Law of Attraction & Vibration Thought for the Day

Thought for the Day

April 30

As the month of April ends and May begins open up to the changes of the seasons, the changes of the temperature, the changes of the scenery & the changes in you. Let the changes your heart wants to express come to fruition. Let the changes your soul wants to share with the world blossom & grow.

April 29

Whatever you focus on you get more of so focus on the things you want more of in your life!

April 28

Take a deep breath and stop for just a moment to appreciate the beauty and the wonder of life!

April 27

Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground but let your mind and your spirit soar!

April 26

This baby squirrel followed my husband and I down a city street today as we tried to get him to a tree. The squirrel ran around my husband’s leg, stopped repeatedly at his feet and followed us til he was safely at the tree. It was so unexpected and so cute. A little magic in the middle of an ordinary day. Be open to the surprises the Universe has in store for you today.

April 25

Spring…a time for growth, a time of rebirth, a time for action. Take action today and give birth to even more of the greatness that is you.

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Monday Morning Motivations

Monday Morning Motivation

November 29

We live in an abundant Universe. It is filled with magic & miracles. It is filled with sacred wonders that take our breath away. You are just as important as the wonders that take our breath away. You are part of the magic and the miracles that fill this glorious space we call Earth. You are an integral part of the Universe.
The Universe is on your side, it is always for a fuller expression of You. It will always support you and your growth as you remember who you really are. The Universe will send you magic and miracles as you travel this path, it has splendid surprises in store for you. Have Faith, strengthen your connection to the Divine, listen to the whispers of the wind and allow all the glory of the Universe to flow through you.

November 22

My daughter and I were at a yoga retreat when she reached out to take my hand during shavasana. It was such a precious moment and I’m so grateful a photographer captured it so I can relive that moment whenever I want. Give thanks for the hands that hold yours; give thanks for the love that touches you; give thanks for the good times and the ones that don’t always seem so good; give thanks for the lessons and the gifts,; give thanks for it all.

Everything is helping you uncover the greatness within as you reach your full potential. Begin a Gratitude journal and write 3 things you are grateful for every day. Another easy exercise to bring gratitude into your life is at the end of each day as you lie in bed give thanks for 3 things that went well during the day. Do this every day and your world will begin to shift in miraculous ways.

November 15

The dictionary defines appreciate as: to grasp the nature, worth, quality, or significance of something or someone or; to increase in number or value. What you appreciate grows, expands and appreciates. When you fully grasp the worth of something its value increases. As you appreciate and give thanks for all the gifts in your life more gifts will come to you. Take a moment today to appreciate your life. Make time to stop and appreciate all the little things and the big things and watch them all increase!

November 8

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive.  There are 24 character strengths that Martin Seligman from the University of Pennsylvania along with Christopher Peterson, 2 of the founders of Positive Psychology, identified.

Of all the character strengths Gratitude is the one that will bring about the most happiness and well-being. There are many ways to be grateful so develop a practice of Gratitude that works for you. Begin a gratitude journal; every night think of three things that went well that day; email, text or write people and let them know you appreciate them are just a few. If you want to thrive practice Gratitude!

November 1

Life is filled with multiple choices and endless possibilities. It’s filled with questions that we must answer every day. We all have a choice as to how to answer them. We can answer them with love and understanding; with faith and grace or we can answer them with an open mind and a grateful heart. We can also answer them from a place of fear, doubt, ego, pride, pain or misunderstanding.

If we answer the questions life brings us with an open mind and a grateful heart we will experience life a certain way. On the other hand if we answer them coming from a place of doubt or fear we will experience life in a completely different manner. The choice is ours alone and our life will be a reflection of our answers. Choose wisely.

October 25

There are times in your life that challenge you and leaving can be one of them. No matter what you are leaving breaking away from something takes courage, strength and faith. Leaving can make you expand your comfort zone. It can make you reach, stretch and grow. Whether you are the one leaving or someone you love is leaving the exit can push you to be more loving, more compassionate, more open, more trusting, more understanding. Leaving can make you tougher, braver, stronger, and it can make you move into more.
 Leaving can be difficult but know we all have been there. Know you are not alone. There are family, friends, guides, teachers and even strangers that send you love and hold the highest and best for you. May you find the faith, the inner knowing and the inner strength to surrender, let go and leave whatever is holding you back from the next great adventure.

