Seeing Isn’t Believing


“Seeing Isn’t Believing, Believing Is Seeing”

I was watching “The Santa Clause” staring Tim Allen the other day and one of Santa’s elves said to Santa (Tim Allen) “Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing” and I thought what a great way to look at things. Many people think “seeing is believing” but actually “believing is seeing”. We must believe what we want to experience is ours to see it appear in our lives. We must have the faith of a mustard seed, we must know without a shadow of a doubt, we must believe with every fiber of our being, and then we will see it. When we believe we can have, do or be whatever we want then it will come to be.

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Law of Attraction & Vibration Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day

April 30

As the month of April ends and May begins open up to the changes of the seasons, the changes of the temperature, the changes of the scenery & the changes in you. Let the changes your heart wants to express come to fruition. Let the changes your soul wants to share with the world blossom & grow.

April 29

Whatever you focus on you get more of so focus on the things you want more of in your life!

April 28

Take a deep breath and stop for just a moment to appreciate the beauty and the wonder of life!

April 27

Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground but let your mind and your spirit soar!

April 26

This baby squirrel followed my husband and I down a city street today as we tried to get him to a tree. The squirrel ran around my husband’s leg, stopped repeatedly at his feet and followed us til he was safely at the tree. It was so unexpected and so cute. A little magic in the middle of an ordinary day. Be open to the surprises the Universe has in store for you today.

April 25

Spring…a time for growth, a time of rebirth, a time for action. Take action today and give birth to even more of the greatness that is you.

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Monday Morning Motivations

Monday Morning Motivation

July 26

We have approximately 60,000 thoughts every day so we can’t control them all. We can however, pay attention and become aware of our thoughts. We can give energy and emotion to whatever we want to. We can give lots of emotion to the things we want to experience. We can consciously place any thoughts we want into your mind anytime. We can repeat thoughts of the things we want more of throughout the day. We can feed our mind information that inspires us. We can read things that life our spirit and our mood. We can do things that increase our positive thoughts and take us higher. When we master our mind we can master our life.

July 19

There are no two people on this planet that are exactly alike; we are all different. Each one of us is a unique expression of the Divine; each one a glorious manifestation of the Most High. Everyone is special in their own right; bringing an individualized agenda to experience and a distinctive purpose to fulfil.

The world is full of variety, full of an infinite number of things to discover and enjoy. Discover the magic, beauty and wonder of you! Your job this lifetime is to be yourself; to love and embrace all of you. You have a unique gift to uncover and share with the world. You are worthy of all the magic and miracles the Universe has in store for you.

July 12

Being creative is good for the mind, body and soul. Creativity helps us learn,  grow and thrive. It is part of our soul’s desire to express itself and part of our purpose for being on this journey we call life. Creativity shows up in many forms.  Explore different ways that make your heart sing and your creative juices flow. Here are 8 Types of Creative Intelligence as described by Howard Gardner. Try some of these suggestions or create your own.

1. Social or Interpersonal: Engage in discussions and conversations with people you know and people that you don’t know where you exchange ideas and build relationships.  2. Musical: learn to play an instrument, attend concerts, sing/hum alone or with others. · 3. Spatial: Draw, paint, design rooms or websites, make cards, cerate logos, or try mind mapping. 4. Bodily-Kinesthetic: dance, play sports, walk or exercise in any form. 5. Logical-Mathematical: solve problems, balance checkbooks, create schedules or a budget. 6. Intrapersonal: keep a journal, meditate, read alone or study to answer personal questions. 7. Naturalistic: nature nurtures the mind; create a vegetable or flower garden, walk barefoot, go for a walk in the woods, on the beach or photograph nature.

July 5

Every time you celebrate something you raise your vibration. When you raise your vibration you send a signal to the Universe that you are ready to receive higher vibrational things and experiences. There is something to celebrate every day; it can be as simple as checking off something on your to do list, completing a workout, making a call, reaching out to someone, or eating a healthy meal. Take time to stop and celebrate all your accomplishments; even the little things and the Universe will bring you more things to celebrate.

June 28

I love this quote; Life really is like a camera. Whatever you focus on you get more of so focus on what’s most important. Capture the good times and hold on to those memories, they will bring you joy that will last a lifetime.  Develop from the negatives; they can teach you so much about how strong and spectacular you are. If things don’t work out take another shot. Life always gives you second chances, even third. Make the most of this glorious journey we call Life.

