Thought of the Day

September 25

William James, one of the founders of the field of psychology and often called the grandfather of Positive Psychology observes that we are continually changing and becoming something we never were before.

Everything we go through; the good, the bad and the ugly; changes us in some way. We learn new information about ourselves; about how we process events in our lives and we learn about how we interact with others. We learn what makes us tick and we see the meaning we give to everything that happens in our life. We learn what makes our heart happy, our soul sing and what makes us come alive. We learn about our place in our own lives and about our place in the world.

Every day we have an opportunity to understand ourselves more and shape ourselves into the people we are meant to be. Take advantage of each day and every new experience. See everything as a stepping stone that will usher you into something you have never been before.


Affirmation: I am continually becoming more of who I am meant to be.


September 24

Some days are blue and that’s okay. Be gentle with yourself, be kind to yourself and love yourself through the good days and the blue days. You are worthy of Love always!

Affirmation: I love myself through the good days and the blue days!

September 23

In honor of Bruce Springsteen’s birthday today I wanted to share this quote from him.

He is my favorite musician and there are so many lines from his songs that move me, especially this one.

Love is truly one of the greatest miracles we get to experience on this planet. Be a creator of and a witness to Love on Earth!

Affirmation: I am a creator of and a witness to Love on Earth!!

 September 22

You have within you a depth of strength that you may not even have tapped into yet. See those tests that life often sends you as an opportunity to see your strength.

Affirmation: I am Strong!

September 21

I had the privilege of seeing Rob Wergin live today. He is an amazing healer! I dislocated my toe the other day and limped into the meeting but walked out much straighter and with much less pain.

We have the power within us to heal and declare to the universe that we are radiant health. You have the power to heal your body and heal your life!

Affirmation: I have the power to heal my life!

September 20

We are connected to one another and as we heal ourselves we help others heal.

September 19

Are you experiencing chaos now? Get ready because change is coming!!

September 18

Be extraordinary!!

September 17

Spend time getting to know you: who you are, what makes you tick, what inspires you, what moves you, and what pushes your buttons.

September 16

Pure love is pure wisdom!

September 15

What guides you? Are you afraid to take the next step or do you step out in faith knowing  that you are guided? Know the Universe is for you; always providing you with opportunities to learn, grow and move into more.

Affirmation: I step out in faith knowing I am guided!

September 14

Good things often come in small packages so pay attention. See the Good in those little moments and little things that make your heart happy!

Affirmation: I see the good in the little things.

September 13

What can you imagine for your life? Imagine it, see it clearly in your mind, feel it with all your senses, walk toward it and it will be!

September 12

This plane and this lifetime are a perfect place and time to experience who you really are at your core.

It can be difficult at times but you signed up for this so learn, grow and uncover who you are meant to be.

Affirmation: I signed up for a lifetime of learning, growing and becoming all I am meant to be.

September 11

I am are powerful words and what you say that follows them can make all the difference in the world in what you experience in life. How do you complete that sentence? Who do you think you are?

I know that you are a glorious manifestation of the Most High made in the image and likeness of the Divine which means you are Pure Love, Radiant Light, Eternal Peace, Absolute Abundance, Pure Joy. You are creativity, wisdom, strength, grace and you are magic. You are perfect, whole and complete. What I know doesn’t matter though, what do you know?

Speak the words “I am” followed by the truth of who you are at your core to yourself every day. Look in the mirror, look deep into your eyes and see the truth that is sometimes hidden behind the pain that life can bring. Say the words with love and acceptance and watch your whole world change to reflect that.

Affirmation: I am Pure Love, Radiant Light, Absolute Abundance, Pure Joy and Eternal Peace! I am creativity, wisdom, strength, grace and magic! I am perfect, whole and complete.

September 10

Today is my wedding anniversary and this is my favorite picture from that incredibly magical day. I love this quote too as it is so true. “The most beautiful words of love are spoken in the silence of a look.” Sometimes love needs no words, a simple look is all it takes.

Look with the eyes of love today. See into the heart and soul of another; love is there patiently waiting to be recognized and expressed. Magic happens when we see with the eyes of Pure, Unconditional Love.

Affirmation: I see with the eyes of Pure, Unconditional Love.

September 9

The best thing you can be in life is You, completely, purely and totally you! Don’t try to be anyone else and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You are a brilliant expression of Life itself and it’s your job to let your authentic self shine!

Affirmation: I let my authentic self Shine!

September 8

In honor of my dad (who gave the best hugs ever) on what would have been his 103rd birthday, today’s thought for the day honors hugs. Leo Buscaglia, known as Dr. Love or Dr. Hug, said we need 12 hugs a day for optimum growth. Hugs make us feel safe, secure and loved. All it takes is 20 seconds for oxytocin to be released. Oxytocin has been shown to reduce stress and boost the immune system. Hugs make us feel better physically and emotionally. Hug someone today even if it’s just you.
Affirmation: I hug myself and others every day.

September 7

The sun is always behind the clouds. There is always a silver lining; it may be difficult to see sometimes but it’s there. We each have an opportunity to look on the bright side to see the silver lining and catch a glimpse of the sun.

Affirmation: I look on the bright side!

September 6

I see you abundance! I see you in the trees all around me, in the sand beneath my feet, in the millions of blades of grass, in the waves as they kiss the shore and in the stars as they twinkle in the night sky. I see you Abundance, I am you!

I see you love! I see you in my husband’s devotion, in my parents dedication, in my children’s eyes, in my grandchildren’s smiles. I see you in my extended family, in my friends, in the random acts of kindness that grace each day and in me. I see you Love, I am you!

I see you peace! I see you while I sit on rocks listening to the gentle sound of waves lapping the shore as the fishing boats rest in the water quietly bobbing up and down. I see you in the beauty of nature, in the birds singing in the trees, in the flowers blooming, in the quiet river as it makes its way through the trees and in the rolling hills of the countryside. I see you Peace, I am you.

I see you joy in the laughter of a child, in the look of love from family and friends, in the smile from a stranger, in the gifts that I give and receive, in the gathering of loved ones, in the magic of the sunrise and in each glorious sunset. I see you Joy, I am you!

Talk to it and then you will talk from it!

Affirmation: I talk to love, peace, abundance and joy; I see you, I am you.

September 5

It’s all deep inside you, go there and let it flow easily and effortlessly into your awareness and out into your world.

Affirmation: I let what is deep within my soul flow free.

September 4

Everything you are and everything you ever will be is already inside you. You don’t have to look anywhere else, it’s all within.

Michael Angelo said “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

Like a great sculptor discovers the image that is in the marble your job is to uncover the gift that is inside you and reveal your greatness.

Affirmation: I uncover the greatness within me.

September 3

Stay committed to your decisions but as you learn from every experience you gain new information and may need to change your approach. Be flexible, yet stay true to you.

September 2

Wherever you go, wherever you are, let yourself grow!

September 1

Chaos often precedes change so if your life is a little chaotic right now remind yourself that change is on its way. Hold on better days are coming!

Affirmation: Chaos precedes change.

August 31

Healing takes time! Be patient with yourself, be consistent and be loving!

August 30

Let your voice be heard, let it ring out loud and clear. Let it be your own sweet song and not the distant whispers of an echo.
Speak your truth with clarity and conviction; with power and purpose. Speak from a place of Love and Light and let it diminish the darkness.
Be a voice for your heart and soul to reveal themselves like no other can. Let your life be the stage for you to bring your own special Magic to the world.
Affirmation: I am a voice not an echo.

August 29

You can be the Light when someone is in darkness and can’t find their way. When someone’s skies are gray you can be the sunshine to light up their day.

Keep shining your Light through your brilliant smile, your caring eyes, your compassionate heart, your listening ears and your strong shoulders. We can take each other higher.

Affirmation: I keep shining my Light.

August 28

There is a child within each of us. A child that was filled with love and joy. A child that believed in the Magic of Life itself. Get in touch with that child. Do something that brings you back to that innocent, joyful time before the hardships of life buried it deep inside.

There are so many things that can help you remember: Color in a coloring book, swing on the swings, build a sand castle, play a board game or jump on a rebounder or trampoline. Last weekend I was rolling down the hill with my grandchildren. All these things can help you remember what it was like to be young and bring out that youthful exuberance that keep you young in body, mind and spirit.


Affirmation: I let the child within keep me young in body, mind and spirit.

August 27

Everything is in Divine Order unfolding perfectly.

August 26

Every day say to yourself “Every day in every way I’m getting better and better.” You can also say “wiser and wiser; stronger and stronger; younger and younger; braver and braver; healthier and healthier; richer and richer; more loving and kind… The possibilities are endless. Love all of who you are right now and who you are becoming always!

Affirmation: Every day in every way I’m getting better and better!

August 25

Pay attention to the whispers of the Universe!

August 24

Find the Magic in every moment!

August 23

There are some things you can control in your life and there are some things you cannot. Knowing the difference and letting go of the things you can’t control will make all the difference in what you experience in life.

Too often people focus on the things that are out of their control which can cause worry, fear, anxiety and unnecessary stress. You can’t control others; what they think, do or say. You can’t control what happens around you or what has happened in the past.

You can control your thoughts and actions; how you speak to yourself; what you focus on and give energy to; how you respond to challenges and the meaning you give to everything in your life. You can control your goals and how you spend your free time and you can control the boundaries you set for yourself.

Let go of the things that are out of your control and focus your attention and your energy on the things you can control and watch your whole world change for the better.

Affirmation: I focus on the things I can control and let of the things I can’t control.


August 22

I love to dance, to sing, to write, to read, to be at the beach… What are the things that you can do to make your heart happy? What lifts your spirit and moves you? Find the things that bring you joy and bring them into your life every day.

August 21

Your job this lifetime is to know yourself and all your infinite potential. You are an expression of the Divine, a manifestation of the Most High and a fractal of God.

There is infinite potential and endless possibilities for each and every one of us. There are opportunities to know who you are at your core with every experience you encounter.

There is something that you are meant to explore, experience and to express to yourself and to others. Bring that special something to life as you grow and reach your full potential.

Affirmation: I know myself and all my infinite potential.

August 20

If you light a lamp for someone else it will also brighten your path. You light the way!

Affirmation: as I walk along life’s journey I light the way.

August 19

There is a light within you that shines as bright as the sun, let it shine!

August 18

Keep going, keep growing!!

Whatever you are going through now Keep going, keep growing! Nothing lasts forever.

The sun comes out and dries up the rain, the clouds disappear to reveal a brilliant blue sky and even a snow storm leaves a winter wonderland in its path.

Find the beauty and the glory everywhere. Everything is helping you grow into more of who you are at your best. It’s all in Divine order and so are you.

Affirmation: I keep going and I keep growing!

August 17

You are powerful, you are beautiful, you are free! Love your Life!!

August 16

Good Morning! There’s magic in the morning, can you feel it?

Feel the magic of the morning; let it inspire you and set your soul on fire!!

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August 15

August 14

We often build up walls to protect us from pain or harm; sometimes the pain or harm is real and sometimes they are imagined. Some walls are needed temporarily but some need to be knocked down. Some walls limit our potential. Some walls keep us from expanding our comfort zone so we can grow. Some walls block us from experiencing all the Good the Universe has in store for us. Knock down the walls that hold you back.

Examine your beliefs about you and the world. Some of your beliefs built those walls but ask yourself “Do those beliefs empower me or limit me?”. If your beliefs don’t empower you change them to ones that do. Change them to beliefs that strengthen you and move you into more. Beliefs like “Life always supports me” or “I am worthy to receive all the Good the Universe has in store for me” will help knock down the walls that block your Good.

Affirmation: Life always supports me!

August 13

We live in a world of endless possibilities! Every day ask yourself “what else is possible for me today?”

August 12

Take one step at a time, each step gives you new insights and takes you closer to your goals. You’ve got this!!

August 11

Gratitude changes everything!

August 10

Let’s lift each other up and help us all win!!!

August 9

Gratitude feeds your heart and your soul. It supports your growth and helps you heal. Make sure you get your daily dose of it!

August 8

I am babysitting 3 of my grandchildren for a few days and they always bring me joy, make me laugh and remind me of what is most important in life.

August 7

Look around; there is beauty and wonder everywhere. Nature will bathe you in it’s splendor if you let it. Go for a walk along the beach, in the mountains or just down your street. Notice the little things; the stillness of the morning, the quiet before dawn, the gentle rising and setting of the sun.

There is so much to appreciate. The sweet smell of the flowers, the business of the bees, the birds sailing through the air, the leaves swaying with the breeze; it’s all so beautiful.  There is peace and perfection  all around you. Find those places and those moments that remind you of the magnificence of Life. Let the beauty and the wonder of the world encourage you and inspire you.

Affirmation: I let Life inspire me!

August 6

We are all different; unique in our own way. You can’t be the best you if you compare yourself to others. Be you, the best you ever!

Affirmation: I am the best me!

August 5

There really is magic in the morning as I sit on my deck and listen to a symphony of bird calls, watch them splashing in their birdbath, feel the fluttering of hummingbirds as they zoom from flowers to feeders, admire a baby bunny hopping through the garden and watch butterflies gracefully float among the brilliant colors of the flowers. It truly is a beautiful morning! Have a glorious day everyone.

August 4

When I was a child we had the best water fights when it rained. My siblings and friends would collect water from the rain in buckets and run around the yard laughing and splashing each other. It was so much fun! My children did the same thing when they were young and joy and laughter filled our rainy days. I still love the smell, the warmth, the gentleness and the joyful memory of summer rain! I may not run around having water fights in the rain anymore but sometimes I just hold out my arms and let the rain shower me with its gentle touch. The feeling on my skin brings me joy, lifts my spirit and reminds me of the child within. Try it next time there is a gentle summer rain

Affirmation: I let the child within feel the joy of each summer rain.

