Thought of the Day

July 22

The Law of Attraction is something we can’t control, just like the tides, the sunrise and sunset and gravity. It is another Law of the Universe that works the same way for everyone. Everything is made up of Energy, including you and me. The Law of Attraction is like a magnet bringing things that have the same energy to each other. It is a secondary law to the Law of Vibration, which you can control.

The Law of Attraction responds to where your Energy is Vibrationally. Where your energy is vibrationally radiates out into the Universe and the Universe responds through the Law of Attraction by bringing that to you. You have to become internally that which you wish to receive for it to show up.  Feed your mind positive things, ask empowering questions, give thanks for all you have right now and learn and grow from everything. Meditation, prayer, and visioning are powerful tools that can help you shift your vibration to Be & Radiate what you wish to experience.

July 21

Life really is full of sweet surprises! Have faith and be open to all the magic!

July 20

I love this picture of my hometown, the aerial view of the harbor shows that it is in the shape of a heart. A higher view can give you a different perspective of whatever is going on in your life. Stop for a moment and look at things from a different view, you may be surprised at what you see.

Affirmation: I see things from a higher perspective.

July 19

Take time to savor those delicious moments that life brings to you; a beautiful sunset, a magical sunrise, the brilliant sky, the flowing clouds, the dazzling color of flowers, the flutter of a hummingbird, the gentleness of a bunny, the tenderness of a kiss, the touch of a friend, the hugs of family, the laughter of a child, the kindness of a stranger, the wonder of the natural world… there are so many things to savor. Take time to appreciate and savor all the magic this glorious life can bring.

Affirmation: I take time to savor the magic of Life!

July 18

The Universe has wonderful surprises in store for you; have faith, let go and surrender to all the beauty and the wonder this life can bring.

Affirmation: I let the Universe surprise and delight me.

July 17

Imagine if a child first learning to walk falls and never tries to walk again. As adults we know she will eventually walk but she doesn’t know that. With encouragement she tries and tries again until she not only walks, she runs.

Everyone falls down, it’s part of learning and growing, it’s part of life. The successful person falls down 7 times but gets up 8. Find people that encourage you and keep trying. We all fall down just keep getting up.

Affirmation: I may fall down but I keep getting up!

July 16

 Let the sunshine wash over you and cleanse you and let it fill you with healing and warmth. BE the Light and let that Radiant Light flow from you out into the world!

July 15

The Universe is constantly expanding into more. You are constantly expanding into more. As you strengthen your connection to Source you will be supplied with more for the Universe is unlimited. Everything comes from Source/God/Divine and you are always connected to Source. You can never run out of love, joy, abundance or possibilities.
Know that you are more than your physical body. Know that you are filled with infinite possibilities. Know that you are part of the Power and Presence that was in the beginning is now and ever shall be. Know that there is always more to express, experience, and share!

July 14

Whatever you focus on you get more of so focus on what you want to grow. We often focus on what we don’t have or don’t want which brings more of those things to us so put your attention on the things you want more of and watch them grow!

July 13

You are made of stardust; born to add your unique color to this Life and shine your Light on the world!

Affirmation: I was born to shine!

July 12

Keep writing your own story and singing your own song!

July 11

Fall in love with you, learn how to fill yourself up with Love, Light, Joy etc. You don’t need anyone else to fill you up or complete you. You don’t need anyone else to make you happy. All that you need to create your happy ever after is within you.

July 10

Today is my 70th birthday and though that seems like some cosmic error to me as I feel much younger, I feel truly blessed today to be happy, healthy and ever so grateful for the people, places and experiences that have graced my life thus far! There is something quite special about aging as the goal for many is to live a long, happy, healthy life. There is also a  wisdom, a strength and a deeper appreciation for the beauty, the splendor and the wonder this glorious life can bring each one of us that comes as one lives longer.

No one knows how many years they will be here but as Bonnie Raitt says ” Life gets mighty precious when there is less of it to waste”. My suggestion is to live your life as if you have less time to waste. Believe in yourself, be bold as you follow the whispers of your soul and do more of the things that wake you up and make you come alive. Appreciate the wonder of this beautiful planet we live on; give thanks for all the love you receive & give and celebrate the precious gift that is you!

July 9

What lights you up inside? What wakes you up and makes you feel alive? What makes your heart happy and your soul sing? Whatever it is do more of that!!

July 8

Families are made up of different people with different personalities, different points of view, different experiences, different beliefs, different gifts and different models of the world etc. With all these differences there are bound to be moments that can be wonderful sometimes and challenging sometimes but Family is forever and family can teach us to Love Unconditionally.

Families can teach us to love each other despite our differences, to respect each other even if we don’t agree with each other and to accept each other in all the unique expressions of Life that we each embody. This applies to the family we are born into, the family we choose and to the entire human family we all belong to. Let us Love one another Unconditionally!

July 7

We are one big family! We are connected to Divine and to each other always!

July 6

Today is the anniversary of my dad’s passing. I laid him to rest beside my mom, the love of his life, on my birthday. It was actually very fitting as I had married the love of my life on his last birthday. I miss both my mom and my dad so much but they come to me often.

I can still feel their love in the gentle breeze flowing through the trees, in the rain falling down around me, in the sand on the beach and in each rolling wave. I can see their love in the eyes of my children and my grandchildren and I even catch their love sometimes in the smile of a stranger. I can hear their love in the laughter of a child, in the sweet song of birds every morning and in the whisper of the still small voice in my heart.

Their love is always with me; watching over me, supporting me, guiding me and encouraging me as Love never dies! Love is always with you too!

Affirmation: Love is with me always for Love never dies.

July 5

You are right where you’re supposed to be! Everything that has gone on before, everything happening now is  as it should be. Be at peace knowing it’s all in Divine Order!

July 4

Free yourself from everything that holds you back!!

July 3

Each day brings something new, something worthwhile, and something to be grateful for. Delight in all the wonder and possibilities each day brings.

July 2

Let go of everything that weighs you down and keep you from soaring into greatness!

July 1

May this be new month be filled with sunshine, love, laughter and abundant blessings!

June 30

There is so much to see in this great big beautiful world; savor the beauty of it all!

June 29

There is nothing small about you for you are made of Stardust! You are created in the image and likeness of the Divine filled with endless possibilities!

June 28

Within each one of us lie infinite possibilities and the magic of the Universe.

June 27

There is so much to be grateful for! Let gratitude fill your days and the Universe will send you more things to be grateful for!!

June 26

Not only do I believe that but I KNOW that to be true. There is indeed something magnificent about YOU!!