June 21

Today is the first day of summer where I live and it’s going to be a hot one. I am not crazy about too much heat but I love summer! I love how everything has come to life after a long winter’s nap. I love the long days, how bright the sun is and the warmth of the summer nights. I love the sunrises and the sunsets. I love the colors of the flowers in my gardens and the organic vegetables we are growing. I love seeing the bunnies hopping around the yard and the hummingbirds and bees busily making their way through the day. I love how alive I feel and how much energy I get from the summer sun. Let the joy, wonder, light, beauty and glory of summer inspire you and move you into more of who you are meant to be.

June 14

Your emotions are like a road map showing you where you are vibrating. When you feel bad you deny the truth of who you really are at your core and you block the good of the Universe from coming into your life. When you feel good you allow the truth of who you are to shine and you allow the good of the Universe to flow through you easily and effortlessly.

Emotions are just energy in motion so pay attention to what you are feeling. Whatever your emotions are remind yourself they are important to let you know where you are vibrating but they are also only temporary. Feel them and let any negative emotions move through you so you can get to other side to let the magic and miracles of the Universe grace your life.

June 7

Plant seeds/thoughts of what you wish to experience into your mind and send those thoughts out into the Creative Intelligence that flows through all things. Nurture those seeds/thoughts by pouring positive energy into them, visualizing them as complete, and following any guidance you receive from the Divine knowing within.  Keep doing that until they come to be.

Don’t put any restrictions on them; know they will come to be. If you restrict them by thinking they should have already come to be or that they are impossible it’s like stepping on a tiny sapling as it’s head tries to emerge from the soil to reach for the sun and you kill them. Your job is to do the work of nurturing them with positivity and then let go. Let the Creative Intelligence, which is the soil from which all things come into fruition, do it’s work. Nurture them, let go and allow them to grow!

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Forgiveness can sometimes be a difficult thing but not forgiving can be even more difficult in the long run. Not forgiving creates negative energy in our being which has an impact on one’s life. Society may tell us in many different ways not to forgive. Society tells us to punish the perpetrator, to hold on to the anger we feel and to seek revenge and get back at the person who we feel has wronged us. These societal beliefs are wrong. Some people think of forgiveness as a sign of weakness but the truth is not forgiving weakens us, forgiving strengthens us.

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Gift of Grace


The Gift of Grace

“The winds of grace are always blowing but you have to raise the sail. The gifts move across the waters but we must be willing to receive them.”

What is grace? The Merriam-Webster dictionary says grace is a virtue coming from God. Ernest Holmes states “Grace is, but we need to recognize it.” I think Grace is in each one of us. It is always there for us to tap into and experience.  When we walk in awareness, when we walk in love, when we walk in light or when we walk in faith we also walk in grace. When we walk in grace there is a certain effortless to our journey. The road is a little smoother, the waters are calmer and the sun shines a little brighter. Magic and miracles seem to be present in our lives on a regular basis and doors appear where we once thought there were none. Grace is a gift to be nurtured and allowed to expand in our life.

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Home to Myself


“Dreams do come true, your fantasies can become your reality.
The secret yearning deep inside is your soul calling you home to yourself.” Judy Luca

Home to Yourself

The deepest part of you knows all the answers. The little voice inside that whispers to you in the silence is your path home to yourself. Think of what touches that place deep within you. What makes your heart skip a beat, what excites you or evokes joy in you? What could you do all day long and not even realize the day is over? Those are messages from your higher self dropping hints for you to find your way.

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“I am eternally grateful for the love that permeates my life, the grace that flows through me, the light that shines within, the peace that pervades my being, the abundance that flows so freely, my precious connection to Divine, and for the guidance I receive each day!” Judy Luca

Gratitude is the door that opens our heart. As our hearts open more will come into our life. The more we are grateful for the gifts we already have in our lives the more we will receive. There is so much to be grateful for always!  When you focus on all you have to be grateful for fear disappears, when fear disappears you open your life to experience all the blessings life has to offer.

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Law of Attraction


“With our thoughts, we make the world” Buddha

Law of Attraction

Understanding the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration can make this precious gift we call life even more of a blessing. Life can sometimes be confusing or difficult to navigate but when you understand the way the Universe works you can bring your life into alignment with what you desire. When you are aligned with the laws of the Universe you can flow easily through life.
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