October 18

After a recent trip to admire the gorgeous foliage in New England for a few days I came down with covid. I’m fine now and had a mild case but the games my mind played on me at the news were interesting. My mind went from a wave of shock and  disbelief to worry and fear then total ease knowing I would be fine. Fortunately I had been vaccinated, was already on quarantine and on the mend by the time the test results arrived.

The thoughts that swirled through my mind at hearing the new surprised me though. I am the eternal optimist; I believe everything happens for a reason and I trust the Universe will support me but my mind still had it’s share of Oh No!; What if…?; Will I…? Sometimes life throws us curveballs and it may take us a minute to adjust but when we consciously take control of our thoughts we remember that the Universe does indeed have us. We are always held in the Loving Arms of the Divine/God/Source.

October 11

When you open yourself up to the unlimited possibilities life offers and trust that the Universe supports you magic begins. Doors open, synchronicity appears, magic happens and the way is made clear. New opportunities present themselves that you may have missed or were no there before. Every step you take brings you new information, a clearer vision appears and you reach greater heights.

Begin each day connecting to Source/God and say “My path is clear, the Universe supports me and doors magically open always.” Know with every fiber of your being that the Universe does indeed support you, listen for the guidance it sends you, pay attention to the messages you receive, watch for the doors to open, give thanks for all the gifts you receive and let the magic of the Universe fill your world.

October 4

The only constant in life is change. The moon, the tides, the seasons, the weather and even the sun all flow and change. The same is true for you, your children, your family everything is growing and changing. The Universe and our world are continually moving and change is happening all the time.
Change can be beautiful. The glorious colors of fall, the pure white of the new fallen snow, the fresh flowers in spring, the waves kissing the shore in summer, the full moon rising over the water, the magnificent sunrise and sunset each day grace us with their beauty and wonder always. The birth of a child, a new found friend, a lesson learned, a miracle bestowed, love given and love received are all beautiful expressions of life affirming change. Embrace the beauty and wonder of change in your life!

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Forgiveness can sometimes be a difficult thing but not forgiving can be even more difficult in the long run. Not forgiving creates negative energy in our being which has an impact on one’s life. Society may tell us in many different ways not to forgive. Society tells us to punish the perpetrator, to hold on to the anger we feel and to seek revenge and get back at the person who we feel has wronged us. These societal beliefs are wrong. Some people think of forgiveness as a sign of weakness but the truth is not forgiving weakens us, forgiving strengthens us.

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Gift of Grace


The Gift of Grace

“The winds of grace are always blowing but you have to raise the sail. The gifts move across the waters but we must be willing to receive them.”

What is grace? The Merriam-Webster dictionary says grace is a virtue coming from God. Ernest Holmes states “Grace is, but we need to recognize it.” I think Grace is in each one of us. It is always there for us to tap into and experience.  When we walk in awareness, when we walk in love, when we walk in light or when we walk in faith we also walk in grace. When we walk in grace there is a certain effortless to our journey. The road is a little smoother, the waters are calmer and the sun shines a little brighter. Magic and miracles seem to be present in our lives on a regular basis and doors appear where we once thought there were none. Grace is a gift to be nurtured and allowed to expand in our life.

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Home to Myself


“Dreams do come true, your fantasies can become your reality.
The secret yearning deep inside is your soul calling you home to yourself.” Judy Luca

Home to Yourself

The deepest part of you knows all the answers. The little voice inside that whispers to you in the silence is your path home to yourself. Think of what touches that place deep within you. What makes your heart skip a beat, what excites you or evokes joy in you? What could you do all day long and not even realize the day is over? Those are messages from your higher self dropping hints for you to find your way.

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“I am eternally grateful for the love that permeates my life, the grace that flows through me, the light that shines within, the peace that pervades my being, the abundance that flows so freely, my precious connection to Divine, and for the guidance I receive each day!” Judy Luca

Gratitude is the door that opens our heart. As our hearts open more will come into our life. The more we are grateful for the gifts we already have in our lives the more we will receive. There is so much to be grateful for always!  When you focus on all you have to be grateful for fear disappears, when fear disappears you open your life to experience all the blessings life has to offer.