June 25

Let all the glory of the Universe flow to you. Let all the grace of the Divine flow through you. Let all the wonder of Source flow from you. Let all the magic of Creation multiply all around you.
Be the one to channel Divine Love, Absolute Abundance, Pure Joy,
Creative Intelligence, and Eternal Peace.
Let it be You, Right Here, Right Now!

June 24

God’s Magic is everywhere! It’s in you, it’s in me and it’s in everything and everyone you see! See it, feel it, know it!!

June 23

Fall in love with you! When you love all of you, you are full so you can give, share and swim in the glow of everlasting Love; that will create your happy ever after!

June 22

it’s the beginning of summer here and the long days of sunshine and warmth are upon us. Let the Light that shines so brightly flow through you. Let it wake you up, inspire you, heal you and guide you.

June 21

Take time to stop and rest when you need to. You’ll fly again soon enough!

June 20

There is something good in every day, do your best to find it!

June 19

Never underestimate the value of hugs, smiles, friends, kisses, family, sleep, love, laughter and good memories. They are priceless and without them life would be empty. They are worth more than all the riches in the world!

June 18

Let your Light shine!

June 17

I love this quote; Life really is like a camera. Whatever you focus on you get more of so focus on what’s most important. Capture the good times and hold on to those memories, they will bring you joy that will last a lifetime.  Develop from the negatives; they can teach you so much about how strong and spectacular you are. If things don’t work out take another shot. Life always gives you second chances, even third. Make the most of this glorious journey we call Life.

June 16

Happy Dad’s Day to all the fathers out there. May your day be filled with love and appreciation!

June 15

Everything that grows takes time, a little rain and  plenty of sunshine. It takes nurturing and consistency. Through all the storms and sunshine be patient with yourself and let yourself grow.

June 14

Being brought up in a small seaside town I feel deeply connected to the ocean. There seems to be a strength and an all knowing energy that permeates through it. Next time you have a question or concern go the ocean and sit quietly in her energy. You may be surprised at the messages she sends you.

June 13

Let go! Let go of the fear, let go of the thoughts of lack, let go of anything that keeps you from expressing the abundance that you are. When you are empty you can receive all the abundance that is your birthright as a child of God!

June 12

Life is good! Life gives us an opportunity to learn and grow from each experience we go through and every person we encounter.

June 11

Some people bring out the Magic in you while others make you crazy. Surround yourself with Magic!

June 10

There are no two people on this planet that are exactly alike; we are all different. Each one of us is a unique expression of the Divine; each one a glorious manifestation of the Most High. Everyone is special in their own right; bringing an individualized agenda to experience and a distinctive purpose to fulfil.

The world is full of variety, full of an infinite number of things to discover and enjoy. Discover the magic, beauty and wonder of you! Your job this lifetime is to be yourself; to love and embrace all of you. You have a unique gift to uncover and share with the world. You are worthy of all the magic and miracles the Universe has in store for you.

June 9

Miracles happen every day, be open to receive your miracle!

June 8

Give your love, give your light, give your time, give your energy, give your creativity, give your wisdom… Give!

June 7

No matter what the picture of your life looks like right now keep drawing!

June 6

This is the season of color and beauty, savor the magic!

June 5

Follow the dreams that make your heart sing!

June 4

Take time to honor and nurture your needs whatever they may be. Listen to your body and your soul for they will speak to you. Pay attention to the gentle whispers before they become a smack upside the head!

Affirmation: I listen to my body and nurture myself.

June 3

I see you Abundance! I see you in the trees all around me, in the sand beneath my feet, in the millions of blades of grass, in the flowers that welcome spring, in the waves as they kiss the shore and in the stars as they twinkle in the night sky. I see you Abundance, I am you!

I see you Love! I see you in my husband’s devotion, in my parents dedication, in my children’s eyes and in my grandchildren’s smiles. I see you in my dog’s loving gaze, in my extended family, in my friends, in the random acts of kindness that grace each day and in me. I see you Love, I am you!

I see you Peace! I see you while I sit on rocks listening to the gentle sound of waves lapping the shore, as the fishing boats rest in the water quietly bobbing up and down. I see you in the beauty of nature, in the birds singing in the trees, in the flowers blooming, in the quiet river as it makes its way through the trees and in the rolling hills of the countryside. I see you in my meditations as peace fills my being and flows through me and from me. I see you Peace, I am you.

I see you Joy in the laughter of a child, in the look of love from family and friends, in the smile from a stranger, in the gifts that I give and receive, in the gathering of loved ones, in my successes and in the successes of others, in the magic of the sunrise and in each glorious sunset. I see you Joy, I am you!

Talk to it and then you will talk from it!

Affirmation: I talk to love, peace, abundance and joy; I see you, I am you.

June 2

Today would be my mom’s 98 birthday! Happy heavenly birthday mom! I miss her but I feel her LOVE in the breeze that makes the trees sway, in the sun as it shines on my face, the rain as it showers her favorite flowers in my garden and I see it in the magic that surrounds me. Love is everywhere and it is watching over you always!

June 1

May this new month bring abundant blessings your way!

May 31

I hope you make it. I hope I make it, I hope we all make it! We’re all on this journey together!

May 30

Be the reason… It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to raise the consciousness of the world. Be a reason the world is a better place.

Affirmation: I am a reason someone feels loved!

May 29

There is a never ending peace that resides within each one of us! Listen carefully and let it whisper to you.

May 28

I often go out into my yard in the morning to enjoy the fresh air, the peaceful scene of the flowers and the sweet song of the birds; then I sing the Rascal’s song to myself or out loud.. “It’s a beautiful morning, I think I’ll go outside for awhile and just smile, take in some clean fresh air now…” Take time whenever you can to savor the sweetness of the morning and just smile. It’s a glorious way to begin your day and sets the tone for the rest of the day.

Affirmations: It’s a Beautiful morning!

May 27

When you have a decision to make know that you have within you a connection to the Divine that knows all the answers. You are part of the Divine, part of the Source of All That Is. There is no separation, only Oneness. This Creative Intelligence that rules the Universe can answer any question, it can guide you to the highest and best.

Strengthen that connection to Source and know that all the answers you will ever need are available to you. Ask for guidance knowing the answer will be provided then spend time in the silence so you can hear the answer. You are guided and you know just what to do!

Affirmation: I am guided and I know just what to do.

May 26

You are made of stardust; there’s something magical and magnificent about you!

May 25

Spend time in quiet contemplation connecting with your most inner thoughts and your deepest desires.

May 24

I was watching the “Greatest Showman” the other day and I absolutely love the song “This Is Me”. How often do we hide our broken parts or are ashamed of our scars but as the song says “don’t let them break me down to dust, I know that there’s a place for us,For we are glorious .”

