Daily Affirmations

I let my inner child come out to play, create, explore, love and fill my world with magic.

I fan the spark within me so that it bursts into a flame that sets my soul on fire.

I know I am exactly where I am meant to be; everything is in Divine Order.

I Love for the sake of Love!

 I spend time in quiet contemplation, I laugh and I am brought to tears every day.

I take care of my thoughts which take care of my feelings and what I manifest.

I embrace the change in my life and grow

Life is Good!!

I am a Life Long Learner; I expand my mind, my awareness and my world.

My attention goes to the things I want more of in my life

I believe in the magic within me and I let it guide and motivate me.

I meditate every day and raise my vibration as I fill myself with Light.

Today I take time to appreciate the little things that fill my world with wonder.

I Allow and I flow easily and effortlessly down the river of Life.

I am enough right here, right now!

Today I let my Spirit rise up and let my Light shine bright!

I give thanks for all the gifts and the angels that show up in my life and I send them Love & Light.

Each time I fall I get up; I learn, I grow and I succeed.

I see, feel and recognize Love watching over me always.
I reach for the Light as I continue to grow.

I take the chance, I expand my comfort zone and I win!

I treat others with kindness, generosity and consideration.

The moon is reaching for me.

I choose to leave everything and everyone a little better than I found it.

I use my thoughts and my energy to co-create something extraordinary in the world.

I bring a little sunshine wherever I go.

I stand tall and I stand out like no one else can.

I am inspired to keep creating and expressing more of me.

I see the Good and feel the Good in all things.

I know I need the rain and the sunshine to reach my full potential.

I begin even if I don’t think I am ready because I know success is mine.

 I am open to receive miracles every day.

My life is filled with sweet surprises!

I pay attention to the Language of the Universe.

I flow through my life’s journey with Grace & Ease.

I master my mind by feeding it positive thoughts and affirmations.

Today I show kindness to all those I come in contact with.

I Decide!!

My habits inspire and motivate me to keep moving in the direction of my dreams.

I rise out of the darkness, spread my wings and fly.

I appreciate the moments in my life and live” in the moment” each and every day!

I let hope for a glorious day and a brighter future rise up within me and fill my being.

I can, I will, it is done!

I decide, I declare it to the Universe and I Do.

I stand tall knowing I am a glorious expression of the Divine.

I take care of my money and it takes care of me!

I speak the truth and I surround myself with the energy of truth.

Today, I plant the seeds of love, health, abundance and peace in the Universal Consciousness; I affirm it, I praise it, I nurture it, I give thanks and I let it grow!

Affirmation: I show thoughtfulness and kindness to everyone I see today because I just may be someone’s angel.

I give thanks for the many blessings in my life and I focus my attention and my energy on gratitude.

I let Love Heal me and shower me with more Good.

I laugh out loud easily and often letting fear disappear making me even more Fearless!

I devote time to doing things that make me feel good, things that lift my energy so that more good will flow into my life.

Today I stop and welcome the the sweet songs of Life and let them fill me with wonder.

I no longer play small for I know that I am a glorious manifestation of the Most High!

I succeed in life because I reach out and touch someone with my caring and my love.

I listen carefully to my inner voice and I let my “why” lead the way.

Today I begin it, I do what is necessary and what is possible knowing soon I will be doing the impossible.

I know that the Universe and everything in it is always moving into a fuller expression of itself and that the best is yet to be.


Today I embrace the changes that are happening all around me; I see the beauty and the wonder in them all.

Avalanches of abundance grace my life easily and effortlessly in expected and unexpected ways.

I am worthy of all the phenomenal Good the Universe has in store for me today and every day.

Every day in every way I’m getting better and better. Everyday in every way I’m getting stronger and stronger!

I am capable of solving any and all problems that come my way with grace and ease today and every day.

I am becoming more confident in my possibilities, in my abilities and in my future with every breath that I take.

I choose to be happy and love every part of my being completely and unconditionally today and every day.

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