August 3

In a world full of challenges, changes and uncertainty try a little kindness, it can make all the difference in the world to someone.

August 2

Energy flows through everything and everyone. You are made of energy and you have 7 major energy centers called Chakras. The word chakra comes from Sanskrit meaning “wheel”. They are an ancient, complex, energy system originating in India. They were first mentioned in the Vedas dating back to 1500 to 1000 BC.

When your chakras are aligned and open energy flows freely though your body helping you maintain health in your mind, body and spirit. When the chakras are blocked energy cannot flow freely and this can sometimes lead to dis-ease within the physical body. Each chakra has a specific energy, element, color and mantra.

The first chakra is your Root Chakra (or Muladhara) which is located at the base of your spine. This chakra represents the feeling of being grounded and connected to Mother Earth. The color is red, the element is Earth and the mantra is LAAM. If it is blocked one can feel unstable or threatened.

The second is your Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana)  is located approximately 2″ below your belly button. It represents our emotions, abundance, creativity and sexuality. The color is orange, the element is water and the mantra is VAAM. If it is blocked one may have problems with organs, lower back pain or  feel a lack of control.

The third is Continue


August 1

Appreciate you, love you and celebrate you!

July 31

I had a weekend that was nonstop so this morning I had a tough time getting up. I forced myself to get up and as I looked around I saw the beautiful flowers from my garden, the bluebirds flying in and out of their house in my back yard, a hummingbird flying by to take a sip and say hi, a red cardinal in the birdbath taking a dip and all at once I felt my heart open and my soul come alive.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get up and get motivated so find the things that make your heart happy; the things that wake you up and make you come alive. We all have them; those little things that touch this place inside us and inspire us; simple things we find every day when we take the time to stop and look around.

Find the things that touch you and surround yourself with them. Bring them into your world and make them easy to find so when you have those mornings where it’s hard to get up you just have to reach for them and let them inspire you.

Affirmation: I surround myself with things that inspire me and make me come alive.

July 30

Be willing to embrace your gifts, willing to have faith in the Good of the Universe, willing to open your heart and live from love, willing to expand your comfort zone, willing to be still and listen to the guidance from within, willing to flow with everything this glorious life has in store for you, willing to express more of who you are meant to be, willing to surrender to your soul’s purpose on this journey.

Affirmation: I am willing and I know there is a way.

July 29

Stand tall! You are a magnificent expression of the Most High. Let all your brilliance and radiance shine through in all you do!

Affirmation: I stand tall knowing I am a glorious expression of the Divine.

July 28

Here are some suggestions inspired by Tony Robbins to help you increase your confidence and live an inspired life…
1. Be certain about your values and let them guide you; Conviction breeds confidence.
2. Emotions are just energy in motion; feel your emotions and let them flow through you.
3. Often what you want is on the other side of your comfort so keep expanding your comfort zone by doing things that scare you a little.
4. Use positive thinking to change your limited beliefs about yourself and the world; the more you feed your mind positive thoughts the more you will believe them.
5. Change your physiology to help you feel better; breathe deeply and move with confidence.
6. Improve your communication skills; we have 2 ears and 1 mouth so listen twice as much as you speak. Listen and speak with respect and compassion.
Affirmation: I am grateful for all I have and all I am right now. I know everything is in Divine Order, I let go and surrender to all the gifts the Universe has in store for me.

July 27

Know who you are at the core of your being for you are indeed extraordinary!

Affirmation: I am extraordinary!

July 26

These are some of my favorite quotes, quotes that have inspired me to move forward in m life, quotes that have lifted me up when I’ve been down, quotes that remind me of the wonder, beauty and magic of life. Hope they inspire you and help you move into more.

1. “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

2. I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. –Maya Angelou

3. Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. –Henry Ford

4. The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. –Mark Twain

5. Whatever you can do, or Continue

July 25

I relax into being-ness and let the inner wisdom guide me.

Affirmation: I am guided and I know just what to do.

July 24

5 Things to Avoid to Attract More Money

You probably know you have to do certain things to attract money into your life but you also have to avoid certain things if you want to experience more wealth and more abundance.

Without even realizing it you may have some bad habits and beliefs that block the flow of money to you.

Below are 5 habits that you have to change if you want to allow more abundance to flow to you.


Affirmation: I take care of my money and it takes care of me!

July 23

Love can be fierce, Light can be fierce, Being all that you are meant to be can be fierce. Be committed and be fierce in discovering your Greatness.

Affirmation: I am fierce as I uncover my greatness.

July 22
There are so many distractions in life, so many things that pull our attention in different directions. Be the master of your own mind and choose where you attention goes. Remember that what you focus on and what you put your attention on grows. Focus on all the things you want more of in your life and watch them multiply.
Affirmation: I put my attention on the things I want to grow.

July 21

We all experience someone pushing our buttons or have experiences that upset us. All these things that come up for us are helping us realize our wounds to help us heal them and let them go.

Those wounds hold us back from experiencing all that we are, all that we are to become, all that we are here to experience and all that we have to share.

Release those wounds and you open yourself up to fully experience all that you are and all the gifts this life has to offer.

Affirmation: I release the wounds that hold me back from being all of me.

July 20

It may take time but Keep believing!

Affirmation: I believe in my dreams.

July 19

Imagine if a child first learning to walk falls and never tries to walk again. As adults we know she will eventually walk but she doesn’t know that. With encouragement she tries and tries again until she not only walks, she runs.

Everyone falls down, it’s part of learning and growing, part of life. The successful person falls down 7 times but gets up 8. Find people that encourage you and keep trying. We all fall down just keep getting up.

Affirmation: I may fall down but I keep getting up!

July 18

Every wound creates a crack in the masks we wear to let the Light in. Once inside the Light will heal, comfort us and give us a deeper capacity for love, humility, connection, and understanding.

Affirmation: I let the Light in!

July 17

Sometimes we can get bogged down on the physical demands of the day or get caught up going through the motions of the day. There are so many details to take care of, so many things on the to-do list that require attention. The world seems to draw you into the illusion that it is finite, that you are finite, that you are limited.

Take time this week to remind yourself that you are an infinite being. You are made of stardust, you have unlimited possibilities. You are Light, you are Love. You are an intricate part of tapestry we call Life. You are a pure expression of the Divine. Remember, you are a glorious manifestation of the Most High right here, right now!

Affirmation: I am an Infinite Being!

July 16

You may have to look harder to find it but there is good in everything. Trian your mind to see it and it gets easier to find.

Affirmation: I see the good in everything.

July 15

A rose by any other name is still a rose. No name can change who you are at your core; you are a magnificent manifestation of the Most High, a glorious expression of the Divine!

Affirmation: I am Glorious Expression of Life Itself.

July 14

You decide…
Who you are…
Who you are becoming..
What you’re going to do…
What everything that happens to you means..
Where you are…
Where you are going…
When you will begin
When you will take the next step
Why you live the way you do
Why you want to accomplish the things you want to
How you will accomplish things…
How far you’ll go…
You decide Who What Where When Why & How… it’s all up to you. Decide with insight, vision, clarity, certainty, & purpose!
Affirmation: I decide Who What Where When Why & How

July 13

When you stay positive creativity flows easily and effortlessly.

Affirmation: I stay positive and my creativity flows freely.

July 12

Stop for a moment and give thanks for the precious things in your life!

Affirmation: I am grateful for all the blessings in my life!

July 11

Good things come in small packages… look around and see the wonder that exists in even the smallest things that this glorious life shows us.

Affirmation: I pay attention to even the smallest things that fill us with wonder.

July 10

Real Love gives, supports, encourages, heals and real Love feels good.

Affirmation: Real Love feels Good!

July 9

Good friends are family we get to choose. They accept us for who we are, encourage us, support us and love us. Life can get busy so make time for relaxing and just BEing with good friends.

Affirmation: I make time to be with my friends.

July 8

Let the Magic of the Universe move you.

Affirmation: I dance with the Universe.

July 7

I just returned from an amazing cruise. It was bittersweet to leave the beauty, the friends we met and the ocean but so nice to be home. It’s such a gift to travel to see all the splendor of this glorious planet and also so wonderful to be home safe and sound in your own space.

Affirmation: There’s no place like home.

July 6

Today is the anniversary of my dad’s passing. I laid him to rest beside my mom, the love of his life, on my birthday. It was actually very fitting as I had married the love of my life on his last birthday. I miss both my mom and my dad so much but they come to me often.

I can still feel their love in the gentle breeze flowing through the trees, in the rain falling down around me, in the sand on the beach and in each rolling wave. I can see their love in the eyes of my children and my grandchildren and I even catch their love sometimes in the smile of a stranger. I can hear their love in the laughter of a child, in the sweet song of birds every morning and in the whisper of the still small voice in my heart.

Their love is always with me; watching over me, supporting me, guiding me and encouraging me as Love never dies! Love is always with you too!

Affirmation: Love is with me always for Love never dies.

July 5

May Peace fill your mind, Love fill your heart and Light fill your world!

July 4

Happy 4th of July! May you and your family be blessed with good health peace, prosperity and abundant love!

July 3

There is magic every morning as our sun kisses our planet! Feel the magic and the wonder of our glorious world and let it fill you with gratitude!

Affirmation: I give thanks for the magic and the wonder of our beautiful planet.

July 2

There is only one glorious expression of Life that is You! Embrace all that you are and let your Light shine!

Affirmation: I love Me and I let my Light Shine!

July 1

Today I am on a cruise to Canada on the Queen Mary 2; which happens to be on my bucket list. Exploring this glorious planet we live on is one of my great joys. The world is indeed wide and life is short so take a trip and discover some of the beauty and wonder of our world.

Affirmation: Life is short and the world is wide so I take time to explore the wonder of the world.

June 30

Love is the driving force in life, it can change lives, move mountains and it can move you. It can make you stronger and braver to take those chances you might be afraid to take or try something new and exciting.

Love is the essence of who you are; it is at the core of your being; it is what you are made of; it is where you came from and it is where you will return. Connect to the Dynamic Force of Love and let it Drive your Life.

Affirmation: Love drives me.

June 29

It may not always feel like it but the Truth is you are exactly where you are meant to be right now. Everything is helping you uncover the greatness within so be at Peace.

Affirmation: I am exactly where I am meant to be.

June 28

“What’s more powerful than love? Nothing!

Never forget the purpose of relationships is to magnify human emotion. Remember Lesson #1: It’s not your partner, it’s YOU. Take 100% responsibility today. It’s not just who you choose to be with, it’s who YOU choose TO BE in your relationships that counts! Master your meaning and show up in a beautiful state and see what happens.” Tony Robbins

Sometimes we look at others when a relationship is not going well, we see their faults and tend to blame them but it’s important to look at yourself. What are you bringing to the relationship? How are you showing up? What kind of partner are you being?

Relationships provide incredible opportunities to look at ourselves and help us grow.

We are reflections for each other and we often see in others what we don’t want to see in ourselves. What do you see in your partner? Is it something that exists in you as well? Be honest with yourself and challenge the meanings you give to everything you experience in the relationship.

Nothing has meaning except the meaning we give it, we are making it all up. Sometimes we make it up due to what others or society says. Sometimes we make it up due to our old wounds. Any time someone pushes our buttons we are given an opportunity to heal the wound that created that button and grow.

Relationships magnify human emotion and in a good relationship we each become better versions of ourselves. They magnify what is going on in our own being. The more you love yourself, the more you show up in a beautiful, loving state the more your relationship will reflect that and thrive.

 Affirmation: I show up in a loving state and my relationships reflects that.

June 27

Don’t ever take those beautiful souls that support you and want you to shine for granted. Let them be the ones that play a starring role in your life. Give them your Light, your Energy, your Gratitude, your Time and your Support. Love them hard every day with all that you are!

Affirmation: I love the people that want me to shine with all that I am.

June 26

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. It heals, it nourishes, it nurtures, it expands, it comforts, it inspires, it cultivates, it creates, it educates, it guides, it brings joy, it dispels the darkness and it lights the way.

Love is contagious, as you give it to others it increases in them. It spreads to everyone that you touch and everyone that they touch. The more you have the more you want to share.

Love comes from the Divine so it is unlimited and never ending. You will always have more than enough and you can never run out. The more you give the more it increases. It increases in your life and in the world. Catch it today!

Affirmation: Love is contagious, I spread it everywhere I go.

June 25

There is Magic in the morning and in the evening when the sun rises and sets. Catch the Magic and let it inspire you!

Affirmation: I catch the Magic of each sunrise and sunset.

June 24

Whatever the question, love is the answer. Let the wisdom of Love be your guide

Affirmation: The wisdom of Love guides me.

June 23

There are some people that just light you up when you see them. They make you smile and make your heart happy. They encourage you, believe in you and pull the magic out of you so that anything seems possible.

On the other hand some people can try to suck the energy out of you and try to drive you crazy. They may not mean to, they are probably wounded and feel empty inside. Some people just don’t have anything to give. You may not be able to avoid these people but limit your exposure to them.

Spend as much time as you can with the people that love themselves, that have more than enough to share and believe in you. Stick with the people that Light you up and pull the Magic out of you.

Affirmation: I stick with people that pull the Magic out of me.


June 22

See the beauty that lies all round you. There is beauty in the flowers, birds, butterflies, clouds, the sky, the sunrises and sunset; you can find it everywhere. Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this glorious planet we live on and let it lift your spirit.

Affirmation: I find beauty in the simple things.

June 21

It’s the first day of summer and the longest Light filled day in the year here! A day filled with new opportunities and endless possibilities. May the warm energy of the sun flow through you and move you into something wonderful. Let the Light of the summer sun ignite your heart and set your soul on fire.