When the sharpest words wanna cut you down send a flood and drown them out.You may be bruised but be brave and be who you are meant to be. March to the beat of your own drum.  Don’t be scared to be seen and make no apologies for you are Glorious!

You are indeed glorious. You are a glorious manifestation of the Most High expressing your individuality and your creativity. You are a gift, precious in the eyes of the Divine. Within you lies the song, dance, story, picture, caring, wisdom and the pure Magic, (in whatever way it shows up for you), that only you can bring. This is You!

Affirmation: This Is Me!!

May 23

Today is a new day, full of promise and endless possibilities. Begin to write your own new adventure. That longing in your heart, that vision in your mind, that whisper in your soul; let them speak to you and set your soul on fire. As Goethe says “Boldness has genius, power and magic in it”; so be bold and take the first step. Every step gives you new information, a higher vision and expands your comfort zone. You’ve got this! It’s never too late to start something new so just begin it.

Affirmation: It’s never too late, so I begin today.

May 22

You are connected to the Source of All That Is always. There is no separation, only Oneness.

Affirmation: I AM is the Godforce within me.

May 21

“Half an hour’s meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy. Then a full hour is needed.” Saint Francis de Sales

Meditation is one of the greatest tools you can use to create well-being in your life. Establish a meditation practice daily. It can relieve stress, quiet the mind, relax the body, focus attention, center you so you can make better decisions and put you in touch with the spiritual Reality of life.

Many people find a deeper connection to Source, a deeper connection to themselves, to their inner knowing and a deeper connection to the world around them.

Meditation will help clear your mind and master your thoughts. As you meditate you let go of the ego, you let go of the chatter in your mind, or monkey mind as I call it, and you tap into the Creative Intelligence of the Universe. From that Source everything flows to you and through you.

There is a depth of wisdom, love, strength, creativity and power within you that you may not even be aware you have. Meditation taps into all those things and helps you reach a fuller expression of who you are meant to be.

There are many ways to meditate…. Continue

May 20

Being creative is good for the mind, body and soul. Creativity helps us learn, grow and thrive. It is part of our soul’s desire to express itself and part of our purpose for being on this journey we call life. Creativity shows up in many forms.  Explore different ways that make your heart sing and your creative juices flow. Here are 8 Types of Creative Intelligence as described by Howard Gardner. Try some of these suggestions or create your own.

1. Social or Interpersonal: Engage in discussions and conversations with people you know and people that you don’t know where you exchange ideas and build relationships.  2. Musical: learn to play an instrument, attend concerts, sing/hum alone or with others. · 3. Spatial: Draw, paint, design rooms or websites, make cards, cerate logos, or try mind mapping. 4. Bodily-Kinesthetic: dance, play sports, walk or exercise in any form. 5. Logical-Mathematical: solve problems, balance checkbooks, create schedules or a budget. 6. Intrapersonal: keep a journal, meditate, read alone or study to answer personal questions. 7. Naturalistic: nature nurtures the mind; create a vegetable or flower garden, walk barefoot, go for a walk in the woods, on the beach or photograph nature.

Affirmation: I let my creativity flow!

May 19

No matter what step you find yourself on today take the next step. Every step takes you higher to reach your goal. You’ve got this!

Affirmation: I take the next step!

May 18

You can’t get it wrong. Everything is meant to be; everything is happening FOR you not to you! Everything is as it should be; it’s all taking you into a fuller expression of who you are meant to be. Everything is in Divine Order.

Affirmation: I can’t get it wrong, it’s all in Divine Order!

May 17

Remember who you are at your core; a child of the Divine, made in the image and likeness of God which is Love, Light, Peace, Abundance, Joy, Wisdom and Creativity. You are a glorious manifestation of the Most High, a child of God, Goddess, All that is!

Affirmation: I am a glorious manifestation of the Most High!

May 16

Let go of any doubt and let the abundance and the love of the Universe flow to you  through you and from you!! So it is!

May 15

There is a common thread of Life, a common desire for Acceptance, a common yearning for Love that runs through us all connecting our souls to one another. We are more alike as human beings than we are different.

Affirmation: We are more alike as human beings than we are different.

May 14

The world is made up of all kinds of people. People that are different from you. People that have different beliefs from yours, people that act differently, struggle differently, praise differently, work differently, play differently, heal differently, love differently, live differently… All these different people may inspire you and teach you or they may try you at times. No matter what remember to love yourself and them through it all. We are all on this journey together and we can take each other higher!

May 13

Pay attention to the messages the Universe is sending you. Those messages may be hidden so you have to take time to stop, look and listen. Stop the business of the day and stop the noise in your mind through meditation. Look within to find your own knowing, look around you for doors to open and synchronicity to appear. Listen to the guidance from your higher self and listen carefully to every whisper from the Universe.

Your soul is trying to express all you are meant to be. The Universe supports you and provides opportunities for that expression. The world needs the full expression of you. Your life deserves 100% of YOU right here, right now!

Affirmation: I pay attention to the whispers of the Universe.

May 12

Today is Mother’s Day; a day to celebrate all the moms, grandmoms, stepmoms, fur baby moms and all the moms out there who love unconditionally, nurture tenderly and give endlessly. Sometimes being a mom can seem thankless but please know you make a difference, and your value is priceless.

Affirmation: I love and appreciate the moms in my life.

May 11

You are a glorious manifestation of the Most High; a precious child of God. You are here to express all that you are which is: Divine Love, Radiant Light, Absolute Abundance, Eternal Peace, Pure Joy, Creativity and Wisdom!

Affirmation: I am precious in the eyes of the Divine.

May 10

Sometimes hate and fear seem stronger than Love but as Lin-Manuel Miranda said at his beautiful acceptance speech for Best Original Score for Hamilton “Hope and Love last longer and Love is Love is Love is Love is Love is Love is Love is Love cannot be killed or swept away.”

No matter what has gone on before in your life or what is going on now remember Love is indeed stronger and it cannot be killed or swept away. The essence of who you are at your core is Love. Let it embrace you, heal you and guide you!

Affirmation: Love is Love is Love is Love and it cannot be killed or swept away.

May 9

What weighs you down and holds you back? Wouldn’t NOW be a good time to let it go?

May 8

Life gets more precious and more beautiful when there’s less of it to waste. Appreciate the beauty of this glorious planet we live on, the beauty of each new experience, the beauty of Love whether it be nature, animals, people or self. There is beauty all around you! Appreciate the beauty and wonder of Life itself!

Affirmation: Life is beautiful!

May 7

Life has a way of sometimes making it difficult to reach for the sky but rise above all the noise, confusion and circumstance and keep reaching and growing.

Affirmation: The sky is the limit!

