Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day

November 29

We live in an abundant Universe. It is filled with magic & miracles. It is filled with sacred wonders that take our breath away. You are just as important as the wonders that take our breath away. You are part of the magic and the miracles that fill this glorious space we call Earth. You are an integral part of the Universe.
The Universe is on your side, it is always for a fuller expression of You. It will always support you and your growth as you remember who you really are. The Universe will send you magic and miracles as you travel this path, it has splendid surprises in store for you. Have Faith, strengthen your connection to the Divine, listen to the whispers of the wind and allow all the glory of the Universe to flow through you.

November 28

Within you there is wisdom, strength, love & magic! Take time to tap into all that lies within you every day.

November 27

I begin and end my day with simple tapping techniques. They only take 10-15 minutes and they help me shift my energy so that I start my day on a more positive productive note and end my day relaxing and letting go of any tension or concern so I can sleep more peacefully. It’s a great way to start and end your day!

November 26

You really are!!! The whole Universe is on your side!!

 November 25

Today is Thanksgiving in the US, one of my favorite holidays! A day devoted to gratitude, giving, family, friends and food. May your day be filled with gratitude and love!

November 24

I am grateful for you! You help me to see more and be more!! Thank you!!

November 23

Appreciate what you have, where you are, what you do and who you are right now.

November 22

My daughter and I were at a yoga retreat when she reached out to take my hand during shavasana. It was such a precious moment and I’m so grateful a photographer captured it so I can relive that moment whenever I want. Give thanks for the hands that hold yours; give thanks for the love that touches you; give thanks for the good times and the ones that don’t always seem so good; give thanks for the lessons and the gifts,; give thanks for it all.

Everything is helping you uncover the greatness within as you reach your full potential. Begin a Gratitude journal and write 3 things you are grateful for every day. Another easy exercise to bring gratitude into your life is at the end of each day as you lie in bed give thanks for 3 things that went well during the day. Do this every day and your world will begin to shift in miraculous ways.

November 21

Gratitude is such a powerful force. It fills your heart with joy and lifts your spirit. It gives you strength to face your fears which allows you to take risks and expand your comfort zone. As you expand your comfort zone you allow more into your life and abundance graces your life in expected and unexpected ways.

November 20

When the Universe blesses you with gifts of abundance, love, or grace say “Thank you, more please!”

November 19

Gratitude is wine for the soul, it’s also food for your mind and your heart. Drink up! Eat up! Fill your life and your world with the things that nurture your being and nourish your spirit. Fill your life with gratitude for everything that touches you, teaches you and helps you uncover the greatness that is you.

November 18

You were born to shine your light, your love and your joy on the world! Connect with all that light, love and joy that is at the very core of your being and let it be expressed through all that you think do and say!

November 17

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping is a great tool which is taken from the ancient art of acupuncture to help you transform your life. Working with the energy that flows through your body via the meridians that exist in your body tapping helps to release stress, anxiety, pain etc. and increase wellness. It improves the flow of energy throughout your body which will help you raise your energy and your vibration which in turn sends a signal out to the Universe bringing things with a higher vibration back to you. It can help you unblock stuck energy so you can move freely and create the life of your dreams.

November 16

Kindness makes your day and the day of another so much better. Touch someone with kindness today.

November 15

The dictionary defines appreciate as: to grasp the nature, worth, quality, or significance of something or someone or; to increase in number or value. What you appreciate grows, expands and appreciates. When you fully grasp the worth of something its value increases. As you appreciate and give thanks for all the gifts in your life more gifts will come to you. Take a moment today to appreciate your life. Make time to stop and appreciate all the little things and the big things and watch them all increase!


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