Affirmation: The Light of the Summer Sun sets my soul on fire.

June 20

You never know what another is going through; you can make such a difference just by making someone feel special.

June 19

You are a unique expression of the Divine; a precious manifestation of the Most High. There is no one exactly like you and you have your own story to tell.

The world may try to change you or mold you into something that isn’t you or doesn’t make your heart sing. Your family, your friends, your boss, everyone has their own story; their own view of you and their own expectations for you. To honor them and you can be difficult.

Be true to who you are; honor your gifts and your desires. Your life is your story and you are the author. What kind of story do you want to write? Despite what the people in your life want or what society and the world at large dictate Be You! Being true to yourself is the bravest thing you can do and the greatest accomplishment of your life.

Affirmation: I am true to myself.


In the USA today is Father’s Day, a day to give thanks and celebrate dads. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. May your heart be filled with love and may the day bring you joy and abundant blessings.

June 17

When in doubt get to the nearest beach (if you can’t get there watch a video of the ocean), stop for a few moments and gaze at the ocean. Notice the ebb and flow of the waves and feel the fluid yet immense power it holds. Let the healing powers of the sea wash over you. Let them fill your Spirit and open you heart. From that calm place let the voice of your heart whisper to you; it knows the answer.

Affirmation: When in doubt I look to the ocean.

June 16

You are not alone; no human is an island unto themselves. We are connected to one another through the Energy that binds us all as one family. We are on this journey we call Life together; we can take each other and ourselves higher. We can raise the consciousness of our society and our world by raising our own and that of another.

You blossom and grow into more of who you are meant to be as you help others feel love, see the greatness within and grow themselves. You can make a difference in small and miraculous ways; a genuine smile, a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, a word of encouragement, a random act of kindness; these things can make all the difference in the world to someone.

Be a channel for Love to flow through, a beacon of Light to dispel the darkness, a Ray of Hope to cast our despair and a Reason that someone feels loved, understood, appreciated, and valued then watch them and you blossom and grow.

Affirmation: I grow as I help others grow.

June 15

Optimism helps you feel healthier, have less stress, fight illness, form better relationships, enjoy working more and live longer. Find something to be grateful for every day and optimism with all its benefits are sustainable.

Affirmation: I am grateful and optimistic!

June 14

I was watching the “Greatest Showman” the other day and I absolutely love the song “This Is Me”. How often do we hide our broken parts or are ashamed of our scars but as the song says “don’t let them break me down to dust, I know that there’s a place for us,For we are glorious .”

When the sharpest words wanna cut you down send a flood and drown them out.You may be bruised but be brave and be who you are meant to be. March to the beat of your own drum.  Don’t be scared to be seen and make no apologies for you are Glorious!

You are indeed glorious. You are a glorious manifestation of the Most High expressing your individuality and your creativity. You are a gift, precious in the eyes of the Divine. Within you lies the song, dance, story, picture, caring, wisdom and the pure Magic, (in whatever way it shows up for you), that only you can bring. This is You!

Affirmation: This Is Me!!

June 13

Everything we go through teaches us so we can grow!

Affirmation: I grow through everything I go through.

June 12

Everyone has a money story, an energetic relationship with money. What are your thoughts about money? Is money bad? Is it the root of all evil? Are rich people bad people? Do spiritual people have money? Is money a wonderful thing? Is money freedom? Is there more than enough for everyone?

Do you love money? How do feel at just reading that question? That will tell you a lot about your relationship with money. Do you love your child, (grandchild or anyone close to you)? Do you feel differently about the second question? Is it okay to love a child but not okay to love money?

If you don’t love money you push it away from you and block it from coming to you. Why would it come to you if you have negative thoughts about it? Money is just energy, it is looking for like energy to flow into. Heal your thoughts (many of which didn’t even come from you. Most came from family or past pain or trauma). Write a new beautiful, love story about money. Heal your energy about money and you will allow it to flow to you. It is an abundant Universe and there is more than enough for everyone.

Affirmation: I love money!

June 11

Every day brings new horizons to explore, new bridges to cross and new opportunities to take advantage of. Keep going, you’ve got this!

Affirmation: I keep going!

June 10

Within each one of us lies Divinity. Within each one of us lies the true nature of our being. Within each one of us lies Love, Light, Abundance, Creativity, Wisdom, Peace and Power. Within each one of us lies the Greatness we were born to be. We may not all be aware of it but it’s there hidden under the pain and the sadness.

See that Greatness in everyone you meet and it just might help them see it in themselves. See  that greatness in others and you see more of it in yourself too. I see the greatness that lies in you and the greatness that lies in me.

Affirmation: I see you!

June 9

Miracles happen all the time. Be ready for yours!

Affirmation: I am ready for my miracle.

June 8

Keep reaching for the moon, it will reach for you too!

Affirmation: The Moon is reaching for me!

June 7

Everything in the Universe is Energy. The Earth, the sun, the stars, the moon, the plants, the animals and you! You are connected to the Energy that flows through everything.

Love is energy and Money is energy. Just like air there is more than enough of each for everyone. You don’t worry about having enough air, you just know without even thinking about it that there is enough. You don’t compare how much air you have to how much air someone else has. You don’t wish, hope or pray you have more; you know there is enough.

If you want more Love or more Money you have to erase the thoughts in your mind that limit you and open your heart to the unlimited flow of Love and Abundance that is ever present. Don’t worry, compare, wish, hope or pray for more as those things lower your energy and bring more worry, comparing, wishing and hoping to you. They block the things you want from coming to you.

If you find your mind worrying, wishing or hoping for more remember that Love & Abundance are like air; every present and more than enough for everyone. Erase the limiting beliefs you have about Love and Money; most of them didn’t even come from you. They came from limiting and false family and societal beliefs and fears. Open your being to the Truth and the flow of Love and Abundance just like you open up to breathing.

Affirmation: Everything is energy; Love, Money, Air, Everything and there is enough for everyone.

June 6

There is a common thread of Life, a common desire for Acceptance, a common yearning for Love that runs through us all connecting our souls to one another. We are more alike as human beings than we are different.

Affirmation: We are more alike as human beings than we are different.

June 5

The day my mother died she taught me just how powerful we all are. She was in the hospital in a different state but she mentally contacted my sister and me. We called each other and said let’s go see mom today then we called our other sisters and that afternoon we were all on a flight to see her. When my father left the hospital to pick us up at the airport my mom made her way home to the Light.

While she passed we were on the plane watching the most beautiful sunset we had ever seen. My father picked us up at the airport and we went straight to the hospital. My father found out he had lost the love of his life surrounded by his four daughters.

My mother choreographed that day. She mentally told us to come so my father would not be alone and she sent us that sunset to comfort us and let us know she was going home. She sent the same gorgeous sunset the day I got married. She was there watching over us, rejoicing with us!

I married the love of my life on my father’s birthday. My father passed the next year and I laid him to rest beside the love of his life on my birthday. He was surrounded by my mom, his mom and his sisters as he made his transition. Before he passed was the first time I had actually seen light beings. They were watching over him ready to welcome him back to the Love he came from.

We are all powerful beings loved and supported by the Universe itself. The power of the Universe on your side. Connect to Source; let it heal you, teach you, inspire you, and move you into all that you are meant to be!

Affirmation: I am a Powerful expression of Life itself.


June 4

Let the magic and the beauty of the Universe inspire you today and every day. Let them move you into creating something extraordinary.

Affirmation: I am inspired every day.

June 3

Within you is a calm peace that is just waiting for your embrace. Let it fill you up, heal you and guide you through your day.

Affirmation: I embrace the peace within me.

June 2

Today is the day my mother was born some 90+ years ago. Happy heavenly birthday mom! Her body is no longer with us but her Love Lives On! Her Love lives through me, my siblings, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, friends and all who knew her.

The Love of the people that you knew and loved lives on through you too. Speak their name, share the memories and spread their Love through everything you think, do and say.

Affirmation: Love Lives On!

June 1

Life is full of choices that you get to make all by yourself…today choose Joy and watch magic and miracles fill your world!

Affirmation: Today I choose Joy!

May 31

Whether you want to experience more love, more abundance, more peace, more understanding, more joy, more of anything, it begins with you. If you want more love be more loving to others. If you want to receive more abundance give more to people. If you want to experience more peace in your world be centered and peaceful yourself. If you want more understanding have an open mind and try to understand others. If you want more joy bring joy to others.

It is a reciprocal Universe; you get out of it what you put into it. You bring to you the things that you put out into the Creative Consciousness, everything you put out into the world. Begin with your relationship with you and your connection to the Source of All That Is. Move from that place of oneness and everything your soul desires, everything you are here to express and experience will come to be!

Affirmation: It’s a reciprocal Universe; I get out of Life what I put into it.

May 30

Everything is as it should be, it’s all in Divine Order. You can’t get it wrong.

Affirmation: I can’t get it wrong!

May 29

We often talk to ourselves in a manner that we would never use when we talk to our friends. Change your internal dialogue and use words that are loving and kind. It’s good to be kind to others, don’t forget to be kind to yourself too!

Affirmation: I am kind to others and to myself.

May 28

You are a glorious manifestation of the Most High!

Affirmation: I am a glorious manifestation of the Most High!

May 27

Just as cars have a GPS to give you directions to your destinations, you have an IGS, (an internal guidance system), that will give you directions as you travel along life’s highway. Listen carefully and you can hear the whispers of your soul guiding you.

Affirmation: I listen to the directions of my internal guidance system.

May 26

There are some teachings, some words of wisdom that may seem contradictory to what you have been taught in the past but they whisper to a part of you that listens carefully and they touch a spot in your inner being that rings true. Your egoic mind may try to dispel them but the Divinity within you knows they are true. Let those words and teachings fall upon your heart. Let them sink into your being until the whisper becomes a thunderous declaration to the Universe and your entire being knows the Truth. Those are the words that can change your life. Listen with your heart, your inner knowing and your whole world will change.

Affirmation: I let words of wisdom fall upon my heart.

May 25

Whatever you do, do it with the being-ness that is the essence of who you are.

Affirmation: I put my Being-ness into Doing-ness.

May 24

The order of Creation begins with Desire; what is the desire that lies within your heart? Move that desire to intention and declare it to the Universe; solidify the intention with positive thoughts about it. Emotion is energy in motion so add emotion to your thoughts. Take actions every day and you will change your behavior which will shift your vibration to match the thing or experience that you desire. Once your vibration matches what you desire the Universe will bring it to you.

Affirmation: I move my desire into creation.

May 23

You are an unlimited expression of the Divine. Everything the Divine is is at your command. Let the Love, Light, Creativity, Abundance, Wisdom, Joy and Peace that is Source flow through you.

Affirmation: I am unlimited.

May 22

You are enough just as you are right here, right now!! Love yourself right where you are! Love all of you; the parts that you shine for all the world to see, the parts that you hide in the darkness and everything in between. Love the wounded child within and the glorious soul that is expressing itself through you. Love it all without judgement, love it all unconditionally.

Everything that you have ever said or done in your life was meant to be. Meant to get you through the good times and the more challenging times. Meant to protect you, express you and eventually help you grow into even more of who you are here to be. Give thanks for it all and love it all then you can truly let your brilliance shine. You are Enough and you are worthy of all the Love & Light the Universe has in store for you.

Affirmation: I Am Enough!!

May 21

No matter has gone on before or what is happening now there is always Hope. Have faith; everything is in Divine Order.

Affirmation: Have faith, there is always hope for a better day.

May 20

The Creative Force that flows through all things flows through you. Creating is your nature, it’s who you are. Creation can be many things; a book, a song, a painting, a dance, a picture, a formula, a course, a lecture, an article, a job well done, a happy home, a beautiful garden, healthy children and the list goes on. Creation is who you are, so be inspired and create!

Affirmation: I am inspired to create!

May 19

Change can be sunshine and Sunshine helps things grow, so let it in.

Affirmation:  I let Change in and it helps me grow.

May 18

Within you is the very spark of Life itself! You are connected to ALL THAT IS always; there is no separation only Oneness! Feel it, know it and let it be your guide in everything you think, do and say.

Affirmation: I Am!

May 17

You may not be able to control everyone that is in your life, but you can control who plays a starring role in your life. Who do you spend most of your time with, who do you give your energy to, who nourishes your soul, who do you let play a starring role in your own life?

Some people lift you up and some people drag you down. Some people give you energy and some people are empty, so they try to take your energy away. Don’t let the people that drag you down or suck your energy play an important role in what happens in your life. You have to let some people go and sometimes you have to love them from a distance.

Affirmation: The people that nourish my soul play a starring role in my life.

May 16

Forget the shore, let go and swim!

Affirmation: Just keep swimming.

May 15

We are often our own worst enemies. We see our faults; we criticize what we do and how we look; we speak to ourselves in a manner we would never use when talking to another. Sometimes we put ourselves down and create doubt in our mind as to what we can or cannot do. We compare ourselves to others and often put more importance on pleasing others than doing what our soul is calling us to do. Time for that behavior to stop. Time to stop over valuing what you don’t have and undervaluing what you do have.

It’s time to see the greatness within; time to see your value and your gifts. It is time to honor the amazing body that carries you through your life. It’s time to speak to yourself with understanding, patience and love. It’s time to believe in your worth, your value and your potential. It’s time to see what is possible for you in this lifetime. Now is the time to value what you DO have.

Affirmation: I value me. I see and honor my gifts and my potential.

May 14

Today is Mother’s Day; a day to celebrate all the moms, grandmoms, stepmoms, fur baby moms and all the moms out there who love unconditionally and give endlessly. Sometimes being a mom can seem thankless but please know you make a difference, and your value is priceless.