May 6

Letting go is important to move on in your life. Whether it be letting go of past pain or letting go of something you want to experience in your life. People often hold on to the pain or they hold on to the fact that they are not experiencing what they want in their life. Whatever you are holding on to let it go.
Let it all go! Keep the lesson but let the pain go. If you want to experience more love, joy, abundance, success or whatever in your life; see your life as if you have what you want now, declare it to the Universe and then let it go! Letting go is the part that people often forget, they put it out to the Universe but then they worry about it. Let it go! Trust the Universe will bring whatever you need to make it happen. Listen to the messages the Divine whispers to you. Open the doors the Universe sends you. Have Faith, strengthen your connection to the Divine, listen to the whispers of the wind and allow all the glory of the Universe to flow through you.

May 5

You are so much more than your physical body. You are connected to the Source of All that Is. You are an expression of God; made in the image and likeness of Love, Light, Peace, Creativity, Abundance and Wisdom.

You are made of stardust with no beginning and no end. Your core, the essence of who you are, is eternal and everlasting. You are limitless for you are forever expanding into more. You are freedom forever flowing through a place where there is no space or time.

This is who you were in the beginning, are now and who you will continue to be for all eternity. Feel it, know it and let it guide you and set you free.

Affirmation: I have no beginning and no end for I am eternal and everlasting.

May 4

Today is Star Wars day. I love how Star Wars depicts the Force; a Source of Energy that flows through all space and time; a Source of Energy you can tap into that will strengthen and guide you.  It’s a great analogy for God; that ever present Source of Love & Light that flows through everything and everyone always. May you be conscious of your connection to the Force I call God. May it guide you and flow through you in all you think, do and say. May “the Force” be with you!

Affirmation: The “Force” is with me always!

May 3

The only constant in life is change! Embrace the changes that will inevitably bring and watch yourself grow!

Affirmation: I embrace change and grow!

May 2

I love this time of year! Sunshine, warmth and longer days return after the winter hiatus. It seems that the world is giving birth now; trees are bursting with new growth, flowers are blooming bringing glorious color to the landscape and animals are beginning to welcome their young. It’s a magical time full of rebirth and renewal. May your month be filled with the magic of spring!

May 1

Heavenly Father let your brilliant light show me the way; let your love flow through me in everything I think do and say!

April 30

Miracles don’t have to be larger than life, they don’t have to be earth shattering, and they don’t have to be life altering. They can come in all shapes and sizes, they can come in all forms and experiences. They often are sweet, simple surprises that can let you know the Universe is on your side. Pay attention to those little miracles, those small moments of synchronicity that grace your life. Appreciate them for the gifts that they are and you’ll find more coming your way!

April 29

You are a Divine expression of the Source of All That Is! You are connected to Source/God, or whatever name you use, all the time. The Energy I call God flows through you; it is in every beat of your heart, in every cell of your body, and in every atom of your being. It is closer to you than your breath. There is no separation, there is only Oneness.
Everything you already have and everything you will ever need comes from Source. All the answers or guidance you need can be found through your connection to Source. Trust in the Divinity that is at the core of your being. Trust in the Divinity of your connection to Source Energy. Strengthen your connection and all questions will be answered. Strengthen that connection and you will be guided to move in the right direction.
Strengthen your faith and trust in you for you are a glorious manifestation of the Most High!
Affirmation: I am a glorious manifestation of the Most High!

April 28

Today is my twin son’s birthday and they have shared their whole lives, even the womb, together. Sharing comes naturally to them and their ability to share and care with and for others is a joy to see. On this day I give thanks for the miracle they are to me and for the love, joy and caring they bring to not only me but to the world. Share your love and your gifts with the world every day.

April 27

We all experience storms in our lives. Those storms can clear a path for you to see the road ahead more clearly.

April 26

My grandmother lived by this saying; she saw God in everyone. My mother was the same way; she always found the good in people and sometimes it was buried pretty deed but she would find it. 

As you go through each day try to see the Divine in everyone you meet and the Good in every situation.

Affirmation: I see the Good in everyone and everything.

April 25

Broken hearts can take time to heal but as you do you become stronger and have a deeper capacity for compassion, understanding and Love!

April 24

When you begin your day with a beautiful mindset no matter comes your way you are able to handle it and make things better.

April 23

Let your Light shine bright!

April 22

My first child was born on this day, Earth day, quite a few years ago. She was such a sweet surprise and has filled my life with love and joy. We surprised her on her 21st birthday by renovating the car in this picture. It was her first car and like her baby. She loved it so much but the engine had died. When her brother drove it up the driveway that day it was such a sweet surprise for her.

Life continues to shower us both with surprises; some of them have not been what we may have wanted but most of them have been so sweet! Today I feel so blessed as I celebrate the surprise of Sweet Melissa! May Life send you lots of sweet surprises!

Affirmation: My life is filled with sweet surprises!

April 21

Life gets busy and it can be easy to forget to take time to connect with Source. Practice 10 second check-ins as often as you can throughout the day. Stop, take a few deep breaths, feel the presence of God and let Divine Love wash over you for 10 seconds.

April 20

Each one of us is a conscious manifestation of Life itself. Whether you call it God, Source, Creative Intelligence, Divine, Spirit or any other name doesn’t matter. That same Energy that was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be flows through your being and flows through everything, everyone, every where all the time. It is right where you are. There is no separation, there is only Oneness.

We all live, breath and have our being in God/Source. Being aware of your Oneness to this Creative Intelligence and knowing how the laws of the Universe work will make all the difference in what you experience.

Everything comes from the Source. You are always co-creating with Source. Your energy, and your thoughts have a direct effect on what you experience. They move from you to the Divine and into manifestation. Be mindful of your thoughts and your energy for what you put out into the Universe will come back to you.

Affirmation: I am a conscious manifestation of Life Itself.

April 19

There is something magnificent about you!

April 18

There is something within you that is waiting to blossom and grow. All you have to do is give it your attention, nurture it and let it grow!

April 17

Sometimes you just have to walk away…

April 16

Helping others to grow helps you grow. Reach out and touch someone with you love and understanding.

April 15

Manifestation happens you know with every fiber of your being that it is already done in the Mind of God. Know, state, accept, announce and It is done!

April 14

There is magic all around, things to rejoice and celebrate. Take time today to celebrate and give thanks for the magic in your life!

April 13

Life is precious and can be fleeting so cherish the moments and the people that make life worth living!

April 12

Be aware of the words you think and the words you speak, they become the house you live in!

April 11

Cherish the “Best” things in life… they’re even free!

Affirmation: The best things in life are free!

