Take A New Picture

What is the picture you have of yourself? How would you describe you? Do you see the Good in you? Do you see the riches that lie within? Do you see the essence of who you are at your core? Do you see the Light in your eyes? Do you see the Joy in your smile? Do you see the Love in your heart? Do you see the Generosity of your Spirit? Do you see the value you are to yourself, the world and to others? If you don’t take a new picture! See the Good, the Light, Love, Joy, Generosity and Value in You and you will see it in others.

Everyone has a picture of who they are in their own mind. Sometimes that picture is tattered, torn and tainted by past hurts and sorrows. Because of that pain some people see themselves as not good enough, not loved or that they have nothing to offer. The truth of who they really are can sometimes be buried behind the pain or the anger. The picture they have of themselves is not the truth of who they are.

We each have an opportunity to help people reveal the truth of who they really are. We can help people see the Good in themselves and help them see their own worth. As you go through your day see the gift in everyone you meet, see what lies at the core of their being, see the riches they have sometimes hidden deep within, and they may begin to see that in themselves.

As we see the Good in others, we strengthen that Good in ourselves and reflect it back to them. They have the opportunity to begin to see a new picture of themselves through your eyes. They may begin to see the gift they have to offer the world. That is their choice though so don’t be attached to any outcome just continue to see the Good in them and strengthen the Good in you.

To know your own gift and share it with the world is a beautiful thing. To help another person see their gift is an honor and a blessing.

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