Affirmation: I love and appreciate the moms in my life.

May 13

You are connected to the Source of All That Is always. There is no separation, only Oneness.

Affirmation: I AM is the Godforce within me.

May 12

Love is who you are every day all day long!

Affirmation: I am LOVE!

May 11

Say “Yes” to Love; say “Yes” to Light; say “Yes” to Abundance; say “Yes” to all the Sweet Surprises that the Universe has in store for you!

Affirmation: I say “Yes” to the Universe!

May 10

What is the picture you have of yourself? How would you describe you? Do you see the Good in you? Do you see the riches that lie within? Do you see the essence of who you are at your core? Do you see the Light in your eyes? Do you see the Joy in your smile? Do you see the Love in your heart? Do you see the Generosity of your Spirit? Do you see the value you are to yourself, the world and to others? If you don’t take a new picture! See the Good, the Light, Love, Joy, Generosity and Value in You and you will see it in others.

Everyone has a picture of who they are in their own mind. Sometimes that picture is Continue

May 9

Today is one of my favorite people’s birthday! She is a Goddess and a blessing. I’m sure we have known each other in many lifetimes. She is one of those friends that make your heart happy and time disappear. No matter how much time goes by when we get to see each other again it’s like no time has passed. Take time to reach out to a friend that warms your heart and savor the magic of true friendship.

Affirmation: I take time to just BE with a friend.

May 8

Whenever you doubt to destroy what you have begun to build. It’s like planting a seed then stepping on it as it begins to poke its head out of the soil. Have faith in your intention. Have faith that the Universe will support you. Have faith that all is in Divine Order.

Have patience as some things take time. A seed takes time to germinate, blossom and grow so does your intention and your dreams. There is magic in the soil; we can’t see what is going on when it is buried in the dark, but we know the seed will come to fruition. There is magic in the Universe. You can’t always see what is coming to you, you may feel like you’re in the dark, but have patience and let the Universe work its magic. Don’t let doubt destroy your intention and your dreams.

Affirmation: I have faith and patience knowing the Universe supports my intention.

May 7

I saw my first hummingbird this morning and that always makes me happy. Every year I look forward to their return. When I think of the journey they make from Central America or Mexico all the way to my yard just outside Boston I am filled with wonder.

These tiny birds fly thousands of miles alone and often stop at the same feeders on their way back to the same feeders where they were born. Last year we had a mom, a dad and 2 babies. They were so much fun to watch!  They would often hover right in front of us studying our faces. They remember faces and I look forward to welcoming the whole family back again this year! Life truly is filled with awe and wonder.

Affirmation: Today I take time to appreciate the little things that fill my world with wonder.

May 6

Everything is a gift; some are welcome, appreciated and cherished while others may not be as welcomed. Embrace everything anyway and see the gift that each moment holds.

Affirmation: I embrace all the gifts in my life.

May 5

You are so much more than your physical body. You are connected to the Source of All that Is. You are an expression of God; made in the image and likeness of Love, Light, Peace, Creativity, Abundance and Wisdom.

You are made of stardust with no beginning and no end. Your core, the essence of who you are, is eternal and everlasting. You are limitless for you are forever expanding into more. You are freedom forever flowing through a place where there is no space or time.

This is who you were in the beginning, are now and who you will continue to be for all eternity. Feel it, know it and let it guide you and set you free.

Affirmation: I have no beginning and no end for I am eternal and everlasting.

May 4

Today is Star Wars Day. I love the saying “May the Force be with you” and the analogy of the Force with the Universe/Source/God. The truth is the Force/God/Divinity, whatever name you prefer, is always with you. There is no separation, there is only Oneness. It is where you came from, who you are at your core and where you will return when you complete this journey. May you be conscious of your connection to the Force always. May it guide you and flow through you in all you think, do and say.

Affirmation: The Force is always with me.

May 3

You are an infinite being connected to “Source/God/All That Is” with unlimited possibilities. The Universe has so much in store for you; you just have to allow it to flow through you. Every day ask yourself “What else is possible for me?” When you ask that question you let the Universe/God know that you are ready for more. Be open to receive. You will be delighted with what the Universe brings to you.

Affirmation: What else is possible for me?

May 2

During this precious month when the world comes alive may your soul sing and your heart be happy.

Affirmation: My heart is happy and my soul sings.

May 1

Breaking limiting familial beliefs is so important. We all have thoughts and beliefs that came from generations before. We don’t even know where some of our beliefs came from. Take a look at your beliefs, do they serve your highest good? Do they take you higher. Replace any limiting ones with more empowering beliefs.

Beliefs like: The Universe is FOR me! Life supports me! I am worthy! It is an abundant Universe! I am enough! I have all I need and more! Dreams do come true! As I heal myself I help my family heal! You can make a difference in what you experience and in the experiences of future generations.

Affirmation: I break the chains that hold me back.

April 30

Miracles happen every day. Believe, Have Faith, Trust, Give Thanks, Let Go and your miracle will appear!

Affirmation: Miracles happen every day!

April 29

I’m possible…you’re possible… Life is full of endless possibilities! Be open to them today and every day.

Affirmation: I’m possible!

April 28

We are all in this together. Let us take each other higher by being kind to one another and respecting one another!

Affirmation: I am kind.

April 27

Life is always expanding, always becoming more of itself. It’s the way the Universe works and it’s the way you work. You are meant to grow into more of who you are at your core which is; Love, Light, Creativity, Abundance, Intelligence and Joy. You are here to be and experience more of those qualities.

Read, write, meditate, explore and challenge yourself. Try new things, go to new places and bring new information into your life. Do things that expand your awareness, your consciousness and your unique gifts. Reach for the stars; stretch beyond your comfort zone and grow into the full expression of Life that is you.

Affirmation: Every day I reach, stretch & grow!

April 26

There are many seasons in life, each has its own precious gifts. The innocence and wonder of youth, the discipline and knowledge you gain from being a student, the love and devotion of partnering, the rewards and satisfaction of work, perhaps the unconditional love of parenting, the joy of being a grandparent or the wisdom and peace that come with aging.

All of the seasons in your life have their own unique beauty. Wherever you are now, whatever season you are in know that each one holds magic just for you. Whether you are experiencing wonder, discipline, devotion, satisfaction, love, joy or wisdom… be present to the gifts each season brings. Flow with the seasons of life and embrace the beauty and the miracle of the season you are in right now!

Affirmation: I embrace each season of my life.

April 25

The Universe/God/Source (whatever name you prefer) loves you and supports you all day long. The Universe and everything in it is always moving into a fuller expression of itself and that includes you. You are constantly moving into more of who you are at your core. Connect with that Energy that flows through all time and space and feel that love. Let it wash over you, let it fill you up, let it cleanse you, heal you and let it guide you All-Day-Long!

Affirmation: The Universe is loving me all day lone.

April 24

Is there a song that you need to sing, is there a story that you need to write? Is there something that you need to create? is there something inside you that longs to come to life? We all have a gift to share with the world. We are here for joy, love and we are here to express the greatness that lies within.
It is never too late to express that gift which lies in wait. It is never too late to let your soul whisper to you. It is never too late to let you heart speak to you. It is never too late to start something authentic, something real, something creative, something that shares your gifts with the world. It is never too late to start something brand new! Begin it today!
Affirmation: It’s never to late so I begin it today.

April 23

Sometimes when it rains it pours but it is going to be okay. The rain, the water and the tears can cleanse, heal and renew you. Let them all wash away the pain and the sadness and flow through you.

Affirmation: I let the rain cleanse, heal and renew me

April 22

Happy Earth Day! What a glorious planet we live on! There is such beauty and wonder in nature. The earth is our mother and our home so we must take care of it. Spend some time today appreciating it, being grateful for its many gifts, surrounding it with love and doing something that makes the Earth better.

Affirmation: I love, appreciate and take care of this glorious planet we live on!

April 21

Reading or listening to inspirational and motivational material will help you start something but it’s developing a habit that will keep you on track.

It takes at least 59 days of consistent action to create a habit. Use whatever methods you can to keep you going for those first 59 days, after that your behavior will become automatic.

Find a compelling reason to keep you motivated in the beginning so ask yourself why you want to accomplish your desire. Marry yourself to this reason; let it become part of you.

Make the reason and the desired result part of your identity. For instance; if you want to lose weight say I am a person that eats healthy and exercises regularly so my body feels great. If you want to write a book, identify with the reason and say I am an Author. If you want to create a course, determine why and define yourself as a teacher.

Whatever you want to accomplish make it part of who you are and how you define yourself then let your actions become habitual to that end.

Affirmation: I create habits that support my goals.

April 20

Be inspired by others but never compare yourself to others. Your unique imprint on the world matters. You being you, all of you, is why you are here.

Affirmation: I am inspired by others but I never compare myself to others.

April 19

You may not be able to control all of the people that are in your life but you can always add people that inspire you and nourish your soul.

Affirmation: I surround myself with people who nourish my soul.

April 18

You are important, your needs matter. Where can you go or what can you do that will make your heart happy? What nourishes your soul and fills you up? When you feel loved you have more love to give so drink up. Do something for yourself or go somewhere today that makes you feel full of Love.

Affirmation: I Love Me!

April 17

Each one of us is a conscious manifestation of Life itself. Whether you call it God, Source, Creative Intelligence, Divine, Spirit or any other name doesn’t matter. That same Energy that was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be flows through your being and flows through everything, everyone, every where all the time. It is right where you are. There is no separation, there is only Oneness.

We all live, breath and have our being in God/Source. Being aware of your Oneness to this Creative Intelligence and knowing how the laws of the Universe work will make all the difference in what you experience.

Everything comes from the Source. You are always co-creating with Source. Your energy, and your thoughts have a direct effect on what you experience. They move from you to the Divine and into manifestation. Be mindful of your thoughts and your energy for what you put out into the Universe will come back to you.

Affirmation: I am a conscious manifestation of Life Itself.

April 16

The Light within will lead you out of the darkness and show you the way!

Affirmation: My Light leads the way.

April 15

Life has a way of sending surpises and some can throw you off balance. Some are sunny days and sweet surprises and some are skies filled with clouds and ayprises that aren’t so sweet. Stay centered and calm and you can weather any storm.

Affirmation: I am centered and calm.

April 14

A flower doesn’t compare itself to another; animals don’t look at other animals and compare themselves to others. That serves no one. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else or compete with others either. You are a precious gift to the world so be you, all of you, and let your unique Light shine.

For a truly happier life focus on Gratitude and Generosity. Be generous with your Love, your time, your money, your wisdom and your Light! What you give come back to you tenfold.

Be grateful for all the gifts, all the lessons, all the moments, all the beauty this life offers. Be grateful for the the gifts that you possess and the gift that you are. There is no one like you so cherish who you really are at your core and share it with the world.

Affirmation: I focus on Gratitude & Generosity!

April 13

You are made of stardust; born to add your color to this Life and shine your Light on the world!

Affirmation: I was born to shine!

April 12

Gratitude, Love, Joy, Grace and Surrender are ingredients for a happy and whole experience on this journey. Use them to create a delicious Life!

April 11

I love this time of year! The Earth is giving birth as trees and flowers blossom and grow; many birds return and begin to build their nest to support their eggs; animals awake from their winter slumber and welcome their young into the world and for me my beautiful, strong, amazing creative daughter-in law gave birth to her first child, my new granddaughter.

Affirmation: I celebrate the beauty of Life!

April 10

Pay attention to the messages the Universe is sending you. Those messages may be hidden so you have to take time to stop, look and listen. Stop the business of the day and stop the noise in your mind through meditation. Look within to find your own knowing, look around you for doors to open and synchronicity to appear. Listen to the guidance from your higher self and listen carefully to every whisper from the Universe.

Your soul is trying to express all you are meant to be. The Universe supports you and provides opportunities for that expression. The world needs the full expression of you. Your life deserves 100% of YOU right here, right now!

Affirmation: I pay attention to the whispers of the Universe.

April 9

Happy Easter to all who celebrate! May the joy of the season fill your heart with Peace, Love, Light and Hope!

April 8

For many today is a Holy day. Spend time in silence so you can connect with Source and hear the whisper of the Universe/God reveal It’s secrets.

Affirmation: I practice stillness to hear the Voice of the Divine.

April 7

I love the picture above; it’s my daughter reaching out to hold my hand during a yoga retreat. Our hands have held each other throughout our lives. I am a mother to 4 grown children and Gigi to 7 grandchildren with #8 arriving any day now. My youngest children are twins and with 4 small children life was pretty busy. It truly takes a village to raise a healthy, loving family.

My mom was an incredible help to me during those busy days. When I was on bed rest for 3 weeks during my pregnancy with my twins she visited with me daily; cheering me up and helping with my other 2 children. Once the twins arrived she was with me daily again to help with the adjustment to having 2 infants. When I went through a difficult divorce and questioned everything she let me know how proud she was of me. Her hands held mine through many of the ups and downs in my life.

Gone now some 20 years I give thanks for her hands to this day and hope she knew how much I love and appreciated her. I hope I have held the hands of those I love with compassion and understanding. I hope I have made as much of an impact in my kids and grandchildren’s lives.

Who are the hands that hold yours? Who are the hands that lift you up when you fall and cheer you on when you rise? Who makes up your village? Who celebrates your successes and comforts you during the losses? Who lets you know how proud they are of you? Who believes in you? Who is there when you need a friend, a cheerleader, an ally or a shoulder?

Give thanks for those hands; don’t take them for granted or think they’ll be there forever. Nothing in life is guaranteed so take time now to appreciate those hands. Let them know how much they mean to you and how grateful you are for them.

Affirmation: I give thanks for the hands that hold mine though all of life’s ups and downs.