April 10

I just attended a memorial service for a great man taken much early. He was filled with love and joy and lived life to the fullest. He reminds me that life is short and we don’t know how much time we have so: love with all your heart, laugh out loud and often, bring joy to others, cherish those you love, be kind to others, savor the moments that take your breath away and appreciate the wonder and magic hidden in every day!

April 9

Time flies whether you are having fun or not so might as well have fun and enjoy the ride!

April 8

The Universe is truly a remarkable thing! It’s full of wonder. Take time to stop and notice all of it’s magic!

April 7

Let your heart open wide and let your spirit fly free!

April 6

Gratitude is food for the soul; it fills you up and gives you more energy, it nourishes your mind, body & soul and it sends a message to the Universe that you are grateful for what you have and ready to receive more. Make sure you get your gratitude vitamin every day.

Affirmation: I get my daily dose of gratitude.

April 5

There is something magical about the sunrise with its promise of a new day and endless possibilities. Let that magic and the sunrays touch you and fill you with wonder and light.

Affirmation: I let the magic of the sunrise fill me with wonder & light.

April 4

Everything serves the Light! The night gives birth to the day. The dark soil gives birth to the flowers and trees as they reach for the light. The darkness of the womb gives birth to the animal and the child bringing new Life to our world.
The darkness and the shadows in your life bring new awareness, new wisdom and new light. We often learn the most from those challenging times in our life. Every wound and every crack lets the Light from within shine even brighter.
Affirmation: The darkness serves the Light.

April 3

Fear can be very powerful: it can stop you in your tracks and limit your life. It can hold you back from expressing all that is inside you. It can keep you from experiencing all the Good the Universe has in store for you. It can keep you from having all the gifts that are meant for you and from becoming all that you are meant to be.

To overcome fear you have to face it. Do things that scare you. You can start with small things; the little things that make you a little uncomfortable then build on that. I started with small steps then I walked on 40’ of burning coals and climbed a 50’ pole and stood on top with my arms outstretched. I was terrified to do both things but I pushed through the fear. I use those experiences to help me face my fears. I say to myself “I can do that, I walked on fire!” I was afraid to write my first book but I did it and now I’ve published over 30 books.

Celebrate the little things that you do to face your fears, use them to build that muscle and keep going. Every time you do something that scares you, you become braver, you try new things and expand your comfort zone. As you become braver and expand your comfort zone you can change the trajectory of your life forever.

Affirmation: I face my fears!

April 2

Here in New England the earth is waking up bringing a wide variety of color for us to enjoy. It’s the differences that make this season so spectacular. Bring your own special color to everything you do.

Affirmation: I add my own special color to the world.

April 1

It’s finally spring here! The days are getting longer, the sun is becoming warmer, the flowers are starting to poke their heads through the soil, the trees are beginning to blossom. The birds are happily singing and the frogs are noisily croaking in the pond. Life is bursting forth all around me!
Each day is as if the Earth is giving birth to new growth, new life. It’s a time for new beginnings, a time to come into the full expression of Life that is you. Use the energy of spring, the energy of Mother Earth to take action and move into more of who you are meant to be.
Affirmation: I use the energy of Mother Earth and take action to move me into more

March 31

Happy Easter to those who celebrate the day Jesus Christ rose over 2000 years ago!  His Love and his teachings live on. Let His Love be with you, guide you, give you comfort and bring you peace. Let his resurrection inspire you, give you hope and bring you joy. After the sadness of his death on the cross today christians around the world celebrate that He is risen! Rejoice!

March 30

Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday and he reminds me that Love always wins! Let Love into your mind, into your heart and into every action you take. Let Love be your first thought in the morning, the answer to your questions and let it be you guiding light. Let Love shine through you out into the world every day. Let Love win always!

March 29

Wherever you are right now let yourself blossom and grow!

March 28

Your words have power in them, whether they are spoken out loud or whispered in your own mind. Be aware of the words you speak and the language you use. The Universe is eavesdropping on your every word.

Affirmation: My words have power in them!

March 27

Angels show up in a variety of ways; sometimes miraculous and magically while other times they’re sweet and simple. Sometimes it’s a friend, a stranger or even a new puppy. Today for us it’s a sweet new puppy. He is our angel and we are his. Give thanks for the angels that grace your life, whether one touches you or you are the angel for another.

March 26

Happily ever after begins with today! Make this moment, this day count. Feed your mind, body and soul things that open your mind, strengthen your body and nourish your soul today and your life will become happily ever after.

Affirmation: I nourish my mind, body and soul every day!

March 25

There are people that come into your life for a season, some for a reason and a precious few come into your life forever. Give thanks for the people that cross or touch your path; learn the valuable lessons they teach you and the experiences they bring to you. When they no longer are on the same path as you are say thank you, goodbye and keep moving on your own path.

For those precious few people that nourish your soul and open your heart and mind give them the attention they deserve. Feed those special relationships, nurture them, cherish them and appreciate their many gifts. Allow them to inspire and motivate you. Let them heal and comfort you. Let them fill you up with Love, Light and Joy. No one knows how much time we have with those beautiful souls so don’t take them for granted. Reach out to them often and let your paths take each other to something magnificent.

March 24

The journey may seem long and difficult sometimes but just take one step at a time.  Each step gives you new information increasing your wisdom and expands your comfort zone increasing your courage. Take the first step!

March 23

You are loved today, tonight, tomorrow and always!

March 22

Starting something new can be scary but just imagine it being successful and bringing you even more light, love, strength and courage. Taking that first step can be scary but the rewards can change your whole world.

Affirmation: I am brave enough to start something new.

March 21

As the world around you comes alive take time to reflect on the magnificence and the beauty of nature!

March 20

I love spring! The days are longer and warmer and it reminds us that life goes on. Trees begin to bud, flowers begin to bloom and the earth gives birth to new growth.

March 19

Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs have an energy to them that grows. They are seeds that you plant into the Creative Consciousness which brings that growth back to you. What kind of seeds are you sowing today?

March 18

I used to think surrender was a bad word, that it was a sign of weakness. Maybe it was from being raised a girl in the middle of 5 boys. Maybe it was from trying to be in control all the time. Maybe it was from trying to protect myself. Whatever it was I have learned that surrender is not a bad word at all and it is certainly not a sign of weakness. Surrender is one of the bravest things I have ever done.
The Universe has magic and miracles in store for you. No matter what is going on in your life right now have faith that the best is yet to be. Trust that all is in Divine Order. Look for signs of synchronicity, watch for doors opening, allow all the good the Universe has in store for you to flow through you. Connect with the Light within, let it be your guide and watch your life unfold in magical ways.

March 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May the luck of the Irish be with you always!

