tapping to shift your life.

For people who prefer a book this book is an incredible tool to explain how tapping can help you. Here is are reviews by Jack Canfield and Louise Hay. “EFT is the most powerful new transformational technology to come along in years, and the inspiring stories in The Tapping Solution give readers a first-hand account of its effectiveness. Nick Ortner’s thorough exploration of tapping and its benefits will leave you with the quickest way I know to tackle your problems, whether physical or emotional. I highly recommend it.” — Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Tapping into Ultimate Success. “I believe Nick Ortner’s teachings are easy to use and practical but work like magic. He certainly has taught me to magically release or dissolve problems of all sorts through the process of tapping. You will love this book, The Tapping Solution—I certainly do.”
— Louise L. Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life

This book and Tony Robbins changed my life forever! I began to shift my life with this book and then graduated from Tony’s Mastery University, Leadership Academy, I have walked on fire many times and crewed many of his events. Tony is a master at helping people change the trajectory of their life forever. I highly recommend his books and his seminars. Here a couple of reviews from some great teachers and coaches. “Required reading for anyone committed to increasing the quality of their life.” — Dr. Barbara De Angelis ― author of #1 bestsellers How to Make Love All the Time and Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know. “Anthony Robbins is the ‘ultimate coach’ for that special breed of men and women who will never settle for less than they can be.” — Pat Riley ― NBA “Coach of the Decade”

Another must have for anyone who wants to heal their life. Louise L. Hay is a world famous teacher that has helped millions of people to free themselves from the cycles of fear, stress, and guilt which limit their lives.  Louise dedicated her life to helping people heal and reach their full potential. I have used her books for many years.

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