April 6

We are all on this journey together; we can create harmony and compassion in the Universe or we can diminish them through our voice and how we respond to situations.

Affirmations: My voice creates harmony and compassion.

April 5

Yesterday I had a reaction to a shot and I was quite sick all day long. I felt bad that I didn’t get anything done but sometimes we just have to stop and let our body heal and that’s okay.

April 4

Everything serves the Light! The night gives birth to the day. The dark soil gives birth to the flowers and trees as they reach for the light. The darkness of the womb gives birth to the animal and the child bringing new Life to our world.

The darkness and the shadows in your life bring new awareness, new wisdom and new light. We often learn the most from those challenging times in our life. Every wound and every crack lets the Light from within shine even brighter.

Affirmation: The darkness serves the Light.

April 3

Your thoughts are seeds planted into the Universal Mind. The Law of the Universe must obey for it is the Creative Soil through which all things come into manifestation.

You are like a farmer planting seeds, if you plant pumpkin seeds you will grow pumpkins, you will never grow watermelons from pumpkin seeds. The same is true for you; you will not experience love and abundance if your consistent thoughts are of fear, lack or limitation. Your thoughts are seeds and they dictate your beliefs, actions and your vibration.

The Universal Mind is the soil. Your life is the manifestation of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions, which all determine your vibration. When your vibration is in harmony with the Abundant Universe doors will open, opportunities will arrive, synchronicity will appear, magic will happen, and you will be guided to move in the direction that serves your highest good.

Whatever seeds you plant into the cosmic consciousness will become manifest. We do not question how the plant springs from the soil we only know that if we plant pumpkin seeds, pumpkins will grow. We don’t always know how our desires and dreams will come to be that is the job of the Universe.

Our job is to plant the seeds, water them, nurture them, follow the guidance from the Universe, make sure we don’t step on them as they begin to grow and watch our lives grow into the beautiful manifestations they are meant to be.

Affirmations: I plant seeds of Love, Peace, Abundance & Joy

April 2

My new granddaughter is due today. Though the whole family can’t wait to meet her and we excitedly await her arrival she is going to come when she is ready not when anyone else wants her to come.

Life is like that. Things happen as they should not necessarily when we want them to. We must learn to let go and trust that everything is unfolding perfectly. Have faith, relax and know it’s all in Divine Order.

Affirmation: My life is unfolding perfectly.

April 1

There are splendor & grandeur and magic & miracles in every corner of this great big beautiful planet we live on. There are family and friends to accompany you on your journey. There are strangers you have yet to meet that will become precious gifts. Relax, take in the view and enjoy the ride.

Affirmation: I enjoy the beauty and wonder of Life!

March 31

We are continually learning and growing. Continually receiving new information, processing what it means to us and deleting what doesn’t fit in our model of the world or expanding our model of the world.

Everything; every day, every experience brings us an opportunity to redefine how we see ourselves, each other and our world. We are becoming something we never were before and uncovering more of who we really are at our core always.

Affirmation: I am continually becoming more of Me.

March 30

Today is my husband’s birthday and I love this picture of him. It was a warm sunny day at a sidewalk café in Italy and he was completely caught up in the magic of the moment. “I love how good I feel when I feel good” is a quote from him.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the stresses of life that we forget what it feels like to feel absolutely wonderful. Take time as often as you can to be present to this precious gift of Life. Let the love within flow through your body and fill you with joy.

Affirmation: I love how good I feel when I feel good.

March 29

Money is energy. Think of money like air; there is plenty for everyone. You don’t have to think or worry about breathing, you just breathe. You aren’t jealous if someone else breathes in deeply, you don’t worry about breathing too much air… you just breathe.

Money/Abundance, like air, is an energy that is ever present. You don’t make money, you tap into the energy and flow of it. When you do that it will be magnetically drawn to you.

Take a look at your beliefs about money. What is money to you? Is it the root of all evil, hard to make or limited? Do you think you have to work hard, sacrifice your family or manipulate others? Write down your beliefs about money then write down where those beliefs came from. Was it your parents, friends, school or church? Do those beliefs work for you or bring abundance into your life?

Your beliefs about money and abundance are the foundation of what you are experiencing. You must build a foundation that is strong; one that will allow you to tap into the infinite flow of abundance if you want to experience more of it. A house will not stand if the foundation is unstable and you will not experience abundance if your beliefs do not align with the abundance of the Universe. Build a strong foundation and money will flow to you easily.

Affirmation: Money flows to me easily and effortlessly.

March 28

Seasons change bringing new growth, life changes bringing new opportunities and time keeps moving on. Embrace the changes in the world and in your life; they can be beautiful!

Affirmation: I embrace the changes in my life.

March 27

To know who you are you must also know who you aren’t. You are not your ego mind. You are not your thoughts just as the painter is not the painting. You are not your judgements, your limitations or your experiences and you are certainly not what other people think of you.

You are much more than your body and this physical existence. You are life and magic itself. You are an immortal expression of the Divine; a perpetual creator of life, a spark of the Infinite and a slice of heaven. You are clarity and creativity. You are a higher consciousness and frequency. You are the creative force in action. You are playfulness and joy.

To really know thyself you must let go of how you identify yourself; let go of your ego or the labels you put on yourself. Go beyond your thinking mind. Meditate and connect with your higher self and your higher vibration. That’s where the magic is; that’s where the truth, creativity and wisdom are… then go have fun!

Affirmation: I know myself!

March 26

” My grandmother had a saying she lived by in Italian: “Non sai mai quale forma il
Lord entrerà dalla tua porta”. Translated it means “You never know what form the Lord is going to walk through your door in.” She saw the Good/God in everyone and everything.

My mother lived the same way. She saw the Good in everyone and sometimes that Good was buried pretty deep. I try to do the same. There have been many experiences that people would label as “bad” in my life but everyone and everything has made me who I am today and I love who I am today. I’m still learning, growing and discovering me; still raising my vibration and still loving me…and you!

The Lord/God/Source, whatever name you use, doesn’t always show up in recognizable ways. Sometimes it may be difficult to see the Good in every person or every situation but know It is there. Trust that everything is helping you raise your vibration and uncover the greatness that is you.

Affirmation: I see the Good in everyone and everything.

March 25

Let your Soul, your Divine Essence, your Spirit, your Creativity, your Love, your Light and your Higher Self fly free. You are meant to soar!

Affirmation: I let my Spirit fly free and I soar!

March 24

Sometimes we over analyze everything; we often think too much and give meaning to things and events that may not be correct. The mind is a beautiful thing but sometimes the ego/mind takes over and the ego can distort things and be very wrong.

Though we must have a strong ego to be able to let it go; the key is letting it go and surrendering to something greater than the ego. Surrender to the highest part of your being. Surrender to your highest self and let everything flow from there.

Growing up in the middle of 5 boys I thought surrender was a sign of weakness but surrender is the bravest thing I have ever done. Surrender to something more than your physical being. Surrender to your Divine Consciousness which is forever expanding into more, and watch your life unfold in magical ways.

Affirmation: I surrender to my highest self and my life unfolds magically.

March 23

Answer, decide and move from your heart; it’s your purest wisdom and your greatest guide.

Affirmation: My loving heart is the purest wisdom.

March 22

Today is Heaven’s Cross, a day when the veil is lifted; energetic and physical gravity dissolves allowing everything to expand and that means you.

In between all of your thoughts, beliefs, stories and matter itself is divinity. Today brings more awareness of your divine nature for those who are ready. Are you ready?

Open yourself up to the true nature of your being. Open yourself up to the endless possibilities that each moment brings. You are expanding and becoming more of who you are meant to be.

Affirmation: I am expanding and becoming more of my Divine Nature.

March 21

You are more than your body, more than your desires, more than your thoughts, more than your experiences. You are a glorious manifestation of the Most High/God/Source/Divine. You are Light, Love, Creativity, Peace, Abundance & Joy

Affirmation: I am a Glorious Manifestation of the Most High!

March 20

Spring arrives today! After a long winter we welcome the equinox; the day and the night are approximately the equal length. It is a time to cleanse out the stagnant energy of self and home. It’s also a time for rebirth and new growth.

As I look outside my window I see my hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and crocuses coming alive. They poke their heads up out of the dark and reach for the sun. Soon they will fill our world with color. We too come out of our homes more to embrace the warmth, welcome the sun and celebrate life renewed.

Take time to reflect on where you have been and where you want to go. Breathe in the spring air and let it cleanse, rejuvenate and inspire you. Welcome spring with all it’s new life and color. Welcome the hidden gifts and color within you and let them come alive.

Affirmation: I welcome spring and let it cleanse, rejuvenate and inspire me.

March 19

Sometimes we do good and we get good and sometimes life isn’t fair. Sometimes we ask why me or point the finger at someone else trying to find fault in another or blame another. These questions won’t help us grow or take us higher.

Ask a better question: What can I do with this situation? or How can I learn and grow from this? So much of what happens in our life is giving us an opportunity to discover our strengths and uncover our greatness.

Affirmation: When I face a difficulty I ask what can I do with the situation to uncover my greatness.

March 18

In the wee hours of the morning this morning I couldn’t sleep. I was thinking about a big decision I have to make. I started thinking of my own journey; where I have been and where I am going. It gave me a good feeling to remember how far I have come and how much I have achieved over the years.

There are so many precious moments from your past to cherish and remember; so many lessons you have learned and so many dreams that became reality. It’s good to take that all in sometimes and let it all sink into your being to remind you of your greatness.

It’s okay to visit your past; to take a look at all you have gone through and all you have accomplished. It’s good to remember all the hurdles you have jumped over and all the goals you have achieved. You really are an extraordinary person. Visit your past and bring all the good with you but don’t live there.

Affirmation: I remember all the precious memories, goals achieved and lessons learned from my past but I don’t live there.

March 17

Top o’ the Morning to Ya! Happy St Patrick’s Day! Today was my mom’s favorite holiday as she was the only only Irish person in a big family of all Italians. She would always say everyone is Irish today.

May the road rise up to meet you; may the sun shine warm upon your face; may God hold you in the palm of His Hand and may the luck of the Irish bless you all day long!

Affirmation: God holds me in the palm of His Hand and the luck of the Irish blesses me!

March 16

You are a glorious manifestation of the Most High; a precious child of God. You are here to express all that you are which is: Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Creativity and Abundance!

Affirmation: I am precious in the eyes of the Divine.

March 15

March is a month of miracles and today is the Ides of March. There are many spiritual meanings of this day. Along with St Patrick’s Day it can be a day of good luck so expect something good to happen to you.

You are also entering a new season full of opportunities. Today is a day to be focused, to pay attention and gain clarity. It also is a time of joyfulness as spring approaches and new growth appears.

The earth comes to life again after a long winter and Angelic activities abound. Pay attention and feel the positive energy that is all around you. Keep a positive mindset from morning till the night and be ready for your miracle.

Affirmation: I am ready for my miracle!

March 14

We are one week away from spring here in New England but Nature has a surprise for us in the form of a snow storm. We are expecting about 8″ of snow today and people have had to cancel some plans but it sure is beautiful outside.

Life often sends us unexpected surprises. They may not be snow storms but sometimes there isn’t anything that can be done about the surprise. We can only control how we respond to them. Try to find the good and see the beauty in every surprise.

Affirmation: Life is full of surprises and I see the good in them.

March 13

I love this quote by Goethe “…Boldness has Genius, Power and Magic in it”. Your dreams can require you to be bold so don’t play small with your dreams, dare to be bold. Boldness gives you Power and creates Magic.

Begin to go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Crawl, walk, run, fly, take one step at a time or take a giant leap. The speed and the means don’t matter just keep moving.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. It doesn’t matter where you have been or what has happened in the past. It doesn’t matter what you have done or not done in the past. Your dreams are your soul whispering to you; listen carefully and move toward them.

Today is a new day filled with endless possibilities and golden opportunities. Seize the day and just Begin it!

Affirmation: I Begin It!

March 12

Move fast, move slow; it doesn’t matter just keep moving forward.

Affirmation: I keep moving forward.

March 11

Make a decision, declare it to the Universe and then take action.

Affirmation: I decide, declare and do!

March 10

Sometimes hate and fear seem stronger that Love but as Lin-Manuel Miranda said at his beautiful acceptance speech for Best Original Score in 2016 for Hamilton “Hope and Love last longer and Love is Love is Love is Love is Love is Love is Love is Love cannot be killed or swept away.”

No matter what has gone on before in your life or what is going on now remember Love is indeed stronger and it cannot be killed or swept away. The essence of who you are at your core is Love. Let it embrace you, heal you and guide you!

Affirmation: Love is Love is Love is Love and it cannot be killed or swept away.

March 9

There are miracles all around you. Deepen your faith in them and be open to receive them.

Affirmation: I am open to receive miracles

March 8

We are all connected to the Supreme Energy that flows through all time and space. Our thoughts and feelings are connected to that Energy and it responds to our energy by sending us things that match our vibration. Control your thoughts and feelings, your vibration, and you become an active co-creator to what you experience in Life.

Affirmation: I am an active co-creator in my Life.

March 7

Life can get so busy between work, school, childcare, chores, appointments etc. It can be difficult sometimes to take care of yourself. Listen to your body and give yourself permission to  just stop and rest when you need to.

Affirmation: I stop and rest when I need to.

March 6

Look around; there is beauty and wonder everywhere. Nature will bathe you in it’s splendor if you let it. Go for a walk along the beach, in the mountains or just down your street. Notice the little things; the stillness of the morning, the quiet before dawn, the gentle rising and setting of the sun.