March 16

We live on an extraordinary planet! There is awe inspiring beauty and wonder all around you. Take time today to notice the magnificence of our world and of Life itself!

Affirmation: I take time to appreciate the magnificence of Life!

March 15

For a rich full life do these three things every day:

1. Spend some time alone with your thoughts; think, contemplate, meditate, pray. Do whatever feels right for you just make sure you have some quiet alone time.

2. Laugh! Laughter is the best medicine and it feels so good. Spend time around children if you can; my grandchildren and nieces and nephews make me laugh all the time. Be silly, chuckle or laugh out loud often; your heart, your soul and your body will thank you.

3. Bring yourself to tears; it can be from joy or compassion but let yourself feel so deeply that you are brought to tears. Life is good and filled with emotions so let yourself feel them.

Every day I meditate, I laugh easily and I am brought to tears easily and I am so healthy; they all contribute to my overall well-being tremendously. Try it; your life will be enriched you’ll feel so much better!

Affirmation: I spend time in quiet contemplation, I laugh and I am brought to tears every day.

March 14

The Universe is always FOR you! It supports you and has wonderful surprises in store for you. Be open to receive and say “Yes” to the Universe!

Affirmation: I say “Yes” to the Universe!

March 13

Today is the anniversary of my brother’s passing. He was much too young but his life was a true expression of Love. He was a big teddy bear with a heart as big as the sky. Our Love for him will never die and I’m sure he’s showering us with unconditional love always.

March 12

Miracles can show up when you least expect them in a variety of ways. Be open to receive them and give thanks for their gifts!

March 11

You are perfectly imperfect and that’s okay. Love all of you and keep learning and growing a little more every day!

March 10

At the end of your life you will regret the things you didn’t do, the chances you didn’t take. Think about what you will regret you didn’t try; the things you wished you had done and do them. Take a chance, take a risk; you can make your dreams come true.

Affirmation: I take chances knowing they help me make my dreams come true.

March 9

You are a glorious manifestation of the Most High; a precious child of God. You are here to express all that you are which is: Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Creativity and Abundance!

Affirmation: I am precious in the eyes of the Divine.

March 8

You are an active participant in your own healing. Open up to Divine healing that is part of who you are and Love yourself into Radiant Health!

Affirmation: I love myself into Radiant Health!

March 7

Be the reason someone feels pure unconditional Love today!

March 6

Gratitude changes everything and there is always something to be grateful for!

March 5

We’re not in competition, there is enough for everyone. We’re all just learning growing and hopefully living our best lives. I hope we all win!

March 4

William James, one of the founders of the field of psychology and often called the grandfather of Positive Psychology observes that we are continually changing and becoming something we never were before.

Everything we go through; the good, the bad and the ugly; changes us in some way. We learn new information about ourselves; about how we process events in our lives and we learn about how we interact with others. We learn what makes us tick and we see the meaning we give to everything that happens in our life. We learn what makes our heart happy, our soul sing and what makes us come alive. We learn about our place in our own lives and about our place in the world.

Every day we have an opportunity to understand ourselves more and shape ourselves into the people we are meant to be. Take advantage of each day and every new experience. See everything as a stepping stone that will usher you into something you have never been before.

Affirmation: I am continually becoming more of who I am meant to be.


March 3

Fall in love with Life every day!!

March 2

Here in the northeast corner of the United States we get very excited when March arrives. We know winter isn’t over but the days are getting longer and the sun is getting warmer. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Wherever you are welcome March and the new possibilities it brings!

March 1

Change is the only constant in life. Seasons change; day changes into night, the moon changes it’s phases throughout the month and the tides ebb and flow. We are always changing and growing as Life teaches us valuable lessons. Embrace each new experience, each new lesson and the changes that go along with them. Change can feel like sunshine if we let it in.

Affirmation: Change can feel like sunshine as I embrace the changes in my life.

February 29

No matter when you are or what you are doing Love is always watching over you!

February 28

Love is the oxygen of Life…breathe it in!!

February 27

Come from your heart and do all things with Love for Love. Love comes from the Divine, it is unlimited and unconditional. It is meant to be shared and spread freely around the world so spread some love every day!

Affirmation: I do all things with Love for Love!

February 26

Bruce Springsteen is one of my favorite musicians. His music and his wisdom move me and teach me. Love will indeed better us and we must work for it’s blessings.

How do you work for Love’s blessings? Do you meditate or pray? Do you listen to you heart, the love inside, and let it guide you? Do you treat others with respect and compassion? Do you have faith that everything is helping you move into more of who you are meant to be? Do you look on the bright side? Do you learn and grow from everything? What can you do this week to work for Love’s blessings?

February 25

Love can make all the difference in the world. Use your love to lift, inspire, encourage, understand, empower… to touch someone’s heart and mind. You may not ever know the impact you have; you just might be taking someone higher or even saving someone’s life.

Affirmation: I touch people with my Love!

February 24

Love is the very fire of Life itself!!

February 23

Get lost in the energy of Pure Love; Love that is unlimited, unconditional and eternal. Let it envelop you, surround you, heal you, complete you and guide you. Find Pure Love and you will find yourself!

February 22

Dwell in the house of compassion, peace, understanding and Love!

Affirmation: I dwell in the house of Love!

February 21

Choose Love in every situation, every where and every day!

Affirmation: I choose Love every day!

February 20

Heaven is all Love and it’s all around you; find it wherever you are.

February 19

No matter what you are going through now or what you have been through in the past love yourself. Love yourself through the pain, the sadness, the joy and the glory. Love yourself through the difficulties, the confusion, the mystery and the magic.

Love yourself through the unexpected twists and turns. Love yourself through the peace and abundance. Love the wounded child, love the strong independent adult, and love everything in between. Love all of you all the time!

Affirmation: I love myself!

February 18

You are made of Love; you are Loved beyond measure and you are held in the arms of Divine Love always!

February 17

The vibration of your soul is the frequency of the Divine, the frequency of God, the frequency of Life itself.

February 16

We are all One! Connected to the Divine and to each other always. No matter what happens Love one another with a love so pure it raises your vibration and the vibration of all those you come into contact with. We can take each other higher and raise the vibration of the collective energy of the planet with Pure Unconditional Love.

February 15

Even though Valentine’s Day was yesterday, any day is a good day to celebrate Love! Celebrate Love and let it flow through you in everything you think, do and say every day!

Affirmation: I celebrate Love every day!

February 14

May you be surrounded in LOVE today and always!

February 13

Feel Love, Share Love and Be Love today and every day!

February 12

Love is your Soul purpose. Love is where you came from, Love is who you are, Love is why you’re here and Love is where you will return to. Love can help raise the consciousness of our world. Love can shine a light to help us out of the darkness. Love listens, Love understands, Love shows compassion and Love heals wounds. Love overcomes hate. If it seems like Love isn’t working just increase the dosage!

