Today I choose Joy!

It’s a reciprocal Universe; I get out of Life what I put into it.

I can’t get it wrong.

I am kind to others and to myself.

I am a glorious manifestation of the Most High!

I listen to the directions of my internal guidance system.

I let words of wisdom fall upon my heart.

I put my Being-ness into Doing-ness.

I move my desire into creation.

I am unlimited.

I am inspired to create!

I let Change in and it helps me grow.

I value ME. I see and honor my gifts and my potential.

I am LOVE!

I say “Yes” to the Universe!

Today I take time to appreciate the little things that fill my world with wonder.

I have no beginning and no end for I am eternal and everlasting.

The Force is always with me.

What else is possible for me?

My heart is happy and my soul sings.

I break the chains that hold me back

Miracles happen every day

I’m possible

I am Kind

Every day I reach, stretch & grow!

I embrace each season of my life.

The Universe is loving me all day lone.

 It’s never to late so I begin it today.

I love, appreciate and take care of this glorious planet we live on!

I create habits that support my goals.

I am inspired by others but I never compare myself to others.

I surround myself with people who nourish my soul.

I Love Me!

I am a conscious manifestation of Life Itself.

My Light leads the way.

I am centered and calm.

 I practice stillness to hear the Voice of the Divine.

I give thanks for the hands that hold mine through all of life’s ups and downs.

My voice creates harmony and compassion.

The darkness serves the Light.

I plant seeds of Love, Peace, Abundance & Joy.

My life is unfolding perfectly.

I enjoy the beauty and wonder of Life!

I am continually becoming more of Me.

I love how good I feel when I feel good.

I embrace the changes in my life.

I know myself!

I see the Good in everyone and everything.

I let my Spirit fly free and I soar!

I surrender to my highest self and my life unfolds magically.

My loving heart is the purest wisdom.

I am expanding and becoming more of my Divine Nature.

I am a Glorious Manifestation of the Most High!

I welcome spring and let it cleanse, rejuvenate and inspire me.

When I face a difficulty I ask what can I do with the situation to uncover my greatness

I remember all the precious memories, goals achieved and lessons learned from my past but I don’t live there.

God holds me in the palm of His Hand and the luck of the Irish blesses me!

I am ready for my miracle!

Life is full of surprises and I see the good in them.

I begin it!

I keep moving forward.

I decide, declare and do!

Love is Love is Love is Love and it cannot be killed or swept away.

I am open to receive miracles

I am an active co-creator in my Life.

I stop and rest when I need to.

I let Life inspire me!

I speak my truth.

I see the beauty in each storm.

My darkness gives birth to my Light!

My Spirit is filled with hope and inspiration as I blossom and grow.

I let the Divine spark within set my soul to fire!

I Love Myself!

I feel LOVE all day long!

I Love always in all ways!

I plant seeds of Love every day.

I Love others with grace.

I let the spark of God’s Divinity set my Soul on fire.

If Love doesn’t seem to be working I increase the dosage.

Everyone is Light, everyone is Love.

Love is in the air always!

I am Love!

I Love one another.

I do more of the things I love.

I leave a legacy of love.

I let Love heal my life.

L.O.V.E. can take me higher.

I see with the eyes of Love.

I let Love fill my world!!

I love, accept and honor others.

I hold on to the little things that make life and love worthwhile.

The fire of Love heals me and inspires me.

I celebrate Love every day.

I spend my time wisely.

I learn and grow every day. I’ve got this!

I was born to shine!

We are stronger together.

I take the next step!

I take care of my money and it takes care of me.

I let my intuition guide me.

I feed my mind positive empowering thoughts every day.

I collect moments not things.

I am capable of great things.

I let my creativity flow!

I see the good in myself and in others.

I am blessed!

I am infected with the contagious power of Love!

Life gets greater later!

I am a Voice not an echo!

I am present to this precious moment of Now.

I am grateful for all the angels that show up in my life no matter what form they take.

I fill my heart, mind and world with Peace, Love & Light.

I feed my mind positive thoughts all day long.

I keep moving to keep my balance.

I begin this new day grounded in Love, Light Peace & Gratitude!

I begin this new year with a plan to make 2023 extraordinary!

I begin the new year with reflection of the past and anticipation of the future.

I let my Light shine!

I take time to be still, to evaluate my life and to appreciate the many gifts I have been given.

I am touched by Magic, filled with Hope and surrounded in Love!

I rejoice in the glory and the magic of the season.

I am the Magic!

Love is watching over me always.

Love is my Soul purpose!

I feel the magic in the air!

I follow the Recipe for Life.

I live with Joy, Love & Grace.

I focus on making my life the best journey ever!

I give the best parts of me and my life reflects that.

My life is graced with peace.

I see and appreciate all the gifts in my life.

I love All of me always!

I believe so I can see.

My life is blessed with love & laughter, friendships & faith, smiles & sunsets, comfort, courage & confidence and rainbows & hugs a plenty.