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Law of Attraction


“With our thoughts, we make the world” Buddha

Law of Attraction

Understanding the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration can make this precious gift we call life even more of a blessing. Life can sometimes be confusing or difficult to navigate but when you understand the way the Universe works you can bring your life into alignment with what you desire. When you are aligned with the laws of the Universe you can flow easily through life.
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Welcome to the Law of Attraction & Vibration! Are you ready to shift your vibration and create the life of your dreams?

This precious gift we call life is such a blessing. It can sometimes be confusing but understanding the way the Universe works will help you bring everything in your life into alignment. To understand the Law of Attraction you must also understand The Law of  Vibration.

The Law of Vibration states that everything in life is Energy and everything has a certain vibration or frequency to it. This includes you; your thoughts and your emotions dictate your vibration. The Law of Vibration along with the Law of Attraction act as a mirror reflecting back to you what you are transmitting into the Universe through your thoughts and emotions or your vibration. If your thoughts are thoughts of love and abundance that is what you will vibrate and that is what you will bring into your life. If your thoughts are thoughts of lack and unworthiness you will bring that into your life as well. Learning how to control your thoughts and emotions will dictate your beliefs and your actions. Understanding this is the secret to reaching your full potential and living the life you dream of. When you begin to reach your full potential you also inspire those around you to reach their full potential. We are all on this journey together. We all can take each other higher and make this glorious planet of ours a better place. May abundant blessings grace your life Day By Day!

I Am… Affirmation Cards for Kids

Some simple tools that will help you shift your energy and move into more are listed below. I have used all these tools to transform my own life and highly recommend them. I do get a small portion of the sale but whether you buy them through these links or other ways I encourage you to feed your mind and expand your knowledge so you can make informed decisions as you reach your full potential and live the life of your dreams.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping is a great tool which is taken from the ancient art of acupuncture to help you transform your life. Working with the energy that flows through your body via the meridians that exist in your body tapping helps to release stress, anxiety, pain etc. and increase wellness. It improves the flow of energy throughout your body which will help you raise your energy and your vibration. It can help you unblock stuck energy so you can move freely and create the life of your dreams. I have been doing tapping and find it incredibly beneficial and very easy to follow. For visual learners this great video with Nick Ortner (The Tapping Solution) and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) will explain more and teach you how to use tapping to shift your life.

For people who prefer a book this book is an incredible tool to explain how tapping can help you. Here is are reviews by Jack Canfield and Louise Hay. “EFT is the most powerful new transformational technology to come along in years, and the inspiring stories in The Tapping Solution give readers a first-hand account of its effectiveness. Nick Ortner’s thorough exploration of tapping and its benefits will leave you with the quickest way I know to tackle your problems, whether physical or emotional. I highly recommend it.” — Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and Tapping into Ultimate Success. “I believe Nick Ortner’s teachings are easy to use and practical but work like magic. He certainly has taught me to magically release or dissolve problems of all sorts through the process of tapping. You will love this book, The Tapping Solution—I certainly do.”
— Louise L. Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life

This book and Tony Robbins changed my life forever! I began to shift my life with this book and then graduated from Tony’s Mastery University, Leadership Academy, I have walked on fire many times and crewed many of his events. Tony is a master at helping people change the trajectory of their life forever. I highly recommend his books and his seminars. Here a couple of reviews from some great teachers and coaches. “Required reading for anyone committed to increasing the quality of their life.” — Dr. Barbara De Angelis ― author of #1 bestsellers How to Make Love All the Time and Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know. “Anthony Robbins is the ‘ultimate coach’ for that special breed of men and women who will never settle for less than they can be.” — Pat Riley ― NBA “Coach of the Decade”

Another must have for anyone who wants to heal their life. Louise L. Hay is a world famous teacher that has helped millions of people to free themselves from the cycles of fear, stress, and guilt which limit their lives.  Louise dedicated her life to helping people heal and reach their full potential. I have used her books for many years.

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