People want and need to be loved. Unfortunately there are walking wounded among us but they shine a light on the wounds in us all so we can heal them. We need more candles to help us find our way out of the darkness so have faith, let Love guide you and remember everything is moving us into a fuller expression of who we are meant to be. Keep shining your Light and showering your world with Love!!

Affirmation: Love is my Soul purpose!

February 11

No matter what your home looks like, no matter where your home is; there is no place like home. Getting away is wonderful but coming home is wonderful too.

February 10

If Love; pure unconditional love doesn’t seem to be working… just increase the dosage and watch what happens.

February 9

Fall in love with the brilliant expression of Life that is you!

Affirmation: I love me!

February 8

The Universe is on your side. It is forever for you. Let go, trust and the Divine will reward your Faith!

February 7

Love is the most powerful force; it heals, it comforts, it understands and it inspires. Love flows throughout the Universe; it is unlimited and unconditional. Catch it today and spread it wherever you are!

February 6

Practice 10 second check-ins every day… Stop, take a deep breath, connect with Source, let God’s Divine Love embrace you then continue your day allowing Love to guide you!

Affirmation: I practice 10 second check-ins every day!

February 5

Everyone has a money story, an energetic relationship with money. What are your thoughts about money? Is money bad? Is it the root of all evil? Are rich people bad people? Do spiritual people have money? Is money a wonderful thing? Is money freedom? Is there more than enough for everyone?

Do you love money? How do feel at just reading that question? That will tell you a lot about your relationship with money. Do you love your child, (grandchild or anyone close to you)? Do you feel differently about the second question? Is it okay to love a child but not okay to love money?

If you don’t love money you push it away from you and block it from coming to you. Why would it come to you if you have negative thoughts about it? Money is just energy, it is looking for like energy to flow into. Heal your money thoughts (many of which didn’t even come from you. Most came from family or past pain or trauma). Write a new beautiful, love story about money. Heal your energy about money and you will allow it to flow to you. It is an abundant Universe and there is more than enough for everyone.

Affirmation: I love money!

February 4

Hold on to the precious moments that touch your heart and feed your soul. This is a picture of my son holding his newborn baby’s hand. Today is my son’s birthday and that baby, my first grandchild, is 13!

Time flies by and Life gives us millions of little things to appreciate and precious moments to hold on to. Take the time today to give thanks for the little things that make life so special!

Affirmation: I hold on to the little things.

February 3

What makes your heart happy and sets your soul on fire? Do more of that everyday!

February 2

Love is all around you… Take a deep breath and breathe it in!

February 1

I love that we have a holiday to celebrate Love. I try to celebrate Love every day but I take extra care to celebrate it every day this month. Most of this month’s “Thought of the Day” messages are about Love.

Love shows up in many different forms and comes in many different relationships throughout our life. Love; pure, unconditional, real Love feels good! There is no bartering, no jealousy, no expectations, just Love.

We all have different ways of how we express our Love and how we feel Loved by another. Take time this month to think about how you show Love and how you feel Loved. How you express and feel Love is your Love Language.

What is  your Love Language? The more you understand your love language and that of another the easier it is to Love and be Loved.

Affirmation: I celebrate Love every day!

January 31

Whatever your intentions are you must have faith and know without a shadow of a doubt that it will come to fruition. Certainty opens the channel of energy from Source to flow to you opening doors, creating synchronicity and providing opportunities for your intention to manifest.

Doubt blocks the flow of energy and closes the door on the magic and miracles the Universe has in store for you. Doubt kills your intention and prevents it from coming together. Be certain, have faith and trust your intention will come to you at exactly the right time!

Affirmation: I have faith and know my intentions come together at the right time!

January 30

No matter what step you find yourself on today take the next step. Every step takes you higher and gives you new information to help you reach your goal. You’ve got this!

Affirmation: I take the next step!

January 29

Patience is the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting. We are all learning patience. The climb is long and slow but Life provides us opportunities to strengthen our patience muscle. There are things, events and people that try our patience. Sometimes we want things to come to us quickly, sometimes it’s hard to be patient.

Keep a good attitude and do things that help you feel good; read, write, exercise, watch things that make you laugh, anything that lifts your spirit and your vibration. When we listen to our inner knowing; trust in Source and surrender to what the Universe has in store for us we remember that that it is all in Divine Order we are able to reach deep inside and find a little more patience.

Affirmation: I am patient; I listen, trust and surrender to what the Universe has in store for me.

January 28

It appears to be a finite world, a three dimensional world, but remember that there is more to this universe, more to life than what we can see. We are all infinite beings having a physical experience but we are so much more than these bodies. We are made of stardust!

Affirmation: I am an infinite being!

January 27

In your mediation surround the world with love, light and peace.

January 26

We are more alike than we are different. Take away our beliefs or the color of our skin and look into the soul of one another. See the Love and the Light that is in each heart. Our Love and our Light are the only things that can erase the hate that divides so many. Let us respect our differences and be kind to one another.

Affirmation: I am kind to others.

January 25

The Universe is a wonderous place and it has miracles and magic in store for you. Be still and listen to the whispers of Source speak to you.

Affirmation: I let the Universe work it’s magic in my life.

January 24

What moves your being, what pulls on your heart strings, what makes you feel more alive, what would you do even if you weren’t paid, what lights you up and sets your soul on fire? Do more of those things! The world needs more people who follow their heart!

January 23

We make many decisions every day that effect us now and in our future. What decision can you make today that will take your life higher? What decision can you make that will make your future brighter? What decision can you make that will help you be brave enough to be the Light!

Affirmation: My decisions help me be brave enough to be the Light!

January 22

What is the picture you have of yourself? How would you describe you? Do you see the Good in you? Do you see the riches that lie within? Do you see the essence of who you are at your core? Do you see the Light in your eyes? Do you see the Joy in your smile? Do you see the Love in your heart? Do you see the Generosity of your Spirit? Do you see the value you are to yourself, the world and to others? If you don’t take a new picture! See the Good, the Light, Love, Joy, Generosity and Value in You and you will see it in others.

Everyone has a picture of who they are in their own mind. Sometimes that picture is tattered, torn and Continue

January 21

Is there something that you have going on in your world that is a mess? There is much to learn from each mess in our lives. There are lessons to be learned, wisdom to be gained, new ways of thinking to try, new information that will help you grow into the person you are meant to be. Your mess is your message! Make sure you are paying attention. Learn, grow and embrace every message in your life and the messes will disappear.