I am a beacon of Light!

I take care of my mind, body and spirit!

The pain of my broken heart makes me stronger.

I have faith in the magic of each moment.

Every day I am becoming exactly who I am meant to be.

I am grateful for_________

I give thanks for all the gifts in my life.

I am Thankful, Grateful & Blessed!

 I am unlimited!

: I increase my gratitude which increases my abundance.

With gratitude I see and focus on what is.

I am grateful for everything that touches me and teaches me.

Thank you, more please!

When I get confused I know I am about to learn something valuable.

I let the magic of the sunrise fill me with wonder & light.

I give thanks for the many gifts in my life and especially for the hands that hold mine through all life’s ups and downs.

I can go as high as I want for the sky is the limit.

I say “Yes” to the Universe!

I remember the joy, love and lessons from the past and I don’t live there.

I focus on all the good in my life and give thanks.

The whole Universe is on my side.

Sometimes I need an angel and sometimes I am an angel for others.

I am impeccable with my word.

I am grateful for all the color in my life.

I give thanks for all the blessings in my life.

 I love all the shades of me.

Once I decide the Universe conspires to make it happen.

I dance through the changes and rhythm of life.

I love myself through the blue.

I appreciate all the angels in my life.

Everything in my life helps me reach my full potential.

I delight in the day.

The best part of my day is Me!
My thoughts are aligned with what I want to experience.

I am Spectacular!

I am one with everyone and everything!

The darkness helps me shine.

Everything in my life is leading me to something absolutely perfect.

There is beauty everywhere.

I Love You!

I color my world with Love!

I am committed to my decisions but flexible in my approach.

I close my eyes and believe in the magic within.

I know the Truth. I am enough!
I have the courage to let go of the things that hold me back and step up.
I let my imagination take flight and move me into more.

My thoughts and feelings match what I want to experience in my life.

I Believe!

I speak my truth.

I am continually becoming more of who I am meant to be.


I know that change will happen and it can be beautiful!

I embrace this new day with hope for a brilliant month.

I am gentle with myself for I am a child of the Universe.

I let my Light shine.

I am grateful for ______

I embrace the child within.

I can and I will.

I let my creativity flow.

I am magnificent and eternal.

I let the child within keep me young in body, mind and spirit.

I am grateful for my failures as well as my successes.

I am a voice not an echo.
I see it and I can have it.

i know my past is not my future

I hold the key to set myself free and let my Spirit soar.

I am consistently moving toward my dreams.

I let my Spirit Rise Up & Shine!


I find peace wherever I am for I am Peace.

Sometimes I visit the past but I don’t live there, I focus on the present.

I see with the eyes of Love.

I give thanks for all the good in my life and watch it multiply.

I hug myself and others every day.

I am extraordinary!

I calm my mind, heal my body and soothe my soul with prayer and meditation.

I talk to love, peace, abundance and joy; I see you, I am you.

I spread Light wherever I go.

I am growing every day.

I choose to have positive thoughts, a positive attitude and a positive vibration.

I begin each day with Love, Light & Hope.

My life is unfolding perfectly.
I know that every storm clears the path for me.

I am walking myself and all that I come into contact with home.

I shine a Light on the Divinity that is within everyone I see.

I know failure is just part of the process of success.

I choose my words carefully

One shift in my awareness can change my life forever so I keep expanding my awareness.

I embrace Grace and let it carry me through my day.

I practice movement and stillness every day.

I know the best part of my day is Me!

I relax and trust in the wisdom of the Universe

Affirmation: I am grateful for ______

I am calm even when everything around me isn’t.

I’ve found my happy places!

I take action to increase my confidence, complete my goals and to become the best version of me!

Today I choose to be joyful!

I feel awe and wonder every day!

I am patient with my myself as I learn and grow.

I love my mind, my body and my life.

It’s okay to make mistakes; I love myself through it all.

I have infinite potential.

I let my spirit fly free as I dance through life.

I am kind to my body

Every day in every way I’m getting better and better!

I Lovingly Ascend into Wholeness

I practice patience often

I feel the Good in all things.

I focus on making my life the best journey ever!

I am Priceless!

I learn the lessons from my past and let it go.

I help people feel valued and see the best in themselves.

Every day in every way I am growing younger and younger.

I remain balanced through all the successes and failures in my life.

I welcome each day with hope and with arms wide open ready to receive all the Good the Universe has in store for me.

I learn from everything in my life.

My value lies in what I am and what I do not what I have.

I do more of the things that make me feel more complete no matter what.


I see the Divinity in myself and in others.

Clarity is Power and I am clear on what I want.

I plant, nurture and nourish my mind with positive empowering thoughts and watch them grow.

 Love is with me always for Love never dies.

I appreciate this glorious planet and all of Life today and always.

Today I celebrate freedom and visualize a world where we are all free.

I unwrap the gift of today with a little TLC.

I let Love Light up my world!

I begin my day with a beautiful mindset.

I add a splash of me to whatever I do, wherever I go.