There is so much to appreciate. The sweet smell of the flowers, the business of the bees, the birds exploring the air, the leaves swaying with the breeze; it’s all so beautiful.  There is peace and perfection  all around you. Find those places and those moments that remind you of the magnificence of Life. Let the beauty and the wonder of the world encourage you and inspire you.

Affirmation: I let Life inspire me!

March 5

Be honest with yourself and honest with others. Speak your truth!

Affirmation: I speak my truth.

March 4

We are in the middle of a snow storm today in the Northeast. The snow is coming down with grace and ease covering everything with a pure layer of white.

The roads are covered which makes traveling difficult but it is absolutely beautiful! Looking out the window there is a peace that makes me stop to appreciate the wonder of this glorious planet.

There may be storms in your life but when you look for it you will find the beauty and the wonder of it. Each storm brings its own beauty to your life.

Affirmation: I see the beauty in each storm.

March 3

Fill your heart and mind with Peace, Love & Light then spread it around the world!

Affirmation: I spread Peace, Love & Light around the world.

March 2

Just as the dawn gives birth to the light of day following the darkness of night the darkness of each storm in your life gives birth to your Light.

Affirmation: My darkness gives birth to my Light!

March 1

Even though there are a few inches of snow on the ground I’m excited that today is the first day of March. It means Spring is coming. A time of rebirth and renewal, a time of hope and inspiration, a time of more sunshine and warmth, a time when flowers and trees begin to blossom and grow.

Affirmation: My Spirit is filled with hope and inspiration as I blossom and grow.

February 28

Let the Divine spark within set your soul on fire!

Affirmation: I let the Divine spark within set my soul to fire!

February 27

Love yourself through everything. Love yourself when times are hard or when things don’t go exactly as planned, when you make a mistake or fall down and have a hard time getting back up and love yourself when life throws you a curve ball and you strike out.

Love yourself when things are going right, when every door opens for you, when you get up after a fall, when you are happy and feel great and love yourself as each dream comes true.

Love yourself on a sunny day and when the clouds move in. Love yourself when you feel worthy and love yourself especially when you don’t feel worthy. The Universe has an abundance of Good in store for you and the truth is You Are Always Worthy of it all.


Affirmation: I Love Myself!!

February 26

Feel Love; feel it in your heart and in your mind. Feel it’s tender touch comfort you, heal you, fill you up, and guide you throughout your day.

Affirmation: I feel LOVE all day long!

February 25

For Christians this past Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, it is the beginning of Lent, a period of 40 days leading up to Easter. Lent is a time to remember Jesus, his teachings and the events leading up to his death on the cross and his resurrection on Easter.

Whether you are a Christian or not 3 of the things that anyone can do to increase spiritual and physical health are Fasting, Prayer and Almsgiving.

Fasting can be food, drink or any action that you will restrain from doing. This teaches you discipline and can bring you a deeper connection to God. Fasting food has many physical benefits as well. It boosts cognitive performance, reduces inflammation, supports weight loss, protects from obesity and associated chronic diseases, and delays aging.

Prayer is an invocation or act that seeks to activate a rapport with God/Source/Divine(whatever word you use) through deliberate communication. Prayer can connect you to a higher power, reduce stress and anxiety, increase gratitude and peace, help you gain clarity and bring about miracles.

Almsgiving is an outward sign of loving one another. Alms are money, food, time or other material goods donated to people living in poverty. Providing alms is often considered an act of virtue or charity. In almsgiving bonds of community are formed, it strengthens our love for others, increases our detachment and contributes to greater social justice.

Whether you decide to practice any of these things for the next 40 days, for the whole year or for the rest of your days you will find they enhance your life in many ways.

February 24

Love is within you and all around you, let it flow through you. Love one another and yourself always in all ways!

Affirmation: I Love always in all ways!

February 23

Plant seeds of Love in everything you think, do and say and your life will yield a beautiful garden filled with love & Joy!

Affirmation: I plant seeds of Love every day.

February 22

Let your Love grace others with respect and dignity.

Affirmation: I Love others with grace.

February 21

Within each one of us lies the spark of God’s Divinity; let it burst into a flame that sets your Soul on fire.

Affirmation: I let the spark of God’s Divinity set my Soul on fire.

February 20

Everyone has their own path to follow, their own gifts to share and lessons to learn. We may not always understand the choices they make but it’s important to honor their right to make them. It may be difficult to watch another make some of those choices but it’s important to respect them.

Some people are wounded, some people are lost, some people are confused, some people are afraid. We don’t always know another’s story. We don’t always know the pain people have endured. We don’t always know the demons that torment them or the agony that haunts them.

Should you see someone struggling in life, someone hiding behind the pain or someone acting out in anger do your best to be patient and understanding. Do your best to not let their pain throw you off center and do your best to be a channel for Love to flow through.
If someone asks for help give it with Unconditional Love and an open mind. Understand that your way may not be the right way for them; give your thoughts and ideas but let them make their own decisions. And if love doesn’t seem to be working…increase the dosage!
Affirmation: If Love doesn’t seem to be working I increase the dosage.

February 19

Everyone is Light, everyone is an angel and a gift. Some may have forgotten but everyone came from Love and will return to Love.

Affirmation: Everyone is Light, everyone is Love.

February 18

Love is eternal and everlasting. It lives in me and it lives in you. It lives in your heart, in you mind and in your soul today, tomorrow and always.

Affirmation: Love lives on always and forever.

February 17

Dwell in the house of Love. Live in the awareness of Love. Be in the essence of Love always.

Affirmation: I dwell in the house of Love.

February 16

Love is in the air, in your mind, in your heart and Love is all around you. Tap into it and let it nourish you, heal you, inspire you and guide you always.

Affirmation: Love is in the air always.

February 15

Love, real Love never dominates, it cultivates. It cultivates compassion, trust, honesty, kindness, gratitude, creativity, clarity, health, faith, wisdom, peace, abundance and joy.

Cultivate more Love in your life and the Universe responds by bringing you more of the Good things in life that make life worthwhile.

Affirmation: I cultivate Love in my life.

February 14

On this day that we celebrate Love may you feel Loved, share Love, know Love and understand that you are Love.

Affirmation: I am Love!

February 13

Love is the most powerful force there is. Love heals wounds; Love inspires greatness; Love creates magic; Love teaches compassion; Love motivates people to be more of who they are meant to be. Love soothes the weary and Love strengthens your being. Love comforts the broken hearted and Love accepts ALL. Love touches the hearts of others and expresses the gifts from your heart & Soul.

Love is where you came from, Love is who you are, Love is why you’re here  and Love is where you will return. Love is your Soul purpose.  Love flows freely from the Divine through you out into the world. Love is the answer and Love is the way, Love is your true power!

Affirmation: Love is my true power.

February 12

Love takes you higher, Love makes Life better and Love makes the world go round. Love one another every day!

Affirmation: I Love one another.

February 11

Do more of the things that make your heart happy and your soul sing!

Affirmation: I do more of the things I love.

February 10

Some people worry about leaving money to their children when they leave this earthly plain. Some people think about leaving their prized possessions. Others worry about leaving an empire or a successful business as their legacy.
Don’t worry about leaving things or money to your friends and family as your legacy. Just give all that you are in the name of love while you are alive and you will leave the greatest legacy of all…the legacy of LOVE!
Affirmation: I leave a legacy of Love!

February 9

Love heals your heart, your mind, your body and your Life. It can heal relationships, families, societies, countries and the world!

Affirmation: I let Love heal my life.

February 8

I wanted to have an easy way to remember how to shift my energy when I need to so I created L.O.V.E. Remember these letters when you want to shift your energy and your vibration to a higher frequency.

L is for Look Lovingly at Continue

Affirmation: L.O.V.E. can take me higher.


February 7

See what Love would see; say what Love would say and do what Love would do.

Affirmation:  I see with the eyes of Love.

February 6

Connect with the Creative Intelligence that was in the beginning is now and ever shall be. Let the Unconditional, Universal, Pure Love from this Creative Intelligence fill your heart, let it fill your mind, let it fill your being and let it spill out into everything that you think do and say.

Let Love heal the wounds that have left you bruised and broken. Let Love mend the fences and bless the relationships in your life. Let Love bring forgiveness to your heart and may you be forgiven by love where forgiveness is needed.

Let Love fill your heart, your home and your world with peace, compassion, creativity, abundance and joy.

Affirmation: I let Love fill my world!!


February 5

Love one another; accept and honor who they are, what they value and what they need.

Affirmation: I love, accept and honor others.

February 4
There are little moments in your life that touch you, change you and often define you. Hold on to those precious moments; they make life and love worthwhile.
Affirmation: I hold on to the little things.

February 3

Love is the eternal flame that shines through all things. It is the spark that flickers, burns and ignites thought into creative expression. It is the light within, the whisper of your soul and the essence of your being.

Love is where you came from, love is who you are and love is where you will return. Let love heal your wounds, comfort your mind, guide your vision and inspire your actions every day.

Affirmation: The fire of Love heals me and inspires me.

February 2

The world needs more love. Love with an open heart an open mind and no expectations.. Love for the sake of Love, nothing more, nothing less!

Affirmation: I love for the sake of Love!

February 1

I love that we have a holiday to celebrate Love. I try to celebrate Love every day but I take extra care to celebrate it every day this month. Most of this month’s “Thought of the Day” messages are about Love.

Love shows up in many different forms and comes in many different relationships throughout our life. Love; pure, unconditional, real Love feels good! There is no bartering, no jealousy, no expectations, just Love.

We all have different ways of how we express our Love and how we feel Loved by another. Take time this month to think about how you show Love and how you feel Loved. How you express and feel Love is your Love Language.

What is  your Love Language? The more you understand your love language and that of another the easier it is to Love and be Loved.

Affirmation: I celebrate Love every day!

January 31

Time! Once it’s gone you can’t get it back. Appreciate it, cherish it and spend it wisely.

Affirmation: I spend my time wisely!

January 30

No matter what has gone before in your life. No matter what is going on now, Never Give Up. Hang in there. You have come through tough times before. You have learned from every experience. You have grown through the years. You have more knowledge, you have more wisdom, and you have more experiences with every new day.

It may seem like there are mountains to climb but you have taken many steps before and all you have to do is continue to move forward. Continue to take one step at a time. Continue to learn from each experience. Continue to grow from each lesson life teaches you. Continue to climb the mountain.

You have a depth of love that is unlimited within. You have a wealth of wisdom to draw from. You have new opportunities to learn and grow from every day. You got this!

Affirmation: I learn and grow every day. I’ve got this!


January 29

There is a brilliant light within you, it’s been there since you came here…let it shine!!

Affirmation: I was born to shine!

January 28

As pine trees need to be near other pine trees to grow stronger, people need people to grow stronger. An infant cannot survive without human touch and we need each other to grow and thrive. It’s a fundamental need to our very existence.

We can support each other to realize our goals and lift each other up to reach great heights. Surround yourself with people that understand we are stronger when we work together. We can accomplish great things and make a positive impact on the world together.

Affirmation: We are stronger together.

January 27

Your thoughts, feelings and energy send out a certain frequency or vibration to the Universe. The Universe supports that energy. It listens to you, it feels your vibration/energy and responds to you by sending you whatever matches your vibration.

You are in control of your vibration. You can’t control what anyone else thinks, says, or does. You can only control your thoughts, your words, your actions and your energy. Control your mind and you control how you experience life.

Affirmation: I control my mind.

January 26

No matter what step you find yourself on today take the next step. Every step takes you higher to reach your goal. You’ve got this!

Affirmation: I take the next step!

January 25

You probably know you have to do certain things to attract money into your life but you also have to avoid certain things if you want to experience more wealth and more abundance.

Without even realizing it you may have some bad habits and beliefs that block the flow of money to you. click the link below to see 5 habits that you have to change if you want to allow more abundance to flow to you:

5 Things to Avoid to attract more money.

Affirmation: I take care of my money and it takes care of me.

January 24

Your intuition is your Super Power; let it speak to you and be your guide.

Affirmation: I let my intuition guide me.

January 23

60,000 thoughts a day would be impossible to monitor but you don’t have to. What you can do is place empowering thoughts into your mind consistently. Read inspirational or motivational things every day. Repeat incantations and affirmations twice a day. Start a gratitude journal and begin and end each day giving thanks for all the blessings of the day. Let the feeling of gratitude grow in your heart and in your mind. The more you do these things, the more you shift your energy.
 Embrace empowering words and actions each and every day. Let them become part of your daily rituals. Let them become part of who you are. It takes commitment, discipline and consistency but it is worth it! Gratitude brings more things to be grateful for. Empowering thoughts, affirmations and incantations bring more personal power. Inspiration and motivation feed your mind and shift your vibration which will
shift your life experience.
Affirmation: I feed my mind positive empowering thoughts every day.

January 22

Collect, nurture and cherish those moments that take your breath away.

Affirmation: I collect Moments not things.

January 21

Be the Light in the darkness; Be the Love where there is need for caring; Be the ears for someone that needs to talk; Be the shoulder for one that needs strength; Be the voice for someone that can’t speak and Be the consciousness that will lift up humanity.

We are all on this journey called Life together. We can be there for each other, support each other and take each other higher every day.

Affirmation: I am the Light, the Love, the…

January 20

Master your mind, your consistent thoughts, and you will master your life.

Affirmation: I am the Master of my Mind.

January 19

You have within you the capability to achieve greatness in a variety of ways. Tap into that part of you that makes your heart happy and your soul sing for that is where your greatness lies.

Affirmation: I am capable of great things.

January 18

Being creative is good for the mind, body and soul. Creativity helps us learn, grow and thrive. It is part of our soul’s desire to express itself and part of our purpose for being on this journey we call life. Creativity shows up in many forms.  Explore different ways that make your heart sing and your creative juices flow. Here are 8 Types of Creative Intelligence as described by Howard Gardner. Try some of these suggestions or create your own.