Affirmation: I embrace and learn from the messes in my life

January 20

Your words have power in them. Whether they are spoken or written they hold power to heal or to harm within them. What are the words you use often? What are the words you say to yourself and what are the words you share with others?

We have 2 ears and 1 mouth so we should listen twice as much as we speak. Take time to stop and think before you speak. Think about the words you are putting out into the world. Think about the words you use when you talk to yourself. Are they words that empower you and others or are they words that disempower?

Be impeccable with your words; they hold the key to what you experience in life.

Affirmation: I am impeccable with my word.

January 19

You probably know you have to do certain things to attract money into your life but you also have to avoid certain things if you want to experience more wealth and more abundance.

Without even realizing it you may have some bad habits and beliefs that block the flow of money to you. click the link below to see 5 habits that you have to change if you want to allow more abundance to flow to you:

5 Things to Avoid to attract more money.

Affirmation: I take care of my money and it takes care of me.

January 18

Your thoughts, feelings and energy send out a certain frequency or vibration to the Universe. The Universe supports that energy. It listens to you, it feels your vibration/energy and responds to you by sending you whatever matches your vibration.

You are in control of your vibration. You can’t control what anyone else thinks, says, or does. You can only control your thoughts, your words, your actions and your energy. Control your mind and you control how you experience life.

Affirmation: I control my mind.

January 17

Let your voice be heard, let it ring out loud and clear. Let it be your own sweet song and not the distant whispers of an echo.
Speak your truth with clarity and conviction; with power and purpose. Speak from a place of Love and Light and let it diminish the darkness.
Be a voice for your heart and soul to reveal themselves like no other can. Let your life be the stage for you to bring your own special Magic to the world.
Affirmation: I am a voice not an echo.

January 16

You come from Light and you are made of Light, let your Light shine brightly on the world!

Affirmation: My life brings Light to the darkness.

January 15

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. A remarkable man whose Light and Love live on through his words. I love this quote by him for only love can drive out hate.

Though there is darkness in our world we can’t focus on the darkness or the negative people or events that exist; we must focus on bringing Light to the darkness. Darkness and negativity will only bring more darkness and more negative experiences. Fill your mind with Light and let it flow from you out into the world.

Hate cannot drive out hate and fear only Love can do that. Even if you don’t agree with what people think, do or say go within your own heart and send them Love. Tap on your heart as you breathe into your heart and find the Love that resides there. Let that Love that comes from Divine and is everlasting flow to you, through you and from you.

January 14

Feed your mind positive thoughts by repeating affirmations or reading inspirational material every day, especially the last 15 minutes before you fall asleep and the first 15 minutes when you get up. Find books or articles that are uplifting and inspire you.

Choose a few positive affirmations and repeat them throughout the day. One of my favorites is: Good and more good is mine an ever increasing good is mine, there is no limit to the amount of good that is mine, good flows to me, good flows through me, good flows from me and good multiplies all around me.

Affirmation: I feed my mind positive thoughts all day long.

January 13
The Divine says “Come dance with me, come dance with me!” Connect with Source, Rejoice in Spirit, Give Thanks for the Oneness of Life and Dance with God!
Affirmation: I dance with God!

January 12

You are a brilliant expression of Life itself. There is something unIpwe*lg speciah that only you can `ring. mpscDrOǥrמ{kߍtlm<~_j#TN1!vbJ)�T$O0A9u4i$f!$g”;r_R=MFT bhP-\lf!

January 11

What does your dream life look like? What does your heart desire? What does your soul crave? Are you living your best life? Be still and Listen to your soul’s whispers. Take one step at a time following your internal guidance system….it knows the way to help you live the dream.

January 10

We have approximately 60,000 thoughts every day so we can’t control them all.

We can however, pay attention and become aware of our thoughts. We can give energy and emotion to whatever we want to. We can give lots of emotion to the things we want to experience.

We can consciously place any thoughts we want into your mind anytime. We can repeat thoughts of the things we want more of throughout the day.

We can feed our mind information that inspires us. We can read things that lift our spirit and our mood. We can do things that increase our positive thoughts and take us higher. When we master our mind we can master our life.

Affirmation: I master my mind by feeding it positive thoughts and affirmations.

January 9

I’m possible, you’re possible, it’s possible!!!

January 8

No matter what has gone before in your life. No matter what is going on now, Never Give Up. Hang in there. You have come through tough times before. You have learned from every experience. You have grown through the years. You have more knowledge, you have more wisdom, and you have more experiences with every new day.

It may seem like there are mountains to climb but you have taken many steps before and all you have to do is continue to move forward. Continue to take one step at a time. Continue to learn from each experience. Continue to grow from each lesson life teaches you. Continue to climb the mountain.

You have a depth of love that is unlimited within. You have a wealth of wisdom to draw from. You have new opportunities to learn and grow from every day. You got this!

Affirmation:  I’ve got this!

January 7

Today brought us our first snow storm and there is a beautiful winter wonderland outside my window! The earth is still and quiet as the sky covers the earth with a blanket of pure snow.

There is something so magical about a snow covered scene especially the first snow. The world stops and we take a moment to marvel at nature’s beauty.

Life can sometimes bring us storms that stop us in our tracks. Those storms may be a surprise but when we take the time to see the whole picture we can see the silver lining. When we open our hearts and see with the eyes of Love we can find the wonder and the beauty of it.

January 6

In the middle of an ordinary day Life can bring us such sweet surprises! Be open to receive and savor the moments.

January 5
Every day presents a chance to contemplate new thoughts, develop new strength and explore new possibilities. See each day as an opportunity to grow in wisdom, in strength and in experiences. Let every day propel you to become more of who you are meant to be.

January 4

Begin each day with Light, Faith, Purpose, Power & Grace and your day will reflect the beauty of those things.

January 3

You are enough just as you are right here, right now!! Love yourself right where you are! Love all of you; the parts that you shine for all the world to see, the parts that you hide in the darkness and everything in between. Love the wounded child within and the glorious soul that is expressing itself through you. Love it all without judgement, love it all unconditionally.

Everything that you have ever said or done in your life was meant to be. Meant to get you through the good times and the more challenging times. Meant to protect you, express you and eventually help you grow into even more of who you are here to be. Give thanks for it all and love it all then you can truly let your brilliance shine. You are Enough and you are worthy of all the Love & Light the Universe has in store for you.

January 2

A new opportunity is at hand to let your Spirit soar. A new beginning awaits your first step. New ideas whisper to your soul. Be still, listen carefully and let your life be guided. The best is yet to be!

January 1

May 2024 bring you love to open your heart, joy to lift your spirit, health to heal your body, abundance to enrich your life and magic and miracles to celebrate life!

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