I am strong, wise and brave enough to do, create and experience all that my soul desires.

Wherever I go I shower a little love on everything and everyone.
I decide Who What Where When Why & How

Every day I feed my mind, my body and my Spirit!

I praise, appreciate and give thanks for those things I want more of in my life knowing the Universe hears me and brings more to me.

People that inspire, support and encourage me play a starring role in my life.
I feed my mind great thoughts and I soar to great heights.

I create my own happy ever after.

I am made of stardust!

I cherish the moments and memories in my life and express my love and appreciation to others.

I am capable of great things in my life!

I celebrate the wonder and the beauty of the season.

I take time to savor my little slice of heaven.

I live with my arms are wide open.

I change any challenge or crisis into change and stress into success

It’s never too late…I can do, see, and be whatever my heart desires.

I go for it!

I am Priceless! 

I give my attention and my focus to the places, experiences, things and emotions I want more of.

I take a deep breath and try all over again.

I invest in me!

I learn from everything.

I Believe!

I begin and end my day with gratitude and love.

I let my inner child come out to play, create, explore, love and fill my world with magic.

I fan the spark within me so that it bursts into a flame that sets my soul on fire.

I know I am exactly where I am meant to be; everything is in Divine Order.

I Love for the sake of Love!

 I spend time in quiet contemplation, I laugh and I am brought to tears every day.

I take care of my thoughts which take care of my feelings and what I manifest.

I embrace the change in my life and grow

Life is Good!!

I am a Life Long Learner; I expand my mind, my awareness and my world.

My attention goes to the things I want more of in my life

I believe in the magic within me and I let it guide and motivate me.

I meditate every day and raise my vibration as I fill myself with Light.

Today I take time to appreciate the little things that fill my world with wonder.

I Allow and I flow easily and effortlessly down the river of Life.

I am enough right here, right now!

Today I let my Spirit rise up and let my Light shine bright!

I give thanks for all the gifts and the angels that show up in my life and I send them Love & Light.

Each time I fall I get up; I learn, I grow and I succeed.

I see, feel and recognize Love watching over me always.
I reach for the Light as I continue to grow.

I take the chance, I expand my comfort zone and I win!

I treat others with kindness, generosity and consideration.

The moon is reaching for me.

I choose to leave everything and everyone a little better than I found it.

I use my thoughts and my energy to co-create something extraordinary in the world.

I bring a little sunshine wherever I go.

I stand tall and I stand out like no one else can.

I am inspired to keep creating and expressing more of me.

I see the Good and feel the Good in all things.

I know I need the rain and the sunshine to reach my full potential.

I begin even if I don’t think I am ready because I know success is mine.

 I am open to receive miracles every day.

My life is filled with sweet surprises!

I pay attention to the Language of the Universe.

I flow through my life’s journey with Grace & Ease.

I master my mind by feeding it positive thoughts and affirmations.

Today I show kindness to all those I come in contact with.

I Decide!!

My habits inspire and motivate me to keep moving in the direction of my dreams.

I rise out of the darkness, spread my wings and fly.

I appreciate the moments in my life and live” in the moment” each and every day!

I let hope for a glorious day and a brighter future rise up within me and fill my being.

I can, I will, it is done!

I decide, I declare it to the Universe and I Do.

I stand tall knowing I am a glorious expression of the Divine.

I take care of my money and it takes care of me!

I speak the truth and I surround myself with the energy of truth.

Today, I plant the seeds of love, health, abundance and peace in the Universal Consciousness; I affirm it, I praise it, I nurture it, I give thanks and I let it grow!

Affirmation: I show thoughtfulness and kindness to everyone I see today because I just may be someone’s angel.

I give thanks for the many blessings in my life and I focus my attention and my energy on gratitude.

I let Love Heal me and shower me with more Good.

I laugh out loud easily and often letting fear disappear making me even more Fearless!

I devote time to doing things that make me feel good, things that lift my energy so that more good will flow into my life.

Today I stop and welcome the the sweet songs of Life and let them fill me with wonder.

I no longer play small for I know that I am a glorious manifestation of the Most High!

I succeed in life because I reach out and touch someone with my caring and my love.

I listen carefully to my inner voice and I let my “why” lead the way.

Today I begin it, I do what is necessary and what is possible knowing soon I will be doing the impossible.

I know that the Universe and everything in it is always moving into a fuller expression of itself and that the best is yet to be.


Today I embrace the changes that are happening all around me; I see the beauty and the wonder in them all.

Avalanches of abundance grace my life easily and effortlessly in expected and unexpected ways.

I am worthy of all the phenomenal Good the Universe has in store for me today and every day.

Every day in every way I’m getting better and better. Everyday in every way I’m getting stronger and stronger!

I am capable of solving any and all problems that come my way with grace and ease today and every day.

I am becoming more confident in my possibilities, in my abilities and in my future with every breath that I take.

I choose to be happy and love every part of my being completely and unconditionally today and every day.

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