1. Social or Interpersonal: Engage in discussions and conversations with people you know and people that you don’t know where you exchange ideas and build relationships.  2. Musical: learn to play an instrument, attend concerts, sing/hum alone or with others. · 3. Spatial: Draw, paint, design rooms or websites, make cards, cerate logos, or try mind mapping. 4. Bodily-Kinesthetic: dance, play sports, walk or exercise in any form. 5. Logical-Mathematical: solve problems, balance checkbooks, create schedules or a budget. 6. Intrapersonal: keep a journal, meditate, read alone or study to answer personal questions. 7. Naturalistic: nature nurtures the mind; create a vegetable or flower garden, walk barefoot, go for a walk in the woods, on the beach or photograph nature.

Affirmation: I let my creativity flow!

January 17

My mom was a master at seeing the good in people. Sometimes it was not always easy to see but she would find it. There is good in you and in everyone else even if you have to look hard to find it. The more you can see it the easier it is to find for you and for the other person.

Affirmation: I see the good in myself and in others.

January 16

Today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. An amazing Civil Rights Leader who helped change the world. His most famous speech was: I Have A Dream. On August 28th, 1963 Dr. King stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC and called for an end to racism in the United States. There were more than 250,000 people in attendance. We still are working on his dream of an end to racism and equality for all.

Take time today to listen to his speech and to remember his words and his dream. Below is a copy of his speech… I HAVE A DREAM


January 15

I am Blessed, you are blessed, we are blessed. Today and every day I give thanks for all the blessings in my life!

Affirmation: I am blessed!

January 14

Love is a contagious, powerful energy; catch it and pass it on!

Affirmation: I am infected with the contagious power of Love!

January 13

Unfortunately in our society we don’t value age as much as we could. There are wonderful things about being young; there are also some amazing things that come with age. Aging doesn’t have to be negative. Focus on the positive aspects that life experience brings and remember your Soul is full of youthful energy which you can tap into that at any time.
The picture above is me (in the red sweater and santa hat at 68 years young) celebrating with my sister-in-law. I can honestly say “life gets greater later”. For me age has brought wisdom, clarity, joy, patience, tolerance, compassion, fun, freedom and time to explore my interests and this glorious planet we all live on.
Age has brought me a deeper love for myself and my husband; unconditional love for my children; a pure, sweet, love and abundant joy with my grandchildren and a greater appreciation for people, places, animals and for life itself.
Affirmation: It gets greater later!

January 12

Learn from others but remember your own wisdom and let your unique voice be heard.

Affirmation: I am a Voice not an echo.

January 11

6 Basic Human Needs & 4 Stages of Spiritual Growth

We all have basic human needs. I love the way Tony Robbins explains them. We all meet our needs in a variety of ways. Some ways are empowering and take us higher  while others are disempowering and hold us back from experiencing more of who we are meant to be.

Here are the Basic Human Needs & Stages of Spiritual Growth simplified: Continue

January 10

Thought of the Day…

You’re never too old to dream it, believe it, go for it, do it, be it!!

January 9

The best kind of life is the one where you are living, experiencing and feeling each moment completely. Being present to each delicious moment lets you experience these moments fully and remember them in the future, with all their texture and feeling still in your mind.

With all life’s distractions it can be difficult, to be present. We often dwell on the past or worry about the future despite the fact that it is impossible to be anywhere but right here, right now in this present moment.

We can’t go back in time or see into the future and if we put our energy there we miss out on today. We miss out on the future we hope for if we forget to be present.

To stay in the present moment Continue

Affirmations: I am present to this precious moment of Now.

January 8

Today is Baxter, my Maltese dog’s 4th birthday and he is definitely one of my angels. We got him before Covid hit and everything shut down. I was able to continue writing but I was out of work with my other job and didn’t see people often; I would’ve been very lonely without him by my side to keep me company.

Baxter seems to know when someone is sick and sits near them. He knows when someone needs comfort and he also must sleep with my grandchildren to watch over them whenever we have sleepovers.

Dogs are not the only way angels show up in life. An angel could be a call, a letter in the mail, a text, a message from someone. Could be a smile, a door suddenly opening for you or even a thought that seems to come from nowhere but changes everything or sometimes it’s a whisper from beyond.

Pay attention, be open, listen carefully and be grateful for all the angels in your life.

Affirmations: I am grateful for all the angels that show up in my life no matter what form they take.

January 7

Fill your heart with Love, fill your mind with Light and fill the world with peace.

Affirmation: I fill my heart, mind and world with Peace, Love & Light.

January 6

Feed your mind positive thoughts by repeating affirmations or reading inspirational material every day, especially the last 15 minutes before you fall asleep and the first 15 minutes when you get up. Find books or articles that are uplifting and inspire you.

Choose a few positive affirmations and repeat them throughout the day. One of my favorites is: Good and more good is mine an ever increasing good is mine, there is no limit to the amount of good that is mine, good flows to me, good flows through me, good flows from me and good multiplies all around me.

Affirmation: I feed my mind positive thoughts all day long.

January 5

No matter what path you’re on or what twists and turns life presents keep moving and you’ll keep your balance. You can take your time and move slowly to enjoy the ride or speed up and move fast to reach your destination quicker. The important thing is to keep moving as life goes on.

Affirmation: I keep moving to keep my balance.

January 4

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi

Sometimes, we get so discouraged that we feel powerless to change our situation. Sometimes we fall into a fixed mindset where we think things will stay the same and we can’t do anything about it.

But the only way to break out of this negative spiral is by changing your inner world. This is the key to influencing your external world so you can move forward in life.

The Law of Attraction is a way of living that requires you to Continue

January 3

Begin this new year and this new day grounded in Love, Light, Peace and Gratitude. Let Love lead you; Light guide you; Peace surround you and Gratitude fill your being.

Affirmations: I begin this new day grounded in Love, Light Peace & Gratitude!

January 2

A new year begins, a time to begin anew and plan for a better year. A year that can take you higher, bring you new adventures and present you with new opportunities. It’s a great time to imagine the possibilities of what your life can become. What do you want your year to look like?

Take a moment right now to write down your wildest dreams for the year. Use all your senses and your imagination and really feel everything coming to be. Pour energy into what you are imagining and writing down. The written word has power so make sure you take the time to really explore your heart’s desires and write in the present tense as if everything has happened. Be open to your potential, be open to your unlimited possibilities and let your spirit sing! Make a plan and do one thing today that will take you in the direction of your dreams.

Affirmation: I begin this new year with a plan to make 2023 extraordinary!

January 1

As 2023 begins take time to reflect on the past year. What are your favorite memories? What touched your heart the most? What did you learn? What surprised you? What steps did you take to move in the direction of your dreams? How did you touch someone with your love? How did you help someone learn and grow? Who did you surprise? How did you help someone move in the direction of their dreams? What can you do in this New Year to make your life and the life of another even better?

Wishing you and those you love a year filled with Radiant Health, Divine Love, Magical Moments, Pure Joy, Everlasting Peace, Avalanches of Abundance; plenty of precious memories that open your heart, and exciting experiences that take you to a higher place!

Affirmation: I begin the new year with reflection of the past and anticipation of the future.


December 31

Happy New Year!! May 2023 bring you more of all the good things that life has to offer: Love, Joy Health, Creativity, Peace & Prosperity!! May your path be clear, may your heart be open, may your mind keep learning, may your creativity be expressed, may your comfort zone keep expanding, may avalanches of abundance grace your life in expected and unexpected ways, and may your dreams come true!

December 30

Take time to look at what you have experienced this past year and think about what you want to experience next year. What can you think, do and say every day to make what you want to experience a reality? Each day builds onto the next creating energy and momentum. What habits can you create to assure a year that is full and blessed? Begin today!

Affirmation: I begin today to create habits that will lead to an amazing year!

December 29

No matter how many clouds there are in your life or how much fog is clouding your space let  your Light shine bright!

Affirmation: I let my Light shine!

December 28

Life is a journey of uncovering the greatness that is within. Sometimes it seems like we are on a quiet country road and sometimes it feels like we’re on an expressway speeding into the unknown. Every road gives us an opportunity to learn and grow as we become more of who we are meant to be.

The end of the year is a great time to slow down and go into the silence, to evaluate our lives and to re-prioritize what is most important. It’s also a great time to appreciate the precious gifts life has brought us. Take time this week to really connect with all you have learned this year and with the magic of your life before we turn the page and greet the New Year.

Affirmation: I take time to be still, to evaluate my life and to appreciate the many gifts I have been given.

December 27

Every day is a gift; make sure you unwrap today with a little TLC!

Affirmation: I unwrap the gift of today with TLC!

December 26

After months of planning, shopping, decorating, wrapping, cooking, anticipating and celebrating, Christmas is over. Today is always a bittersweet day for me as I love Christmas but I am tired.

Today before I begin the task of putting all the decorations and traces of Christmas away I take the time to stop, rest and give thanks for the many gifts in my life, especially the ones that weren’t under the tree. May you find the time to rest and appreciate all the gifts in your life.

Affirmation: I let myself stop, rest and give thanks for all the gifts in my life.

December 25

Take time today to think about the magic of what this day means. Just imagine: Having traveled a long hard journey to a faraway land, a land of unrest; a cold night falls upon the earth and a bright star lights the sky. A young couple alone faces an uncertain future but hold on to their faith. No hospital or room to give birth in so a simple stable must suffice. At last a precious child comes into the world and rests in his mother’s arms, his earthly father lays him in a manger. Shepherds and Kings falling to their knees welcome him with wonder and awe. Despite these humble beginnings this glorious child brings hope for the world. Hope that Love will conquer, Hope that Light will strengthen and Hope that Peace will prevail. May you be filled with the same Love, Light, Peace & Wonder that Jesus brought to us so many years ago.

December 24

Oh what a night! A night full of anticipation and hope for a young couple; a sky full of stars with one special    star leading the way; a world awaiting the promise of a new day and a new way of life. May Divine Light shine on you tonight and every night!

December 23

In this season of giving we have been given the opportunity to really think about the gifts we give. The last few years have given us the gift of stopping, thinking and reevaluating what is most important in our lives.  What is the greatest gift you can give your family, your friends or even strangers?

Affirmation: The greatest gift I can give is ______

December 22

Where is the Love? Let it be with you!

Affirmation: I Love myself and one another.

December 21

December is a month that is full of celebrations. Holidays that celebrate Light, Love, Family & Faith. It is also a month full of Love, full of Hope, full of Magic and full of Miracles for everyone.
No matter what you celebrate this month love, hope, magic and miracles are always in season. May you be touched by magic, may you witness a miracle, may your heart be filled with hope and may you be surrounded in love.
Affirmation: I am touched by Magic, filled with Hope and surrounded in Love!

December 20

With an open heart Rejoice in the glory & the magic of the season.

Affirmation: I rejoice in the glory and the magic of the season.

December 19

What is Priming? Psychology Today defines Priming as a phenomenon in which exposure to one stimulus influences how a person responds to a subsequent, related stimulus.

Simply put Priming is using words and/or activities that lift your energy to change your state of mind so you can accomplish more. Creating a priming routine gives you more energy and shifts your vibration so you can bring more into your life through the laws of attraction & vibration.

Tony Robbins uses Priming every day and he shares his morning routine with you. He says “You can learn to change your state of mind by changing your physical state with an effective priming routine. You can learn to use repetition priming to create positive associations and use the Law of Attraction to get what you want in life.”

There are many ways you can use Priming to shift your energy and your vibration to create the life of your dreams. Beginning your day with a priming routine first thing in the morning is the perfect way to assure you have a more productive day. It helps you stay with your routine, trains your brain to be open to positive thoughts and ideas and sets you up for success each day. Check out the 10 steps by clicking the link below:

December 18

The magic is in you. You can see the magic, feel the magic and share the magic. You can bring out the magic in everything for you are the magic!

Affirmation: I am the Magic!

December 17

Today is the anniversary of my mom’s passing; though I miss her beautiful presence in my life her love flows through me and watches over me always.

Those that have gone before us  watch over us and shower us with their love. Be still and feel the Love.

Affirmation: Love is watching over me always.

December 16

Love is your sole purpose and your Soul purpose. Love always in all ways!

Affirmation: Love is my Soul purpose!

December 15

This time of year there is magic in the air. Stop for a moment and just let yourself feel it!

Affirmation: I feel the magic in the air!

December 14

For a life well lived, a life that is blessed and filled with all good things follow this Recipe for Life: take a pound of Gratitude, add a cup of Love, mix in an ounce of Joy and sprinkle in a spoonful of Grace. Mix them all together then bake with total Surrender.

Gratitude makes all the difference so be grateful for everything in your life. Love is where you came from and where you will return; love unconditionally without expectation. Joy is the natural state of your being let it flow from you. Grace is the whisper of your soul so listen carefully. Surrender is trusting in the Universe/God/Spirit (whatever name you choose), allowing it to guide you through your day and knowing that it’s all in Divine Order.

Affirmation: I follow the Recipe for Life.

December 13

Let Joy and Love flow gracefully through everything you do.

Affirmation: I live with Joy, Love & Grace.

December 12

We all have people we meet on this journey called life. Sometimes the exchange is positive and uplifting and sometimes it is painful and confusing.

Each meeting is important though and brings something valuable to our lives. The tricky part is being able to take the valuable pieces and keep going without getting lost.

The good news is we get to choose where we are going. We get to choose who and what we focus on and give our attention to. We get to choose who we let play a starring role in our lives.

Don’t get lost going down a path any longer than you need to. Let your path touch another, travel together for a while or cross another and go in a totally different direction.

We can’t control another’s path, they have their own lessons to learn and teach, their own final destination. Though some may slow us down for a bit thank them for the lesson, send them love & light and let them go. Sometimes we have to love people from a distance and that’s okay.

We can only control our own journey. Where do you want to go? Who do you want along for the ride? Focus on where you are going. Give your attention to the people you want to accompany you. Let the people you want around you play a starring role in your life. It’s your life and your path; focus on making it the best journey ever!

Affirmation: I focus on making my life the best journey ever!


December 11

The Universe is eavesdropping on you; whatever you ask for and believe with every fiber of your being you will receive. If you doubt or don’t believe the Universe hears that too and you keep whatever it is you wish for from manifesting in your life.

Affirmation: I ask, I believe and I receive!

December 10

Give! Give your time, your wisdom, your strength, your kindness, your compassion, your light, your love. Give the best parts of you and your life will reflect that. Contribute in some way to make the world a little bit brighter, a little better.

Affirmation: I give the best parts of me and my life reflects that.

December 9

Whether you are experiencing all that you could ever wish for now or whether you are experiencing some things you might not have wished for in your life it’s okay.
We all go through ups and downs, twists and turns, good times and not so good. We all have been bruised and hurt as well as blessed and graced. Everything is part of your journey to uncover the greatness that is you.
Where you are right now is just fine, everything is leading you to where you are meant to go and who you are meant to be. It’s all in Divine Order and the best is yet to be.
Affirmation: Where I am right now is fine, the best is yet to be!

December 8

May you have peace of mind, peace in your heart, peace in your life and may there be peace in our world!

Affirmation: My life is graced with Peace.

December 7

Everyone is a gift to lift you up, to teach you, to comfort you, to walk with you on this journey we call life. See the good in every relationship, see the gifts in your life now.

Affirmation I see and appreciate all the gifts in my life.

December 6

Love you, all of you, always in all ways!

Affirmation: I love All of me always!

December 5

I was watching “The Santa Clause” staring Tim Allen the other day and one of Santa’s elves said to Santa (Tim Allen) “Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing” and I thought what a great way to look at things.
Many people think “seeing is believing” but actually “believing is seeing”. We must believe what we want to experience is ours to see it appear in our lives.
We must…. To see more click the link below>>


December 4

Life can be bright and beautiful, filled with magic and miracles and sometimes life can hard. Every day, but especially on those difficult days I pray, I wish and I hope that all these things touch your heart and grace your life. We all need smiles, comfort, rainbows, laughter, sunsets, hugs, beauty, confidence, patience, courage, faith and love! May they be a constant presence in your world today and every day.

Affirmation: My life is blessed with love & laughter, friendships & faith, smiles & sunsets, comfort, courage & confidence and rainbows & hugs a plenty.

December 3

Amid the darkness, the clouds, the noise and the confusion be a beacon of Light. Illuminate the path so others can see and lead the way to Clarity, Peace, Love, Joy, & Abundance.

Affirmation: I am a beacon of Light!

December 2

A good friend of mine had a stroke today. He was about to retire early and travel but life had other plans. Being healthy in mind, body and spirit certainly is the first wealth. Take care of your body, take care of your whole being; it’s where you will spend your whole life.

The dictionary defines health as  the state of being free from illness or injury. I believe health refers also to a state of well-being where the physical body is free from disease and when someone has an overall balance physically, socially, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, environmentally and occupationally.

When you are healthy Continue

Affirmation: I take care of my mind, body and spirit!

December 1

Today is the first day of what is for me the most magical time of the year. The air is fresh and clean; the first snow will be arriving soon; the world seems filled with more Love, Joy & Light as people smile more, give more and decorate for the holidays. Children on their best behavior, filled with joy and anticipation begin the countdown as they await the arrival of Santa. My own Christmas tree, filled with memories, is trimmed and the displays in my yard are almost done. I simply love this time of year!

Whatever way you celebrate this month make it special; make memories with loved ones and even strangers, share your time and gifts with others, cherish the moments that fill you with wonder and warm your heart. Do whatever you can to make this December a month to remember.

Affirmation: I am making this month a December to remember.

November 30

Self-made billionaire Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors. He is a generous philanthropist and an admired leader. With a net worth over $66 billion he gained 99% of his wealth after the age of 50.

Buffett follows his own advice, which is “The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” Invest in you and you invest in your life and in your future.

Affirmation: I invest in myself

November 29

Hearts can be broken in so many ways by different people and different circumstances. They are painful yet we all go through at least one and often more than one throughout our lives.

Broken hearts hurt but there’s something about the scar tissue that makes you stronger and gives you a deeper capacity for love, understanding and compassion. Love yourself through the pain and let the scars heal and strengthen you.

If your heart is heavy now, if your heart is broken right now I send you healing thoughts and so much love.

Affirmation: The pain of my broken heart makes me stronger.

November 28

You have the power to create the life of your dreams. Changing your thoughts will create a ripple effect in your life changing not only what you experience but affecting those around you as well.


Follow these 10 steps and your life will change in miraculous ways: Continue

Affirmation: I have the power to create the life of my dreams.


November 27

Have faith for there is magic in each moment; serenity in the stars, abundance all around you, peace in your soul, joy in your smile and love in your heart.

Affirmation: I have faith in the magic of each moment.

November 26

You can’t get it wrong. Who you are to become is already imprinted in your soul. Every experience you encounter; every action you take; every thought you have; every day in every way you are becoming more and more of the magnificent expression of You.

Affirmation: Every day I am becoming exactly who I am meant to be.

November 25

Every good thing begins with gratitude. I am grateful for you. Thank you for being here. What are you grateful for today?

Affirmation: I am grateful for_________

November 24

On this special day I give thanks for the many gifts in my life and I give thanks for you. Truly blessed!!

Affirmation: I give thanks for all the gifts in my life.

November 23

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US and it’s one of my favorite holidays. It’s a day devoted to gratitude, giving, family, friends and food. I am grateful for you! Thank you for your love and support, your friendship and for sharing some part of your day with me.

May your day and every day be filled with precious gifts to be grateful for; the love of family and friends; support when you need it most and food a plenty. Have a happy, healthy and wonderful Thanksgiving!!


Affirmation: I am Thankful, Grateful and Blessed!

November 22

Never let anyone else’s limited imagination, heart, mind, or ideas limit who you are or what you can do.

Affirmation: I am unlimited!

November 21

When you are grateful you appreciate what you have in life, where you are on your journey and who you are right now. When all those things align you have confidence in your abilities, strength to persevere any challenges that come your way, and faith that all is well.

With confidence, courage and faith fear disappears. As fear disappears you find the courage to take risks and expand your comfort zone. As you expand your comfort zone you raise your vibration and send a signal to the Universe that you are ready for more.

More comes in the form of new opportunities, doors opening, synchronicity happening and you acquire the vision to see new possibilities before you. Take these new opportunities, explore the new possibilities and even more abundance will appear in your life. Increase your gratitude and you increase your abundance.

Affirmation: I increase my gratitude which increases my abundance.

November 20

Give thanks for what is going well in your life. Give thanks for what is most important to you. Focus on and give thanks for the people, places and things that enhance your world.

Affirmation: With gratitude I see and focus on what is.

November 19

Gratitude is wine for the soul, it’s also food for your mind and your heart. Drink up! Eat up! Fill your life and your world with the things that nurture your being and nourish your spirit. Fill your life with gratitude for everything that touches you, teaches you and helps you uncover the greatness that is you.

Affirmation: I am grateful for everything that touches and teaches me.

November 18

The Universe is always listening to you and feeling your vibration; when you are grateful it sends you more things to be grateful for. Whenever you receive a gift from the Universe say “Thank you, more please.”

Affirmation: Thank you, more please!

November 17

Your heart is connected to the wisdom and the grace of the Divine; let it be your guide.

Affirmation: I lead from the heart

November 16

When I worked with Tony Robbins especially at Date with Destiny where people take a deep dive into their beliefs and their lives we could often see people about to rewire their brain and have a breakthrough. There was a look of confusion as they tried to process new information. This happened to me when I first did Date with Destiny as a participant. I remember the confusion I felt just before I had a major breakthrough.

Have you ever felt confusion about your life; what something means, which way to go or what to do? Often when you gain new information; information that challenges your ideas, your beliefs and your model of the world you are about to learn a valuable lesson and rewire your brain. This can lead to confusion as your brain tries to process the new information but once you grasp the concept you learn, you grow and your world changes.

Nest time you feel confusion about something in your life just remember you about to learn something, have an epiphany and have a break through. Be patient with yourself, keep an open mind and love yourself through the confusion. You are about to change your life.


Affirmation: When I get confused I know I am about to learn something valuable.

November 15

There is something magical about the sunrise with its promise of a new day and endless possibilities. Let that magic and the sunrays touch you and fill you with wonder and light.

Affirmation: I let the magic of the sunrise fill me with wonder & light.

November 14

My daughter and I were at a yoga retreat when she reached out to take my hand during savasana. It was such a precious moment and I’m so grateful a photographer captured it so I can relive that moment whenever I want. Give thanks for the hands that hold yours; give thanks for the love that touches you; give thanks for the good times and the ones that don’t always seem so good; give thanks for the lessons and the gifts,; give thanks for it all.

Everything is helping you uncover the greatness within as you reach your full potential. Here are three simple things you can do to increase your gratitude which will enhance your life, improve your well-being and bring more into your life to be grateful for:

1. Start a gratitude practice by beginning a Gratitude journal; write 3 things you are grateful for every day. They can be anything; you can even start with your breath, your heartbeat or the fact that you are alive. Give thanks for the love, the support and for the hands that hold yours throughout your life.  The more you do it the more things will come to you so just begin.

2. Before you even get out of bed in the morning begin each day by giving thanks for the gift of a new day and the endless possibilities, new adventures and golden opportunities each day brings.

3. At the end of each day as you lie in bed give thanks for 3 things that went well during the day. Do this every day and your world will begin to shift in miraculous ways.


Affirmation: I give thanks for the many gifts in my life and especially for the hands that hold mine through all life’s ups and downs.


November 13

How far, how high, how wide, how big you go is up to you. There are unlimited possibilities. How high will you go?

Affirmation: I can go as high as I want for the sky is the limit.

November 12

When you say “Yes” to the Universe you open up to receive all that your soul desires. It also means you have to accept everything the Universe sends your way. Have faith that everything is bringing you to where you are meant to be.

Affirmation: I say “Yes” to the Universe!

November 11

We all have memories from the past. Some are warm and wonderful and fill our heart and mind with love and joy. Some are painful and may bring us sadness or regret but when you learn the lessons from those painful experiences the sadness and regret leave.
It’s okay to reminisce; to think of the past and let the joy and love fill your being. It’s okay to remember the past and remind yourself of the valuable lessons you have learned and how far you have come. It’s okay to visit the past just don’t live there.
Affirmation: I remember the joy, love and lessons from the past and I don’t live there.

November 10

The world is full of awe and wonder and those feelings are good for us individually as well as collectively. Feelings of awe and wonder make us happier, help us build relationships, increases humility, inspire generosity and compassion and improve critical thinking skills. Take time to see the wonder all around you.

Affirmation: I see the wonder all around me and let it fill me with awe.

November 9

Peace is at the very core of your being, it is connected to the Peace of the Divine. Breathe in that Peace and let it flow from you as you breathe out Love.

Affirmation: I breathe in Peace and breathe out Love

November 8

The energy of gratitude is a high level vibration; it signals the Universe that you are grateful for what you have and the Universe sends you more things to be grateful for. There is always something to be grateful for so start today to really appreciate, focus on and give thanks for all the good in your life.

Affirmation: I focus on all the good in my life and give thanks.

November 7

The Universe is always on your side, It is always saying “your wish is my command”. It hears you and feels the vibration you send out into the world. It supports your dreams and your vision. It supports your ideas and your growth.

Make a decision, declare it to the Universe, see things the way you want them to be, align your energy with what you want to experience and the Universe will clear the path for you. It will provide you with opportunities that will help you gain clarity, grow and reach your destination.

Have faith that everything is moving you toward your dreams. Have faith that the Universe is working with you to make them come true.

Affirmation: The whole Universe is on my side.

November 6

In the middle of an ordinary day you can be an angel for another.

Affirmation: Sometimes I need an angel, sometimes I am an angel for another

November 5

Let your heart be filled with gratitude for all the gifts in your life and watch miracles come into your world.

Affirmation: My heart is grateful.

 November 4

Your words have power in them. Whether they are spoken or written they hold power to heal or to harm within them. What are the words you use often? What are the words you say to yourself and what are the words you share with others?

We have 2 ears and 1 mouth so we should listen twice as much as we speak. Take time to stop and think before you speak. Think about the words you are putting out into the world. Think about the words you use when you talk to yourself. Are they words that empower you and others or are they words that disempower?

Be impeccable with your words; they hold the key to what you experience in life.

Affirmation: I am impeccable with my word.

November 3

We all have many shades and many colors to our being. The variety helps us grow and develop all aspects of ourselves. Give thanks for all the fabulous color in your life.

Affirmation: I am grateful for all the color in my life.

November 2

Today is my littlest grandson’s birthday and he reminds me always to tap into the love, the joy and the sweet innocent child that lies within me. He reminds me to love with abandon, laugh with my whole being and to see the magic in life. Remember the child within you and let that love, innocence and joy come out to play.

Affirmation: I let the child within come out to play.

November 1

As we say goodbye to October and the beautiful fall foliage here in New England we enter the wonderful month of November. Thanksgiving, a day to give thanks for all the blessings in life, arrives this month. Gratitude is one of the most important things  so take time every day this month to really appreciate something or someone and give thanks.

Affirmation: I give thanks for all the blessings in my life.

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